Now that was bad

by | Jan 30, 2010 | 43 comments

What can you say about another painful loss?

There are two kinds of painful, one is when you lose a game that maybe you should have in the closing minutes.  The other, is the kind we witnessed last night at the Palace against the Heat.  Our once solid Pistons had to leave the the big guns in the game in a blowout so they wouldn’t break the record for the least amount of points put up by this historic franchise.


Rodney Stuckey Tayahsun Prince
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Do you realize that Dwayne Wade played only in the first and third quarter for a total of 24 minutes and that the Heat were without their second leading scorer Michael Beasley.

How do you get outboarded 25-52?

They get Ben Gordon back, that doesn’t help.

Why so listless?

And trust me I’m not the only one who has noticed that Tayshaun Price looks like he doesn’t even want to be there.

We can dissect it all we want, but the truth is they’re clearly not the team we hope they would be at the start of the season.   And this has absolutely nothing to do with injuries.  I miss that scrappy team that tried to do whatever they could to win when their starters were sidelined.

Do I want the Rookies to get more time?  I sure do, at least they actually seem like they care.



  1. N1ck

    100 % agreeing. What a downfall…

    This is bad. And do not live in illusions that some trade will help us…
    It’s hard to pul a trade that will benefit us and clearly, some of our players rating is pretty low right now… And you think players wanna play in Detroit these days?

    Joe D killed us with Chauncey trade. Period. You can clearly see that on Prince’s case (how much better player he was because of Chauncey…).

    The only positive thing about this season is Jonas Jerebko… Would count Big Ben but he’s in his last season IMO…

    We have to give more minutes to younger players and hope for a better future.
    Play the rookies cause this is plain awfull…

  2. HIME1

    It was real bad. It was hard to watch. we have all these scorers and they couldnt hit a bucket.I think Tay is not there. he should ride some pine so people like jonas a daye and players who play be out there.I remember when cv and bg where coming here they were sayin we wanna be part of this winning tradition.can someone tell me where that is?I am a DIE HARD Piston fan I have Piston everything.But something needs to happen.I watch the game and in the first five minutes you can tell what the game will be like at the end.can you say predictable?I will be honest, this team has players who can win. but I feel like they dont want to win.they are just wasting the wining tradition away.Its gone.they play the players who wanna play at least it will be worth to watch when players are trying. sorry to offend or upset anyone about what I wrote but this season is worse to watch than last year. or pretty close….
    Go! Pistons!

  3. rban

    Its time to give Tay’s minutes to the rookies, he’s stated he’s hurt for one thing, and without prime defenders down low his defence isn’t as strong as it used to be. The fact is, he’s just not that needed anymore. Everything he does can be depended upon Jerebko, a young and hungry 6’10 hustle machine. Daye has shown promise but the main thing ive noticed holding him back is confidence, he need those minutes right now.

    Rip, I think he knows his days are numbered and that if Joe can find the right move he’s out the door.

    Alot of you might not agree but to me at times it seems like Rip and Tay aren’t completely thrilled with the young guys taking over the team. For instance at times it looks like they actually intend on icing Stuckey out of the offense, now I know there not bad teamates but, right now its the young guys time.

    Nat, I know you don’t fully believe in Stuckey as our PG, but he has shown alot this season in the ways of defense and taking over games. Sure he has alot of areas to improve, but this isnt like a top 3 pick he was so raw coming in from a small program, and to me hes progressing great,

    Stuckey, Jerebko, BG, CV, Daye, Will and Big Ben (if he doesn’t retire)

    These are the guys i feel should be in the plan for the future, obviously we need a strong big down low who can score and defend and tweaking is inevitable, so at some time we’ll probably have to part with a piece we like.

    I just don;t see a point to relying on Tay for big minutes, maybe Joe just wants to showcase him abit. But the young guys have to get the minutes, and whatever happens happens. If these guys were all 100% all season the best we could be in my opinion would be 5th or 6th.

    Play the youngins and look for trade opportunities!!

    Go Pistons!!

  4. steve

    this is why dumars is a horrible GM.. he still thinks they are good, when they are god aweful.. 1 person sat out will bynum does he think bynum is jesus? will bynum comming back wont do nothing for this team, make a trade and make the lotto by next year we will be competitive… but oh no dumars likes HIS team.. FIRE DUMARS. plus do you actually have faith in his drafting abilitys? darko, mateen, white… ect.. need i say more?

    • James (Australia)

      Because a guy oversights one really bad season after sustained success, he is a terrible GM?
      I find it funny that you think Joe D is sitting on his backside doing nothing and enjoying watching his beloved team losing.
      TRADES DON’T JUST HAPPEN! Why would another team accept Prince or Rip at the moment for the players you want?
      Bad drafter?
      Memo, Prince, Afflalo, Stuckey, Maxiell, Jerebko….

