Wallace on Wallace Crime – Ben Blocks Sheed

by | Jan 21, 2010 | 66 comments

I have to say this was one of the best games I have been to all season. Not only do we get a 86-92 win over the Celtics, we get Wallace on Wallace crime.

104-110 OT victory over the Hornets that is exactly what I’m doing.

The Video
[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/jan_20_10_wallace.flv /]
Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

Because of time issues I won’t get a proper recap up in time, please comment away and give me your thoughts. For me, this was one game to remember in more ways than one.

I’ll also get up the Flip Video of the Sheed intro for you.


  1. will

    Great effort tonight!

  2. Corey

    Just gotta stay healthy…we got the team to do this all year long.

  3. AC

    Best video and probably win of the season! This is a nice home stand we have before the All Star break. 8 of our next 10 are very good opportunity to sneak near the .500 mark and maybe begin talk of a high seed :). Maybe that is wishful thinking though

  4. Christopher

    Here’s a fun Ben Wallace Stat, He leads the league in offensive rebounds per 48 minutes.

  5. rai_from_the_philippines

    now sheed knows what it feels like to ‘FEAR THE FRO’ (or maybe not)… GO PISTONS!!!

  6. Adam B

    Loved this game so much I went straight home to watch it again. Great game tonight. I agree, we have a great opportunity to get to .500 in the next 15 games or so. I don’t believe in throwing away the season midway through.

  7. Jon

    Always put the winning team’s score FIRST!

    • Martin

      I know right!

  8. anchunger

    i love it 🙂

  9. Kevin

    Something’s odd here, its no more than 24 hours after the end of a pistons game and nobody is on here complaining about rodney stuckey…..hmmm, i also find it odd that nobody has mentioned the monster night he had, so ill do it…27 points, 11 boards and 6 assists on good shooting, against a top 10 nba pg, now proceed to trash stuckey’s name please…..

    • Have You Lost Your Mind? Cause I'll help you Find It!

      yeah, he had a good game. But if you watched the game, more than half his rebounds came off his own missed lay-ups! I have faith in stuckey, but i want him at shooting guard. We need a CONSISTANT player at Point Guard. But his style would fit perfectly in at SG, with a solid PG at the helm. I’ve never “bashed” Stuckey before, but the annoying way you wrote that comment, forced my hand… So IN the words of a great Wise Man who is a local play by play, first name George: “THANK YOU”

    • Kevin

      I don’t need help finding my mind at all, so THANK YOU. Anybody of sound mind knows that Stuckey can’t play SG on this team because we already have two players there who shouldnt be. Who is going to play PG if Rodney is at SG? Do you honestly want Chucky Atkins playing 30-plus minutes a game? You said consistency is a problem with Rodney, is Will Bynumite any more consistent? No is the answer to my previous two questions. Logic says there are only 48 minutes to be played at each position, by playing Rodney at the 2, you only can give him so many minutes without taking away from Rip. Those minutes left open at the PG spot would then be given to Chucky, so basically your argument is in favor of taking minutes from Rip and giving them to Chucky Atkins, who needs help finding their mind now?

  10. James (Australia)

    Great win!
    Stuckey was huge! Where are those people who want to trade Stuckey for Rondo? I’ve been a fan of Stuckey for a long time, I just hope he gets some consistency.
    Rip had a terrible first half, but a very solid 2nd half, and I like the fact that when he knows he is not shooting well, he is finding teamates(did you see his assist for a Charlie V 3?)
    Charlie V won the first duel with Wallace. A great two-way performance.
    Big Ben was just Big Ben, enough said.
    The rookies were all solid, I thought apart from the first quarter, JJ did a good job against Pierce.
    Maxiell had one of his best games this season. WHAT A BLOCK!!
    Enough from me, as you can tell I’m stoked!
    Great job, Nat, and thanks so much!

    • Bugs

      I also thought rip responded well in the second half. I also realized that he had to handle the ball a lot more up the court due to chucky going off hurt. At one stage Q had Daye playing pg as well. We all know rip is not the best ball handler but he was finding open guys out there.

