Fizzled and Grizzled

by | Jan 27, 2010 | 30 comments

Despite being down the majority of the game a fourth quarter comeback fell short in closing minutes when Detroit couldn’t make a bucket. The Pistons lost their third straight 99-93 to the Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night at the Palace.

Key Points:

  • How do you lose a game when you have 30 assist on the night? It’s rare, trust me.
  • No Ben Gordon or Will Bynum.
  • Tayshaun Prince in the starting lineup, JJ off the Bench.
  • If you didn’t know it by now there is a Need4Swede at All Star Weekend.
  • Tayshaun showing some signs of life with 12 points, and three boards on 6-for-15 shooting in 33 minutes. Should he really be playing 33 when he’s clearly not 100%.
  • Austin Day – Did not play.
  • Combined 21 assists between Rip and Stuckey.

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Photo/Getty Images
  • Rodney led the Pistons with 17 points, 11 board, 2 steals and 5 boards. Stuckey had just on turnovers on the night, but 2 bad passes in the closing seconds of the game that could have given the Pistons a chance to tie the ball game.
  • But this…this in your face dunk will make it all better.  Well maybe not all better, but it was pretty sweet.
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

See it again and again and again, full clip of the Stuckey Dunk. Gotta love the Blaha call.
[flashvideo file= /]

Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • A very sparse crowd at the Palace.  I’m talking pretty empty.
  • Let’s just praise Ben Wallace for grabbing 9 boards and putting up 14 points, and adding 2 blocks.   His tip in for 2 points in crunch time was probably the play of the game.  How he keeps surprising us with his play is just short of miraculous.
  • The most Jason Maxiell has contributed in a ball game to actually make a difference in at the last 50 games he played in. Maxiell sparks the Pistons fourth to tie the Grizzlies and take the league.  Jason finished  with 12 points in 17 minutes  with 4 boards and a steal.  Why he wasn’t in the game (of JJ for that matter) at the end of the game was surprising.
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Charlie Villanueva with 13 points on 5-for-8 shooting with 7 board s and 3 blocked shots on the night.  He was the only Piston with + (5) besides Maxiell for the game.
  • Good game from Rip, who really is impressing me with his assist totals lately.  Rip put up a double-double with 16 points, 10 assists and just one turnover.
  • This is why Jonas Jerebko is in the Rookie Challenge..because he’s everywhere all the time and it’s more than rare that a play ever gets called for him. If I’m coaching, I make sure this guy stays in the starting lineup. The Swede finished with 8 points and 7 boards in 20 minutes on the floor.

[flashvideo file= /]

Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Chris Wilcox started and put up 1 point in his 13 minutes.
  • Anyone else remember the last time Kwame was in there?
  • Outrebounded 44-39.
  • Zach Randolph had 23 points and 19 rebounds, what got into him this season?  I remember when he played this well then things just fell off.
  • Free throws cost us in this one, Detroit was 11 for 19 at the line.
  • Another one on Friday at home against the Heat.  Want to go with me? You have till 11 AM tomorrow to enter for the pair of tickets.


  1. junior

    nice slam by stuckey, why doesnt he dunk it more? if he would just dunk it with authority instead of trying to get contact for a foul and lay it up he would avg 6-8 more ppg he should be at about 23-25 ppg. just by making the 4-5 inside layups he try to make. DUNK THAT SHIT. show em y u were the 15th pick. but great game stuck 17,11,n 5, with 2 steals. this is how every games stats should look. GO PISTONS

  2. AzureAcerbus

    Nice Game for Stuck, he looked like a pg out there tonight, and a good one. Some how he only shot 7 for 20 tho, oddly i really dont know how he collected that many shots, i dont remember him shooting that often.

    Same for rip, Could have used a few more points from him, but i cant discredit, 16 and 10. Nice to see rip not go one on one so much. Hes not a good Isolation player.

    Maxciell – I still wish he was making only 4 or less a year, but after a year and a half of disliking him. Im starting to warm up to him again, his J’s are pretty good now.

    Tay its just awkward now. Jerebko Needs to start. Tay is still better than Daye, but we might as well develop Daye, given our record.

    KWAME > Wilcox. We’ve had an extensive look at the underachieving Wilcox. The point of even playing Wilcox is that he should be able to give us 8 – 10 points a night. Seeing as his D is horrible, and hes not producing offensively. KWAME needs to take his spot. Kwame actually plays good D, and at this point i think he might be the better offensive player as well…..sadly.

