The Pistons vs. The Heat

by | Jan 29, 2010 | 21 comments

The Pistons vs. The Heat
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The 15-29 Pistons will host the 23-22 Miami Heat at the Palace tonight.

“Micheal Beasley will be a game-time decision Friday after he hyperextended his right knee in the first quarter of a 111-103 loss at Toronto on Wednesday.

This is the first of three meetings between these teams this season. Wade, averaging 31.5 points on 57.5 percent shooting in his last four contests, had 39 in the teams’ last matchup at The Palace of Auburn Hills last season, helping the Heat snap a six-game road losing streak in the series.” Via

The Scouting Report via
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Injury Report:
Ben Gordon is a game time decision and still no word on the progress of Will Bynum. Gordon may not play, but he will be at Meijer to sign an autograph or two on Saturday.

Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to WWJ 950 AM or follow the action over at

I will have some special guests with me at the game. Keep an eye out for some game time tweeting, as well as some HD  Flip Video later.



  1. sam i am

    ben gordon is gonna be playing tonight

  2. sam i am

    and btw imo, this is a now or never game. if the pistons want slavage this season nd somehow make the playoffs they gotta win tonight for some momentoum

  3. Drew

    Make a fuckin’ trade!

  4. Buzz Killington

    oh f!! Miami isn’t really playing that hard but the Pistons are just settling on jumpshots!! blowout underway… *sigh*

  5. Ross

    This team is a joke. There is no way that this will ever be a team that can compete. Players that need to go:

    Charlie V: The guy doesn’t even know how to pass. If he could actually shoot, I wouldn’t mind him shooting the ball 80% of the time that he touches it, but he can’t so he sucks big floppy donkey balls.

    Tay: Can’t even make open jumpers anymore. Oh and Jorebko is already better and it’s his first season.

    Maxiell: You can’t shoot jumpers so why do it? We all know that isn’t what this team needs is another jump shooter.

    Wilcox: See above plus lack of defense

    Kwame Brown: Why the hell are you even in the nba you useless bastard.

    I liked this team earlier in the year when everyone was injured and the young players were all on the court more. At least those players showed some heart and competed with everything that they had.

  6. shawn

    sigh blow outtttttttttt tradeeeeeeeeeeeee john wallllllll evan turnerrrrrr or favorssssss or cousins here we comeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. edt

    lol @ Why the hell are you even in the nba you useless bastard.

  8. Hlmk

    I’ve been wondering why natalie hasnt swapped tay and jerebko’s face in the banner, hell, might as well swap charlie v and ben wallace’s as well lol

  9. Buzz Killington

    65 points, 54-25 rebs.. for real?

    When are they gonna sell this franchise again?

  10. edt

    zero defense. heat scored 50% from the field, 61% from long range. that’s a lot of open shots, like every single shot was wide open kind of open shots. The heat is normally 46% from the field and 34% from long range, they can’t shoot very well. I know we can defend better, we did it vs the grizzlies.

    Lethargic, lazy, no defense, no offense, walking up the court on offense walking down the court on defense, no passing, every offensive possession was 1-1 culminating in a circus shot. No help defense, zero perimeter defense. Ben Wallace and Rodney gave up on this game in the 2nd quarter. I can’t blame them, we can’t win starting Tay instead of Jerebko.

    This team is terrible. I dont want to listen to any more trades. Do you really think a trade will help this team? We aint got no effort. Trades arent magical pixie dust, if a team doesn’t at the very least try to win, the team is a lost cause. Go look at the clippers for what happens when you dont even try.

    Kwame Brown is like the flipper boy. He tries to hold onto the ball but he cant he is flipper boy with flippers instead of fingers. Charlie V is the black hole. Not even light can escape. One the ball touches his hands, it never leaves. Tay “Old Man” Prince needs to rest more on the bench because he is still hurting like grandpa.

    Our players find themselves surprised to be in an NBA game. “What? You mean we are playing in the NBA? I thought this we were playing against a high school team.”

  11. terry

    Just when I think the Pistons can’t possibly play any worse……….YEESH!!!

  12. BigBenWallace

    Wow…that’s all i got to say 92 – 65 are you kidding me!?
    They need to get their game together, i really hate seeing them struggle…

  13. BigBenWallace

    I want Tay to stay on the bench and rest his old lazy ass and put in Jonas for the majority, also Maxiell along with Big Ben just DEFEND okay, im not asking for anything else dont take any jumpers just defend.
    And oh im not very pleased with this Charlie Villanueva character, Just PASS the ball dont take 3 pointers and fail.
    Lazy, Lazy, Lazy i guess that’s how we do it in Detroit…

  14. Buzz Killington

    Get a coach who is not scared of shouting at his lazy ass playaaaazz!!

  15. Kevin

    This team is an absolute joke. The only player I wouldnt have available at the deadline is Rodney. Seriously, Tayshaun should’ve been traded a while ago. Everybody knew he had lost a step last year, in my opinion, he doesnt have any more trade value. Any GM would be stupid to take his contract and lack of skill. Rip is the only valuable trade option aside from Stuckey. The future does not look good at the moment.

  16. zeke khaseli

    Why do they bring BG slow off the bench while Tay heavy minutes after injury? Its on you now coach Q u gotta do what u gotta do. Prince bench JJ starter. simple

  17. James (Australia)

    What disappoints me is we have become statistic-enhancers. I know we can’t win forever, but I expect some heart. I expect a team that goes out and wants to do everything possible to win, if that is not good enough to win, I’m fine with that, as long as they leave everything on the court.

    This team lacks-
    Q has to figure out a way to get these things.

    I’m listening to the start JJ talk, but am still convinced that they should start Prince.
    Now that BG7 is back, we just need Bynumite!
    Hopefully once everyone is healthy they will just put some effort in and COMPETE!
    I’m not giving up on the Pistons.

  18. Noa Daniely

    Natalie,the suite night was awesome. Thanks for everything! 🙂

  19. Tycoon

    Calm down, lets face it. It’s officially over this season after this game. Stop hating Tay and the rest who dont play well. Next season will never get worse, we’ll be back.

  20. Chad

    Why the hell isn’t Kwame playing?

  21. edt

    Maybe you noticed in the minutes kwame had in this game, he caught the ball at a 50% rate. Half the time when he was passed the ball, he either dropped it or the thing sailed out of bounds. Laker fans are very familiar with kwame brown. Detroit fans are just starting to realize why when you play kwame you lose.



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