Wide open at the Wire – Pistons lose their 10th straight

by | Jan 6, 2010 | 25 comments

Despite a 14 point first half lead, Chris Wilcox playing his best ball in a
Pistons uniform and Rip Hamilton leading the Pistons with 20 points, Detroit
lost their 10th straight game to the Dallas Mavericks 93-98.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons started hot and Dallas shot 28.6 percent and trailed 22-14 after
    one quarter.
  • Detroit looked like a rejuvenated team Tuesday night in Dallas, regardless of
    the loss.  Great first half, but things changed in the third quarter when
    Dallas started making their shots.
  • With Will Bynum out, Chucky Atkins played just 7 minutes.
  • Pleasant surprise of the night, Chris Wilcox.
  • Big shots late in the game for Rodney Stuckey kept Detroit in the game but he
    didn’t hit a shot till the second half.
  • Are you kidding me Mr. Wilcox? It’s about time that Chris is being the Chris I thought he was.

Chris Wilcox
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  • Dunk, after Dunk after dunk.  Wilcox scored 8 of his 12 points in the first quarter jump starting Detroit to first half domination. Chris also grabbed six boards in his 20 minutes on the court.

[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/jan_5_10_wilcox_1.flv /]

Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Is Jason Maxiell in the dog house again? DNP for the Baby Eater.
  • Tayshaun Prince looked comfortable last night and did a great job down the stretch limiting Dirk. Tay finished with 12 points on 5-for-11 shooting with 5 boards, 2 assists a steal and a blocked shot.
  • With Tay and Wilcox playing so well there wasn’t much Need4Swede. Jonas played just 14 minutes, but his 2 points came from a nice dunk.
  • Rodney scored 10 in the fourth with the game on the line but couldn’t make the WIDEST open three since …well that miserable night against the Spurs. Rodney finished with 15 on the night.
  • 12 boards and 6 points for Mr. Wallace. When Ben plays like that, Detroit usually always has a chance to win.
  • You kidding me Charlie V? Villanueva hit 4 huge 3-pointers in the first half which helped the Pistons pull away. He finished with 17 and 9 boards, that’s the Charlie V we want to see. Anyone else besides me wondering why he wasn’t on the floor when Detroit needed a three to tie the ball game?

Charlie Villanueva
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  • Ben Gordon just 9 points on 4-for-11 shooting with 4 turns. I knew he was going to have a bad night as soon as his first shot hit the side of the backboard like my grandma shot it.
  • Damn you Jason Terry and your 26 points and silly airplane dance.
  • Last Pistons double-digit losing streak was the 13-game tank for Grant Hill in 1994.
  • It hasn’t been fun to watch this team lately, but last night at least it showed that they still have some fight left in them.
  • 44 points in the Paint for Detroit.
  • Board war lost 41-47.
  • Exciting finish to the game, if you missed it the NBA.com Highlights will help you out.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/mavericks/2010/01/05/0020900502_DET_DAL_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

“I think ever since they traded Chauncey away, everything just kind of went downhill from there,” said McDyess, who will face the Pistons tonight. “It’s like they broke up all chemistry, and I really didn’t understand the whole logic of that trade.

“I guess they really was in a rebuilding stage, and it’s showing now.”

  • Yes it is Dyess….
  • To stir things up even more what is the Dumars for Governor of Michigan rumor I’m hearing. Let him fix this team before he even attempts to fix the State please.


  1. Bugs

    Charlie V should of definitely been on the floor when Detroit needed a three to tie the ball game Nat. We didn’t lose the game with that last shot, we lost it in the 3rd quarter!

    • Natalie Sitto

      Agreed Bugs..third quarter woes again.

  2. HIME1

    I hope the Pistons just Ignore what people say . and start kickin but again, Go ! Pistons!

  3. pistonsfan32

    im miss dyess 🙁

  4. The Fan

    Yeah, I have know Idea why Charlie V wasn’t in the game at the end. Its like kuester doesn’t like him or something.

    I have to disagree with you on one of your points though Nat. There was a Need4Swede. I think one of the reasons we held the Mavs to such a low scoring first half was because he was on the floor for much of the first half. Then somewhere towards the end of the second qtr and the rest of the game we decided to play with three guards for nearly the remainder of the game with Gordon, Stuckey, and Hamilton.

    Small ball. Why are we playing with 3 guards so much? errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  5. Alex_Be

    Chris Wilcox finally showed up. He has been my biggest disappointment so far this season. I was very excited when I found out he signed with us. I hope last nights game is an indication of things to come from him.

  6. Marcell

    We got the Dallas broadcast down here in Florida. They even questioned why Charlie wasn’t out their for that 3 point shot. They also went on and on about Tayshaun grimacing with every other step he took. I did notice the expression on his face too and asked Keith Langlois during the game ( Chat) and he shrugged it off and said Tayshaun said he is feeling fine.

  7. daddy

    tonight we will take the spurs and end this skid. i think we are getting it together and its still kinda shaky who we should play. I like JJ and Tay so it would kinda depend on the teams who’d I would like to see get more mins. Wilcox is getting better still needs to learn to rotate more. i just wish the d would step it up and play a bit smarter on offense. we should be coming up with some wins soon. keep ur heads up guys we will turn this around. couch is still learning the players and the players are still learning the system just have faith. im sure a trade is in the works hopefully it helps us turn things around quicker. i dont like playing small ball unless we start to run i think we do well in transistion.

