Can it get much worse? Pistons lose their 12th in a row

by | Jan 10, 2010 | 63 comments

At this point most of us don’t want to rehash Detroit’s 12th loss in a row. A loss to one of the few teams in the league that had a worse record than they did. A team that the Pistons could and should have beaten on their home court to try to get at lease a semblance of what they can be back.

After the 104-94 loss to the Sixers at the Palace, where the Pistons were down by 29 at one point, you have to wonder what exactly is happening.

  • Yes all the injuries happened, but when the Pistons were down Rip, Tay, and Gordon we managed to put together a nice winning streak.
  • How do you go from being totally in 2 games with elite teams like Dallas and the Spurs and then get blown out by the Sixers?
  • Where do we place the blame? Can we point fingers?
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  • This is not Michael Curry madness, but at times you have to wonder how Kuester is handling things.  Is he having a hard time getting things straight with most of his lineup back?  I would say that’s a big part.
  • Would we be calling for Curry’s head if he coached this team into their worst losing streak since the early 90’s?  I think we would have after about 6 losses.
  • Will Bynum hasn’t played in a while, resting his sore ankles.  Tayshaun Prince, played only 10 first quarter minutes because of left knee soreness, and Rodney Stuckey also failed to make it out of the first half, bothered by right knee soreness.  That’s never good, but even without those three, the Pistons still had the talent to at least win one of the last 12.
  • Why aren’t they gelling?
  • They keep digging themselves in a hole in the first quarter, that’s got to tell you something about the starting lineup right?
  • Rotation, rotation, it’s all about rotation and it looks like Kuester’s is in turmoil.
  • Ben Wallace can’t be the only one who can anchor the defense and it clearly looks like he is.  So if they have no D, they have to be an offensive juggernaut….and they clearly are not that either.
  • Is it point guard issues?  That’s part of it.
  • They clearly have stopped playing as a team, it seems that everyone is trying to unsuccessfully take over games by themselves. I don’t even think I need mention name here, because most of the players have been guilty of it.
  • We can go on and on, we can come up with all the trade scenarios that we want, but a trade at this point isn’t going to fix a team that should be winning to win.
  • They have to fix it now before they can move forward.
  • As always, I would like to know what you think.  So leave what you will in the comments.

Something little to make some of you smile…

As I sat in my seat before tip off of the Sixers game Mason announced on the PA system that Allen Iverson was injured and didn’t travel with his team.  And even though he wasn’t in the building, the Palace crowd let him have it.  I was part of the boos and that’s probably the only thing I smiled about all night.

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  1. Mark

    I don’t put too much blame on Kuester at all. However, I do beleive Charlie Villanueva should be starting. There is no point in having him come off the bench for scoring when we have Gordon.

    At this point of the season, I’m ready to see the team tank. I’m ready to see changes, and by that, I mean getting rid of the remainding players from the 2004 core. Let Wallace stay and retire, but it’s time for Rip and Tay to move on (Rip more than Prince).

    I don’t understand what exactly is going on, I wish someone would speak out so we have a better understanding.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Mark, have to agree with you I too would like to see Charlie V starting. If anything he can spread the floor and take the pressure off of Rip and Stuck to score.

    • DWILL313

      Charlie doesnt start, because he cannot defent a high school freshman. He comes off the bench, in hopes that teams wont plan to attack him. If he starts, and im the coach of the other team, my 1st 10 shots are going right 2 how ever he is guarding. He’s either gonna foul, or let his man blow right by him. I dont know how he even started in college wit that kinda D. but he good off the bench, but we defenitly need a starter at that spot, and no one on this current roster is the man for the job. Ben needs help, and having Charlie out the is putting way 2 much presure on a ageing Ben Wallace.

    • Nolan

      Charlie V is too inconsistant with turning the ball over, he has no defense at all, If the pistons were trying to replace Sheed with this guy they made the wrong move if he’s shooting 28.6 percent from the field for the last few games that’s not going to help anything for the team.


