The Pistons vs. The Pacers

by | Jan 22, 2010 | 25 comments

The Pistons vs. The Pacers
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The 15-26 Pistons are hosting their old playoff foes the 14-28 Indian Pacers tonight at The Palace.

Injury Report:

Ben Gordon, Tayshaun Prince and Will Bynum are all listed as questionable. No official word on their status at the moment.

Update: Tayshaun will start, Jerebko off the bench and Will Bynum is dressed.

Scouting Report via

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at



  1. tariq

    Cmon Ben, Tay and Will we need you guyss tonight, lets move closer towards that 8 spot

  2. sam i am

    have u guys heard the rumors about swaping rudy gay for tay??

    if i was joe D. i do it in a heartbeat, but the salaries dont match so we might have to give up a draft pick

  3. edt

    not too bothered with this loss because hey we arent that good. im realistic, there will be more losses like this. It does bother me to see Tay wincing like he is still hurt. But you gotta start giving him minutes, just to help him with his timing.

  4. Tycoon

    Whats happening? Couldn’t get to watch the game and I’m shocked to see the box score. The team looks like their playing to their losing ways again. This is the kind of game that we need to win, a team who’s just right behind our standing.

  5. sam i am

    damnn bad loss, we shoulda had this one. lets get em tomorrow night. thats all i gotta say

  6. steve

    Worst 5 dollars ive ever spent! yes 5 dollars as in 4.99 on ebay for 4 tickets, against the glass on the upper bowl, we saw dumars me and my friends and we kept screaming at him “darko” and “we wanted melo” and “wheres chauncey?”.. worst gave i ever been too im just gonna watch it on my 60″ at home in HD.. screw tickets.

  7. The Fan

    Its a good thing we have Wilcox and Tayshaun in our starting lineup. Without those two guys in the game i’m sure we would have been blown out of this one! Nothing like easing a player back into the speed of the game after being injured for most of the year.

  8. #1 pistons fan

    oh we lost but its ok we can beat potland roy is out for 4 games

  9. Buzz Killington

    I’d still go for the lottery! John Wall baby…

  10. N1ck

    What was the argument between Tayshaun and Quester?

    It looked pretty intense…

  11. James (Australia)

    I worry when coaches and players go off at each other like that. A lot of times, one of them doesn’t stay.
    I think the Pistons are realizing the playoffs are slipping out of the grasp quickly and the frustration of not being able to put away a terrible team like Indiana away to keep our slim hopes alive was just too much.
    I don’t blame any individual. Kuester actually coached pretty well to get us back in the game, but he couldn’t get the Pistons to break out of the slumber.
    @Steve. You shouldn’t mock the guy who brought us so much success. Ok, we’re going through a rough patch. Teams go through that. Look at the Clippers, 2 winning seasons in like 30 years?! and we are complaining about 1 bad season in 10 years?! It was bound to happen it just isn’t fun to got through it.
    Oh, and it is dumb to tank the season. Could ruin the confidence of the young guys for the future. At the rate we are going at, we could play as hard as we want and still make the lottery.

  12. N1ck

    Nicely said James.

    People should stop bitchin’ and get to realize that our days of being the east conf. owners are over.

    Now we are below-average team who is currently struggling and trying to pull out a major rebuilding.

    So let’s have a lot of patience and support our belowed team no matter what.

    After rain comes the sun.

  13. DEL

    this season is really hard to watch, most of all because of the injuries. we are rebuilding right now, and it has to be like that. We need trade and it is obvious, but I am not sure if we need that big trade this season. Tay’s big contract is expiring next and he will have an enormous trade value, so maybe wait till next season to add that final big caliber piece.

    Last season was a sign that we need changes. this year we are making big changes and we have to suffer. we got nice young guys, and hopefully next season will be the first step forward and we will start developing a great, well-rounded team

  14. 313Balla

    i would do tay for gay in a heart beat but we going to have to give up our 1st round pick 2

    but gay is a free agent this year so we can get some more cap space lol

  15. HIME1

    tay looked like he was draggin all over the court . we should keep jonas in the starting lineup. he was slow motion couldnt defend it seem to rub off the team but when ben a jonas get going watch out. we should keep jonas a starter till tay is 100% if not ride pine baby. I think it would be awsome if we make the palyoffs but we will have to see. go! Pistons!

  16. Jesse

    So, where the “unstoppable” Stuckey H. Christ last night?

  17. Hlmk

    for all the people screaming “john wall! john wall!” you arent getting john wall

    hes definitely going to be if not the first, then the first 3 picks in the draft, and new jersey and minnesota are obviously going to be the first two picks, and theres still teams like golden state and washington that’ll prolly have bad enough records to give them the 3rd pick

  18. Adam B

    edt, doesn’t Tayshaun wince all the time? haha. Just kidding but no…trade Tay. I’ve been saying this since 3 seasons ago. Tay for Gay is good, still doesn’t answer our low post problem though.

  19. Drew

    Same ‘ol Stones. Dammit!

  20. sam i am

    john wall is defentilly the first pick, i will put a thousand bucks on that shit

  21. max

    @HlMK The Draft avoids tanking.So the first pick is not safe for the 3 teams with the most losses. remember 08 when the Bulls had the first pick despite their relatevly many wins.

    And without a doubt Wall will be the #1 pick this year.Really.No matter what your team needs.This year you draft John Wall or you’re getting fired.

  22. James (Australia)

    Like a couple of people have said. Even though the Nets may finish with the worst record ever, they still only get a 1 in 4 chance of getting the number 1 pick. That means 3 out of every 4 times they do the lottery (according to the law of averages) they would not get the number 1 pick.
    Its not as simple as saying trade Prince. I don’t think any other team would want him untill he plays some more and proves that he can still play at a good level. I’m prepared to cut him some slack and give him time to get back to his best.

  23. Jesse

    I understand why people are opposed to tanking in general, and nobody really wants to see their team lose….. but honestly, what other options does the team have at this point?

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. If a player is so weak-willed that a losing season or two destroys their confidence, then I don’t want them on my team. As long as they get burn, they shouldn’t lose confidence. The success or failure of this team this season shouldn’t be on any of the young guys except Stuckey, everyone else should just be finding their game.

    I also don’t think a culture of losing is created over just a few seasons, more like over 5 to 10 seasons. Every franchise has it’s ups and downs, and every team makes an appearance in the lottery eventually…. you just have to hit your lottery picks when you have them, and you’ll be fine… Portland was in the lottery for a few years, they seem fine now. The Thunder/Sonics were bottom dwellers, now they have the best young roster in the league. Start tankapalooza now!

  24. James (Australia)

    I just don’t like the idea of telling players, “Go out and lose.”

  25. Jesse

    Not that I put a lot of stock in the work that John Hollinger does, but according to his formulas, the Pistons have a 1.7% chance at even making the playoffs, and a 6.4% chance at winning the lottery. So I am not so sure that they actually even have to be instructed to lose, seems inevitable.


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