And it Continues – Pistons fall in San Antonio

by | Jan 7, 2010 | 43 comments

The Pistons looked good for about 3 quarters last night against the Spurs, but a fourth quarter collapse made their now 11 game slide inevitable. Even Rip Hamilton’s’ game high 29 points was not enough as the Pistons lose another to the Spurs 92-112.

Key Points:

  • Jason Maxiell, who didn’t play a minute in the Pistons lost to Dallas, started in place of Jonas Jerebko and finished with 5 points, 2 steals and 7 boards . I for one was surprised with the change.
  • Nice to see McDyess smiling again, even if it’s not with The Pistons.
  • Rodney Stuckey, who finished with 13 points, 4 boards and 0 assists in 24 minutes. Stuckey tweaked his knee early in the game and didn’t play much of the fourth. No word yet on his status.
  • Rip Hamilton led Detroit with 29 points om 12-22 shooting with 2 assists a steal and one board.

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  • Recap with Greg and George

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  • Tayshaun still looks hurt, but he did have a nice block.
  • 14 for Charlie V in 23 minutes.
  • The final score didn’t really tell the tale of this game, Detroit really did have a chance until mid fourth quarter.  I knew it was over after a really bad Ben Gordon turnover with about 6 minutes to go.
  • Seriously, when is Ben Gordon going to get his groove back? 4-for-12 shooting with 11 points and 5 turnovers. Not good, not good at all.
  • I have to cut the recap short for this one, but feel free to add more in the comments.
  • Where is the D?  The Spurs shot 58% for the night.
  • Ok, can we really (seriously) start talking about tanking yet?
  • I will leave you with the low lights.

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  1. The Fan

    We played great until the end. Coach Q is probably just experimenting with different sets now that everyone is back healthy.

    How free throw shooting though is horrible. Absolutely deplorable. 56%. Gordon is pissing me off. I hate that we went after a guard in the off season.

  2. andreas

    Do you know why Kuester decided not to start with Jerebko?

    • Normal 2

      Probably becaue he is deferring. Just look at his play before Rip and Tay got back to after. His production started going down and it looked like he was scared to shoot again. That’s what i personally think the reason was. Could be wrong though.

  3. daddy

    Ahhh this game was such a disappointment. We played decent for three quarters and then in the fourth it was like high schoolers out there. 11 turnovers in the fourth you have to be kidding me. Wilcox had a nice dunk and then missed a dunk, other than that he doesnt look like he knows who he is playing against. He leaves ppl open and is terrible off pick and rolls.
    Tay was a bit slow and didnt seem to be moving that well. I can tell he is still hurting and was playing with caution out there. Coach Q is still testing the line up, but last night when we were down by 4 he had our worst defensive players out there.
    Kwame played like 4 mins and had a nice move where he posted, put the ball on the floor, and drove past someone for an easy layup. Its nice to see that he has got some confidence to drive to the bucket. Give him so more mins i think he deserves it.
    Ben Gordon had some jump shots where I was questioned his shooting skills. I know he can shot but seriously dont know what was wrong with him last night.
    I know everyone is still trying to figure their groove out i was just upset. This is another game we could of had an we blew it.

  4. Jesse

    Yes please, let’s kick off tankapalooza early this season! I’m telling you, if you root for and embrace the loses this season is much, much less frustrating to get through. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see the team get blown out night after night, but as long as the youngster get some burn (and improving), I’d be happy not winning another game all year.

  5. JGrizzy

    To be greatly honest i don’t even know what to say or think anymore… I’m still rootin cuz i’m a diehard tho… I just don’t know anymore guys… I can say we have some games comin up that we can win but last time I said that we got stomped on by NY so idk…

  6. The Duke

    This is hard to take as a Pistons fan. They played decent after 3. The score was 77-77 and than San Anton just took off. How many open 3’s are we going to give them in one game? On a better note for Detroit… I know this is a Pistons blog, but I’m happy Hank and Cleary are supposed to be coming back tonight.

  7. Ryan

    this team is a failure. its a freakin joke when I sit there and watch these games.
    Its totally pathetic. Tay is rusty. Gordon sucks. wtf… why does everyone suck that comes here? Honestly!

    A.I. was horrible here.
    Gordon in the playoffs last spring? —- Totally different player that I see now.
    Charlie V —- Improving but still not the person I saw last year.
    Rip was good last night but he is off alot.
    Stuckey – WTF happened to the two 40 point games last year. W. T. F.

    MAXIPAD has improved his shooting unbelievably. Props to him. Not as many power slams this year tho.

    I guess we’ll wait and see……. I sure as hell didnt expect it to be like this, if you look at our roster you would think that we are a contender. It really truly is really sad.

    • pistons 4 life

      Where do you get a contender out of this roster? Especially when most of them haven’t played together ever before.

  8. pistonsfan32

    This is so depressing. I cannot beleive we have lost 11 straight. I mean, we have a good roster. The two F.A.s we got in the off season are not producing. BG is playing terrible, and he sort of plays with no emotion. Cv31’s defense is non-existent and Wilcox needs to be in street clothes. Our bench would be AMAZING if these guys started to produce. We need another big to help Ben out. I miss the old Pistons. I wish it was still 2004. (sighhh)…..

