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by | Jan 15, 2010 | 38 comments

We will not be averse to being active before the trading deadline, but we’re definitely not going to be active just to be active. At this stage, it has to make sense for us going forward. We’re not looking for a short-term fix.

We are not a finished product. we have some holes to fill and we will go about doing that.

Joe Dumars in an interview with Larry Lage of the Associated Press


  1. rai_from_the_philippines

    thanks nat. I read this rumor too, along with the rumor that philly will give up iggy and dalembert for tmac. with these bits considered, I decided to try espn trade machine.
    if this trade does not load, let me break it down:
    1. we send prince and summers to philly, rip to toronto
    2. philly sends iggy to houston, dalembert to toronto, speights to detroit
    3. houston sends tmac and brian cook to philly
    4. toronto sends bosh and marcus banks to detroit, reggie evans to houston
    Pistons line up after the trade:
    PG – Stuckey
    SG – Gordon
    SF – JJ
    PF – Bosh
    C – Wallace

  2. will

    Who can we trade??
    With Rips contract and Tays back their value is low!
    I say Trade them both for McGrady
    Sweet salary dump!

    Then tank the season, JOHN WALL is the only thing
    that will make the pistons relevant again.

  3. rai_from_the_philippines

    *2. philly sends iggy and kapono to houston, dalembert to toronto, speights to detroit

  4. Mark


    So the Pistons gets Speights for nothing?

    Toronto gets Dalembert for nothing?

    Philly gives up four players and gets nothing?

    Houston gets two players for nothing?


  5. The Fan

    If we pick John Wall I will be so Pissed off. If we don’t pick up a big man who can board and score and bang with the best of them then we are idiots.

    Why in the world would we pick up John Wall. Just cause we need a PG. Man we need an amare stoudamire type player.

  6. Jesse

    I’m really starting to question whether or not Dumars even has the ability to make a good long term move at this point. The last impactful free agent signing he’s made was McDyess (I’m not counting no risk moves like Bynum and bringing Ben back for spare change). He completely mismanaged the salary cap- way too many years and dollars invested at sg, overpaying Max for doing a scrub/hussle guy’s job, overpaying talentless bigmen like Kwame and Wilcox, throwing $90 mill away on bench players.

    It’s almost as if he didn’t understand that the old core would have to broken up at some point. None of the moves make sense with eachother… Why extend Rip if you are going to spend 50 mill on another shooting guard? Why trade Chauncey if you’re basically gonna throw cap money down the toilet? Why hire Curry and all the nonsense that went with it just to fire him 8 months later?

    The more I play around with the trade machine, I realize we are stuck with this roster. No matter what we offer, someone can offer something better- better players (who aren’t injured), better contracts, young talent, draft picks… we have none of that to offer up. Nobody wants our garbage for impact their players, we don’t even have the assets to take advantage of a franchise that has to have a fire sale for fear of going under because almost all our contracts suck.

    The real sad thing is, we could be in a great position right now- if Rip’s deal was expiring after the season like it should have, if we didn’t waste our cap space last summer, if we held on to our young cheap players like Amir and Afflalo (instead just giving them away)- then we would be a an attractive team for free agents.

    I really can’t belive how short-sighted the Gordon and Villanueva signings were. Its soooo obvious that these guys are not championsip building blocks, especially when you overpay them (at least Gordon is overpaid, C-Vill gives good production for his salary). I completely saw this coming- Dumars locked us into mediocrity for the next 4 or 5 years.

    There are only 2 outs- either Utah stupidly decides to take on Rip contract for Boozer, or we land a franchise player in the draft.

  7. Brian A

    Injuries are a BIG reason why this team has struggled so much this season. Gordon is a very solid player. I think most people forget how well he did coming into the season scoring 25 points a game. He just needs to get healthy and get back on track. RIP and Prince need to go to make room for the talent behind them in the lineup. The front court is a mess. That is where we need the most help.

  8. Armand

    U right brian
    u r a cry baby jesse

    • Jesse

      Why am I a cry baby? Because I don’t think Dumars has done a good job of rebuilding this thing? Nothing I said was emotion, it’s the truth, this roster is a mess. This team would be bad even without injuries, no pg, no ceneter, no leader, rookie head coach… and please tell me, if Brian’s right- how do you get rid of Rip and Tay? Who is taking on those contracts and sending a big man back? Please tell me….

