A Swede Sigh of Relief – Pistons Finally Win One

by | Jan 12, 2010 | 48 comments

I don’t know if you watched the game, but if you did you may have just been feeling just like quite a few of us Pistons fans felt as we finally got to sit through a Pistons victory. We felt like it was a playoff game.

That may sound silly to you, but it’s true, as I sat and watched the Pistons beat the Wizards 99-90 with a considerable amount of Pistons fans in the Need4Sheed Live Blog, we almost celebrated as if it were a playoff victory.

That’s what a 13 game losing streak does to fans, I can only image what it does to the players and the coaches.

Key Points:

  • Ben Gordon dressed for the game, but did not play. Will Bynum and Tayshaun Prince were still in street clothes.
  • Thank you Detroit Pistons for playing a complete 48 minutes of hustle and heart. Finally!
  • Chris Wilcox stared at PF and Jonas Jerebko started the game place of Prince.
  • The Pistons led most of the ball game, but control was slipping in the third when Jamison started getting really hot. Antawan scored a game high 31 points.
  • Can’t believe I can say this – Clutch 4th quarter from the Pistons, who shot 67% to make sure they didn’t let this one slip away.
  • Need4Swede is a bundle of hustle, making some huge shots late in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line. Jones played all 42 of his minutes like the Energizer Bunny. JJ scored 13 points on 5-for-9 shooting with 7 boards an assist and a blocked shot.

Jonas Jerebko
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Thanks have to go out to Ben Wallace for his extreme hustle and heart throughout the losing streak. He even went as far a blaming himself for the teams woes, when he was clearly one of the bright spots. Wallace finished with 4 points, 2 steals, 6 boards, a blocked shot and an assist in 31 minutes. I had a very good feeling when this happened that the Pistons were actually going to win.

[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/jan_12_10_wallace.flv /]

Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • The Pistons biggest lead was 12, while the Wizards had an 8 point lead at one point.
  • Rodney tied a career high with 11 assists. That was huge for Detroit who racked up 23 assists on the night.
  • Teamwork.
  • Despite 19 points from Rip Hamilton, he looked off most of the game. He was 8-23 on the night with 7 assist and 4 turnovers. At one point most of us watching the game just wanted him to stop shooting.
  • Chuckey Atkins did his part by hitting some huge three’s. Atkins went 3-5 from downtown with 2 assists and 3 boards in 22 minutes on the floor. Each shot he made came right when the Pistons needed something big.
  • Eighteen minutes for Maxiell, who didn’t fill the box but had a solid game.
  • Huge night for Rodney Stuckey, with 19 points, 11 assist, a steal and 6 boards. You can’t ask a guy to come close to a triple-double every night, but he really did what he had to do to get his teammates involved.
  • Rodney stuckey
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    Photo/Getty Images
  • Defense – the Pistons held the Wizards to a season-low 11 points in the second quarter.
  • 23 for Charlie V! Huge, huge game for Charlie Villanueva who knew he had to redeem himself after the poor shooting performance against the Bulls. A ridiculous 5-for-6 from downtown with 9 boards in 29 minutes while stepping up on the defensive end. Timing for Charlie V was everything, like Chuckey, clutch threes held the Pistons together.
  • We said Charlie V’s Mask was good luck didn’t we? Charlie got hit in the nose in the 2nd and returned at the half with the Mask on. It may just turn into a superstition like Rip.
  • I don’t know who was more excited, Special K or Blaha. I sure did miss…Don’t look now but the Pistons are up 10 with 2 minutes to go.

Highlights via NBA.com
[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/wizards/2010/01/12/0020900554_det_was_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

“Somebody had to win tonight — and we just wanted it to be us,” said Hamilton. “We knew when we came in tonight, we could only worry about us.” Via The Detroit Free Press

  • With the losing streak behind the Pistons, they still need to recover from their injuries and try to get some kind of flow going.  It’s by no means over, but a lot of people are going to sleep a lot better. I know I will.


  1. Corey

    You said it best Natalie. Monkey’s off the back…nows time to start winning!