      I agree, why is Joe D holding on to Rip and Tay for?? Trade them..I know they wanna be traded as well….You already have your two guard and Three of the future..Stuckey and Vilanueva…So pull the trigger already..I heard that Denver had some interest in Hamilton for one of there Bigs but Joe D declined..

    • pistons 4 life

      Why not throw Stuckey in there. I really don’t see him improving very much beyond where he’s at. For the last two years now all we’ve heard is it’s time for him to step it up. I don’t know about you but I’m still waiting to see why he’s so great and apparently “untouchable”.

  2. Yasir Saleem

    Why wouldnt a trade help this team? What we need is a consistently good player. and tayshaun and rip arent consistently good anymore

  3. Yasir Saleem

    and yes, start CV over max

    maybe he can help us get a strong offensive start in both the 1st and 3rd quarters


      Have you been watchin??CV can’t guard nobody..He’s like a two guard trapped in a SF/PF body…

  4. Mark

    Exactly, and paired to Ben Wallace in the frontcourt, he doesn’t look as bad on defense.

    I love Jerebko but his hustle and rebounding is better coming off the bench.

    I’m so dissapointed in this season, I didn’t think it could get any worse then last year. At this point, I want that lottery pick.

    Maybe I’m just crazy but a back-court of John Wall and Stuckey with Gordon coming off the bench sounds alot better than what we have now.

    • Bugs

      You ain’t crazy for thinking that it better to have John Wall in our back court. Getting hi is another story but we seem to be well on our way in getting a good pick if we don’t start winning some games.

  5. Mark

    Yasir Saleem,

    I think Rip is still very good at his age, I just don’t think he is a good fit for this team anymore. I love the guy, and I’d love to see him retire in a Piston uniform, but it just isn’t going to work. Ben Gordon has looked horrible since coming back from his injury but he has had to take a backseat to Rip, and I think that is hard for any player playing the same position. Especially since Rip can’t create his own-shot, and has to consistently be spoon-fed the ball to be effective at what he does.

    Once again, that isn’t a knock on Rip, it just doesn’t make sense to keep him and Gordon. If I’m Joe D, I’m looking to trade Hamilton for whatever expirers I can get. Not just for free agency, but to successfully surrender to this season and get a lottery pick.


      Mark knows his basketball..I agree with you as much as I would like to see Rips number 32 retired in that Pistons blue,His time here is done especially when you go and sign another two guard for 60 million….Joe D needs to trade the guy to a team that could use him because what I’m seeing out there is not good basketball at all and that’s on both ends of the floor..Chemistry is jacked, nobody trust one another out there..IT’S BUFONERY OUT THERE……. JOE D PULL THE FRICKIN TRIGGER ALREADY!!!!!!!

  6. sam i am

    i was at the games as well, and when they announced AI’s name on the injury report, boy did get booed like a bitch. i wish he was thier to hear that shit.

  7. Vyvee

    I think Kuester should shoulder most of the blame. I know that CV is defensively challenged but we are getting buried in the first period. Maybe more offensive in the first period would help. At this point, we have to utilize strengths. I just cannot believe we could lose to philly like that. We cannot be this bad. There is no emotion or energy at the beginning of games. This is so depressing.

  8. N1ck

    The only sure thing is that we need drastic changes.
    This is not working.

    PG issue…

    D issue…

    Tay / Rip not able to pick their games up after the departure of Billups issue…

    The WRONG rotation issue (CV off the bench, Maxiell in the 5…I mean come on…)…
    The first q results tell you everything.

    Jerebko’s cut minutes issue…(?!)

    Too many issues, we do not deserve a better record. I just hope we get to 20 wins this season… We need drastic changes cause everything is’ going wrong.

    John Q has no simpathy of mine. He’s just a crybaby.
    Our team’s chemistry is abysmal. We have no game, just a couple of “solo artists”. Joe D, nice going with your vision.

    This season is over. Look to the future. Some things should be clear by now. At least I hope so…

  9. Jesse

    Anyone remember this off season when the general consensus was that this roster was suited to run? Well, they play at the of the slowest paces in the league (29th), and they are in the bottom third of the league in both offensive rating (24th) and defensive ratings (22nd). If the Pistons really want to start winning some games with the current roster (even though they shouldn’t), they should just put their 5 best players on the floor regardless of position, and run, run, run.

