Unlucky 13

by | Jan 11, 2010 | 35 comments

The hits, or blows just keep on coming, the Pistons just lost their 13th in a row.

  • The Bulls get their season high in points.
  • How does and NBA team be own by 38 at any point in the game?
  • Ben Gordon goes down with a strained left groin.
  • Tayshaun Prince didn’t play.
  • Detroit just matched their longest losing streak.
  • One of your biggest highlights came from a Kwame Brown dunk.
  • I’m seriously at loss for words tonight, I rarely beat up on the team, but they just looked pathetic tonight.  I can’t say that other than the  a few minutes in the first from Stuckey and some hustle from Chris Wilcox did anyone else but Jonas Jerebko and Ben Wallace put forth any effort.
Jonas Jerebko
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  • They looked like they just gave up before halftime.  To go down 120-87 to one of the worst offensive teams in the league is disheartening. At this point I’m seeing so many flaws in this team, its player and its chemistry that it’s hard to believe that this season is salvageable.
  • I was tweeting with fellow Pistons fans, as I do most games, and let’s just say that the cry for John Wall is getting louder and louder.
  • Look at this team, look at the talent, they can win and that’s the biggest issue. They can and they are far, far from doing it.
  • One of Need4sheed’s biggest supporters @joannepistonfan made mention to me that coach Kuester looks a lot like Linus in Charlie Brown. She’s right, and after tonight he’s going to need more than a blanket and his thumb to console him.

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  • I expect more than this. I expect 48 minutes of effort, and if you do that and lose I’m ok with it.  I know it’s hard to keep losing, but don’t sit there on the bench with a smile on your face when you just got spanked by one of the worst teams in the league that itself is in turmoil.
  • What’s even more depressing?  That we have to look at a game in Feb against the Nets as the next possible win.
  • Console yourself with Jerebko’s reverse layup.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons

Look, in order to be good again, you must go through the bad, but there is no use making excuses and pretending this team isn’t broke. It doesn’t mean we aren’t’ fans, it just means we have been through it, we know things will get better and most of all we aren’t delusional.

Until then, we hope for a win against Washington.


  1. shawn

    can i say to words to all pistons fans john wallllllllllll 2010 draft Detroit selects himmmm lol i can only hope

  2. The Fan

    what a bummer things are turning out to be. They need to just get out there and play some ball. Someone needs to step the EFF up and lead this team. And the leader needs to check anyone running around with their damn head down. Pick that sh*t up and play some damn ball!!!

    Quit running around defeated. Stuckey, Rip, Ben, Tay, V, Chucky, somebody RIP SOME DAMN ASS!!! Fire each other up. Oh my god I could go on and on but I won’t. I will just leave the team with this request.


  3. AC Unit

    We haven’t won a game in a month. We have tried every lineup possible (were never healthy), these guys appear to NOT know what they are doing. I have only got the luck (or displeasure) to catch 5 Pistons telecasts (being 8 hours away) and it’s slow motion, two screens, into a poor jump shot. I get we have guys who like to penetrate to the basket but unless the isolation is created by teamwork, nothings going to get done. We need to try to keep guys out of the paint, get to the line more, and simply MAN UP DETROIT! 20 wins by the all star break? One could only hope.

    I hear AL JEFFERSON is on the trading block!

  4. AzureAcerbus

    Well i think its time to blow this up completely (RIP,Tay) But i think i have a scenario, thats plausible. Yet would still make us a good young playoff team for next year. let me know what you all Think.

    Our trading chips are Rip and Tay. I know its the thoughts been that Rips contract is too long and too much for anyone to trade for it, but trust me, a contending team would love to have him. Think Utah or Dallas.

    Pistons should trade rip for Damper’s 12mill expiring contract.

    The way the pistons are currently playing we figure to have a high DP, So its possible we could trade NewJersey our pick and Tay to move up to their spot. So we can take Jon Wall, seeing as NJ already has Devin Harris. Besides NJ is looking forward more so to spend their cap on a star.