  2. Loop

    Nice W
    Man i heard “pistons trying to end a 13-game winning streak” fron the NBA highlights

  3. Drew

    Stuckey for All-Star game!

    Ben Wallace has really leveled out since the first dozen or so games of the season. I don’t know why he’s still getting a free pass. His rebounding numbers have been way down. If he’s not rebounding, he’s almost useless. I’d rather see Kwame starting at the moment.

  4. zippy

    drew you must have just burned one casue you sound high

  5. RadTad

    This win feels great, but we still stink and need to trade cry baby rip since he does nothing but mope around missing his bff. maybe he can walk the stands and sell the 5 dollar slurpees the palace has. ps is how’s that ZipSauce?!?!?!

  6. anchunger

    finally…we were suffering so much for the past month. now i feel much better
    after seeing the pistons just run up and down the court like if there was no tomorrow.
    they deserve a good rest, and hopefully, we can start a winning streak.
    yeah on the live chat…we were all just hoping rip wouldnt take those silly shots…half of them were just bad spots!

    i knew CV had it in him once he knocked down his 1st three. it was like he was shootin them free throws! lets keep this going!

  7. rai_from_the_philippines

    at this point and going forward, coach Q should just stick to this starting 5, and just leave the experimenting on bench rotation.

    great win. we needed this.

    go pistons!!!

  8. DEL

    to be honest it was a nice win, but…. we won that because of our 3point shooting. Atkins and CV were great, and it was just a one day when they hit a looooooot of shots. it’s not gone be like that often..i would rather see a lot of points in the paint

  9. Hlmk

    little mistake – on the schedule at the side of this page it said the pistons played the warriors instead of the wizards

  10. #1 pistons fan

    yea mistake wizards not warriors on side of page nice win but we got ALOT of gorund to make up

  11. The Fan

    Keep the Mask Charlie V. Thanks for the Hustle Pistons. Thanks for the win!

  12. HIME1

    good win pistons. keep tay coming off the bench when he gets back big ben and jj seem to start the defense momentum in the first quarter,go pistons!

  13. Marcell

    OMG This is incredible! Today the Wizards….Tomorrow the Nets
    I smell Championship!

  14. KleenGee

    definitely liking JJ33’s game. Coach Q: Can he start the rest of the season? Even when Tay is better.

    Charlie says: “i love to come of the bench” He seems to be more of a scoring threat off the bench.

    Wallace still has more to give; he’ll keep on surprising us throughout the long season. Did he have an outside baseline shot last night? It was when the shot clock was expiring, so he took the shot (or was that against chicago) WOW Ben! It was almost as long as a free throw. Big Ben might need a shot clock of 3 seconds to shoot free throws, and maybe his percentage will get better.

    Stuckey seemed to be doing a better job of finding Rip (even though Rip didn’t always find the basket).

    I like how WIlcox is playing, especially how he’s handling passes (or is Stuckey passing better?)

  15. KleenGee

    I’m with HIME1!!!!

  16. daddy

    wilcox still needs to learn how to finish at the rim. he can dunk yes but he should learn some revereses so he doesnt get blocked and learn how to post and pass out of the paint better. other than that liking what i see. rip did take a lot of shots i thought he should of drove or pass it off. 8-23 is not a greet shooting night for anyone. drew u crazy what ben does on the floor doesnt always translate to numbers. he brings the d and when he is on the floor he comands ppl to play d with him. his numbers are still amazing still. 10 boards a game a couple of blocks and steals? what else do you want from him? at his salary its like we hit the lotto. THANK YOU BIG BEN.

  17. B22A

    It felt nice to feel the win and watch the whole game. Most nights the game became so hard to watch that I turned the tv off.

  18. adam b

    I was celebrating like we won the championship. I was in high spirits the rest of the night. All the texts I got from friends saying “wahoo!” and “we won!! YES!” etc fueled the illusion even more.

    Either way, I think this will do great things for the team’s confidence. I believe as fans, we have a right to expect/demand a string of wins…at least win the next 4 of 6.

