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by | Jan 18, 2010 | 16 comments

I’m taking a break from the Piston news, losses and injuries to share with you something that actually made me smile more than the Pistons did all season.   Well, that may be exaggerating things a bit, but  when I opened the box the delivery man/woman left for me today I could hardly contain myself.

My brand new Pistons Flip video is more than I thought it was going to be.  Imagine the fun I’m going to have with this thing.

It’s a really cool HD Video camera that makes it beyond easy to share and upload you videos like a pro.  You can get the Flip themed with other NBA teams, but what’s fun about that.

With this in hand, I almost feel sorry for Sheed, Scalabrine and the rest of the Celtics bench Wednesday night.


  1. rai_from_the_philippines

    “You can Flip themed with other NBA teams, but what’s fun about that.” — liked that one nat! LOL!

  2. Lori

    I watched the Celtics the other day for just a little bit to see Sheed, but of course, he was injured and didn’t play. I gotta say though, Natalie, you were so right about Scalabrine. He’s a sight for sore eyes alright! That hair and those ears and those socks that seem to go up to his armpits! He looks like an immense leprechaun gone wrong.

    Please don’t use your new camera on him. You might crack the lens!

  3. jediclinto

    hiya natalie!

    i just ordered one of these too from down under in sydney! & my friend from LA brought it over on the weekend… it is most excellent and drool worthy! let’s see if it can help us ‘flip’ around this season! i’ll test it out on ilp.nba.com as its the closest thing we have down here to any pistons game coverage… 🙁

    keep up the great bloggin & twitterin!

  4. Boston 4eva!

    wow enough with the corny jokes, you all are lame.

    • Bugs

      wtf are you blogging in here for Boston 4eva? It might be need4sheed but we are all pistons red, white and blue here you loser. Why don’t you go blog on need4scalabrine or some other lame celtic website

  5. Ronnie D.

    Lol, hey everybody has a right to blog where they wanna blog. But nobody has the right to blog stupid stuff. Boston you need to chill.

  6. edt

    the pistons do suck this year, and boston is the best in the east. we piston fans will just have to suck it up and take it. We’ll come back of that I have no doubt, and then it will be our turn to taunt the celtics on celticsblog.com

  7. terry

    DUDE, Boston aint the best in the east. The ugliest team in the east maybe.

  8. terry

    Swede flip though.

  9. edt

    terry i was watching tnt last nite and according to charles barkley, boston is the best in the east, they will make the finals and get destroyed by the lakers, the best team in the east isn’t as good as the top 3 teams in the west this year. He also said that Bill Laimbeer is “Rolling in his grave” because of how bad the pistons are.

    I think this pistons team could surprise people. Our worst problem is we have zero depth. If JJ, Stuckey, Ben Wallace or Rip gets hurt we have zero game. Theoretically I should be listing Tay in there, but he’s not been himself all year.

  10. Jesse

    If all teams in the East are at full strength, I’d say Boston is the best, but Cleveland is right behind them.

  11. terry

    You listen to Charles Barkley? I don’t. Mark my words they ain’t making it out of the east. I think they’re ranked 2 in the east anyways, but I believe Atlanta, or Cleveland would beat em in a series. Hopefully a team out west has the heart and skill to knock off L.A. A finals without Boston and L.A. or Cleveland might be to much to ask but I’m doing it anyways. Before you ask, yes I am smarter than Charles Barkley }: )

  12. junior

    i can take it from boston . . . . for now. cause after all how many years (recently) have we been at the top while they sat at home wishing they were us? have fun while it lasts boston, all your stars are old n they wont be around more then 3-4 years. if that. GO PISTONS

  13. Vanalope

    Those Flip things are cool. We used one at my job to shoot a short video and it came out awesome.

  14. Buzz Killington

    I want one! A Flip Saunders Pistons flip

  15. Richie

    That is indeed the perfect thing for you, Natalie!



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