    With both of those contracts off the books we still probably dont have enough money to go after the big ones next year, Dwade, Bosh, lebron,
    but we could probably get David Lee with that money.

    Then our Starting Line could look like

    Lee – Wallace
    Cvill – Summers
    Jerebko – Daye
    Stuckey – Gordon
    Wall – Bynum

    This would be a unique line up Cause we’d have 2 strong, and quick guards capable of running the offense, A Good interior Center rebounder/ Scorer who is flanked by 2 hybrid forwards. With proper chemistry could be able to put tons of pressure on defenses.

    And hopefully the other players would make up for Cvills D.


    • Bonesy

      You think they would give up Dampier — a veteran rebounding and shot blocking MACHINE shooting .667?! That guy is worth every penny he is being paid, expiring or not.

  5. shinkazenokizzu

    to pay 90 million on free agents last summer just to look forward to a lottery pick? hmm. and considering past draft picks it likely pistons will go against the grain and pick a wild card again.

  6. terry


  7. Bonesy

    “Look, in order to be good again, you must go through the bad, but there is no use making excuses and pretending this team isn’t broke. It doesn’t mean we aren’t’ fans, it just means we have been through it, we know things will get better and most of all we aren’t delusional.”

    Glad to hear it. Seemed like any time anybody said something was wrong last season they got flamed outta here in the following comments (even when we were getting annihilated by the Cavs in the playoffs.) I’ll always be a Pistons fan, but when things aren’t clicking, I’ll be real about it.

    That being said, I really hope something turns around soon. I never expected THIS~!!!!!

  8. adam b

    My initial trade idea was in fact Jefferson for Tay (and whatever players required to make the trade work). I’d look like one savvy Pistons fan if that came to pass. But now, people are saying Jefferson is undersized at 6’10” and injury prone. Joe knows this, so I’m not sure if thats going to happen. Chucky proved we needed a true point in our 5 game winning streak. We need a smart point guard, hustle players, and a reliable 20 and 10 guy down low. If we had a bunch of experienced players that hustled like Jonas, we’d be able to save this season. The good thing is anonymous sources (oh so reliable, haha) are reporting that Joe has been on the phone a lot with other GMs lately. We will see a move this season, I’m sure of it.

  9. Amer ican Prince

    well to be honest, we knew we had too many scorers. Maybe the good thing will be joe d will listen to the fans more. he’s a great gm but i think he doesn’t have the same perspective on players that he once did.

    In terms of hoping for the first draft pick, does anyone remember the year before the celtics got KG? they went on like a 20 game losing steak, thought they would get the 1st pick instead they get the th pick and oden goes to portland and Kevin durant goes to seattle.

    We need a floor leader, i wish chucky could be in the starting lineup but to be honest i think the team is just too damaged right now to really go back to the winning it was doing before rip and tayshaun and ben gordon came back. I don’t even think Will Bynum is going to make a difference. Simple reason scorers don’t do well here when we play team ball

  10. Tycoon

    Why are people getting so fond of suggesting trades? You know Joe D would not listen, GMs are better than any trade machines. Just keep your dreams in your dreams.

    • pistons 4 life

      Agreed. If some of these people had it their way they’d have an entire all-star team roster and every team would be willing to give you their best players for all of your crap. You have to be realistic.

  11. edt

    this team isnt gonna win until they play like the bulls did last nite. the bulls didnt jog up and down the court they RAN.

    we dont need trades, we need hustle.

    • Bugs

      That’s EXACTLY what i said EDT. I also think Bynum once health will love playing that way.

  12. Buzz Killington

    Show some hustle at least! Rip is just like playing for his money.. =( don’t care about winning or losing seems like

  13. Diogenes

    I brought my four year old son to the ass whoopin that Toronto handed us around Christmas. His first Piston game. He said “Daddy, those Pistons are not very good”. It’s that simple – even a four year old could see it. I know Joe is in love with the underdogs, the skinny kids, the guys from unheard of schools who work hard, the foreign 17 years olds with a huge upside – but it’s time to make a move for an NBA star – I know, not gonna happen.