  19. goose

    Good to see the streak end. It is funny in the nba video highlights they say “pistons trying to end a 13 game winning streak” not a losing streak…

  20. BigGulp422

    in the words of Johnny Drama……

  21. Normal 2

    Question? At the end of their career’s, who do you think will have the better one? JJ or Daye. For some reason, i think Daye but JJ could prove me wrong. I just think Daye is going to be a 20 and 10 guy. JJ has the ability to do that also..Just bored at work, i am. Just tell me what you think.

  22. Paul

    Ive been saying this all along, and although it doesnt seem like the difference maker…IT IS.

    Jason Maxiell played MINUTES, 18 minutes, not 4 minutes, not 11 minutes, but 18 minutes…and the entire game the pistons were ++++ with him in. +12 for the game. I know some people find that stat meaningless, but if you watched the game, it held its weight. Its not like he put up big numbers, but he made the defense work, and got charlie V wide open shots, and also put pressure on the defensive end for the pistons which caused a lot of turnovers and missed shots.

    Ben Wallace gets all the praise for his defense, but his offense is essentially non-existent, Maxiell at least has offense….I dont understand playing a pick and roll with RIP and Wallace?!?!

    It was nice to see Stuckey FINALLY passing the ball and doing so quite well. Him and RIP still take way too many BAD shots though. Shots that should be taken by guys who are shooting better %’s like CV or Atkins or Jonas or even Max/Wilcox.

    Yea its homer-ish to say, but the reason pistons won was due to their defense and forcing turnovers, keeping their turnovers down, and well balanced scoring due to good passing…which is something they severely lacked in the past ohhhhhh lets say previous 13 games 😉

  23. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    this trade is interesting http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yklwabn
    just got to find a way to get Kaman (Clippers) and Lee (Knicks) for Rip / Tay.

    PG Miller
    SG Gordon
    PF Lee
    C Kaman

    Could even pick up free agent Joe Johnson @ the 2 if we trade away Big V for an expiring contract.

  24. JTab

    I think we can take the Hornets and the back to back against the Knicks. with the momentum of a 4 game win streak, is a W vs Boston possible? the playoffs are not out of reach yet!

  25. daddy

    we do pick and roll with ben cause he is a big man that knows how to do it correctly. plus ben knows how to pass the ball in the inside so he if cant make the bucket he will get it to the right person. have faith in our iron man. we really should do some pick and rolls with cv more maybe wilcox. we can do alley opps to wilcox and open threes for cv. NOT TO CV POST UP MORE THOUGH we need easier buckets even though u were hitting them last night.

  26. Boston 4eva!

    You’re dead Pistons, you’re a f***ing lottery team for few years at least. Big Ben is a shell and others dont care at all. CV and Gordon are bunch of pussies, and Jerebko will never be more than a good role player. This is not a rivalry anymore, you’re gonna grind it out with Nets and Knicks in lottery, good luck.

  27. Boston 4eva!

    No wonder Wallace decided to bail from this rotting ship and choose new masters of the universe – Celtics.

    • Bugs

      What s Boston going to do in after this year when pierce/kg/wallace and allen are even older and break down with injury? The celtics are locked into contracts with all these old guys and have a 1 maybe 2 year window to win another championship you stupid b@stard!

      Go blog somewhere else you beantown a** fu*ker

  28. MW2

    didnt boston just win 20 games a couple of seasons ago??? b4 they bought their championship lol scalabrini is the best player boston has lmao

  29. KleenGee

    …and then this little green thing slid into the room

  30. edt

    boston 4eva you obviously never watch the games. i dont mind if you can call us a lottery team. i dont mind if you say that cv & gordon are weak (oh I agree with you there), that jerebko will never be more than a role player (disagree) but if you think Ben Wallace is a shell you have not been watching. He is right now one of the best defenders in the NBA, dont take my word for it, go look at the box scores, he’s just as good as he has ever been. It’s a bit of a mystery to me why is he so good now, and why he was so terrible for the bulls & cleveland, but watch the games more closely next time.

    As for ‘sheed, good for him, I hope he wins a ring with your team, but i’m telling you it wont happen this year. this year it’s all lakers, they are ridiculous.