  3. terry

    I found out that Kwame Accidentally ran over coach Q’s Pomeranian in the palace parking garage earlier in the season. Is it a mere coincidence that he can’t buy playing time right now even when an opposing team’s big is killing us in the paint?

    • Annie

      I knew there had to be a reason. When Kwame plays like he did the other day he puts in some good stats although it is mainly his defensive ability to keep his direct opponent out of plays that make me like his game. What the hell is Q doing with a Pomeranian? Get that guy a Bull Mastiff PLEASE!

  4. Keepzitreal

    We suck ballz period……

  5. rai_from_the_philippines

    let’s begin a “Start Jonas” Movement!

  6. zollie

    hey Nat, what’s up with the typos..? just bugging me a bit. this is supposed to be a quality blog, get it together!

  7. zeke khaseli

    i believe that coach q is hesitant to put prince on bench cos of his seniority

  8. James (Australia)

    Best place to get Prince up to game shape is to play him. Good to see Prince almost getting there.
    I look at the statistics and am quite bemused as to how we lost this one. We were the better team in so many categories. Free throws are the only big difference.
    Good games from quite a few people, but PLEASE back up your performances next game! I will scream if CV31 shoots 0-10 vs the Heat, or if Stuckey or Rip have like 8 turnovers each. Get some continuity and the wins will come!
    Still don’t think Prince should be “punished” by having to come off the bench. I know JJ has done some great things, but Prince hasn’t had the chance to show us how good he still is. Now if he has the same stat lines for the rest of the year, ok, I’ll listen to the start JJ talk. At the moment, Prince is our best SF in my opinion.

  9. Jim

    ur right zeke .. it would cause problems on and off the court…

    but tays goin… thats a given…rip should stay..he still has it…

    but we pay 21 mil at the sg spot.. thats a little too much…

  10. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Sorry for multiple same posts, but I’ll post it the last time
    I want a solid PG to our team. And a frontcourt player who can play a lil D. And I kno how to do it:
    RIP or Tay goes to Raptors for
    Jose Calderon plus Rasho Nesterovic.
    I luv Calderon – this is a man who had 1 turnover in 6or7 games in a row with at least 6or7assists these games last season. He can be a huge factor and I don’t kno how he was eliminated from ASG last season, it was a huge disappointment for me.
    He plays true pg, can pass it, shoots open 3 with high percentage, Stuckey or BG could both shine playing with him. Jose is a very underrated player.
    Rasho can give us a post presence, his contract is expiring this summer, he’s a big man.
    Raptors gain versatility and depth with RIP or Tay because Hedo can play 3 positions, DeRozan is inconsistent. And if Bosh will leave them, at least they have ex-allstar player in addition to Hedo and growing Bargnani
    I dunno, but it seems fine to me, I would love to see Jose in Detroit

  11. The Fan

    Rashit! I seriously doubt that Joe is even thinking about trading for another guard. Even a PG. Its ludacris.

    Is there any validity to Q’s dog being run over by Kwame.

    Kwame is a better player than Wilcox. And thats not an easy thing to say.

    Tayshaun needs to start if we want him to have trade value. So, we’re probably stuck with him starting.

    Jonas and Charlievil should both start or maybe maxiell.

  12. edt

    I don’t think this team can’t be saved with a trade. Our only hope is that the guys that we have get better.

    Jerebko has to get better. That’s right our best rookie has to get even better. He has to become our turkoglu as a guy who can play all positions, he can get better and will get better. He has to get stronger faster and bigger in the off season, he has to get better at driving, better at shooting, better at passing, better at defending and he will get better at all these things with the minutes he is getting. He has to become all star. Next, Stuckey also has to become an all star, and he doesn’t have far to go. He has to work on his 3 point shooting in the off season. His court vision improves every game. He has to be able to win the game single handedly for us, to become our Dwayne Wade. We are demanding that Stuckey move mountains for Detroit, and he has to live up to his potential.

    Austin Daye should either be playing for a development team or starting, because he sure isn’t getting minutes right now. Ideally he would leave the Pistons and play in Euro basketball, or even the D league, and then come back after a year. He is not ready for the NBA, and he is not getting better sitting on the bench.

