Need4Sheed 2010 Detroit Pistons Screensaver

by | Jan 2, 2010 | 34 comments

New Year, new players, new (Windows compatible) Detroit Pistons 2010 Toon Screensaver.

As always, screensavers are virus and spyware free.

DOWNLOAD The Need4Sheed Detroit Pistons 2010 Screensaver

Mac users: Stay tooned…I’m working on a compatible screensaver for you.


  1. Brian

    Thank you nat looks great can’t wait to have it on my mac hopefully sooner than later. Go Pistons!!!!!! Go Need4Sweed!!!!!!!!

  2. sam i am

    nice screen saver nat.

    but here’s a trade to everyone on here, its between us the the knicks. the pistons give up tay, and rip. and get david lee, larry hughes, and marcus landry (a throw in).

    analysis: IMO, tay and rip just dnt belong here anymore, rip doesnt wanna be here, nd tay is just not himself anymore. on the other side we get david lee, a player pistons fans will drool over because of his hustle. larry hughes is just a one-year rental, and so is marcus landry. and btw all three players will be coming off the books next year, so that means we’ll have more than 21 million cap space for next year. ( chris bosh or amare stoudmire )

  3. ali bazzi

    WHERES JOHN WALL???????????????

  4. Yasir Saleem

    @sam i am
    do you really think the knicks would even look at that trade?. Rip is getting old and as you said, tayshaun isnt himself. esp. coming off of injuries. Those players have to prove themselves healthy if they even want that trade to be looked at.
    and why would the knicks give up their cap space for this summer for two players that have decreasing value.
    thats like the knicks trading away Lebron james for rip and tayshaun. im pretty sure no team would accept that trade.

    • sam i am

      ya ur right, i didnt look at the trade from a knicks prespective.

  5. KleenGee

    Too cool Nat!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. #1 pistons fan

    yo nat nice but we wanna c pistons win then it will b even nicer!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ???????????

    i got a gd idea just loss all the rest of ur games will get a first round draft pick. trade some players……… let everybody stop wining and will all b happy next season>>>>>>>>>>!!!!??????

  8. #1 pistons fan

    haha funny idea ?????????

  9. ali bazzi


    Soo we get lucky in the lottery… thyen if we get pick 1 we draft jonn wall!! then we trade stuckey and tay/rip for a big man!! this scenario can work!!!!

    look at the bulls in 2008. they were like 3 games out the playoffs and still got the first pick and they got the first pick and selected derrick rose!!

    c-kaman??camby?? these are just suggestions! i dont know if the numbers will work

  10. Ronnie D.

    Bring on T-Mac!!!!!! Then theres 23 mill off the books for next year. Look the way we are playing lately (better w/o RIP and Tay) I dont see how the T-Mac trade could really hurt us. Blah, blah, blah AI last year. Yeah well we thought we had a chance last year to win but this year is pretty different. Bring in T-Mac, get the money off the books for next year and sign Amare.

    PF-Charlie V
    C- Amare

    Actually still dont look that good to me

    WE NEED A TRUE PG!!!!!!

  11. Marcell

    Looks realy neat. Thank you Nat for all the hard work you put into your site.

    • Bugs

      Yeah Nat i agree with marcell. Keep up the good work and much thanks!

  12. KleenGee

    Hating Stuckey, Trading Rip and Tay for Tmac, or Moving Stuckey to the 2guard. Conversations always end up here.

    Let’s continue rooting for our team and watch what unfolds. I’m sure they’re not going to give up and lose the rest of the games. We’ll probably be surprised by how well they pull it together. Go Pistons!!!!!!

    I read that Prince and Gordon are running point while Stuckey rests his ankle.

    • Bugs

      I am all for keep Rip & Prince but think if we can unload Max and Kwame then we should do it….read below!

      I read this article recently about New Orleans. It mentions that some NBA executives believe that the Hornets may not be able to avoid dealing away David West before the February 18 trade deadline. Trading West would ensure that the Hornets stay under this season’s luxury tax threshold.

      The Hornets would likely prefer to move Emeka Okafor, Peja Stojakovic, James Posey, Mo Peterson, Darius Songaila or Julian Wright. But finding a taker for any of these other players will be more difficult than doing so for West.

      I then did this trade ahich is approved via the ESPN trade machine:
      David West/Hilton Armstrong for Jason Maxiell/Kwame Brown/Dajuan Summers.

      Our new line up would be:
      C B.Wallace/C.Wilcox
      PF D.West/C.Villanueva/J.Jeberko
      SF T.Prince/A.Daye
      SG R.Hamilton/B.Gordon
      PG R.Stuckey/W.Bynum/C.Atkins

      New Orleans will save money (4 million a year on J.Max alone per year) and we get a low post scorer that we need. They also get Kwame’s expring contract and Summers who could flourish alongside Chris Paul. I know it takes 2 sides to be happy with a trade and Joe would do this if it was presented. We need a scoring big that can ease the pressure on Stuckey and Hamilton and maybe West is that guy.

      Any thoughts?

  13. KleenGee

    West has a pretty good low post game and can take it outside, but I thought he was untouchable. It would probably take a bit more than Summers, Brown, and Maxiell

    Hope Joe goes for it (if offered by N.O.)