      Anyone realize we only win if we have at least 3 guys out hurt!

  11. zeke khaseli

    I love love love this game. After the big three Charlie V celebrating with BG and Daye on the bench letting the villain Wallace know that the Pistons is doing F-i-n-e fine..

  12. Natalie Sitto

    This is one of those games that Ill watch over again, huge Maxi Block, Charlie V’s big three, Wallace on Wallace and Getting to Say Ball don’t lie with the rest of the Palace when Sheed missed the Free throw.

    Oh and Zone D that shut Boston down in the second Half! Nice!

  13. The Ripper

    “Stuckey was huge! Where are those people who want to trade Stuckey for Rondo? I’ve been a fan of Stuckey for a long time, I just hope he gets some consistency.” Exactly come on, Stuckey all ways has a stellar game here and there but is that what you really want in our PG Kevin???? Its really not trash talk if its true. I mean some people are content with a blindfold over there eyes others aren’t.

    • Kevin

      Idk, I think you’re the one with the blindfold on, if it weren’t for rodney this team would only be a few wins better than the nets. Tell me, who on this team is a better player than rodney at this point in their career? Rip is washed up. Tayshaun is washed up. Rodney battles on a nightly basis and is a leader, emotionally and in terms of play. He doesn’t need to be steve nash for this team to win. The Celtics win with Rondo, you can’t honestly tell me you think Rondo is a better baller than rodney, its just not true. The Celtics win because Rondo’s team makes him look good. Joe D has screwed Rodney over, he didnt know when to fold on Rip and Tay and he made two AWFUL signings this offseason. Charlie V isn’t athletic enough to post and jump in the WNBA and Ben Gordon isn’t a piston. I’m not the one wearing a blindfold, please dont act like i dont know what im talking about. Rodney cant do it on his own. LeBron is the best player in the league, but he has 0 championships because he’s surrounded by players like Z and a washed up Shaq on a yearly basis, and Rodney is nowhere near LeBron’s talent level. If LeBron cant win on his own, neither can Rodney.

  14. The Ripper

    NOTES: Pistons owner Karen Davidson said, “The options are being explored,” when asked after the first quarter if the team was for sale. … A jeering fan called Glen “Big Baby” Davis a “fat boy” and told him to lose some weight. Davis responded with an expletive. “We know what happened, and that’s unacceptable,” Rivers said. “It’s tough when the fans are yelling that stuff at you, but you have to be stronger than that.” <<<<< LOL this is funnyyyyyy

  15. Bugs

    Some bad news folks…but not for us :O)

    “Allstar Brandon Roy most likely will miss the final two games of the Trail Blazers’ East Coast trip after aggravating his balky right hamstring Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers”

    How much of a break have we caught playing Portland at this point of the season…no Roy or Oden. I hope Aldridge slips on a wet towel or something like that. This is a big chance for us to snag a win against a team we would struggle to beat at full strength. Maybe the luck is finally changing for us

  16. daddy

    this was a great game. maxy pad and ben threw sheeds stuff back. its was weird to see sheed on the block good thing big ben knows the moves sheed does. i know sheed was trying to pove a point and it did not come across. love you buddy but this one is ours. charlie the mask seems to be working keep it on buddy. stuckey did a great job tonight and he was controling the tempo. after ben blocked the ball he slowed the game down which was smart, billips smart. hamilton didnt have a great first quarter but made it happen in the second, 7 dimes go rip.

  17. Astrid

    I loved the stretch where we played combination defense, some’ll mistake it for typical zone.

    That’s the most hounding defense we’ve played all season in my eyes. Best part it was successful and no less against one of the best NBA teams in executing half-court defense. 😀

    We should match-up zone more often.