  8. Buzz Killington

    Rodney was surprised he was so wide open

    Next stop San Antonio, good luck!

    • The Fan

      Rodney Stuckey is 17% from 3pt land this year. Dumb play to set him up for the 3.

  9. N1ck from Croatia

    This dreadful skid will end soon… Maybe not tonight though…

    I believe when our team is complete, get to know each other more and with an addition of the trade that just needs to happen and will happen, we can be a very good team again. But we need to be patient. It’s not an easy process, everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong…

  10. anchunger

    It’s a shame that Charlie V did not take that 3! He was so hot from beyond the arc. What was Kuester thinking? Thinking of having Stuckey miss the 3 point shot. He was 6 of 34 from behind the arc…why didn’t he set up the screen for Gordon?

    The team’s still getting to know its system since Tay and Rip were out for majority of the first half of the season. So I guess…if we give them just at least 3 more games…they can start rolling. Hopefully.

    • Mark

      The only reason Stuckey was so wide open is becuase most of the Mavs went to BG so he wouldnt get the ball

  11. Colton Keck

    I love you people they showed a stat that said before the game that in a 4 game skid v shot freakining 4 of 21 in three pointers , And why do yall love him but all bashed rasheed , we coulda kept sheed with big ben back and done so much damage , idiots

  12. edt

    colton have you seen sheed with the celtics? He’s become a volume 3 point shooter with a bad temper.

    from celticstown.com, the celtics blog:

    Rasheed Wallace stays on the perimeter way too often! He looks so out of shape! My three-year old daughter has more offensive rebounds than Wallace this season! That guy on Jersey Shore who sucker-punched Snooki in the face controls his temper better than Wallace!

    sheed is not the same guy as you think he is. The big mistake joe dumars made is clear now in retrospect. He never should have traded billups. He should have kept billups, put stuckey at the 2, traded away rip along with sheed, and then we would still have had antonio mcdyess who has admitted this year that he would have stayed in detroit if billups was still playing there.

    the problem is that joe wanted to develop stuckey and thought he had to trade away billups to do it. I dont blame joe it was a difficult decision, but in retrospect it was a mistake.

    On the other hand, the rookies are getting a lot of time, and that will be so valuable down the road.

    • The Fan

      EDT… Thats hindsight for you. That would have been the best way to play it I agree. Damn shame it didn’t go down that way!

  13. gMac

    Just some thoughts.
    Did we ever lose 10 game in a row last year? We were all so mad about ‘small ball’ last year, and now we are playing it all the time.

    I’m not saying it’s bad or even suggest this season is worse than last. Just a thought. It’s a real good sign how patient we are with this team.

    I’m actually quite happy that we suck without even trying. We need the picks!! We just have to make Tay and Rip look good to pump up their value.

  14. N1ck

    Well it’s clear now that the fact we started rebuilding with the Billups trade was a dreadful mistake…

    But we have to stay positive (as hard as that is right now) and think about a better future with some right moves…

    The predictions about a .500 season… think about it people… that was well over optimistic for a team undergoing such changes…

    But nobody can be up there forever… These are some bad days but the future can be ours. But for that a lot of things have to go our way…

    BTW glad to see Wilcox’s performances are getting better. He could be far more to our team then he was in the start of the season.

  15. sam i am

    ayy joe d how bout u get on these player: caron butler, antwan jaimson, or david west. he could easily trade for one of these players.

  16. tommy1991


  17. Normal 2

    Isn’t it weird watching the Piston’s play without hardley any Techs??

  18. daddy

    i would not want to trade tay for caron. caron refuses to play defense and thats the best thing about tay. he plays smart and hustles on d. caron does takes too many bad shots and just stands around on d. ill take jaimson anyday i always liked his game and how he stays on the block.

    the trade was not a mistake. joe knew that we were not going to win it all with this group so he started to rebuild. in his mind ( as well as mine ) if u dont win it all then whats the point? thats why he traded billups to free up some cash. sheed left if anyone remembers and im glad. he doesnt has not played with heart in years.

  19. oigali

    Now that KG is hurt Sheed is gonna play much more and he is gettin in shape and he showed already that he still got game especially in the big games the celtics had this year and everybody knows that he plays for a ring not for regular season stats so i would have loved if they would kept him cause especially his defense but also his postplay is still special like he showed this season in some games when the celtics needed it imagine Sheed and Big Ben together again that would have been great but its just a dream………………
    Charlie V cant play D and he is just a role-player nothing more!!!

    • The Fan

      Rasheed Wallace is an overpaid BUM!!! He cashed in his check 3 years ago! Anyone thinking otherwise is delusional. The Pistons are better without him.

  20. Anderson

    I see Charlie V as a role player either. He’s too inconsistent do be one of the main-men… He was good from the arc yesterday, but remember: he’s supposed to be a post player. but he scored 12 of his 17 points in treys. I mean, where’s his inside game? and most of all, he plays no D.
    sorry but he’s not a starting PF to me.

    also, Stuckey is not a PG, for God sake.
    the correct move would definitely be keeping Billups.

    we can trade Rip, ok, but he’s more reliable than Gordon.

    we need an offensive threat in the post. someone we can count in case our jumps don’t fall. we don’t have that, and we give up runs.

    if we want a ring in the near future, this team has to change. a lot.


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