The Pistons vs. The Bulls

by | Jan 11, 2010 | 56 comments

The Pistons vs. The Bulls
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The 11-24 Pistons take on the 15-20 Chicago Bulls to try to avoid matching their longest losing streak in 17 seasons.

If the Pistons break the losing streak and get a win in Chicago, it will their first victory in at the United Center in nearly four years.

Coach Kuester is shaking things up to try to snap the streak by starting Chris Wilcox.

Watch Kuester’s announcement, Ben Gordan and Joe Dumars talking about their troubles.  Via

[flashvideo file= /]

Injury Report:

Will Bynum (left ankle) is out and has yet to start running as part of his rehab while Tayshaun Prince (left knee) and Rodney Stuckey (right knee) both missed the second half of Saturday’s loss to the Sixers. Prince is a game-time decision while Stuckey is adamant he will play despite not being able to finish the last two games. Stuckey has averaged 19.5 points, 6.0 rebounds, 5.0 assists and 2.0 steals against Chicago this season.Via


Tayshaun will not play, Jonas Jerebko will start in his place.

The Scouting Report via
[flashvideo file= /]
Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at



  1. sam i am

    another injuryy…..damn

    btw we should start charlie cuz we’re getting buried in the 1st quarter, we need some offense.

  2. DEL

    this is just PATHETIC!!!! CV is talented offensively and have really nice streaks, but defensively he is just one of the worst I have EVER seen! BG is not a point guard, I think right now he is our best scorer and he gets veeeeery little shots. we got a few decent big man, but we need 1 great player. Right now there is no hustle, no heart and watching this team is PATHETICCCCCCCCC. egh.. go Pistons!

  3. The Fan

    Its like everytime we double team someone we get owned. EVERYTIME. This is so sad.

  4. Ben G

    great another L

  5. sam i am

    its discusting to even watch this team play. on top of everything ben gordon prolly got injured again.

  6. terry

    Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE basketball.

  7. terry

    Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE basketball.

  8. Jzack

    Frustrating, no defense at all.. Chicago is like having a shoot-around practice. The Pistons at this point prolly can’t even win against an NBDL team!

  9. terry

    Truly awful basketball.

  10. adam b

    Wow, this just hurts. 101-73 right now… this team is helpless. Absolutely helpless. No defense.

  11. Hlmk

    the next game is against washington, which should be a win, but with the way this team is playing its not so certain at all

  12. terry

    Next stop…LOTTERY CITY !!!

  13. shawn

    can u say john wall anyone hope to see him in a pistion jeresy next season anyone want to take pre orders i do lol go john walllllllllll #11

  14. Ahmed

    I really cant believe its going to 13… but nothin is going to stop me from bein a Pistons fan even when My Friends gimme crap about how much they suck, Come on Pistons, pick it up, Were all behind you…All of Detroit is Behined. Or atleast I am. Keep up the good work Nat, your doin awesome and and i luv how u keep fightin to keep a good spirit for us fans. We Luv u NAtalie!

  15. Tycoon

    wow 11-71 record is not so impossible.

  16. Hlmk

    if the pistons lose to washington, it’ll officially be a MONTH since they got their last win

    • Hlmk

      I dont mean to be awfully negative here but following this loss, Detroit is gonna be the 3rd worst team in the NBA currently, ahead of only the Nets and T-Wolves, hopefully Detroit can pull it together and get out of the gutter

  17. Ahmed

    Come on Tycoon,

    Stay Positive man, were all down…

  18. Chris Reeves

    This suckkkkkkkkkksssss. I love the pistons but come onnnnnnnnn. I cant wait to hear somebody say how its not that bad, there is all ways a couple with blindness on here. Its like ” well at least you have a job” saying! come onnnnnnn! get real!

  19. shawn

    john wall numba #11 jersey pistions red blue and white coming soon 2011 is looking bright once he come to Detroittt basketballlllllllll are true pg of the future john walllllllllll

  20. Tycoon

    sorry Ahmed I dont wanna be mean, every game Im hopeful that we can win. but the way they’re playing its really hard to watch. seems like every team who plays us is going to have a great shooting night. still rooting for them though.