    • pistons 4 life

      The only way that’s going to happen is through luck and the draft. If Joe can get the pick right.

  14. Anderson

    this team has so many holes…

    we need a leader (preferibly a star player), a reliable inside player (CV can’t score inside and can’t defend), and a PG capable of running the offense.

    Stuckey is a good player, but he’s clearly not a future superstar, and not the guy we want to build around.

    they say they’re gonna play up-tempo, but how can you that if you can’t defend?

    I’d rather have a star player instead of Gordon and CV.
    I’d rather have another star player instead of Tay and Rip.

    Underdoggin’ worked once, but it’s not likely to happen now.

    look at them Rockets: that’s a good team they put together… when they get rid of those huge Yao and T-Mac contracts, they’ll be a pretty much complete team, with a HUGE cap space to attract free agents, and get that missing piece. we’re far from that.

    we NEED reliable guys, not gambles.

    now we’ve got to start over.


  15. Lori

    Why John Wall? I don’t get it. Somebody please explain. We need another guard like a hole in the head. The froncourt is where we stink.

  16. Marcell

    They’re not playing together as a team. I still think they are missing a real leader. A true point Guard who can orchestrate this team. Stuckey was passed by for training for the Olympics’ for a reason. He’s not a point guard. He’s a 2 guard. I wish Joe would stop trying to shoehorn him into the pint position. I remember going to the palace in the early 90’s. The Palace was empty. I think that team played better. They at least had Joe.

  17. daddy

    PATHETIC just pathetic i dont even want to watch games anymore if we lose to the nets ill seriously stop watching. dont understand how we have these players and can lose 13 in a row.

  18. Normal 2

    We should win today. Washington’s shooting Blanks!!

  19. Mark


    We need John Wall because we need a true PG. He is the best available in the draft, and if we somehow do get the 1st pick in the draft, we take him. It only opens the door for future moves to land a big-man in the frontcourt.

    • The Fan

      No we don’t need a PG. We need an inside man who can score and be dominant. We haven’t had that in… um i don’t know. since when. Thats what we need. Not another damn guard. Yes we need a PG but we need an inside presence first.

    • pistons 4 life

      If you get the first pick you have to take the best player available. Look at the Bulls. They didn’t necessarily need another guard but they took Rose because he was the best available. Now look at him. He’s shaping up to be one of the best PG’s in the league. Besides who on the current roster is a great PG????? Exactly, no one.

  20. Keepzitreal

    There’s no way to sugar coat it…WE SUCK!!!!!!

  21. Vanalope

    “We need a floor leader”

    Couldn’t agree with AP more….this is what we lost when we lost Chauncey.

  22. big_mark

    i think we need to get rid or Charlie, he doesnt defend or score. (scoring being the main reason he was signed) We should trade him.

  23. edt

    what is this fixation on point guards good grief guys. Look at dwayne wade. NOT a point guard. But he played that position when they won the championship in ’04. How about cleveland, they have mo williams , but he’s not playing a true point guard position because lebron handles the ball and is the floor general, so mo ends up being more like a 2 because of lebron’s passing ability.

    rondo, cp3, tony parker, chauncey billups are all true points guards and play that position, but you don’t have to build your team that way and win.

    The way the NBA is today, your most important ability on offense is that your forwards have great ball handling ability, so they can catch, take the double, and then pass away from it. Actually the most important thing is to have a superstar.

    None of our team is performing, except for Ben Wallace and JJ. And if you saw Ben in Chicago you know that he will eventually give up on a team and just clock a paycheck.

    I swear every time that Charlie V gets the ball, he immediately throws up a clunker. I don’t think I have seen him pass the ball a single time.

    John Wall will do nothing for this team. What do you think will happen? John Wall steps on the court and suddenly Charlie V posts up a man, draws a double and then passes it to Ben Gordon, and when it rims out, Charlie races down the court and blocks it from behind?