    Ben and Rip need to stay healthy while this happens. Their minutes should be cut down to Shack minutes.

    Once we have some home grown stars, we will find it easy to ask McDyess to come back to Detroit. We would will be winning most of our games and only lack a great post presence.

    After all, Dice wants his ice and if we are good enough to get a ring for him, he would play for free. Right now Mcdyess is stuck in a 3 year contract for San Antonio, and they are starting him because McDyess is their only chance to win a championship this year. Ginobili is starting to fade fast, he is unable to keep it together for more than a game at a time, because he keeps getting injured. If McDyess doesn’t win this year, there’s a chance we can trade to get him back . . . if our team is already good enough to win.

    It doesn’t make any sense to try to fill our post presence first, we aren’t gonna start winning with the way our current roster plays, and we can’t get quality players for cheap when we have such and awful team. Our young players just have to get better, a whole lot better, and we have to start winning with our current roster.

  13. BigBenWallace

    We need good defence and good transition to make this season turn around.
    First of all: I hate the fact that Rodney Stuckey always goes for quick jumpers we need to set a pick and roll or use up some of the shot clock and get ready for a smart play not just taking jumpers out of no-where.
    Second of all: Charlie V has to step up in the defensive zone and not allow easy lay ups or shots, he needs to challenge them and be careful not to foul.
    Third of all: Tayshaun is playing like an old man out there, what happened to the old Tay always draining shots and blocking we need him to play like he did before.
    Anyways you may disagree with my opinion on how to change the season around but its just my opinion. LETS GO DETROIT!

  14. Jesse

    I’m starting to wonder if Dumars should look into moving CV and BG to a playoff contender for expiring contracts….. yes, its low-down, back-handed and slimy to pull something like this on newly signed free agents, but it could also give Joe a mulligan on some big mistakes…. Would the Rockets be able to turn down CV, BG and either Max or Kwame for T-Mac?
    BG to Dallas for Josh Howard?
    CV to the Blazers for Blake (waive) and Outlaw?
    CV and BG to the Cavs for Z (waive), Jawad Williams, D. West and a pick?
    CV and BG to the Jazz for Boozer (waive for all I care) and Korver?
    CV, BG and Max to Boston for Ray Allen and Scal?
    Seems like it might be pretty enticing to at least one of those teams…
    If something like this did happen, Rip’s deal wouldn’t look so bad, and moving Prince immediately wouldn’t be so urgent. Plus, we could officially go into tank mode and give the youngsters bigger minutes while we shoot for the lottery.

    I don’t know, I’m kinda just throwing it out there, not really advocating it…… I’m not sure how much of a credibility hit the franchise would take from something like this though. Would free agents be reluctant to sign with us after that? I think the Heat did something similar to Odom in the Shaq deal… then again it’s south beach players will always want to be there…

    • Keepzitreal

      What are you smoking Jesse?? It mus be some powerful s***!!!

  15. The Fan

    I’m so happy that jesse is not the GM for the pistons.

    • Jesse

      You didn’t even read my post, did you? I never said “this is what should be done”, I was just throwing something out there because obviously Joe is having hard time moving the Rip, Tay and Max contracts; otherwise they would be gone already. Dumars has painted himself into a corner and he’s going to have to do something creative to get out of it.

      I seem to recall a few weeks ago you attempting make fun of me and calling me a fool because I mentioned to CBA (collective bargaining agreement, if you still haven’t figured it out), but you brilliantly thought I meant the NBA… then you went on to suggest that the team should magically sign a max big man this summer, even though I tried to explain to you repeatedly that we are over the cap … Considering that, I’m not too worried when you don’t agree with me on topic of trades or the salary cap. I really don’t understand how someone who refers to themselves as “the fan”doesn’t know what the CBA is…

  16. James (Australia)

    I don’t think Dumars hasn’t been able to move Hamilton, Prince, or Max because of their contracts, but because Dumars doesn’t want to trade them; and apart from Max, how could he trade Hamilton or Prince who haven’t played? and why do you make trades? because your team could be improved. Well, Dumars hasn’t been able to see the full potential of this team because of the stupid injuries.
    Now I think its highly likely that Prince is traded before the trade deadline, but that is because we have three rookie SFs who could fill in adequately and need to upgrade at the Four or five spot.
    Jesse, your ideas show the mind of one who is intelligent and thinking things through, but I think you answered your own question. Dumars would never trade BG or CV31 at least not for a few seasons because he just signed them. They are the young brigade, and whether we like it or not, they are the future. I personally like BG because I think before the injuries he showed he could be an efficient scorer. CV31 is the most frustrating player I’ve seen. GET SOME CONSISTENCY!
    I’ve answered the idea of tanking before, but I’ll repeat myself, why do you want to lose games when even the NETS who will end up with one of the worst records ever go to lottery day knowing that three out of every four times the ping pong balls come out NJ will not be on the first ping pong ball. Play hard, get some chemistry, end up with a lottery pick anyway.

