The Pistons vs. The Grizzles

by | Jan 27, 2010 | 22 comments

The Pistons vs. The Grizzllies
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The 15-28 Pistons will host the 24-19 Grizzles for at the Palace tonight.

I know many of you will be watching Rudy Gay, who’s been rumored to be on the block with the possibility of heading to Detroit.

I will be watching to see how Jonas Jerebko plays after he found out he will be representing Detroit at All Star Weekend in Dallas. The Need4Swede on the Rookie team was almost inevitable.

The Scouting Report via
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Injury Report:

Ben Gordon is a game time decision.

Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Plus. For the radio broadcast tune in to WWJ 950 AM or follow the action over at

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  1. David

    JJ will play will all he got as always, what else?

  2. AC

    GO PISTONS, this Griz team is playing tough. I hope we can get another W.

    Tay, DSummers, Kwame, and some draft picks for Amare … we’d become that 6 seed no one wants to play overnight!

  3. AC

    Rudy Gay would be a bonus too!

  4. DEL

    no chances tonight

  5. Jack

    i would love for the pistons to get rudy gay…i know prince was sweet but rudy gay would seem better

  6. Jack

    i hope that trade goes down

  7. DEL

    Gay is not who we need. we need very solid big men. look at Mephis for example. Randolph, Gasol and young Thabeet. everyone of them would be more valuable than our guys ( maybe except Big Ben, CV is just one big missunderstanding. ) And 90% of NBA teams got better bigs than Pistons. we need to trade somebody for a solid big men, even like Marc Gasol., I would love to see him in Pistons uniform, maybe go for Marcin Gortat, we need somebody with high basketball IQ, because CV, Maxiell, Wilcox can be very athletic and will have great moments, but they just aren’t smart enough to play great team basketball game.

  8. DEL

    my solution. just try to trade 2 of 3 (Maxiell , Brown, Wilcox) for one solid PF or C. in almost every team I could see a gut that who fit here..

    but to be honest after first half, we play really good offense, a lot of ball movement, but our defense one more time is just pathetic. Not for a NBA average, but for Pistons expected defense… I really thinkt that one good big men that would rotate better, move faster would be a major improvement

  9. Nicholas

    Tayshaun looks like a fart factory out there!

  10. The Fan

    Maxiell is playin like a monster and Charlievil is playin D! Tay is looking alive as well. We might take this game!

  11. The Fan

    I can’t believe we gave that game away at the end.

  12. sam i am

    wats up with daye not getting any minutes?

  13. shawn

    well guys good game over 20 or so assist stuckey played good shoot everyone played good even old tay and rip and max but we still lost u saw gasol just toyed with us in the paint all night and no not paul gasol lol mark lol this team needs to make a trade soon play daye and jerbko and summers and lets get a high lottery pick pray and we get the numba 1 and we draft john wall thats all i have to say lol

  14. zeke khaseli

    Doom n gloom after the grizzlies game. What could’ve been a new beginning turns into an ugly closing. Why Jerebko didnt get any minutes on crunch time? Why the guards couldnt make two free throws when they are needed? Whats the game plan? 0 point in the last three minutes..

  15. Hlmk

    Miami and Orlando are up next, things dont bode well for the distant future

  16. junior

    john wall? u guys watch him play? he dont seem like a premier pg to me he avg 17 n 5 in COLLEGE what u think he gonna avg in the PROS? 12 n 3? forget about wall hes not that good and we wont get 1st pick. we have a great pg in stuckey his game tonight was excellent 17 points 11 asts and 5 reb. wait till we r healthy and stuckey has SOMEONE THAT CAN SCORE to pass too. once that happens he will be able to drive by ANYONE. im done u guys need to just root for the team we have and be thankful we are not the new jersey nets. GO PISTONS

  17. edt

    daye is pretty bad defensively can’t really play in the nba yet. I really wish some of these guys spent 1 more year in college, what’s the point if you get to the nba and can’t play? We have one of the weakest defensive teams in the nba, and daye is an even worse defender than our other terrible players.

    We have a 4 player team, jerebko, ben wallace, stuckey and rip. Everyone else, they are great guys, just not great basketball players right now. It seems that Maxiell is decent for about 15 minutes at a time, he was really tremendous in this game.

    If we really wanted to win games we would play stuckey, rip, ben and JJ 40+ minutes, but all that would do is get our best players hurt.

    Q has to play Tay, Charlie V because we dont have any other choice, and even Chucky just to make sure Stuckey doesn’t take up too many minutes, which hurts us. Look at the grizzlies, they played Randolph, Gay, Gasol and Mayo 39 or more minutes, and Conley 35 minutes, they played Tinsley and Young 17 minutes or less. I think we could have won this game with a tighter rotation, but we have to give so many bad players minutes. On our team only Rip had 40 minutes, everyone else had less, which is fine by me.

    Just my opinion, I have no complaints about how Coach Q is running this team.

    Two stats: opponents field goal percentage 44%. You know what this is? Quality Defense. That’s 48 minutes of play against a team of ridiculous shooters. Great effort. Here’s another stat, free throws grizzlies 93%. Which is not that ridiculous their whole team can shoot the lights out, for instance, their worst shooter Gasol hits the free throws at around 70%. So seeing them get 93% at the line and only 44% from the floor means we were playing D.

    The pistons by contrast got 47% from the floor and 60% from the stripe. 60% is pretty good for us.

    We are a pretty bad team and we almost won this game because we had more hustle.

  18. terry

    Sucks to play such a good game and lose it in the last 2 minutes. Don’t know if I’ve seen both starting guards with double digit assist before. On the bright side a good lottery slot seems almost assured, Nets are getting the first pick so it’s time to take John Wall out of the equation. Is there any other good prospects out there? Some one with size perhaps?

  19. edt

    the nets will get wall, but we’ll get demarcus cousins from that same kentucky team, he’s large with a lot of promise, but has a reputation for not wanting to bang down low and likes to stand out at the 3 line. There’s a 7 foot ukranian baller this year that will go ahead of cousins, but I am pretty sure Joe D has had enough of those sort of fellows. Someone else will take him.

    even after the draft next year, coach Q will still have a pretty bad team, there’s really no question about it.

    I wish we still had McDyess, then we would have a real NBA team. He’s going to finish his career in San Antonio though.

  20. junior

    u guys mark my words JOHN WALL IS NOT AS GOOD AS EVERYONE THINKS HE IS, get over it and him we are not getting him. stuckey is going to be a good pg he just needs a little more talent to pass to right now. once we get healthy he will have that talent. he will avg 20 n 7 maybe 8 asts. becuase i honestly think he is better then rondo and if he can avg 20 n almost 10 stuckey can manage the above numbers with the healthy cast he will have. GO PISTONS

  21. max

    I am happy if he get Cousins,Johnson (syracuse) or Favors in the Draft!Wall will be great!

  22. max

    @Junior Chris Paul in his last College season: 15.3/6.6/4.5/
    Deron Williams in his last College season: 12.5/6.8/3.6
    Derrick Rose as a freshman :14.9/4.7/4.5

    John Walls current averages: 17.1/6.6/3.7 as a freshman What he needs to improve is his turnover rate (3.9 a game) 1.68 A/T and his 3-point shooting.


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