  5. o'b'wan

    ok…memo..affalo..stuckey jonas all good draft picks we will make the playoffs

  6. Jared

    I think tay and rip have got to go asap. You can obviously tell that they aren’t putting in the full effort. We should do a three way trade with utah and houston and send rip and boozer to houston while tay goes to utah and then we aquire tmac. (check the trade, it works We would basically be trading for tmac’s contract and I think we should go forward with starting stuckey, ben gordon, jonas jerebko, charlie v, and then we draft a big man with the lottery pick i am sure we are going to get this year. I hope we can draft greg monroe or demarcus cousins. That is what I would do.

  7. Hlmk

    I hope you guys realize all the trades in the world wont make this team the amazing team you saw in the early 00’s, you’re witnessing a stretch every franchise has, a period of when they are not a great, or even a good team (believe me on this one I’ve been a celtics fan for a long time, lol). All you can hope for is a massive change in the midseason/offseason, a nice draft pick, or for the team to just slowly rebuild during the course of the next few years into a good team. Think Grizzlies or oklahoma city, it took them a few years, but thanks to their youth and constant good draft picks, they have a nice team that could make the playoffs in the west.

    Buckle up people, because it might take more than one or two years before you see this team make it far into the playoffs, and if your a true fan you’ll stick with the pistons for the good and the bad, and the longer you stay faithful to the pistons the better it’ll be for you once they are a powerhouse team again (like me during the 07-08 season lol)

  8. N1ck

    Very nicely said Hlmk.

  9. Lori

    We need Rip, but we don’t need Tay. Having said that, you know, it takes a while to get back to where you were before an injury. It’s not just the physical aspect, it’s also the timing and the flow. I don’t know how to really explain it, but when you find yourself doing your sport without even thinking, then you know you’re back. If you play and are thinking, well, if I do it this way, it’ll hurt or if you start second guessing your decisions, then you still have a ways to go.

  10. Yasir Saleem – im kinda bittersweet about this.
    bitter because i’d rather see prince go. prince doesnt want to be out there. we have 3 other SF that can take his spot.

    and sweet because prince and rip have to both go sometime. and this opens up room for stuckey to play more SG

  11. Matt

    Tayshaun has always been a great role player for the Pistons and sometimes his intangibles were underappreciated, but I feel we’re reaching the end of the road for his time with the Detroit Pistons. I think this team’s building process will be without him and possibly Rip.

  12. Ryan

    65 points makes my brain hurt.

  13. James (Australia)

    I honestly believe this is all a mental thing with the Pistons. I mean you look at the roster and there is NO WAY the Pistons should ever score only 65 points. But this team has no confidence. They have no chemistry so they are trying to do it all themselves. Players returning from injury have that mental block about trying too hard and reinjuring themselves. I won’t say that the Pistons don’t want to win, but they are so down on confidence that they lack all aggressiveness. (Players hearing their names in trade rumours constantly probably doesn’t help either)
    I find it funny though that so many people think a trade can be done with a click of the fingers. Like the Steve Kerr at the Suns is just waiting for Joe D to call and offer him Prince so he can give him A’mare? Trades take work, and be honest with yourself, a trade with Rip or Prince may not bring us a superstar, but spare parts.
    Guys, teams go through times like this. I just want my team to give it all they have got!

  14. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    next year. tank mode is on…

  15. DEL

    we are rebuilding, but I didn’t think it will be so painfull to watch..I am from Poland and games are really late here, but I watched (or started watching) every game Pistons played this season..

  16. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Me too, I’m from Russin Federation. It’s damn hard to wake up at 4.30am, watch another one-way-game, and then go to work with kind of sh*tty mood…
    I want guys like JJ win, our new blood is great and everytime I watch how they+BigBen show all they have on the court – I kno these guys are bad boys 4 life, it’s all about heart, passion, hustle plays, rumble – and I’m happy for guys because they have nothing to be blamed for.
    Our people that gets less than 3 000 000$ putting effort every night, I would be totally lost without them. Thank you, underpayed fighters! C’mon, overpayed lazybones, you’re waisting our time and faith here! Put up or shut up! Play or get out!


    This team has absolutely eroded sine the loss of the heart of our team, Mr. Big Shot…I honestly am becoming more and more embarrassed to claim the Pistons as my team this year. This was a painful loss, one that left me with a lot of questions as to the direction of this team in both player personnel and the front office. It may be time to start over from scratch.

  18. Dhrumil

    Fire Kuester.


    we need to get rid of stucky and rip (or ben gordon). as much as i love them they can’t get the pistons wins. We need a passing PG and only one amazing SG. We also need a solid low post scorer. If we are able to trade Stucky and rip (or ben gordon), for a passing PG and a solid low post scorer the pistons would have a great shot at a championship!

    • AzureAcerbus

      Trade Tay were 1-12 with tay this year.

      I actually like rip so i don’t really want to trade him. Tho the way things currently are we need to trade all the old talent we can to make room for our young guys.

    • bob jon

      i agree with johnnyyyyy we should lets protest

  20. zeke khaseli

    Wow Tay has officially become this year AI. Give him a break. He was there cos coach Q put him there. The onus is on you coach.

