The Pistons vs. The Knicks

by | Jan 18, 2010 | 25 comments

The Pistons vs. The knicks
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The 14-25 Pistons in New York for their second game ofa home and home with The 16-24 Knicks.

Expect the Knicks to come out strong after taking the Pistons to the wire Saturday night.

Injury Report:

Ben Gordon, Tayshaun Prince and Will Bynum are all listed as questionable. No official word on their status at the moment.

Tip is at 1:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at



  1. The Fan


  2. Ahmed

    LETS GO DETROIT! hey piston fans, do u think u still wanna trade after this win?

  3. The Fan

    Still need to trade Tayshaun.

  4. dovidas.j

    go pistons…by the way just found out who is going to be in the slam dunk contest nate robinson,gerald wallace,shannon brown and the fourth dunker will be demar derozan or eric gordon…i would put will bynumite in for robinson couse i dont think hes going to show anything exciting just dance after the dunks like he did last year…

    • Jesse

      Bynum in the dunk contest? I’d be surprised if he even had one dunk in his repertoire that could fetch a competitive score. That is a really, really weak field though… disappointing that LeBron keeps refusing to participate. The NBA either needs to find a way to breathe some life into the dunk contest or drop it altogether, because it’s not entertaining anymore…

  5. Ahmed


    • dovidas.j

      stomach ailment

    • dovidas.j

      thats why hes not playing

  6. KleenGee

    Rip’s not starting????????????????

    Daye looks a bit Dayzed at MSG

  7. dovidas.j

    man big ben is on fire…ben for 50pts tonight :D :D :D already with 8 the first quarter is not over yet

  8. edt

    there is something amazing about a tiny man that can dunk. I remember last year when howard dunked on a high rim yes it was nice but watching robinson jump higher than he is tall? visually it’s a lot more exciting to watch a small man jump 5 feet in the air than a big man jump 4 feet.

  9. zeke khaseli

    wow leading by four.. ben wallace found the fountain of youth in MSG

  10. DEL

    that was just a pathetic game!! playing like this we wouldn’t win a single game in the Euroleague. so selfish. no movement, this is just PATHETIC. without Rip this is the worst team in NBA

  11. shawn

    omg only 10assist for they whole team man they really need rip out there to move the ball this was a bad lost on a big stage like ny man o man but i still say trade rip and tay and max go get a low post scorer can u say west or aljefferson and we need a real pg to make are assist go up can man wasting ben wallace 16pts and 14reb is just depressing and day should start 16pts wow and should i say once again keep losting for we can get johnnnnnnnn wallllllllllllll another 16game losing streak is in are future

    • Nolan

      That’s what I’ve been saying all season long stuckey doesn’t know how to control the tempo and get others involved, he can drive all day and even force things up but passing is another story.

  12. The Fan

    Too bad we only had 2 guards for that game. Bummer cause we almost pulled it off!

  13. pistonsfan32

    This is one of the worst and annoying games I have watched. The starting five seemed like the only 5 who knew how to play. Each time we would go to our “bench”, NY would take over the game. Charlie and Chucky played TERRIBLE.. a combined -31 while those two were on the court. The starters had to continue to dig us out of a hole, and then once they got a little rest, the game was out of control again. Poor Ben, another great performace coupled with another loss. Rip’s absence was truly felt. Only 3 assists at halftime? OUchhhhh

  14. Amer ican Prince

    Rodney Stuckey was Mr ANTI 4th quarter this game 8-26. No ball movement, I think other than Ben Wallace Austin Daye had the biggest impact, I know a lot of us were hating on austin earlier saying he was lost, but now he is so aggressive but he never strikes me as a ball hog, very nice. Stuckey just seems so scared in the 4th and completely abandons what they did to get back in the game and went one on one and cost us so many possesions. Max cost us some big plays too cause he took bad shots. But of course everyone is at fault not just one or two players. At least we got 3 wins before. Now we need to go on another streak, i hope this game doesnt hurt us in terms of getting to the playoffs

    • Jesse

      Well, Boston is coming to town next… count that as a loss, but there are a lot of winnable games for them in the next month or so.

  15. terry

    It’s kinda rare for any team to win both of these home and home situations, so I’m not surprised by the outcome. Let’s face it this team will be going through growing pains for the rest of the season when you got guys like Gordon, Prince, and Bynum coming back to change the rotation yet again. Stuck played pretty well what we were missing this game, aside from Rip, was that spark from Wilcox, JJ, and Atkins. We had no back up guards, which is messed up considering we started the season with 5! Guess we shoulda kept Afflolo or whatever his name is. I wonder what Kwame did to get so far in the dog house, he’s shown that he’s really not that bad when given the minutes. Austin Daye is showing why he was our first pick, that kid can do everything. A part of me really wants to see the pistons getting a lottery pick, this would be the year to do it, and with the economy the way it is they should be able to land one more quality free agent to go with it. The Pistons are really set up to have one of the fastest rebuilding periods in league history. I trust Joe, remember this is the man who got good trades out of guys like Loy Vaught and Darko Millicic! The Pistons will be alright…. next season though, next season.

  16. Natalie Sitto

    I didn’t get to watch the game because of work, I just got home and after reading all your comments I don’t want to watch the tape of this one.

    Was it really that bad?

  17. edt

    ben wallace was ridiculous, he was posting up, even took an attempt at a 3 pointer, 8 for 13, 60% shooting, 14 rebounds, 16 points. I enjoyed watching the game just to see big ben play so well. charlie v and chucky atkins lost the game for us. Stuckey had an off night, and so did Jerebko. Nate Robinson was 5 for 9 at the 3, 55%, his career average is 35%.

    Take nothing away from nicks, remember that nate robinson got benched for half the season so this team is a lot better than their record indicates.

    I don’t see how dantoni can bench their second best player for so long.

    This game has nate robinson nutmegging ben wallace, and also an alley oop pass to nate for a drunk.

  18. Jesse

    Work? But Natalie , you own and operate a big time Hollywood blog… you just ruined all my hopes and dreams of quitting my day job to become an internet blog mogul gazillionaire….

  19. detroit fan

    i love ben gordon


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