Are the Pistons For Sale?

by | Jan 17, 2010 | 61 comments

It sure looks like it!

We have heard rumors, but here it is in The Detroit News this morning.

In the meantime, Pistons owner Karen Davidson seriously is considering selling the Pistons and Palace Sports and Entertainment. She already has had a conversation with NBA commissioner David Stern on the process and protocol for attracting potential buyers. Once she sells, there would be nothing keeping the Pistons tethered to The Palace.

The mere thought of it is alarming to 95% of Pistons fans. I was really upset when I heard the rumors but,  to have it in black and white right before me makes it worse.   The man has been gone less than a year, and from what I have always been told this team meant the world to him and he would never have sold them.  Doesn’t that mean anything?

The possibilities of what could come of this are never ending.  Think good thoughts…think good thoughts.

Mr. D’s legacy deserves more.

(Hat Tip to Marcell for the link)


  1. Nik

    That will be very sad.

  2. ali bazzi

    karen is a skank!! i believe she has been waiting for bill to die so she could sell his lifes work!!! very shameful

  3. #1 pistons fan


  4. #1 pistons fan


  5. will

    Mr D hasnt been in the ground a year and they already shopping the team!

    Horrible what happens when a family member dies,
    I just went thru it with my father in law, he had nothing and everyone was still fighting for scraps.


  6. pistonsfan32

    Natalie, they can’t move the Pistons out of MI like they did with the Shock right?

  7. The Fan

    What a bummer.

  8. Damien W.

    O__O *One tear slowly trickles out of eye*

  9. Murddock

    You know who sould buy em..KIDROCK & Eminem should team up Mike Ill

  10. CH

    We shouldn’t be worried about the Pistons leaving the city, er, the Detroit region… But we should be worried about whether or not the new owners will be any good. Then again, BD is dead and obviously Karen Davis doesn’t want to own a team. So, let’s just hope the new owners won’t be the Fords!

  11. The Fluidics

    With “the economy” the way it is right now, why would anybody buy an NBA team? I understand the deal with the Pistons, buy low, but KD would be making a serious business error of selling low. She’d get more bang for her buck if the team were better and selling a lot more seats.

  12. Leslie

    maybe it’s because it’s so out of left field this morning to be reading this article, but I’m wondering how suddenly the Pistons “need a new arena” according to this article. The Palace is in prime condition, they have been consistent with updating it and they constantly can’t fill it anyway… in this economy and in the future less-prosperous michigan, new arena talk sounds really crazy. Especially when your current arena is still a top attraction. I know this is a ten-year plan, but still, if they continue the maintenance and improvement they’ve been keeping up all this time, it shouldn’t be in replacement shape at all even by then!

    Also, thinking of the Pistons being sold strikes fear in my heart, gotta say.

  13. PF

    Did you guys read the entire article? It says Ilitch, who could be a potential buyer, is not a fan of the NBA. So, thanks but no thanks. We need an owner who’s passionate about basketball, not someone who couldn’t care a less. When your owner doesn’t care about basketball you are doomed since he’s not interested to spend much money to lure players.

    Let’s pray Ilitch keeps his hands off the Pistons. I don’t care if he has done a good job with the Wings/Tigers. We need a basketball guy to own the team, not someone who doesn’t give a damn about it.

  14. Marcell

    The Detroit New article mentions that Mike Ilitch is not a fan of the NBA. Two things that concern me as a long time fan of the Pistons.

    1. Who will buy the team. William Clay Ford has no interest in the NFL and it shows. If Mr. Ilitch were to buy the Pistons, what kind of team would we have under his ownership if he has no interest in the NBA?

    2. Makes me wonder what effect Karen Davison already has on the Pistons. What has she said to Joe D. about rebuilding the team? We can only wonder.

  15. Stareagle

    Peter Karmanos?

  16. PF

    Right now the one who’s REALLY running the Pistons is not Karen. It’s Tom Wilson.

  17. Armand

    Two bad bill doesnt have any kids that can run the bussiness the way he did. As for his wife if she isnt a gold digger its better if she sells the team when she obviously doesnt care for it then keep it and not run it the right way, the question is who she sells it to?

  18. @johngirdwood

    All right, how much you got? I’ve got $30 in my wallet and $15 in my top drawer. A couple pop can drives… Let’s do this!

  19. pistons 4 life

    To bad Dick Devoss already owns the Magic.

    • PF

      His son, Rich (former Michigan gubernatorial candidate), doesn’t own any team, tough!! Rich De Vos for owner!