  17. Chad

    +John Wall

  18. The Fan

    You make me laugh Jesse. 🙂 I did miss the CBA reference before. I get lost in many of the acronyms of the world. Guess I just get tired of hearing people on this blog with trade proposals. Its never ending, tired and pointless.

    I agree we need to move some players but the players you listed out are non factors.

    Josh Howard. Guard undersized Forward.
    Outlaw. Underacheiver
    T-Mac. Guard.. AI all over again
    Jawad Williams. Horrible
    D West. Guard
    Ray Allen Guard
    Scal… Your kidding me right?

    Boozer is the only person that may be worth anything to this team and you say. waive for all I care.

    If you made any of those moves you’d turn our team into garbage man. I agree with what EDT said. Our team just needs to get better. We’ll dump Tay off in the off season and we are probably with Rip for another year or two. Which isn’t a horrible thing.

    But trading off some of our better players for “never was'”, “has beens” or “soon to be forgottens” is a bad idea.

    Charlie V has picked up his D as of late and is doing well and when Ben Gordon gets healthy he will give us an extra spark off the bench.

    • Jesse

      @James: It doesn’t matter how bad the nets records is, when you are the worst, you have a 25% chance of winning the lottery…. doesn’t matter if your record is the worst by 1 game or 82. Since 1990, the team with the worst record has only won the lotto 3 times… so, you can stop repeating yourself.

      @The Fan: None of those players are supposed to make us better this season, that would kind of defeat the purpose of tanking wouldn’t it? They all have expiring contracts, or non-guaranteed deals, which is why in the original post I said: “moving CV and BG to a playoff contender for EXPIRING CONTRACTS “. I selected non factors on purpose, so that another team can be persuaded to take on a bunch of salary in return. You can sit and wait for Jerebko to lead us back to the playoffs if you want, I’m trying to think of pro-active ways make this team competitive before 2015.

  19. Greg

    first Bynum over Chandler, now Stuckey over Thabeet

  20. terry

    These things take patience people. That’s something most fans don’t have. I watched the Pistons decline from the bad boys to the Cadillac Anderson lame duck Pistons that came after. Compared to that team this team is awesome. This is a rebuilding period so losses are inevitable, but the way we’re losing is excusable in my book because if you told me the pistons were gonna field this same team without Ben Gordan, Will Bynum, Tayshuan Prince, Kwame Brown, and only a handful of games including Rip then I would be shocked right now if they weren’t near the bottom of the league. I know people are tired of the injury card just as I am but it’s an undeniable fact. What was Inexcusable to me was watching the championship Pistons lay down to teams like Miami and Cleveland in the playoffs when the pistons were clearly the better team. More losses are on the horizon but I think this team deserves to get healthy before fans start dumping them for other players that might not pan out good for this team anyways.

  21. Jesse

    Patience isn’t the issue, doesn’t supporting tanking a season prove that? The issue is that Dumars is making bad decisions that have long-term consequences… I used to watch other GMs throw big money at guys like Maggette, Peja, Larry Hughes, Kenyon Martin ect. and sit back and laugh…. well, Dumars is one of those GM’s now. A lot of fans on this site seem to be under the delusion that if healthy, this team would be back on it’s way to being championship caliber… that’s a joke, this team is awful, everyone outside of Detroit knows it, most people in Detroit know it. Don’t let one or two upsets against elite teams on off nights mislead you… 82 games a season, it happens.

    Joe really pulled one over on the fanbase with this- were not rebuilding, just reloading thing. He didn’t want to save his cap space for 2010 because he didn’t want to endure another losing season and an empty Palace- that worked out great, didn’t it? Now we have mismatched roster full of holes and bad long contracts… you can blame injuries to a point, but injuries are a part pro sports- we’ve been really, really lucky the last few seasons in that department. At some point injuries just becomes an excuse.

