The Pistons vs. The Trail Blazers

by | Jan 23, 2010 | 32 comments

The Pistons vs. The Trailblazers
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The 15-27 Pistons will host 26-18 The Trail Blazers for their second game of a back to back tonight at the Palace.

Roy missed Portland’s 98-95 overtime loss to Boston on Friday, the first of four games he’s expected to sit out because of a right hamstring injury. The Trail Blazers (26-18) said the two-time All-Star will be re-evaluated on Thursday.

The Blazers, already without centers Joel Przybilla and Greg Oden (season-ending knee injuries) among others, have still remained competitive. Without Roy, though, Portland shot just 38.2 percent in Boston, and trailed most of the way. Via

Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit Plus. For the radio broadcast tune in to 104.3 WOMC or follow the action over at



  1. Wade

    Almost had another brawl at the Palace! Now the refs are calling everything.. this is ridiculous. Nice comeback though.. to bad the refs will probably steal the win from us.

  2. edt

    great game, but . . .

    portland’s shooter

    martell webster, 2 point 9/19, 47% 3 point 6-13, 46%

    Our shooter

    Charlie “Black Hole” Villanueva, 2 point 7/18 39%, 3 point, 1-9, 11%

    charlie v should never take another 3 point shot, period. His career average 3 percentage is 33%. Just for comparison, Tayshaun’s career 3 average is 36%, and you don’t need Tay camping out at the 3 and hoisting up bricks.

    That’s the game right there. We should have won, but Charlie V has to get off the 3 point line, post up and use his baby hook more. He’s not a 3 shooter. Even ‘sheed is a better 3 shooter than Charlie V, sheed shoots a pretty average 34%.

    At this point, I’m gonna put this on Coach Q’s head, not Charlie V’s. I loved Charlie V’s intensity this game.

    • pistonsfan101

      Exactly man..

      OMG.. I was getting so pissed off when CV kept jacking those shots up.. he should STOP..
      Holy crap.. and why did they take out Jerekbo when he was the one that provided the spark in the second half..
      I seriously don’t think Prince should have been playing at the end of the game… :@

      Great.. Grizzlies.. one of the hottest teams.. is next..

  3. edt

    ps ben gordon’s 3 percentage is 41%, we sure could have used him this game, especially at the end.

  4. Hlmk

    charlie v is the streakiest shooter and you dont want a streaky shooter being the main man for hoisting mid range shots and 3’s

    • Shanea

      ok i dont no y u say dat

  5. junior

    charlie is not the main guy, its bg. but he is hurt, also rip is streaky too. he hits the 3 to take the lead but then he comes down and throws up an airball when he should of gave it back to stuckey. also does anyone have a answer to y stuckey was inbounding to tay? shouldnt tay be inbounding to stuckey? the point guard. i always thought the point guard was the one to initiate the offense at the end of the game when u are down by one with 24.6 left to win the game. bad move by coach Q. it was all fouling and praying after that. good comeback but it shouldnt of come to that. i have nothing else to say im pissed we lost this game it should have been ours. GO PISTONS

  6. junior

    refs suck also, gave the game to portland at end of 3rd with all the fouls calls that werent fouls. GO PISTONS

  7. sam i am

    trailing big early, refs, couple bad positons at the end = yet another dissapointing loss

  8. edt

    you’re right rip is a very average 3 shooter, our best 3 shooter seems to be chucky atkins who shoots a career average 37%. Summers has a better 3 point shot but the rest of his game is too weak to let him finish.

    I’m mulling it over right now. If coach q wanted his best 3 shooter on the floor he would have had to bench either stuckey or rip in the last 30 seconds of the game. You can’t do that, you got to let those two finish the game.

    How many more games is gordon gonna miss

  9. Wade

    I could care less if Gordon plays another game in for the Pistons.. just another Iverson in my eyes.

  10. rico suave

    Will someone please point out that the ‘Stons are 1-10 when Tayshaun plays….whooops, just did.

    That is NJ Nets ball. Don’t give me the “he’s adjusting” bull. They played some crap teams and there are some major issues going on with him on the court.

    Also note the only game they won was the first one against Memphis. Give those minutes to someone who is improving, not in rapid decline. He needs to be on a team where he is the 5th option on offense and is not needed to get more than 8 a night and pass the ball to scorers.

  11. Jesse

    Keep on tanking along…..

    I wouldn’t expect CV to change the way he plays anytime soon. It’s not like the Blazers have anything to intimidate down low… Juwan Howard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Jeff Pendergraph? CV could have had his way in the post all night. It’s funny how similar to Sheed he really is, minus the Techs, Defense and swagger.

  12. Wade

    I would rather have all of Sheeds traits back in the D then charlie V’s constant clanks/ airballs.

    • The Fan

      Why so you could watch someone without heart play. Oh yeah then give me back sheed. Lazy Lazy Sheed who moped around the last 2 years cashing in his checks.

      Tayshaun blew the game when he turned it over on the pass to RIP. He shouldn’t be playing all the time until he can earn his spot back.

  13. will

    Thie game was another entry in the John Wall sweepstakes

  14. pistons 4 life

    Wow, I never thought this team would be this bad this year. I thought by getting rid of “the core” players we were going to get away from this turn it off and on crap. How many games does this make it now where they dug themselves a huge hole and then battled back only to lose the game. My how the mighty have fallen!!!!!