    • PF

      plus he has NBA experience since he helped his dad to run the Magic in the ’90s.

  20. The Fluidics

    That’s the thing, just because sehe’s selling, doesn’t mean anybody is buying.

  21. Natalie Sitto

    I wouldn’t mind Karmons at all, but I’m just upset about Mr. Davidson’s Legacy…He hasn’t even been gone a year.

  22. KleenGee

    I hope there are stipulations in the sale, like keeping Joe, Blaha, and playing defense.

  23. Dhrumil

    Karen is gold digger Forget her

  24. chris

    natalie, were talking about an in state sale right? the pistons franchise would still remain in tact correct?

    • Natalie Sitto

      Chris I can’t answer that at all. My guess is they would stay in the state for sure as for the team in tact…that’s up to the new owner.

  25. tim*

    Calm down guys. Karen isn’t Bill. If she doesn’t have the drive to own the team, then she should sell it to someone who does. All these slanderous remarks don’t amount to anything. The team is in a restructure mode anyways. As long as Joe D is there, I believe the team will be rebuilt to glory.

    I would rather the Pistons stay at the Palace. The place was built for them, and is an AWESOME ARENA! So much history there in just over 20 years.

  26. Ronnie D.

    That chick is a bi@%^

    • Ross

      I’m just trying to think of where the Pistons would move if they did somehow leave Michigan. All of the major cities already have franchises (except for Seattle, look how that turned out). Cities like Chicago and New York might be able to support a second franchise, much like LA. I think that they will stay in Michigan. A lot of fans in Michigan are band wagon fans. Just because the team isn’t that good right now and they aren’t making that much money money doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Just wait a couple of years when the Pistons are going to be really good and the ticket and merchandise sales will be up to where it once was.

  27. Ross

    How much would the Pistons cost anyways? Maybe we should just sell the Lions instead and give that money to the Pistons franchise. Nobody will miss them.

  28. rai_from_the_philippines

    sell to mark cuban. i bet he would want a team in the east that is potentially a playoff contender

  29. terry

    There was a report that a Russian billionaire was trying to buy the Nets, now he’s talking about buying the Pistons like just an hour ago and moving them to Las Vegas. He said the move could happen as soon as 2012!

  30. Jan Scholl

    If anything happens, I seriously doubt the team would move out of Michigan-the BEST basketball state in the US bar none! But if they move the team inside the city of Detroit (a city I love btw) I will never attend another game. I no longer go to Tiger games because public dollars pay for the stadium-I am tired of paying taxes for this sort of stuff. Bill Davidson got it right when he used his private money to build the Palace. If you can afford a team, you can afford the arena.

  31. ali bazzi


    prove it by giving us a link

  32. terry

    Did I say Vegas? He actually said “Most likely a city in Nevada.” I read that under the header: “The era of pro hoops in Michigan is very likely coming to an end”. This is just sad, I blame the auto industry.

  33. James (Australia)

    Mr D said he would never sell the Pistons and never wanted them sold after he died. Its like his wife is going directly against his wishes. This would be a great disrespect to so great a man.
    What would they do with the Palace if the Pistons moved or built a new stadium? Seems like a waste of a perfectly good building.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be quite a few buyers. I mean the Nets, that’s right those 3-36 Nets, have just been bought.
    Why did they bother to put his name on the court if she was just going to sell them a couple of months later? Mr D would be turning in his grave.

  34. mannie32

    yea i read that this morning over at dbb… real sad, disappointed if it’s true

  35. Kevin

    No, Terry is not correct in his statement about Prokhorov buying our beloved Pistons and moving them to Nevada. He’s what we call a “pot stirrer” and should be ignored lol

    • terry

      You got me bro, but that would be messed up yo.

  36. Keepzitreal

    Its all over…A class A organization with so much history is heading down the toilet because of person who inherits something that they have no passion for and all she wants is to get the cash and dash..Mr D must be rolling in his grave right now and screaming out karen u F&#@% B@%$*

  37. The Fluidics

    Why would she want to keep the team in Detroit, Pistons fans keep calling her a skank and a Bitch. I’m sure Mr. D would appreciate people calling his wife a skank, it’s cool.

    Bunch of fucking idiots on this site…

  38. junior

    i have no comment, we cant control this lets just watch the games and root for OUR players. get some wins. GO PISTONS

  39. adam b

    I’m actually not surprised by this development, but not any less nervous about it. It may sound a little funny, but I bet Kid Rock really would be a great owner. I’m not a fan of his music but I love his passion for Detroit. I’m a Piston fan no matter where they go.