    Throw Stuckey, BG, JJ, CV and Ben out there, and see how many points you can hang on someone. Maybe playing less half court sets will hide the pg issues on this team. I bet Bynum, Daye, and Max would all thrive in an uptempo system too.

    As for the D… who cares? They can’t stop anyone anyhow, they may as well try to out score everyone. Sure, you win championships with D, but this team isn’t contending anytime soon, so that hardly seems to matter nowadays.

    • The Fan

      I like your point. Just go offense all the way and who cares about D. HA.

  10. will

    CV aint that bad on defense he just picks up alot of fouls.

    Need to start

    Bring In Tay to play the point off the bench

  11. Amer ican Prince

    I don’t know if i want Kuester fired because unlike Curry I believe he has the chance to get better, but I’ll be honest his offensive sets really leave me unimpressed. How many times do we have to see a handoff from big ben or jmax to a guard running past him just to end up at the top of the key again? we alriready got there just by bringing the ball up the floor, how about plays to get then closer to the basket. I remember lots of people complaining about Lebron and the cavs offense wondering why he always having the ball at the top of the key rather than in a place where he could finish. I kind of feel that way here. Why not put our scorers in places where they could score.

    Its hard to hear but i dont think i ever hear any taalking from the players on defense. You can usually hear something from mics around the court, but i never hear anything, and i think thats why our defense is so weak

  12. steve

    like i said in week 1 this is a lotto team and dumars is a foooooooooool…. fire joe make trades and get a real coach…this team is pathetic.

  13. Hlmk

    I would be surprised if kuester wasnt fired soon, heres why.
    John Kuester’s last head coaching job was 1985-1990, and his 1988-1989 team went 1-27, the worst record in NCAA history, so its not like he has an amazing coaching resume. He’s been an assistant coach since then, so making an assistant coach who’s last head coaching job was 19 years ago, and did an awful job (he never compiled a winning record in the 5 years he coached George Washington) was not exactly a great move from the start.
    Also, theres Byron Scott still available if they do fire Kuester, and Scott was coach of the year 2 seasons ago, when he coached a team that came off a bad season and was in rebuilding, much like this team is RIGHT NOW.
    Not all the blame can be put on kuester, but if hes still trying to figure out rotations 35 games into the season, then its time for a change.

    • pistons 4 life

      Not going to happen with 1.5 years left on his contract. Plus Joe D. would look like a complete moron to do that already. Oh wait, he kind of looks like a moron already.

  14. sam i am

    on a postitve note, austin daye could be a real nice player in about 3 years or so. he just needs to be confident in himself.

  15. Jzack

    They’ll be playing the New Jersey Nets on February 2! The skid should end there.

  16. max

    Avery Johnson would be a great fit because he was a true point guard!He calls the plays for the team,so our Point Guard problem would be solved…:)

  17. Nolan

    Coach Kuester isn’t a real coach, Stuckey isn’t a real point guard nore has ever been one, and they have no leadership period, they have not been the same since Billups left period.

  18. oigali

    wow what a game Sheed played today defensivly and offensivly damn i dont know about u guys but i still have a need for sheed cause he is still a great player and a unique personality!!!
    Just ask urself if we would loose 12 in a row with Sheed and Ben playin together instead of Charlie V. i mean cmon…….

  19. Shawn D.

    Everyone here should seriously chill, cause at least the Pistons have more than half a season to play. I’m a big time Pistons fan and i still think they have a great shot of making the playoffs

    But I’m also a Patriots fan, and after having to suffer through their blowout today, I really appreciate the Pistons chances this year more

  20. edt

    Avery Johnson doesn’t want the job. Joe d offered it to him three years in a row, he turned it down each time. he aint gonna accept this time.

    I think it’s a mistake to look at the offense and blame stuckey. You look at all these games there is something in common with all of them.

    Our opponents come into our games shooting 40% and against us they shoot 60%. That says it all. The reason we have such low scoring games is because we have no fast break points because our defense is turrible, we don’t defend, our opponents make open shots, the ball goes and then we have to bring the ball down the court.