  9. edt

    ok here is my theory. joe dumars hired AI thought that the franchise would make money but not win games.

    Then he found out that if you lose games it doesn’t matter what faded superstar you hire, detroit wont go watch it.

    so he panicked and decided to hire charlie v and ben gordon because they are scorers and therefore we would have a better season.

    His master plan was to get rid of our aging stars like tay, rasheed and rip and move in new stars, and draft and develop new talent and put together another 2004 team. His plan was never to get a lebron or wade or bosh.

    That’s my theory. The problem with Joe’s plan is that he has pieces of his team that are not part of the future, Tay, Rip, Charlie V, Ben Gordon, all know that they aren’t the future of the team. They are just hired guns there until their contract ends or they get traded.

    Is it any wonder that we lose game after game with our starters? They are only playing for a paycheck.

    Joe D has to QUIT waffling. Make up your mind now. Will rip get traded or is his contract too big. Is Prince getting traded? Is Ben Gordon part of the future of this team? Charlie V?

    Let the us know who is staying and is part of the franchise. This “everyone is on the block” kills the motivation of the team. I can’t blame them for just showing up for a paycheck.

  10. Normal 2

    do you guys understand that we are only 5 games out of the lost Column from being in 8th place? with all the injuries we’ve had so far…i think that’s good and we can gain some ground. but that’s just the fan in me talking.

  11. gMac

    The best out come of this season at this point is to continue to get worse for better pick and to have money for next season’s free agents.

    Make that our goal , everything seems very clear and simple.

    What’s the point of getting a play now and trying to make the playoff in this pathetic eastern conference?

  12. Jesse

    Do you guys want to be exactly what the 76ers have been over the last several years? Bouncing between 6th and 11th in the East, overpaying free agents, being completely mediocre-never good enough to advance in the playoffs- never bad enough to get better through the draft. Is that what you guys want this team to be, because if they make the playoff this season that is exactly where they are headed. Do you want to contend for championship, or do want to be a middle of the pack team?

    I still defy anyone to explain to me exactly how making the playoffs and getting destroyed by Bos/Orl/Cle in 5 games helps this team in any way, shape or form. Did it do us any good making the palyoffs last year? I didn’t think so.

    • Normal2

      Experience for our already young players.

  13. The Fan

    Maybe we should just pay the luxury tax and pick up some studs!

  14. Armand

    No stud is comin here. We all know that. Jesse i didnt want to get u pissed off, all im saying is that joe d will figure out who he will trade and who he will keep. How i honestly dont know i just believe he will. I guarantee u that none of us thought that the pistons were going to win a ch/ship in 04 when we had an 7-8 game loosing streak before allstar game then sheed came in and said whats up. Im not sayin we r anywhere near that. All im sayin is. Joe did it once and he will do it again, maybe not as quick and not as easy but it wont be as long as some fans may think

    • Jesse

      Well, all I’m saying is that if you look at the salary and production of the players we want to move that it is nearly impossible to put together a good deal that another team would accept. For example, why would a team chase after an injured Tayshaun when they can go after Butler or Jamison. Same goes for Rip, other teams would probably be more interested in a 26 year old Kevin Martin. I’m not Joe Dumars, I don’t get paid millions of dollars to figure this stuff out, but he has made his this awfully tough on himself. In this economy I just don’t see it, there just isn’t a good trade partner out there…….. unless you want to hand a championship to Boston, LA or Cleveland (which I personally don’t have a problem with if it makes us better too), because an elite team looking too beef up their roster is our best bet. Nobody else will take on long term salary for overpaid sub-all star talent.

    • The Fan

      Sure they will if you pay them enough!

  15. Armand

    Maybe that just the fan in me talking. I sure hope the fan is right
    deeeeetoit baaaasketbaaaaaall
    2 game winning streak anyone?

  16. Brian A

    If you wondering why this team is really struggling just look at the PG and Center position. Everyone knows that these two postions are the most important ones to fill. Stuckey is not a PG. He is a good player but when you have good shooters on the wings (Charlie V, BG, and Rip) you need a pass first guard. Wallace has been a stud since he has been back but you really can’t expect him to do it all. The team needs athletic bigs, who run the floor well, play good defense and get rebounds.
    One of the things that drive me crazy about the team is the fact that they do not run the floor. This is not a good half court team because you do not have a ton of 3 point shooters to spread the floor and a low post PF/C. They need to play an up tempo type style so they can score easier.