    • Ahmed

      I gotchu man, sorry bout dat. I feel da same way.

  21. sam i am

    im done with this team. they fucking suck, coach sucks, no fucking hearts out thier with the exception of jj, joe D can suck on my big dick, ben gordon, charlie, rodney, rip, tay, are all fucking pussies. FUCK this shit im fucking done its ridicuolus, i cant wait till we play the nets and lose to them so we can officially be the worst fucking team in the nba.

  22. shawn

    this team is official doomed blow this sh*t up now joe d we lost to the bulls what again 87 -120 embarrassing what a joe no effort no heart only heart out there i saw was from jonas and ben wallace man i say numba 1 pick here we come and john wall we welcome you very much and get rid of tay and rip and max and kwame and wilcox and if a real good deal can come stuckey but man forreal this team and season is officially over cant wait tell 2011 baby john wall lead ussssssssssssssssssss to the promis landdddddddddd are very own supa starrrrrrrr

  23. Vanalope

    I’m with Ahmed, yes this has been a rough rough season, but every team has to have its lulls, no one can stay on top forever and that’s how I’m looking at it.

    On a side note..I had a first date with a guy on friday and we got to talking about basketball, turns out he’s a Lakers/Kobe fan and when he tried telling me that Antonio McDyess was a player who just plays for a paycheck then went on to extol the virtues of Kobe Bryant, I downed the rest of my drink and asked the bartender for my tab, date SO over. : D

  24. obiwan

    see nat thats how its done my girl vanalope said the heck wit im a pistons fan this guy is a lacker fan…it aint gonna work

  25. Vanalope

    well i might have been able to tolerate a guy who’s a Laker fan but that comment about McDyess? oh HELL no. : D

  26. obiwan

    so there goes sam i am shawn gone so is every one else..onyl true blue is me and amhad nat jumped off last month…she’s wearin that celtic green

    • Bugs

      obiwan i will always be a pistons fan not matter what. These guys are making it very hard to support right now but we ALL have to stay strong. We have had it good for so long now that we just expect that it is our god given right that the pistons will always win. There is a famous saying that goes the good times are magnified by being there throughout the bad times. All this losing we have been experiencing now can make or break the true metal of this team. Losing becomes a habit and the piston players have just forgot how to win. I am sure once they get that next W ad how good it feels all the rest will sort itself out. Right now coach Q needs to sort out a regular rotation and get these guys settled.

      Any thoughts?

  27. N1ck

    @ Vanalope
    Thanks for cheerin’ us up a little bit… 😉

    Well much respect for every single person that’s trying to keep the spirit up cause it’s damn hard…

    Free fallin’… 20 wins… Now I would settle for 15 this season…

    I’m just going to get a drink right now…

    Oh where have all the bad boys gone…

  28. adam b

    haha, John Wall wouldn’t be number 11. It’s retired, remember? We’ll surely get a good pick from this ordeal. I hate waiting in the summer for Detroit basketball, now the season couldn’t be over soon enough.

    I still love my Pistons and I still support them no matter what.

  29. Vanalope

    Boys so my question is this.. if a girl tells you she a fan of team A and player A is her favorite player and then you go on to dis that player, how is that going to result in you getting into her pants, ever? On what planet does that logic work? Clearly he wasn’t very bright either.

    The really sad part…he apparently used to be a sports caster for a local news station. Yeesh!

    • Bugs

      He obviously hasn’t talked to a loyal pistons fan before ;O)

    • Keepzitreal

      I’m available…lol

  30. Vanalope

    glad my dating disasters can add some joy and amusement to the Pistons Nation. ; )

  31. Tycoon

    @Vanalope, he’s just plain arrogant and insensitive.

  32. obiwan

    need 4 Vanalope, new site…show nat how its down..

  33. Lori

    That was the grossest game I ever saw the Pistons play. Ever. Q looked like he was in a coma by the end of the game. I didn’t blame him. I kept turning off the TV, thinking “I just can’t watch” but then this kind of dreadful fascination with the awfulness made me keep turning it on again!

    I know that things will get better eventually, because they really couldn’t get any worse, but c’mon already!! Enough is enough!!!

