Has it really come to this?

by | Jan 12, 2010 | 27 comments

A thirteen game losing streak is bad enough, but when you are in you local Costco and you see this…it doesn’t make you feel any better.

We know that Michigan is facing hard times as well as the Pistons, but to see your team discounted at the local price club store….sucks.

It also didn’t help that it was sandwiched between a Olive Garden and CPK display either.

Needless to say after I saw this I made sure to headed right over to the discounted spirits section.


  1. brgulker

    This hurts my heart …

  2. Justin

    Tell me more about the Olive Garden package…

  3. obiwan

    its gonna be ok this team will bounce back….but i cant stand people when things get tough now they wanna clown my boys if you not gonna be a fan donrt be afanbut dont come with your stupid blogs and what not when this team is a bout to blow up…yea take your stupid little shots right now but this team will bounce back and when they do i’ll be right there and you can bet on it i will be calling you out band wagon jumpers…now blog about that because i had it with this state and their ungtateful mentality….i mean what if we lived in minnesota,clevand,utah,portalnd,cinci,chicago, etc…i mean in the last three decades our state has raised banners in every sport…in the 80’s you had bless you boys u of m b ball the bad boys….the 90’s the wings took over…u of m football, the fab five and the spartans blew up…lets not talk about last decade…we had 3 trips to the final four…two trips to the nba finals…three trips to the stanley cup…and a cinderalla story to the world series…so yea it might have came down to this but dont put on the city put it on guys like rasheed walllace who bailed out last season allen iverson and ripwho wants out…those r the guys who you should be blaming…. last year when the vets should have put stuckey underneath their wings n they didnt those r the guys dont blame the new team !!!

  4. Armand

    Obiwan, I agree

  5. Keepzitreal

    How was the CPK package??? lol All I can say is “WOW”!!!!!! They really screwed this up and there’s also a buzz goin round that Mr. D’s widow is shopping the team around…New ownership/Bonehead decisions goin into the future by Joe D…the nightmare has just begun……..

  6. Keepzitreal

    If we lose to the Wizards tonight then theres definitely no hope left….

  7. Vanalope

    Nat, after last nights game I’d have thought you saw this while on your way to the discounted spirits section.

    Oh the upside, at least this display wasn’t set up IN the discounted spirits section, now that would be really painful. : D

  8. bynums_sprained_ANKLES

    obiwon, THIS team that we have now will never bounce back, we need to add a true floor general and a stud center.

    ive never been one to ever think twice about what joe d has done and what he wants to do in the future, but right now i have no idear what direction hes taking this team, seems like hes only bringing it down.

    if joe d wanted to make the transition from one era to another as easy and painless as possible, i cant help to question why he hasnt gone for a pg and center. teams dont compete when those positions are neglected.

    also, how many teams do you know that have 8 shooting guards and small forwards other than golden state?

    • The Fan

      No doubt. All I want is a stud center. Wilcox should be in street clothes. I get so angry watching him play. Kwame is just kwame. For some reason I don’t get as upset when he messes up.

  9. sam i am

    just throwing out this trade since we’re playing the wizards tonight, how bout swaping tay and rip for jamison and caron butler. and maybe we can throw a draft pick or something to sweeten the deal, also the cap space stuff all work out nd shitt.

    our line-up would look like this:

    pg: rodney/will
    sg: gordon/daye
    sf: butler/jj
    pf: jamison/charlie
    c: big ben/wilcox

    and of course other guys comin off the bench. i think that line-up aint bad all, and we would be deadly on the offensive end.

  10. Normal 2

    + Having lost 13 straight games, the perimeter-heavy Detroit Pistons would like to get their hands on Carlos Boozer. A Boozer-for-Rip Hamilton trade works, but Utah doesn’t want to take back the three years, $38 million remaining on Hamilton’s contract, even though he’d made a sweet backcourt mate for Deron Williams.

    Boozer for Tayshaun Prince also works financially, but Prince has one more season after this one at $11 million, and the Jazz aren’t looking to add salary for next season.