  21. Jesse

    It is time to stop playing Tay; he is not going to play his trade value up this season. His value will be higher next year as an expiring deal anyhow. Just shut him down, playing him just compounding the problem. Let him get healthy, play the rookies, just move on… this is like watching an animal get tortured.

  22. bob jon

    they should trade tayshuan and rip and fire quester then we should get chauncey and rasheed back then we would playoff caliber team

  23. #1 Jonas Fan

    I just think that the Pistons need to have fun playing basketball again. None of them look like they want to be there accept for the rookies, their the only ones that look like they are trying. I just hope they start acting like they want to be out there, then maybe the chemistry will go up and then they will start playing together except for themselves. Then we might have a real team. And all of the fans I know for sure will be ecstatic.

    • bob jon

      i like what your saying i think thats exactly right good choice of words i think u should take place of a commentator and be the pistons third one right beside george blaha and greg kelsor

  24. #1 Jonas Fan

    well thanks! I just hate how they are playing right now and i know everyone does

  25. #1 Jonas Fan

    well thanks! They just need to play like they love basketball, like they are having fun

  26. sam i am

    even tho i’d like to c rip outta here, i was just looking at some stats and he’s leading the team in scoring AND assist, so he is doing some positive things

  27. RIP CITY

    Until Joe D stumbles upon a really good deal for a big man, he should wait it out. I mean this season is half over and we’ve already lost over 100 man-games due to injury. Not to mention the games where Keuster throws someone in for 7 minutes to get their legs back because they’ve just came back from an injury.
    I don’t think everyone should be calling for Tayshaun’s head. He’s never had an injury in his professional career and this one knocked him out for a good chunk of the season.
    But with the way our guards can crash the boards and all of the perimeter weapons, this team can be good. They just need to go out there and play with some kind of purpose. If the lethargy continues, I know Joe D is never too hesitant on pulling the trigger when he feels his team needs to be shaken up. Every team goes through the bad times, but in Joe we trust. How can you be worried with one of the best GMs out there running the show?


    can anyone name a perfect fit for a PG for the pistons besides C-Bills? the only ones i can think of are nash and jermer nelson

    • Rashit Flawless (Russia)

      JOHNNYYYYY, I wrote it already – the best fit for us is Jose Calderon, if you watch Raptors for some years – u kno why. He’s 8assists per game if starting, makes a lot of shots but 50% from three constantly, the last game he was 24mins 7 assists 12 pts, he makes almost zero turnovers and was an all-star last season and he always had + in +/- efficiency.
      We can let TAY go to the Raps and get Jose+Rasho Nesterovic.
      But as someone said, Joe won’t trade for another guard.

  29. Lori

    The big question I have is who is going to be the next Ben Wallace? He’s the MVP this year.

  30. edt

    if you were watching the university of kentucky vs vanderbilt game today, john wall was not the star. It was the big man demarcus cousins.

    that’s our guy. Now cross your fingers, hope the nets take wall, washington takes this random 7 foot lithuanian guy, minnesota and golden state pick up some small forwards so we get the best power forward in college today.

    it sux waiting around, that’s why everyone loves to propose trades but really all we can do is wait.

  31. edt

    I have to add that going high in the draft will also be Patrick Patterson, another large good player from the university of kentucky that will probably be taken ahead of cousins.

    Think about this. If the University of Kentucky has two of the best forwards in college, and UK is only the 2nd or 3rd best college team, what does that say about how mediocre john wall really is.

    The uk program is incredible, patterson and cousins are incredible, john wall doesn’t have to work very hard to look good on this team.

  32. Joe

    Tay hurts me everytime he shoots the ball its like his bones are grinding and his arm goes flying after it snaps. I mean.. the is so lazy out there. He barely defends now and hes always walking back with his damn head looking at the floor.. when jonas is in.. hes running around stealing balls. Jonas is HUNGRY. Tay won a championship and has nothing to prove. We need new blood on this team. Get Tay out of here ASAP PLEASE or at least BENCH the bitch. The Fans of the Pistons dont pay your ass to half ass it and play lousy D. get the f*** out.

    • Armand

      Easy tiger <—joe
      pistons need time and
      us fans need to give them some time
      considerin all the changes and injuries
      r u kiddin me? Have some patience people
      Deeeeeeeeeeetoit Baaaasketbaaaaaaaaall

    • James (Australia)

      No sympathy for a guy returning from a back injury, the first injury of his career. After playing his backside off for us the past 8 seasons?

  33. DEL

    Tay I still believe in you.. do not trade him!! don’t make any trades this year, it’s pointless. wait for a draft and then next season if Tay still won’t be himself, just trade him because of his big contract value. there will be a lot of teams wanting him

  34. Diogenes

    Hey – remember that “going to work” theme? This years theme should be “going to suck”. Or “going to be apathetic and lethargic”. Or “going to the lottery”. Going to work? My ass.

  35. James (Australia)

    Don’t confuse lack of confidence with lack of effort.


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