    Who knew Chauncey meant so much to this team. I mean our record was better last year. That’s pathetic.

    • pistons 4 life

      Chauncey is a natural leader. He goes to Denver and brings a team that couldn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs to the conference finals.

  9. daddy

    sa killed us by getting so many second chance points? there were plenty of times ppl just looked around while the spurs grabbed an offensive rebound and nailed an open three. did anyone know who they were playing no one boxed out blair? did they not know that he gets boards like crazy? it was good to see him and maxy play against each other seems like kinda the same player.

  10. Normal 2

    I’m not depressed with all the losing cause this is how i look at it. We had so many winning seasons with Limited injuries that law of the universe (with the help of Joe D.) says it’s time for the losing cycle to begin. Just like at the end of the bad boy era, we had the Teal era, then we had the bad boy II era, and now we’re back in the Teal era again. So I just hope the Teal era doesn’t take that long so we can get to the Bad Boy III era. That’s how I look at it. It’s just a matter of time before the bad boy III era rises………………………..hopefully..haha

  11. Normal 2

    P.S. Some teams never get out of the Teal era and i’m grateful that we’re not on of those teams.

  12. Paul

    Ill just say one thing….the score was 71-74 when Maxiell went out….next time he came back in with like 2 minutes left the score was 85-101 …. I think its obvious that the reason for these losses is the lack of defense, especially by the big men like Villanueva and Wilcox. After Wilcox’s best game, he has one of his worst (0-4 from FT? really?) Plus the Pistons seemed to fall apart at the end of the game, maybe because of the back to back? Who knows…but some changes really need to be made because OBVIOUSLY this team isnt working the way it is!

  13. daddy

    Yes wilcox cant even guard a light post. seriously i see ppl just walk past him or simply just move him out the way (without a struggle) he also seems to just stand around when he doesnt have the ball. i will give him credit for being able to make cuts and go to the basket and dunk. after he missed the dunk i was like please take this man out.

    CV31 makes some of the dumbest shots on offense. He is too eager to just throw the long ball last night he ran into a three on a fast break and missed it. We could of had an easy 2 but of course he threw it out from downtown. Plus when he has smaller defenders on him like ROGER MANSON JR. who cant guard 5 year olds why would u take a fade? Post him up and work ur way to the bucket he is smaller, weighs less, and doesnt defend and u still take a fade, with plenty of time on the clock? That was just pathetic, know who ur playing and who is guarding u.

    • michael

      If he made that 3 you would feel the complete oppisite right now.

  14. mrk

    it is so sad to see our boys this way. lets hope we do lose the rest (bc we dont deserve a W at all) and then we can get a good pick in the draft. I am as die-hard as they come but this is getting ridculous. NO emotion, settling for jump shot when WE CAN NOT SHOOT. Lazy and sad. DRIVE TO THE BUCKET DONT BE SO LAZY. thats DETROIT for ya

  15. Hlmk

    well, at least ‘sheed did really good against the heat

  16. The Fan

    We have no offensive plan except one on one. There is absolutely no play making being made. And it starts with a lack of inside presence.

    Wilcox doesn’t know what he is doing out there. I remember watching him in PHX and he looked like a dear in the headlights out there.

    All we have is guards that can score. Until we change that. We are going to have the same results. Its really pointless to try and talk about it.

    • pistons 4 life

      Agree. Good teams have at least one outside and inside threat. Until they get that they will struggle.

  17. edt

    the fan, you do know that charlie v was supposed to be our post presence? What a bust.

    actually our team is not terrible, the problem is two fold. 1) we had injuries to our top 2 players, rip & tayshuan 2) we are paying superstar salaries to merely pretty good players, $12 million rip, $10 m ben gordon, $6.5 charlie v, $5 m jason maxiell, $4 m kwame, $3 million chris wilcox.

    We are only paying $1.8 million for Rodney Stuckey and $1.3 for Ben Wallace. If you look at the box score for last nite’s game, we have TWO players positive on a +/-: Stuckey at +1 and ben wallace at a +5. Tay, Chucky, Wilxcox, Ben Gordon and Charlie V were all somewhere between -15 and -20.

    That is the problem in a nutshell. We pay so much for medium talent that we can never trade them away. Don’t get me wrong I love Rip Hamilton. But he’s not worth $12m. Which means straight up we can never ever trade Rip, nor Ben Gordon, nor Charlie V, we are stuck with them loaded on our books.

    This is straight up a Joe Dumars problem. We should be $20 million under the cap now, if we had paid Rip, Ben Gordon, Charlie V and Maxiell their true value.

    Our two best players nite in and nite out are no question Ben Wallace and Rodney Stuckey, who combined we only paid $3 million for.

    We are gonna have Rip, Gordon, Charlie V and Maxiell on the books until 2014! That’s $40 million for players that let’s face facts, these guys are not gonna get better. In 2013 we are gonna have $40 million worth sitting on the bench while Jonas Jerebko, Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey, Austin Daye and whoever we draft this year carry the team. Rip is getting older, he’s not going to be able to tolerate starting minutes anymore, that’s what happens when you get old.