    What is even worse, we have one of the best defensive players in the entire NBA, with Ben Wallace, day in and day out he is going to work. This means only one thing if we have such a superstar on D and still have awful defense. The rest of our players, Ben Gordon, Rip, Maxiell, Tay, and especially Charlie V watch the other team instead of defending. You want to shoot an open 3? I’m too tired to run at you and contest. you want to drive to the basket? Oh, let Ben Wallace do it all by himself. I aint gonna run and help. Stuckey, Jerebko and Wallace are the only two three that hustle on defense, and it looks like Wallace is starting to give up on this team. I noticed Big Ben didn’t have the same hustle vs the 6’ers as he did vs the spurs. You want 1 reason for why we were in the spurs game and got beat up by the 6’ers, and that reason is Ben Wallace didn’t try.

    Maybe Tay and Rip know they are on the block to get traded, so why hustle for a team that doesn’t want you? You can’t put this on Coach K.

    • The Fan

      Couldn’t agree more. Our problem in trading Tay and Rip is that they are not producing and their contracts are too large. I hope we aren’t stuck with them.

  21. Friggins

    Time to trade Prince. We won’t get fair value for him but we can get some expiring contracts and, perhaps, a young big to pair up with Ben Wallace in the front court. More importantly, this frees up some PT for Daye and Jerebko at the 3.

    The new theme for Pistons basketball is player development.

  22. Amer ican Prince

    avery didnt turn us down, he wanted more money then joe d was willing to pay. Joe himself it would be impractical to pay the coach that much with the team we have, he knows we are rebuilding, only problem, i dont think we have great players to build around

  23. Nolan

    I think we all are seeing what we are missing with Billups gone, He managed the game knew how to set up and play with Rip and Tay even Ben Wallace, and He could also beat you multiple ways not just with one like with Stuckey, He drives the ball and that’s about it, can’t shoot threes and his Midrange jumper isn’t very good, and can’t distribute the ball to anyone he once had like 0 asst, and 5 turnovers, that’s not going to win anything


    Trade Rip already Joe D…What are you holding on to him for??? pull the trigger on that Denver or Washington offer…You already made some bonehead moves, so it won’t hurt to scrap what’s left of the past and go young…



  26. max

    I know that Avery didnt want to come.I was just dreaming.This guy converted a horrible team on the defensive end to a pretty decent defensive unit,in just ONE season!
    and yeah,why should Rip even try to improve if the fans and the club want to trade him. We are paying Ben Gordon the same amount of money as Rip.This was the first sign Joe D didnt want to hold him.Joe D gave this money up not for improving the team,he gave it up for chasing Rip away…

  27. AzureAcerbus

    I dont think its Keuster’s fault. Q seems to be able to get nice open looks off of called plays.

    Its the fault of the players on this one, they simply arn’t playing well. Defensively and offensively. It goes back in forth between problems with both. First Quarter last game is we were very much offensively challenged, next quarter our offense was Ok, but our D was horrible.

  28. Lori

    Rip makes more than Ben G, first of all. Without Rip. the offense just stood there and looked at each other, waiting for somebody to make a move. Well, nobody did. Rip forces ball movement, either to him or from him because he’s constantly in motion. We need him badly. If anyone is to go it’s obviously got to be Tayshaun, since we have JJ and Austin to replace him. No offense, but they are both going to be better than he is.

    The player that’s driving me nuts right now is CV. Sometimes he’s good on defense, sometimes he’s awful. He’s just the same with his offense. But when he’s good, he’s really awesome! I don’t know what to make of him.

  29. James (Australia)

    Can I just say I don’t think it’s as easy as saying “OK, time to trade Rip and Prince – here you go Nuggets have either one and will take K-Mart.” It’s all well and good to say I think they need to be traded, but who is going to take them? The reason we want to trade them is because they are not playing at a high level, and they are showing signs of wear and tear. Add to that their hefty contracts in today’s economy and why would other teams want those players?
    I would love to know how much work Joe D does that goes unnoticed. Just because we don’t hear anything, does that mean he isn’t looking for trade partners?
    I don’t want a trade for the sake of doing a trade. If we’re stuck with this team for the rest of the year, so be it…I cannot believe a team with this much talent can extend this streak much further.
    We need to play faster. We need to play with hustle, energy, and heart. We need D. We need Offense. We need a 180 degree turnaround!
    I think we can do it….