  18. Tom

    a few things –
    – Max was hot in the third. his jump shot is looking better all the time. I don’t think he’ll ever be a reliable post presence but I was surprised to see it looked like they were running plays to get him a 12′ jumper. For his banging dunks, his stroke is suprisingly smooth. A few blks, putbacks and boards, not a bad game.
    – When can we say Rip is mailing it in? I think it’s fair to assume he thinks of himself as the alpha-male offensive player. He decided to do too many isolation, weak post ups and one-on-one play. his strength is moving without the ball, taking 1-2 dribble and getting an open shot – he’s trying to do it all himself now. part of that has to be he’s not getting hte ball where/when he’d like but he’s pretty much decided to try to takeover every game by himself w/o the team. Sigh.
    – CV31 had a good game with some clutch threes but with some bad shots, blown defensive assignments and less-than-ferocious post presence, I can’t see him being any better than 4th best on a good team. Are us Pistons fans done trying to convince ourselves he would average 20/10, yet?

    • edt

      tom rip is a different player with this team than with the old pistons. In the old team we had a scorer outside, we had a scorer inside, huge interior presence, ball movement, so Rip was only called on to do one thing, score.

      This team has a weak interior presence, aside from big ben, weak perimeter defense with Tay hurt, poor ball movement with Charlie V, the black hole, we do not have a single post player who can take the ball, make a move and then pass the ball back.

      Rip has to do more and what is more I think he enjoys playing this role. For many years he was only a small but important part of the pistons, the scorer. On this team he has to do more and what is more, this allows him to develop as a basketball player, it gives a chance for rip (as old as he is) to learn more about how to create his own shot, how to post up, and how to play point about half the time (since Stuckey is a combo guard).

      This is what we want Rip to do, he’s not trying to do it because he’s the alpha male but because this team is so weak we are asking a lot more from him. It’s definitely challenging for rip because it’s not his strength, but we need him to fill these holes.

    • edt

      tom rip is a different player with this team than with the old pistons. In the old team we had a scorer outside, we had a scorer inside, huge interior presence, ball movement, so Rip was only called on to do one thing, score.

      This team has a weak interior presence, aside from big ben, weak perimeter defense with Tay hurt, poor ball movement with Charlie V, the black hole, we do not have a single post player who can take the ball, make a move and then pass the ball back.

      Rip has to do more and what is more I think he enjoys playing this role. For many years he was only a small but important part of the pistons, the scorer. On this team he has to do more and what is more, this allows him to develop as a basketball player, it gives a chance for rip (as old as he is) to learn more about how to create his own shot, how to post up, and how to play point about half the time (since Stuckey is a combo guard).

      This is what we want Rip to do, he’s not trying to do it because he’s the alpha male but because this team is so weak we are asking a lot more from him. It’s definitely challenging for rip because it’s not his strength, but we need him to fill these holes.Pristine Angel

  19. Natalie Sitto

    FYI I was within earshot of Glen Davis ….what he said to the fan “Suck my D:?@%”

    • Armand

      Arent we glad we didnt trade for rajon (male prostitute) rondo and glen (fat man) davis. LOL. To some of our fans: Stop complaining about stuck and rip and show our stars some love. Deeetroit basketbaaaaaaaall

  20. SwiftyCG


  21. The Fan


  22. gMac

    If you missed this game (wtf is wrong with you ?), you can check out the short highlight I put up here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROq5871DMsA

    I seriously think it’s no coincidence what we are wining without Tay. Tay’s offensive game is mostly on isolation. He disrupt ball movement. Jonas and Austin are far more active under the basket.

    One more thing, Why can’t Jason Maxiell develop some moves like Perkins. I’m sick of his fade away jumpers. It’s either a swish or a bad miss. He needs some back to the basket moves. He’s too big to be denied.

    LOL @ Armand’s male prostitute comments!!

  23. edt

    ooops i clicked submit twice sorry

  24. Jesse

    Why are some people implying that Stuckey is better than Rondo? I know Rodney had a great game, but it’s not like Rondo had a bad game… 8 of 16 for 21 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals, 1 turnover… everyone is acting Rondo gave up to go hide and cry in the corner. If you’re looking for someone to stand up and say it, then I will…. Rondo is better than Stuckey, no apologies. I don’t even think there is an argument to be made for Rodney until he puts on a performance like Rondo did in last year’s playoffs.