    I like RIP and Prince but they represent and play the halfcourt style that the team has played for the last several seasons. If Joe D. really wants to start over and build a different team he needs to let those guys go and let these young guys take over. I would start by bringing in a couple of young defensive players (maybe a shoot blocker and low post center/PF) to mix in with the shooters.

  17. Brian A

    I’m with you Armand! LET’S GO PISTONS!!!!!

  18. N1ck

    You think it’s easy to make a trade that will benefit us… Think again.

  19. Jesse

    Huh? If you pay who enough? Who is “them”?

    • The Fan

      A quality stud player is who i’m referring to. I don’t know who it is. I don’t care. My point was lets just go over the Cap if we have to, to bring in a big who can score and bang. And they will come if you pay them. Thats what I was talking about.

  20. Chad

    Rip & Tay for Tmac

    John Wall


    Doug Collins/Laimbeer

  21. Jesse

    Okay, but this a salary cap league. You can’t just keep adding salary, there are rules to the CBA. In order to overpay “stud player X”, you have to move Rip and Tay. And don’t forget the luxury tax, you pay a dollar for every dollar your over- so a stud that is paid $16 mill now actually costs $ 32 mill, and since the team hemorrhaging money at the moment, it would be realistic even if it were within the rules.

    • The Fan

      I know their is a luxury tax man. So what. Pay the damn tax and get us a big… you fool. Also, the pistons play in the NBA not CBA.

    • Bugs

      To The Fan…CBA is ‘the collective bargain agreement’. You mustn’t be much of a fan if you don’t know what it is.

  22. Jesse

    I meant WOULDN’T be realistic.

  23. Jimmy

    If we get the number one pick.. we should def get John Wall… and trade to get a big man.. rip and tay must go… tay especially has become a liability… Get Chris Kaman/Bosh …

    put B.G in the lineup .. we didnt pay him $11 mil a year to sit on the bench

  24. terry

    WALL…..SMALL. Detroit is already loaded with guards, they need an impact player in the front court, and no I don’t mean no broke down Kamen. Most of ya’ll are totally missing the ball. C.V. and B.G. are both still young excellent scorers and are a major part of this team’s future. Joe D. understands to win you gotta score points. The main reason Detroit kept falling short for the past 5 years is a lack of consistent scoring. Just think back to all those scoring slumps, in the playoffs no less. This off season he secured two dependable scorers for the long term, now the ONLY thing the pistons need is that center piece to put them over the top and that’s gotta be a dominant 4 or 5. I don’t want my team to be another Charlotte Hornets, so you can keep Wall. GIMME A BIG! Don’t worry Will Bynum, Ben Gordan and Tayshaun Prince won’t be hurt forever.

    • The Fan


  25. Adam B

    Rai – I love Speights potential. Looks like a good trade. Unlikely, but fun to imagine.

  26. max

    To all who say we shouldnt draft John Wall in case we can get the #1 pick…this guy is maybe the best point guard prospect since Chris Paul,he will be an All-Star.We have Chucky Atkins as the only real PG right now.So please.John Wall gives you Starpower,he will make everybody better.Do you think anyone will be better if we have a rookie PF/C?Anyway…

    I also have trade idea for you: (it`s pretty ”crazy” i think)
    Detroit gets:J.R.Smith;Caron Butler;Kenyon Martin
    Denver gets:Rip Hamilton;Antawn Jamison
    Washington gets:Tay Prince;Chris Wilcox:Will Bynum

    The players we get all have contracts till the summer of ’11.We could clear about 30 mill that year.Moreover our team will improve.

    Denver will be a power in the west with a championship backcourt + an All-Star in Jamison.
    Washington can clear some cap space and in Tay a nice veteran.

    What do you think?(i checked it with espn trade machine,it works.)

  27. will

    I dunno why you people arent high on John Wall
    He is a superstar!
    Way better than D Rose and the best player in the draft by FAR

  28. Jesse

    The Fan, you’re still missing the point. You aren’t allowed to just add $20 million to your payroll. You have to clear that cap space, you’re thinking more along the lines of baseball’s uncapped system, but in the NBA (and yes I know what the NBA is…) it doesn’t work like that… Kinda explains why teams always want expiring contracts, huh?

    And seriously, either you guys haven’t seen Wall play or you don’t know basketball….


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