    • Bugs

      I disagree about the lakers having it all won. I have a feeling it is going to be whoever clicks come playoff time. Barring injuries the lakers lead the race at the moment but then you have to take into account it will be a lot harder for them to get to the finals from the west then it will be for say the cavs, magic or celtics to get there from the east. I just think whoever makes it from the west will be so fatigued from getting there that come finals time they might not have enough juice left to win it. Coming out of the west you might find some series go the full 7 games which could be a killer. I think any team that makes it from the west can upset a higher seed because it is that competitive.

  31. Buzz Killington

    13-game win streak coming uppp

  32. terry

    Boston aint built to last I give em 2, 3 seasons tops then people gonna start retiring. If they don’t win it by next year forgetaboutit.

  33. Boston 4eva!


  34. Boston 4eva!

    I know Pistons own the celtics

  35. Drew

    Coming into the season, I had a feeling this Pistons team would be a team of streaks; we sure started out the season this way, going 11-12. Then, the bad streak happened. Now, I doubt we’ll ever go on a 13-game win streak to even it out (or even a 10-game streak), but a winning streak could be impending. The Pistons every year seem to have a streak of at least 7 wins or so–even last year’s mediocre team did.

  36. KleenGee

    Things may change now that Q has tried a few different line-ups (few may be an understatement).

    I agree that Maxiell should get more minutes. I think the way Curry (sorry Curry, you’re still in the doghouse) didn’t play him was bad for his development. A lot of critics have said they thought he’d be along further than he is, but of course, time on the bench can have negative affects. I also would like to see Jonas starting over Prince (sorry tay).

    Does anyone know when Bynum’s coming back?

  37. adam b

    I usually don’t care much for rookies. Even when I loved Stuckey, I didn’t think he was ready to take Chauncey’s place. But I can say with full confidence that Jerebko is an overall more effective player than Tay. Tay really dropped of last year towards the end, and it doesn’t look like he’s picked it up in the games he played. We need the hustle, not the halfcourt game Tay is comfortable in. He would be perfect for Portland.

  38. truthhurts

    aye whats the matter little east coast douche bag is getting mad aye!!!…i cant stand big cry baby east coast punks that think there tough…this is the same people who bitch about some curse cause they cant beat the yankees who gives a rat’s a**. these guys still brag about winning championships back in the 50’s when there was only one black superstar in the entire league… man where was all this lip smackin when the celts was gettin their shammrocks handed to them, probably in the gay bars with paully pierce dancing along side jaleel white.. and tell yo boy paully that he’s not fooling n e body we know he’s a pussy like everybody in boston..the coolest things that ever came out of boston was sam malone and boston coolers so take your sly talkin a** back were you should be…tell espn its ok to come up from air from you guy’s jock strap because were tired of the f’n yanks and beantown rival we could care last…. welcome to the d you douche

  39. Boston 4eva!

    why I………..

  40. Diogenes

    Wow. This is the saddest thing I’ve seen since Stack went wild at the Palace when we won the Central Division. With these wide mood swings we are straight on our way to Lithium folks – it was a win – one win. Let’s get it krunk when we see .500 ball in a given month.

  41. Chad

    is Kwame injured or something?

  42. Amer ican Prince

    Diogenes believing you can do step makes you better able to do it, so if people want to be foolish and believe they are the best team well thats the way you win rather than playing with a feeling you cant really compete. So if fans and the players want to believe they are better and want to feel good then let them. Everyone needs confidence in the team. And as fans even though it is our duty to question the team, telling people not to celebrate is pretty bad for morale let everyone have their victory

  43. edt

    chad perhaps you never noticed but while most basketball players seem to have hands made out of superglue, where they are able to hold onto the ball with the barest touch of their fingers, kwame has the special ability that his hands seem to be transferred from flipper baby. He has hands of stone, and while this is good in a boxer it is not what you want in a basketball player. In short, he has no game. I think kwame still has potential, but he missed doing all those catch and pass drills that college players did.

    He was never ready for the nba and got ruined by going there too early. The best thing for kwame is to play eurobasket for 2 years, so he can improve his touch.

  44. Mark

    Check out kindasporty.com for an interesting view on the pistons.



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