    For anyone who says “look at the talent that Rondo has to pass too”, you’re right he got great teammates- but look at the pressure he persevered through… Remember when KG made Big Baby cry? That’s the kinda of pressure that was put on Rondo every night, and he fought through it, won the respect of his veteran/all-star teammates, and now has a ring to show for it. Best pg in the East, I love the nasty edge has to his game….

    But, lets compare their skills… Neither can shoot, but Rondo manages a much better percentage. Rondo is quicker, is generally a better defender and gets more steals. Rondo is a better passer, ball handler and floor general. Rebounding I’ll say is a wash, even though I want to give to Rondo. Rondo is an awful free throw shooter, Stuckey wins that by a lot. Stuckey is physically is much bigger and stronger. Both can get to the basket pretty much a will. Rondo has the advantage in intangibles. They are both 23 and have stayed healthy thus far…. I’ll take Rondo until Stuckey proves otherwise.

  25. edt

    jesse sure rondo is a bit better he’s also on a $55 million contract, and the pistons need stuckey a lot more than boston needs rondo.

    There’s really no comparison to how much this team needs stuckey to play well compared to rondo at boston. Celtics can win a game even if rondo has a bad night.

    Even if we could get Rondo we wouldn’t want him for $55 million it would just be impossible.

    That reminds me. How much is Joe going to pay Stuckey when his contract needs to be extended?

  26. Friggins

    Rodney Stuckey-
    The “flashes” are occuring more often and their more striking than in either of his first two seasons. I predict he’ll be an all-star next season.

  27. The Fan

    Joe will pay him 5 mill – 6 mill and 7 mill over 3 years.

    • Jesse

      I think Stuckey will end up with a huge contract, remember Joe loves this guy, and thinks he a franchise player. In fact, I think he’ll end up with contract almost as big as Rondo’s. Then again, it depends on the financial situation of the team at the time, who’s the owner, what’s the cap set at….Rondo’s extension doesn’t kick in till next year, Celtics are paying $2.6 million for all-star output this year.

      I’ll agree that we might need Stuckey more than the Celtics need Rondo, however we need Stuckey so we can squeak into the playoffs, Boston needs Rondo so they can win rings.

      Maybe I’m just a really big fan of his game, but I think Rondo is a top 5 pg in the league right now, and a lot of the top lead guards in the game aren’t very good on d, not nearly as good as Rondo is. Next year Deron Williams will make $15 mill, Nash will make $10, Kidd $8.5, Billups $13, Parker, $13, CP3 $15…… $9 mill for Rondo next year doesn’t sound too bad to me, not bad at all….

  28. terry

    Stuck is better than Rondo. teams don’t key on rondo like they do stuck, they can’t afford to with Pierce and Allen on the wings. Don’t worry though they won’t be able to key on Stuck much longer either when his boys get back from injuries and he’ll prove it. I bet there’s is a ton of pressure being able to pass to future hall of famers like K.G., Ray Allen and Paul Pierce not to mention being left wide open a lot, I’m just not sure Stuck could handle that kind of pressure.

  29. terry

    Oh yeah, WAY TO GO SHEEEED!!!!!

  30. Armand

    Jesse , if u cant afford to move to boston we can all get together and get u a ticket and ship u out there. It breaks my heart watching sheed play now that he is a celtic even though he is my favorite player in the league and u r sitting here and braging about how good rondo is and how bad stuckey is. Remember what im sayin, there wont be too long probably 1-2 years at the most, once his boyfriends retire rondo will have nightmares about playin stuckey and the pistons
    and dont forget this is a pistons blog and not a celtic one

  31. Jesse

    Okay, first of all, you all need to take off your homer glasses, just because a guy plays for your favorite team doesn’t make him special. Every fanbase overrates the value oftheir own players. Secondly, am I not allowed to be fans of players on other teams? I don’t know about everyone else here, I’m a fan of basketball, yes I root for the Pistons, but I appreciate a players talent regardless of what jersey they wear.