  34. Bugs

    obiwan, i will always be a pistons fan not matter what. These guys are making it very hard to support right now but we ALL have to stay strong. We have had it good for so long now that we just expect that it is our god given right that the pistons will always win. There is a famous saying that goes the good times are magnified by being there throughout the bad times. All this losing we have been experiencing now can make or break the true metal of this team. Losing becomes a habit and the piston players have just forgot how to win. I am sure once they get that next W ad how good it feels all the rest will sort itself out. Right now coach Q needs to sort out a regular rotation and get these guys settled.

    Any thoughts?

  35. Drew

    Who the fuck is John Wall?

    • Keepzitreal

      Watch a Kentucky game and you will find…John Wall is your No. 1 overall draf Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft and the way the stones are playing we might be heading to those lottery balls for that pick…

  36. Keepzitreal

    We suck balls right now..13 straight loses..if we lose to the wizards tomorrow then it’s definitely time for Joe D to pull the trigger on some trades….the chemistry of this team is jacked

  37. terry

    Gotta go BIG, pistons problems begin in the paint

  38. Natalie Sitto

    Obiwan, can’t seem to understand how my support for this team is in question, but you can bash and say what you will.

    I, As well as everyone else on the understand it. If I was a Bandwagoner as you claim…you would have no place to write your opinions because the site wouldn’t be here.

    • Bugs

      Owch, Natalie 1 – Obiwan Zerooooo! You go girl.

      On a serious note though we are all pistons fans that blog here and all have the pistons best interests at heart. We shouldn’t be judging each others loyalty to OUR team through these bad times. Lets all just band together and think of the positives. Maybe its about time Nat you do a piece on our 2004 championship run to take our minds of our current losing streak. It’s funny to think that the Nets, Pacers and the Pistons were the 3 best teams coming out of the east that year and now all 3 of us are at the bottom of it. What goes up must come down :O)

  39. terry

    I’d be happy with something like a Derrick Favors, or a Cole Aldrich out of the draft, bigs who play big.

  40. Al Bundy

    Cantalope, He probably didnt want to talk to you any way. You chew with your mouth open and that breath stankkkkk!

  41. Mr sales

    Joe D’s prolly gonna throw a monster deal at arenas lol

  42. Joe DzzzzzNutzzz

    Vanalope wanna go on a date????

  43. Joe DzzzzzNutzzz


  44. terry

    PG. Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum/Chucky Atkins
    SG. Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordan (until ben’s healthy then he should start)
    SF. Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye (until Tayshaun’s healthy than he should be if front of JJ)
    PF. Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell/ Chris Wilcox (whoever’s playing better that week)
    C. Ben Wallace, Kwame Brown (kwame needs more minutes)

    This is the rotation that should finish out the season with a strong dose of Daye at multiple positions thrown in. We should go no less than 10 deep, at this point every player on the team should get touches. Charlie V. should start, he was moved to the bench because the team lacked scoring off the bench, but that’s better than fizzling right out of the gates. It’s time for players to understand their roles and get some consistency.

  45. MW2

    Terry are you serious?!?!?! I hope not, nice line up coach.

  46. Vanalope

    There’s nothing wrong with fans of a team pointing out flaws and expressing disappointment, it happened last season too. No reason to call anyones “loyalty” into question over that.

    Nat’s a far bigger Pistons fan than me, she puts in the time and effort into activities like this website, that some team dedication right there. I put in my little dating story in as a means of some comic entertainment (incidentally there were a lot of other incompatibilities with that guy) but the McDyess conversation I thought would probably crack up other Pistons fans.

    Personally I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the posters here who have been Pistons fans for a while and are saying, “thats IT I’m done with this team” are blowing off steam. Who hasn’t been frustrated with something in their life at some point and you loudly declare that you’re done with it, only to actually come back to it shortly after that declaration. It’s called venting people.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Nice to have you back Vanalope. And thank you for your comic re leaf. I once stopped dating a guy who owned a Larry Bird throwback jersey…and he never even wore it in front of me. I feel you.

  47. Ahmed


    Im sorry but NATALIE JUST DESTROYED YOU! OHHHHH! But that was hilarious vanalope! hahaha, that made my day

  48. HIME1

    pistons are gonna win it all . go pistons


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