  15. sam i am

    who thinks we play better with jerebko on the court instead of tay?

    • Tycoon

      Everyone thinks we play better with JJ instead of Tay at this point except for Tay himself (I guess)

  16. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I do. JJ is a steal. I wrote already that Tay is frustrated now cuz he never used to have these adjustments. He was starter for 500games. Now he’s injury prone, not yet in shape, with 2 good young talents on his position. He just can’t deal with this yet. He must go, but his value is low. And we, fans, are suffering from uncertaincy. What’s our goal this season? Who Joe wants to go? We don’t kno now what to expect. But at the start we all expected something other than we have now. Go Pistons! There will be better days

  17. Jesse

    I am not prepared to say that I want Joe to go, but his days of having a free pass are definitely over. He’s been a pretty mediocre GM since about the time he decided to hire Flip. That being said, if the team does ever decide to let him go, they had better make sure that they replace him with someone that completely justifies the ending Joe’s tenure…. like Jerry West or something.

    The next couple of moves are crucial to the future of this franchise… Whatever Joe decides to do with Rip and Tay, and the upcoming draft. He cannot miss on our 1st round pick… it’s way way way too important. The most important draft since the Darko/Delfino picks.

  18. DEL

    we won’t get John Wall… we all would love to have him here but this just ain’t gonna happen

  19. Buzz Killington

    play harder CharliEVIL!!!

  20. Tycoon

    We need a mid-season run and it should start vs Memphis.

  21. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Memphis are too hot and we can’t expect 100% W this game. And there were 2 rumors, one is about Gay trade (Prince+pick for Rudy) but Mephis’ GM said he won’t do it. And the second is that if Mrs. D would sell the Palace and the team separately, we can go to…where?! Pittsbourg?!

  22. edt

    obviously we have to play tay minutes even though JJ is better than him.

    I went back and watched some old rookie tape of tay in that 2003 team. And you know what? Jerebko is better as a rook than Tay was. The difference is that back when we were a championship contender, and now we are a sack sad.

    It doesn’t matter if Tay can never earn his spot, we have to give him minutes, otherwise we’ll never trade him.

    Joe D has to stop the uncertainty, tell us fans what is going on?

    Look if Tay is not getting traded put his ass on the bench. Actually now that I think about it, Coach Q must know what Joe D is thinking.

    That’s why Tay has minutes. For sure he is getting traded.

    I think we’ll keep rip though. His contract is too fat for any team to want him.

    • Jesse

      Agreed, they are playing only to showcase him, problem is playing may be hurting his value at this point. If they can trade him for any contract of the same length or shorter- that would be great, but I doubt it happens unless Tay starts playing better. If he’s still here after the deadline, I say just shut him down for the season, let him get healthy and see what you can do over the summer or next season.

      On the Rip thing, honestly I never really wanted to trade him…. Joe forced the issue when he mindlessly signed BG. Straight up, Joe turned Rip from an asset to an albatross. Every team in the league knows it too, the best bet for moving him is for another bad contract…. like for Brand, Okafor something like that. I would have liked to see Rip retire in a Pistons uniform, but now that Joe has assembled a team with so many off guards, that now he has no choice but to move him…… sad.

  23. Hlmk

    I doubt memphis would trade their star player, especially when they are having a great season (for the grizzlies)
    trading rudy gay for the sub-par tayshaun could ruin any chance of them making the playoffs, which is their goal now

  24. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Memphis won’t trade Gay to anyone, they even said that already. I think Q and Joe both know what they want from each other and the team. But I think they have changed their minds a lot of times this season because of injuries, weak play, unachieved goals and so on. Let’s wait for the deadline, cuz trades may happen. And I want trades to bring a solid post player or to get some cap space. It’s no brainer

  25. edt

    on paper it seems like we are good team but I think it all comes down to D. Charlie V plays with intensity and seems worth his contract but has zero D. Ben Gordon when he is on the court, just walks up and down, and collects his paycheck, the last time he played vs Philly it was embarrassing. Just because we have a losing record, you won’t play ball? Come on. Daye can shoot from anywhere on the court, but gets pushed around on the post and has no quickness, hence no D, Tay is still hurt can’t defend, Kwame is lazy, Bynum is hurt, Chucky is old, and we can’t even run up and down the court because we have no shooters from the 3, Ben Gordon seems like he’s content to skip the rest of the season.

    So everyone is talking about great post players, scorers, point guards, but what we really need is none of them but another fierce defender, someone like Anderson Varejao or Ron Artest, not them we can’t get them, but a player like them, like Jerebko and Ben Wallace, players that can defend and run someone off the 3, someone that plays 48 minutes every night.

    • Jesse

      I do think that if the team did have a reliable post player that the offense would be a lot more efficient, which in turn would lead to less offensive opportunities for our opponents. If this mystery post player could defend the paint… that would be even better. I don’t have any clue how we acquire that player though….

      The team has so many holes though…. no quick fix is out there.

  26. Jesse

    Yeah, the Rudy Gay thing isn’t happening….. and quite frankly, I’m not sure why the Pistons would want him. He is gonna cost a lot more than he is worth and we just drafted 3 small forwards. Some team is going to panic and make a huge mistake by paying him something like $75 mill for 5 years this summer.


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