    And To Armand, I never talked about “how bad Stuckey is”, I just said Rondo is better.

    To Terry, Rondo’s job is too keep all his teammates happy, get them the ball where they want it- when they want it, run the offense, be the first line of defense, ect…. He does a heck of a lot more than hand the ball off and watch other guys score. If you think the Celtics win that championship without Rondo growing into the player he has become, well then I just don’t know what to tell you.

    Did anyone here actually watch Rondo in the playoffs last year? Oh, I forgot this is a Pistons blog, we only watch Pistons games, the Pistons are the best team in the NBA regardless of their record- we just have to figure out the right excuses for them, Dumars walks on water, and ever player in the league secretly wants to play for the Pistons…. I forget things sometimes.

  32. James (Australia)

    I think Rondo is more developed then Stuckey at the moment, but I honestly can’t see Rondo getting much better. Stuckey is still very immature and needs to learn plenty, but has a very high ceiling- whether or not he reaches that potential is another story.

    I can’t agree with Rondo being a top five point guard merely on statistics. His assist numbers are inflated due to being with the hall of famers as mentioned. He gets more rebounds because the Boston bigs don’t get them. Finally, the Celtics can’t afford to give the ball to Rondo in the last five minutes of a close game because teams will just foul him when he drives to the basket. The top pgs have to be able to shoot free throws.

    Also you mention how well Rondo did in the playoffs last year; do you remember Stuckey in the playoffs two years ago? He was unstoppable versing the Magic and Celtics.

    I understand where you are coming from, Jesse, I think they are both quality players, but I just don’t see much more growth potential in Rondo as opposed to Stuckey.

  33. Jesse

    You mean Stuckey was unstoppable when he had Sheed, Rip, Tay and McDyess playing with him? Seems comparable to Rondo having Pierce and with him last year. And Stuckey wasn’t unstoppable, he had a few really good games…. Rondo was practically averaging a triple-double from the pg position in 7 games.

    You’re right, Rondo has his flaws, he’s not perfect, but what he does do is based on more than stats. And what you say about rebounding and Boston’s bigs, I could say the same thing about Stuckey and Detroit’s bigs. I openly admitted, “Maybe I’m just a really big fan of his game, but I think”…. I could be overrating him, but you are all just as guilty of overrating Stuckey. Remember, you see Stuckey every night and have something emotionally invested in him, and you’re programmed to hate Boston as a Pistons fan…. but that couldn’t possibly affect your opinion, now could it?

    • James (Australia)

      Precisely, Stuckey was unstoppable with those great players around him, just like Rondo was with his great players. I was trying to point out that according to your measuring stick, Stuckey has proved himself in playoffs.

      The rebounding from Detroit’s bigs is nothing like the rebounding from Boston’s bigs. Detroit is a team that gets a lot of rebounds and they are predominantly going to Ben Wallace, Jonas Jerebko, Wilcox/Maxiell/Villanueva, and Stuckey. Boston has who exactly? Perkins and….

      I said to you I think Rondo is a quality player, above average. But a top five pg he is not. Not untill he learns to shoot free throws at the very least. Stuckey is a quality player, above average. But a top five pg he is not. He is not a true, pass first, pass second point guard, but 18 points 7 assists a game is quite attainable for Stuckey.

      Peace bro.

  34. DEL

    Stuckey is great, just great, but Rondo? top5 PG in NBA now! come on guys, I love watching Stuckey play, but Rondo is the guy who makes everybody around better and that kind of players have always been best PG’s

    • James (Australia)


      I know you’ll say this wasn’t a playoffs game, but as opposed to Rondo, Stuckey has only started a couple of playoff games-
      2008- when he did brilliantly filling in for Billups
      2009- outplayed by Will Bynum, but so was everyone else.