  40. dex

    she’s a money grabbing bitch…Thats my perception of her so far.

  41. Diogenes

    I like what Green Bay has going with it’s football team – the people of the city own it – and it’s not going anywhere – ever. Detroit has been decimated and unless the vacuum is filled very soon (green jobs?) it will hemorrhage to death. I left Michigan because there is no work there any more in my profession. GM opened a new plant in Russia weeks before the bailout – Russia. The Green Bay model of ownership should extend to car companies as well – and we can keep our jobs here – and our basketball teams. Socialism? Maybe. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

  42. Diogenes

    By the way – pretty stupid comments on Mrs. D, like The Fluidics says. Skank? Bitch? Come on man – show some class.

  43. o'b'wan

    i dont care who buys the team if im eminem wit that type of bread i would invest…im jus happy their moving back 2 the d maybe know they can get a all star game

  44. brgulker

    I think it would do all of us well to remember who’s making the decision to sell — Mr. D’s wife.

    For all we know, Mrs. D and Mr. D discussed this all before he passed … there are so many unknown variables — I think we ought to wait until we know more.

    Obviously, it’s sentimental, and it will be sad if the team is sold. But Mr. D may have known that it would happen, and it may be a good thing for the franchise in the long run.

    I know that sounds cold-hearted … I don’t intend it to be so.

  45. justsayin13

    Natalie!…you would be the best next owner.

  46. KleenGee

    you said it Fluidics and Diogenes: low class comments.

    A friend of mine, who is a recent widow, sold the family home within a year of her husband passing (would’ve sold faster if the market was better). Interesting thing: she is not a money hungry skank; she was just trying to deal with her grief and move her remaining family forward towards a new life.

  47. Sam

    Not a bad move for us guys. I have heard that Mrs. D wants to cash in on her husband’s assets. I think that means you will see the Palace, Pistons, and Pine Knob all together. The Palace is still a state of the art facility and Pine Knob is also one of the best.

    Her divesting these assets now instead of having them deteriorate over the next 10 years will get her the most money and will be better off for Piston Fans.

  48. Colin

    I remember seeing an interview and Mr. D was asked what would happen when he passed and e said the palace and pistons would stay in the family!!!

  49. craig

    You’ve got to wonder what Dan Gilbert is thinking as he caught wind of this. I predict if Lebron James jumps to New York, Gilbert will do all he can to find a new owner to take over the Cavs while he positions himself to take the Pistons. Now THAT would be nothing short of magical.

    As for Karen Davidson, most of the comments on here are a bit ignorant. Nobody knows what financial situation she’s in, if Guardian is doing well in an economy reliant on the Big 3. Nor does anyone know the true operating costs of the Palace. For all we know, they’re losing revenue consistently, especially with a sub 500 Pistons team.

    Whatever she does, she’s not Bill Davidson. You can only hope that Joe D isn’t restricted from making any future improvements on the team during the Davidson’s personal fire sale.

    • reggie

      this is soome bull besides the

  50. Tim

    This is really a shame. I love my team and I love the Palace of Auborn Hills. Had a lot of great memories there and I hope if there’s new management, they won’t move the team. Also, I hope they keep the tradition of bringing in not only good basketball players, but great people.

    First the Shock now the Pistons… What is this world coming too.

  51. Jessica

    i believe that if she sells the pistons the state would be losing a lot more money considering some of the sales go to the state, correct? well anyway there would be nothing to really look forward to in the sports section considering that most of the state is pistons fans. personally im a cavaliers, nuggets, heat and hawks fan but i dont dislike the pistons and i spend my money going there. i dont know what situation she is in financially but it shouldnt be this bad. her dad would have never of thought about selling the shock let alone the pistons. its a shame really.

  52. kevin

    I have been playing basketball since i was 3 years old. All i wanted was to be in the NBA!I wanted to be with my home

    team THE GREAT DETROIT PISTONS please dont sell them!
    BEFORE THE PISTONS GET SOLD I WANT THEM TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP,AND GET SOME NEW PLAYERS SUCH AS kevin durant,rudy gay,ray allen rajon rondo,dwight howard,wnd more

  53. kevin

    I have been playing basketball since i was 3 years old. All i wanted was to be in the NBA!I wanted to be with my home

    team THE GREAT DETROIT PISTONS please dont sell them!
    BEFORE THE PISTONS GET SOLD I WANT THEM TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP,AND GET SOME NEW PLAYERS SUCH AS kevin durant,rudy gay,ray allen rajon rondo,dwight howard,and more



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