    This is gonna be the same sad sack no energy players, and with John Wall we’ll be playing a lot of small ball. No energy small ball is not the way to win.

    Injuries have hurt us a lot, and I think maybe the lack of energy is just watching guys on the court playing while they are hurt. Joe D is not helping by allowing rumors to spread around.

    Joe D should step in and tell everyone that yes we are trading rip & tay, or no we are keeping them. Make up your mind and tell the world so our two best players have a reason to play.

    Coach Q is ok in my book. What is he gonna do if his players dont play.

    Man I wish we would have McDyess back. What is he 35 years old? And he still plays like a kid in the playground. Imagine having Ben Wallace, Antonion McDyess, Jonas Jerebko, Bynum and Stuckey.

    the problem aint the point guard the problem is lack of intensity. we got guys just showing up for the paycheck and that is not the pistons way.

    • Hlmk

      Part of being a coach is to fire up your team and inspire them to play, so its not OK if Kuester is sitting back while his players dont play with any enthusiasm at all. If Gregg Popovich, Mike D’antoni, Doc Rivers or any other elite coach saw that their team was slacking off and not showing enthusiasm that they wouldn’t do something about it? of course not. All I’ve seen kuester do is change the lineups a few times, which doesn’t exactly boost the morale of anyone, and certainly doesnt help during the game. When theres players on a team that don’t want to bother giving 100%, you either inspire them to play (think those corny inspirational speeches in sports movies that gets all the players to hyped up and willing to play great) or get rid of them, plain and simple.

      Herm Edwards: “You play to win the game”

  24. 313Balla

    well pistons suck now but im still a fan

    but my trade thoughts are

    Boozer for rip

    tay+ daye or somone for al jefferson because his on the trading block

  25. Fariduddin

    this sucks.. really hard to determine what the heck is going on, but when you look at the players we have we have solid players. i dont think we can use injuries as an excuse anymore… there appears to be deeper problems…. i honestly dont see a solid system in place and i wonder if Rip really wants to be a Pistons. 13 games in a row is crazy… obviously we are lacking a real leader… i wonder if they have even called a players only meeting to discuss what the heck is going on… as a fan all i want to see is effort… i dont see it and it is frustrating!

  26. edt

    Hlmk I forget who said it, maybe it was Charles Barkley but at the elite superstar level, a coach does not have to inspire a team. This is not pee wee football or little league where the coach has to get the players fired up.

    This is the nba. It is a given that the players want to play. The best coach in the nba, Phil Jackson, is called the “Zen Master”. Contrast the zen master to stan van gundy who is constantly yelling at his players. Do the lakers play with less intensity than the magic?

    Come on this is the nba. This aint youth basketball. The players already know they have to play with more intensity, what good is yelling at them going to do?

    We Pistons fans have cut slack for this team because we understand that injuries, new coach, new players, we have cut them some slack.

    But at some point we are gonna start boo-ing. Not because we hate the team but because we love them and want them to try hard those lazy bastards.

    One thing I love about Phil Jackson is that when the lakers get down, they are behind, there is no time out, there is no rotation, Jackson just sits on the bench. “You got yourself into this mess, you dig yourself out.” And you know what? That’s what they do because they are professionals.

    The team dug themselves into this mess by playing without intensity now they got to dig themselves out. It ain’t coach q’s job, because the nba aint little league.

  27. daddy

    we wont get boozer for rip jerry sloan does not like his type of play. he goes for easy basket not long jumpers. that will never happen sorry

  28. James (Australia)

    Defence seems to have gone out the window, I mean, c’mon, 57%?! I understand they haven’t had a lot of time together, the chemistry isn’t quite there, etc. but these guys are professionals you have got to be able to do a better job than that.
    I’m beginning to think maybe it is time to play the rookies more, they seem to be the only ones playing with heart. I don’t want trades, I want effort, I want heart, I want intensity and energy.
    Surely, we can beat the Wizards!


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