      I also really don’t like your logic that because we’re Pistons supporters, if we say one of our players is better than another player it is merely our biased opinion so why listen to us? Sorry, I thought Billups was the best in the 04 finals, but I’m not qualified to give an opinion on that because I support the Pistons.

      Stuckey has flaws, sure, as does Rondo, I said I think Stuckey has more potential, but he may never reach it. Rondo has already reached his potential.

  35. Armand




  36. RT

    from espn.com:

    “Villanueva scored 10 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter, but Wallace wasn’t impressed.

    “Chuck hit a couple 3s,” Wallace said. “He didn’t do anything extravagant.””

    pot calling the kettle black?

  37. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    It depends on how good Stuckey think he is:) like it or not, but he made a half of our Wins and sometimes he’s lights out. imagine Stuckey as sg, someone pass-first at pg and solid pf/c – in this situation Rodney can make solid amount of assists + score about 20 every game with high percentage, because now he takes a lot of bad shots. The same with Rip, this season Rodney and Rip have to create their opportunities to shoot. They could be much more effective if there are more options offensively

  38. terry

    Are you guys really putting Rondo in the top 5 point guards in the league? REALLY?! Tell me how you make guys around you like Garnett, Allen, Pierce better? I’m not just being a fan when I say the ONLY thing Rondo has on Stuck is a little bit of experience. Rondo is probably a little under rated, but Stuckey is on the verge of being unstoppable, and the more he plays the stronger his game is getting. I bet yall was in that group of fugazies that was saying Billups wasn’t a true point guard either and we need to go after Jason Kidd.

  39. terry

    Maybe people are forgetting the fact that Stuckey has had to be a scorer since we’ve been short handed. If you look at the few games that we’ve had more scorers available Stucks assist go way up.

    • Kevin

      That’s the most intelligent comment on this whole post. I’m not being sarcastic or kidding, very well put.

  40. Buzz Killington

    Not in our house, Sheed!!!

  41. edt

    jesse one thing we can agree on, and that is D. I don’t see the point of a point guard if he can’t defend. I really hate Steve Nash, because he puts such a strain on the rest of the team defensively. Rondo is really good, and I like him a lot. But rondo and stuckey are different players, they have different strengths and weaknesses, you touched on them.

    If I were managing the pistons and you had to make me choose stuckey or rondo i would pick stuckey every time, he’s a lot less expensive. Joe make a terrible mistake paying for charlie v & ben gordon, it was a panicked move. Not that I hate charlie & gordon, I just wish we had paid them less money.

    Joe D has to get his act together and quit spending like a drunken sailor. The name of the game is getting great talent for cheap, because the average team will get 3 players or so at league max, and the rest need to come cheap.

    for boston next year they will have garnett at 21m, pierce at 21m, rondo at 9m, and combined sheed, perkins, glen davis are only 13 million. That’s how you build a championship team.

    Anyway, stuckey >>> rondo, if you are looking to build a championship team, because of the price per value.

  42. Jesse

    Actually, what I’d say is that was a very impressive game, and that Stuckey is very, very nice player. But, it doesn’t stack up against absolute domination over 7 playoff games… on one freakin’ leg!

    I don’t know exactly how you’re quantifying that Rondo can’t get better and that Stuckey can, there both 23, and they can both get better. That alone should explain why I’m calling you a homer… other team’s players peak at 23, but our players can continue to improve? Throwing that out there repeatedly without a single reason is homerism, plain and simple.

    …And speaking of 40 point games, remember when Ramon “I come off the bench for the T-wolves” Sessions dropped 44 on Stuckey?


    One 40 point game doesn’t always mean much, except that it can earn you a bloated contract…

    • James (Australia)

      I’ll finish with this mate. I’m happy for you to have your opinion and thoughts on Rondo and Stuckey, and you make some good points. How about you let me have my opinions and thoughts on the same subject, although they may be different from yours, without attacking me and calling me names. We’re both Pistons fans, so it is silly to get hung up over this isssue.