  30. Jack

    We really need a new coach, maybe try and make a run at avery johnson again. We also have too many guards. I think trading one, possibly hamilton (for boozer, Jamison,al jefferson, bosh) would help because we really need a low post scorer Then start Bynum PG when he comes back and start stuckey SG. We all remember how well he was doing when rip and gordon were out. SF prince, PF whoever, and big ben at centre with cv31 and gordon coming of the bench with plenty of minutes. this gives us plenty of option of the bench and finally some proper inside scoring. Lets try and take advantage of the wizards situation as well

  31. James (Australia)

    Your solution sounds great, Jack, but as I stated earlier it is not as simple as saying, “OK, we want to trade Hamilton so give us Boozer, Jamison, Jefferson, or Bosh.” You need to think, “Why would any of those teams want Hamilton? We don’t want him because he is getting old, injury-plagued, and not performing as we want and he has a big contract, so why would any of those teams give us a young, scoring big?” It sounds simple to state that we need a low post prescence on both offense and defence, but they are so hard to find, teams don’t readily give them up.
    We won’t be getting a new coach and I don’t think we need one…yet. I’m prepared to cut Q a bit of slack.
    Our other problem in a trade would be that we are trading from a position of weakness, not strength.

    • Keepzitreal

      Newsflash bro fro Australia…Boozer and Jamison are not that young and when you look at our team the only trade piece that other teams have interest in is Rip..A proven champion and Allstar…The Pistons culture and make up has changed…this used to be a grind it out defensive team, but now everybody out there is trying to be a jump shooter..I’m sure that there has been a number of offers on the table and with the fire sale that’s about to go down in Washington Joe should definitely pull the trigger…not just for the present but for the future

  32. Chad

    This explains why Laimbeer wasn’t looked at for the HC position…

    They obviously are keeping the seat warm for Doug Collins.. and didnt want to fire Laimbeer when that time came.

    John Wall
    Stuckey / Gordan
    Whoever we get for rip and Tay


  33. Geeyaan

    im starting to regret that i am a Piston fan! We have to STOP playing isolation offense! were not that kind of team and start moving the ball like we used to!

  34. obiwan

    well that leaves me to still beleive that my boys the motor city bad boys will and i repeat will make the playoffs…hold on nat i know you like jumping off

  35. KleenGee

    First of all: Trust Joe

    Q had a good plan while Rip and Tay were out (before Gordon and Bynum got hurt). I just hope he has bigger balls than Curry to bench Tay and Rip when they’re not playing well.

    Sorry folks. I’m a fan of AI, and I wouldn’t boo him. Curry made the right choice in starting him over Rip.

    Last season around the holidays, Rip was injured and the Pistons won games with Stuckey and AI starting. When Rip came back, the shit hit the fan, and they started losing. Flash forward to this season, and the team won games when Rip was out.

    I might be wrong, but the team can’t win with Rip as a starter. I’m betting that everyone (including Coach Q) is afraid of that emotional stuff he did last year, so they’re playing around him, waiting for his shot to sink. I’m afraid he only had those good years cause of Billups style. Now, Rip has to learn to play to Stuckey’s style and strengths. His style is Stucktacular.

    • Keepzitreal

      KleenGee…Do you know basketball at all?? Stuckey is not a point guard and Joe D and his bonehead staff are starting to kick themselves in the head…Stay tuned and watch tomorrows game against the Bulls…..

  36. Tycoon

    I read on other thread that Pistons are 0-7 when Kwame is on DNP list. I know he’s not a go to guy, but that says a lot about his hustle and defense. Q should bring him back soon.