    This is Ben Wallace’s last year, think how bad our team would be without him.

    The good thing is our young players have a ton of potential. But what I am looking at is we are not gonna make the NBA finals again until (sigh), 2013, when those fat expiring contracts because good trade bait.

    • The Fan

      I never said our team was terrible. I said we have no offensive presence inside the paint. Charlie V does not post up or bang inside. He shoots faders and 3’s.

  18. RIP CITY

    Joe Dumars has a great salary structure. Bynum, Stuckey, Ben Wallace, Jerebko, Atkins are all paid next to nothing. Rip and Tay were signed at a time where Tracy McGrady was getting paid $23 million a year (Oh, wait. He’s still getting paid that.)
    They need good health and time. And also to beef up the front court. I know Kwame and Wilcox can get down and dirty. But that could be, partly, due to inconsistent minutes.

  19. HIME1

    go! Pistons!

  20. Jack the ripper

    we need to pick up arenas

  21. pistons 4 life

    Does anyone else ever wonder why they payed BG and CV all kinds of money to come off the bench. I saw a shot they showed last night of both of them sitting on the bench and I thought, what an awful way of taking yourself out of the running for good free agents this summer.

  22. daddy

    ahahha arenas is never coming here he is way to expensive and we dont need another guard. The reason why rodney is getting paid so little is because he is still getting paid the amount from when we drafted him. rip is getting traded joe wouldnt of signed gordon and keep rip around. I know that he is trying to trade tay also becasue we drafted 3 forwards and signed two power forwards. so maxipad tay and rip on the block to get traded. im sure joe will make it happen by christmas and it will turn around for the better.

  23. Dhrumil

    SHORTen the rotation.

  24. Svesse

    Or start playing basketball…

  25. The Fluidics

    Never tank. That just gives your players a loser mentality.

  26. letsgodetroit

    Cant these guys just win a game already!?!

  27. Joshua

    I laughed so hard when Greg said, “He looked like a helicopter there, George.”!

  28. Chris Reeves

    How come Chauncey doesnt get any minutes any more?!?!?!?!? I mean comeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnn

  29. Ralphie

    OMG….Say it’s not true….Tank the season? What if……A surprise turnaround….Another championship Perhaps? No championship rings. No championship shirts. No championship parade downtown.

  30. terry

    The magic word is chemistry. The Pistons don’t have it right now. Q should lengthen the rotation not shorten it. There is no reason guys like Kwame and Jonas shouldn’t be able to get at least 10 minutes a game minimum. It’s clear that Prince, Gordan, and Stuckey have not fully recovered so spread those minutes out more. I’m willing to bet the Pistons will close out the season on a significant winning streak, they are not as bad as people think, watch! Watch! Really though I hope in a way that they do fall short of the playoffs, we need a lottery redux. What so many fans fail to realize is that Dumars is rebuilding this team the opposite of other organizations. Other teams Shoot for a star then try to build a team around them. That ish don’t work, it sells tickets but it don’t win rings(just ask Cleveland). Dumars is building a rock solid team first, add a star player to that. and you got champions(just ask San Antonio).

  31. James (Australia)

    We’re getting a little ridiculous here guys, do we appreciate that we stuck it with two of the best teams in the NBA away from home only to just pull up short? Gordon is obviously not in a rhythym yet, but it will come. Stuckey didn’t play all that great and we still had a chance to win. Sure we played poorly for the first nine losses, but these last two losses may not have been prevented were we at peak form. We will beat the Sixers and probably the Wizards.

    No more trade or tank talk. We will fight through this patch.

  32. pistons 4 life

    I’m starting to think that the Bulls and Ben Gordon had a mutual relationship. He’s struggling without them and they stink without him. I just hope that he can become for the Pistons what he was for the Bulls.

  33. Tycoon

    Yes we should win the next two games or we’ll find our team next to Nets. Thats depressing.

  34. #1 pistons fan

    omg!!!!!!! wtf were tied in the forth then they blow it STUPID!!!!!!!!

  35. Armand

    Q and Joe r just testing different players at different situations to see who is worth keeping and who has to bounce

  36. dex

    if only we kept Billups…I know its not good to say what if, but if we did we could have Bynum be the back up at point and Stuckey back up Rip. Still might have signed Charlie V, not gordon…but who cares because we’d have stuckey coming off the bench. Would have developed young players and still would be winning 50 games a year. Most likely would have kept mcdyess, and Sheed still would have left but we’d get Big Ben back anyway. Wow that sucks, Joe D out smarted himself on that one.

    Line Up:
    Billups — Bynum
    Rip — Stuckey
    Tay — Jerebko, Daye
    Dice — Charlie V, Max
    Big Ben — Max, Brown

    Seems like a good line up to me, i sadly type…..

    • Yasir Saleem

      Dex, if we had billups, we would not have played bynum since stuckey wouldve been backing up billups
      we would prob not have had daye because he was the 15th pick and im not sure if we wouldve had jerebko

      and not sure if we wouldve been able to sign CV


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