  43. Brian

    Wow the play of the Pistons was Stucktacular. I notice that we are transitioning from a half court team to a team that can run and attack the basket, we need more of this to survive in the NBA now a days. I never knew exactly what we were getting with JJ but wow is he a jem. However we need to trade a guard for a true point guard or a big man.

  44. o'b'wan

    told ya

  45. o'b'wan

    bandwagon jumpers this is your captain speaking prepare for jumpers coming toward your left and right…i told you bandwagon takin shots at my boyaaa jumpers

  46. junior

    AT JESSE rondo before kg and allen came to the celtics was averaging 6.7 ppg 3.7 rpg and 3.8 ast per game, so ya i think the big 3 have helped him tremendously. u wait another 3 or 4 years at the most when the big 3 is no more and then u will c the average pg that u have instead of the top 5 u say. and i have to disagree with u that rondo is quicker then stuckey, every team KNOWS what stuck is going to do and he still blows right past them. stucks better with more potential. GO PISTONS

  47. JGrizzy

    @Junior- the only thing I can say is you are dead ON about Stuckey vs. Rondo! I do agree with the explosiveness factor and teams not being able to stop him even tho they kno what he’s gonna do. i’ve been saying this and yet Rondo will still get into the all star game, why? Because of the big 3 and they are winning… not becuz he’s acutally all star material. I keep tellin everyone that Stuckey has been the best player this season, real talk.

  48. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Yo, fellaz. I’m still tryin to figure this out: what’s the plan? Lal and cavs are tryin to win it all, nets are chasing for draft picks. And what are we doing this season? I don’t want to judge our management or players, but hey, sometimes we all are like mr Theoretical Questions Poser With An Exactly Memory of the 4th Quarter Play by Play. We have some amazing shooters and records like being worst team so far with 27% of field goals in a game. We’ve been great against Celtics, but I don’t beleive it’s good for us to set playoffs as a goal because we can get benefits from draft, on the other hand we will knocked out of the first round and it won’t help us at all. What should we expect? And these trade talks are annoying, because no one exactly knows who Joe wants to go. And now it’s another nail-bitter story about Pistons are for sale… For me it’s like a black hole season. Huge respect to Big Ben and JJ, and our guys are trying to do everything they can, but as individuals, rarely as a team, unfortunately…

  49. Jesse

    Uh Junior, that was Rondo’s rookie season… he was mostly coming off the bench and learning to be a pro pg. Yes, he got better when 2 of the big 3 got there, but young players generally take steps forward each of their first few seasons. I’m not saying that the big 3 had nothing to do with it, but using Rondo’s rookie season alone to judge him as a player is just plain foolishness.

    As far as comparing their quickness, since your eyes seem to lie to you, lets try this: Stuckey is 6-5 205lbs. Rondo is 6-1 and 171… a smaller body is naturally going to be quicker.

  50. Vanalope

    Great game! Was nice to have something to be excited about again.

    Definitely very surreal seeing Sheed in a green jersey in the Palace, though not as obscene had it been a Cav’s jersey.

    : D


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  • Jonas Jerebko
  • Kyle Singler
  • Tony Mitchell
  • Stan Van Gundy
  • Arnie Kander
  • Mike Abdenour
  • Tom Gores
  • Greg Kelser
  • George Blaha
  • John Mason

Pistons Past

  • Chauncey Billups
  • Rodney Stuckey
  • Brandon Knight
  • Tayshaun Prince
  • Richard Hamilton
  • Jason Maxiell
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Will Bynum
  • Austin Daye
  • Chris Wilcox
  • Dajuan Summers
  • Peyton Siva
  • Kim English
  • Terrico White
  • Josh Harrellson
  • Charlie Villanueva
  • Vernon Macklin
  • Viacheslav Kravtsov
  • Ben Gordon
  • Ben Wallace
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Maurice Cheeks
  • Lawrence Frank
  • John Kuester
  • Chuck Daly
  • Bill Laimbeer
  • Joe Dumars