    Utah coach Jerry Sloan wants to keep Boozer, who will be a free agent next summer, for the rest of the season, and perhaps beyond. To that end, the Jazz are shopping Andrei Kirilenko with all their might. But good luck with that one. Kirilenko won’t have any takers until next season when he’s in the last year of his deal. via True Hoop on Espn.com

  11. The Fan

    Uhhhh. Yeah…

    That right there is like buying forclosed mortgages or selling debt. You have a risky chance for ROI.

  12. The Fan

    HAHAHA.. OMG had to share this. Look at what position they have the Pistons Drafting in this 2010 mock-up.


    Can you say no clue. This would be comparable to the lions drafting WR over and over year in and out.

    • The Fan

      They have them drafting 2 SG’s.

    • Yasir Saleem

      nba draft.net doesnt factor in team needs until after the lottery
      thats just put in by top player and worst record..

    • Jesse

      I know that Evan Turner is a shooting guard, but he is also crazy good. Fills up the stat sheet, he might even end up being the best player from this class. When you’re as awful as the Pistons are, it’s not necessarily a bad strategy to nab the best player and figure it out later. Gotta say, I’m not loving many of the big men at the top of this draft… Favors isn’t a sure thing, Davis really doesn’t look like anything spectacular, Patterson is most likely a rotation player, Aldrich could be good- but he could also be a complete stiff, and I’m not even getting into the Lithuanian kid.

      Remember in the ’05 draft when the Bucks passed on Deron Williams and Chris Paul to take Bogut? They did it because they had Mo Williams, Mike James and Reece Gaines at the time.. I’m sure they wish they had that one back. I’m not necessarily campaigning for Turner, but I don’t think it would be as bad of a pick as it seems on the surface; if you don’t believe me find some clips of him, I can assure you that it’ll be more than undefended dunks.

  13. ThaMaestro

    Well, the folks at the Palace have always been creative with their marketing and ticket packages. They are trying anything they can this season. You can’t turn your head without running into a Pistons ticket give-a-way. Which is cool by me, because i love going to the Palace and when the tickets are free I’m more aped to spend more money at the Palace.

    Nat, there’s a lot of stuff going around lately about the Pistons being sold. Have you heard anything about that? I know you’re kinda a big deal and all.

  14. Nolan

    Hell you kidding me, I’d take the deal even if they lost, This team still has some players on the team when they won the Championship in 04, back then anybody would have done anything to get close to these players, and no that they are having a hard time people are hating on them, please they aren’t the Nets and yeah they have some leadership problems since Billups left but I’d love to have this deal, if your a true Piston fan and haven’t yet seen these guys up close you don’t pass this up no matter what the costs.

  15. Jan Scholl

    This offer is nothing really new. Costco has made a deal with all the NBA teams in their store markets. They have concert deals, theatre, all sorts of stuff. It just depends on where you are and what is available. There is not a dose of negative with this. I knew about this months ago as an executive Costco member. You are doing yourself a disservice to degrade this deal. BTW-the membership at Costco is worth the discount on gas-it more than pays for itself in less than a month.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I am by no means degrading this deal, if fact being a season ticket holder for years the deal is great.

      It’s just a bit harsh to see it for the first time on the heels of a 13 game losing streak. Kind of like seeing your prized jewelry in a pawn shop.

  16. Marcell

    I live in Southwest Florida and they do the same thing with Orlando tickets Tickets at Costco.

  17. Nolan

    I totally got you on that Natalie, can’t stop thinking about it and then you see something that caught you off guard lol, I hear ya:)

  18. Nolan

    Well you know couple of years ago they were always sold out, couldn’t even get one it is weird now when you can basically get tickets wheneva and not worry about getting really bad seats, I don’t think costco was doing that a couple of years ago lol that’s what she’s implying

  19. testtacular

    Thats a RIPoff!!!!!! Maybe I’d pay $9.99!

  20. testtacular

    also you are soooo smart nolan thanks for telling all us simple folk what nat was saying omfg

    • Nolan

      No problem buddy anytime 🙂

  21. Steve

    In Joe you trust right Natalie?


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