  37. edt

    lol tycoon. we are also 0-7 in last seven days that end in ‘y’

  38. Diogenes

    When we won it all in 2004 it was a shock – we had no super star and we beat a pseudo dream team. That was the exception to the rule. To take this thing to the next level we need to be a lottery team and draft the next Duncan or Kobe. Lebron literally walked on us to score those 40 plus points – that was a disparity in talent. We need a Bron or Kobe or Duncan or a Zeke. 2004 was a fluke – a well earned, hard fought fluke. Curry got a raw deal. He was tasked with making a mountain out of a moll hole – as had Q. Michael Curry was a patsy.

  39. Marcell

    Read this at ESPN this morning

    An assumption in circulation all season held that Detroit would try to move Rip Hamilton before any other Piston because there isn’t enough room in one rotation for Rip, Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey.

    The reality is that Tayshaun Prince would appear to be the most likely of Detroit’s championship holdovers to be dealt first, since Prince possesses the more cap-friendly contract.

    Only one season remains on Prince’s deal after this season at $11.1 million. The Pistons, furthermore, also have a few young guys they like (Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko and DaJuan Summers) who can play some 3.

    Matters are complicated by the fact that injuries have limited both Piston mainstays to nine games each this season. But it’s clear that the Pistons have to make a move for a true point guard or a dependable big man … not necessarily to bust out of this 12-game losing streak but for their long-term future.

    “I know there are a lot of conversations going on,” one source said. “I’m sure Tay’s in play.”

  40. HIME1

    well I dont whats going on. I am not a nba player, but I can coach any team to beat the pistons. I am a piston fan for life. but .its so predictable.I have and example.
    tip off. game starts pistons dribble up the floor stuckey to basket not looking a pass. rip running around screens for no reason like he gonna get the ball.then cv gets a pass run to the basket not looking to pass. then bynum get in the game bynum to the basket not looking to pass. then rip get it not looking to pass. shoot it .Im not physcic but this team can beat anybody with me me me atitude.
    remember when the pistons had a great team bunch of guys we didnt kow would shine every game . it was like who was gonna light it up for the pistons this game.we were excited to see what was gonna happen . but now this team is one man for himself.
    GO PISTONS! its clear they dont want to play on the same team. please make some moves for players that want to play .here

    • gMac

      Wow, That’s a great trade. The Celtics will be missing the 3 point shooting from Ray Allen though. This will allow them to play Sheed more too.

      We get to dump Ray and Brian’s contract after the season.

  41. Jzack

    PISTONS @ BULLS tonight

    more or less 20 point blowout.

    • Jzack

      Ooops I missed.. it’s a 30+ point blowout so far..

  42. NinaMo

    Some of you guys are funny. Was Chauncey a real point guard when he came into the league? NO! He had to learn to be a PG and he hit his stride as a Piston. I think having Stuckey run as the PG is the only option until we get a solid PG. Remember when Wade was Miami’s PG and he did not hit his stride until the Heat complimented him with a PG.

    Should we trade Rip? Yes, he is a one dimensional SG. He works well in a slow paced offense. Those kinds of teams are fading in today’s NBA. He cannot create his own shot and take you off of the dribble. I love Rip’s game but it just does not work for this team.

    Should we trade Tay? Yes. He gets worn down as the season goes on. I have a lot of respect for him but he played great in a system of defenders. Right now we know his game, post and go left.

    I would like to see more new faces on this team who want to win. There are a ton of gaps to be filled and I do believe it has NOTHING to do with Coach Q. He can call plays, set line ups all day but the guys on the court have to make shots, play D and finish games.

    I will Ride & Die for the Pistons… Lottery or not.

    The only person that makes me wonder is Joe D’s decision making ….

  43. daddy

    im with jesse i thought in the start of the season Q said we were going to run more since our line up. i think it would actually be better for us. it would get a lot of guys more invovled in the game and hopefully get some easy buckets. its sad to the the cavs offense in detroit. i really wished we would of got avery johnson he knows how to run an offense. but again i understand why pay a coach that much when we are rebuilding. we should have learned the lesson before we booted larry brown and never got a ring again. a coach can control players, games, and motivate the players into a championship team. look at the difference between phoenix now and last year.


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