    If Dumars had just held on to the Iverson/Sheed cap space, held on Amir and Afflalo, we would have been in a GREAT position this summer, even with all the injuries…. let Kwame and Amir walk, keep the veteran leadership of Rip, Ben and Tay, young building blocks in Stuckey, Afflalo, Daye, Jerebko, and whoever we land in the lottery, and more than $20 mill to spend in the best FA class ever. But hey, instead we have Chris Wilcox and Charlie V dogging it while BG is in street clothes and clogging up the backcourt rotation when healthy….. Unless Joe can find a team to swindle in a trade, or land an absolute stud in the draft, this team will struggle to get out of the first round for years.

  22. 半挂车

    博客写的不错啊照片是在什么地方照的啊 我好像去过可是忘记是什么地方了!年底了现在的汽车也便宜了看看半挂车

  23. terry

    That’s what i’m saying Jesse what you are calling “bad decisions” might be right, BUT it just might be a bit premature considering the pieces he brought in have not been able to play together. At some point injuries are an excuse, the pistons aint at that point yet. No team comes out a winner dealing with the uncommon amount of injuries the Pistons have had this season, so in such a case patience is a virtue. I don’t see C.V. dogging it, I say he’s made steady improvement and getting the kind of toughness you don’t learn in Milwaukee. If you really break it down Joe D. added two consistent scorers to a team that’s number one in offensive rebounds, and they’re right around top 10 defensively. The Pistons despite the injuries and losses are still in every game (minus a few), the thing they’ve been missing is the ability to close games out, another clutch lights out scorer to go with Stuckey like uhh, I don’t know… maybe a Ben Gordan?

    Sorry dude above me, but I no speaka

  24. edt

    im 100% with jesse here. And you’re right about charlie V, he’s shown improvement in his D so I no longer think he is not pulling his weight. I’ve really warmed up to charlie v.

    But in general it’s true, Charlie V and Ben Gordon were impulse buys. Rip > Ben Gordon. Jerebko > Charlie V. I have no quarrel for players making less than 5 million or under a year, maxiell, kwame.

    There is only one problem with the pistons, and that is from our 6 highest paid players, Hamilton, Prince Gordn, Charlie V, Maxiell, Wilcox, we have our worst 5 players.

    Only Rip is earning his salary. Our best starting 5 is Rip Stuckey Wallace Jerebko and Wilcox. We dont really have a 2nd rotation. Charlie V is only making 6.5 this year, so he’s doing fine as a 6th man.

    But we have no real options because we spent all our money on bad players.

    The good thing we have to look forward to is that both Jerebko and Stuckey will get better, a lot better. The bad thing is that Ben Wallace will probably retire next year. Even if he doesn’t retire, if he keeps putting up all star numbers, we won’t be able to afford his salary.

    I’m not making excuses for Ben’s bad play in Chicago and Cleveland, but I think he was just hurt, and other teams will want to take a chance at him, especially teams in the east that are missing 1 or 2 pieces.

    Our only real hope is that Stuckey and Jerebko power up like a Nintendo super power star this year.

  25. edt

    one more thing. I had no idea that the team would end up like this. Last year I would have said our 5 best players were Hamilton, Prince Gordon, Charlie V, and Maxiell, and if we started those 5 would we win a lot. So all this is in hindsight and sure hindsight is perfect, so how can I bitch about these things. Well, it is the general manager’s duty to know ahead of time how players will work how. I didn’t know it would end up like this. But Joe D doesn’t get the benefit of a doubt. He was supposed to know it would end up like this.

  26. edt

    one more thing. They are 4th from last defensively. You can’t count points allowed per game because this whole season right after the pistons watch the offense blow by them, stepping out of the way so they don’t end up in a poster, right after that the whole team drags ass down the court, walks to the 3 point line, and then waits while whoever has the ball plays 1 on 1 for 19 seconds and then heaves up a circus shot. Then when it misses, nobody chases the fast break and it all starts all over again.

    Now, let me say one thing. The defense has improved in the last 3 games. But we average for the season in the bottom 4. When the other team gets ahead by 20 points, that is not because we can’t just make shots it’s because our team is dragging ass and walking up and down the court.


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