  14. James (Australia)

    Joe would definitely go for that…but I can’t see NO offering it. Like you said they want to get rid of Peja and co. West and Paul are the future of the Hornets, they would have to be pretty desperate to toss one of them out.

    As for trading for T-Mac, you have to think about the other team. Why would Houston virtually trade Stoudemire (Young, scoring big) for two elderly veterans who are showing a bit of wear and tear? Why wouldn’t the Rockets just keep McGrady’s expiring contract and then sign Stoudemire if he wants to go there in free agency next year.

    I’ve said before, give this team about a month of injury free play and then we might be able to assess if Joe D needs to make any major moves, or just minor tinkering. Joe knows what he is doing guys he brought us a championship before.

    • Bugs

      A trade like that would happen on New Orleans part mainly beacuse they were desprate to shed salary which is why i inserted the article about them shipping somone away before the trade deadline. I am all for waiting and see how our roster goes with who we have got but i can’t see Stuckey’s job as the point guard getting any easier without a low post presence. I am a big fan of Charlie V but i just wish he would play on the low bock more. He spends way too much time on the perimeter. This is a major reason he never gets a chance to get more rebounds. We can sit on our hands as fans and hope things get better or we can like how i like to do, throw around reasonable trade options. Its hard to mention reasonable ones without giving up any talent because we haven’t got much to offer. Our best chance is to wait for a team over the luxury tax threshold to panic which i am hoping Joe is waiting for.

  15. James (Australia)

    Actually mate, the more I look at your proposal the more I see why the Hornets would do that trade. I think it is very possible as long as the Hornets season goes south (like Denver donatin…I mean trading Marcus Camby to the Clippers, why pay luxury tax if you’re not going to win anyway). It could work, but I am content with this team even if no major moves are made. I think internal growth will be sufficient to see this team contending again soon.

  16. DEL

    this trade with NO is really good for us, and hopefully also for them. To be honest it could be the first possible to make trade which is written here. most of trades are good, but only for Pistons. in this trade it looks like a WIN WIN situation for both teams.

    • Bugs

      Anybody have Joe’s cell number so we can tell him (joking). I have always wondered if GMs have every read blogs like this or chat rooms just to laugh at the silly trades we propose. I have followed basketball for a long time now and even remember before we had the internet you never heard about a lot of trade rumors or trades until they happened.

      I must admit that it is tough going at the moment being a pistons fan but as long as the guys we have got leave everything on the floor every game and show some heart then i can deal with that. I guess we just have to stay strong and trust in Joe that he is working something magic like he always does.

  17. steve

    this team sucks, trade them all except gordon and fire dumars.

    • Normal 2

      Dumars just got GM of the Decade, so that’s not going to happen. Just my take. I see all this fire Dumars stuff but i never see people talking about who his replacement should be. Just my take also.

  18. HIME1

    chris paul pg.
    rip sg.
    granger from the pacers.
    bynum from la. to be our center.
    thats a starting linup to trade for. Im dreaming i know but everyone else made one so did go pistons.

  19. Ronnie D.

    HIME1 how about this one

    C-D. Howard

    If our lineup was this we would be unstoppable. Now make it happen. HA HA HA HA HA HA

  20. HIME1

    in our dreams. hahaha.

  21. sam i am

    i just keep wondering wat is up with charlie?

    he started slow the first couple games, but after that for the couple next weeks, he absoulotley lit it upp. we need that charlie, the charli that scored 22 points in the 4th against orlando, the charlie that dropped a couple of 30 pts nights.

    • junior

      he is hurt duh his heel has been bothering him for 2 weeks now know your shit

    • sam i am

      man shut the f up, i know my shit, i knew charlie is kinda hurt but c’mon he’s reallyyy struggling. if hes that hurt y doesnt he sit down for a couple a games.

  22. edt

    bugs I have read what a dozen possible trades and you have given us the ONLY possible trade that makes sense at all for both teams. what do I think of it? It’s a 1 in 10 shot, but possible. hornets want to shed cap space, and you put both Charlie V and B gordon on the 2nd team I absolutely love that.

    I really think if we can somehow keep charlie v and ben gordon off the starting 5 we will get a lot better, because our defense would improve. I really like stuckey because no matter what he does on O he will do his job on D. Let the 2nd team score baskets, you win with defense.

    • Bugs

      New Orleans will definately be looking at trading Okafor, Stojakovic, Posey, Peterson, Songaila and Wright before they trade West but might find it as hard as we will trying to trade Rip or Maxiell. I am hoping a bad losing streak for New Orleans plus an unhappy Chris Paul force New Orleans management into panicking and trade West. I am sure Paul isn’t going anywhere but West is by no means a long shot for us to get. Key to this trade will be how much cap room we can provide them and then fill in there need for a power forward. If Maxiell was to play with Chris Paul i could definately see him do a lot better than he does here in Detroit.

      I also like the idea of CV and Gordon on the bench. Having West would give us a lot more flexibility too. If West goes out and CV comes in then you are not too worried about having Kwame or Wallace in there compromising the offense. The reason we have seen Ben shoot so many free throws late in games is cause players leave him alone and double CV, Stuckey or Gorgon. Against certain teams you could go with (C) CV (PF) West (SF) Prince (SG) Hamilton (PG) Stuckey.

      I guess it is a game of patience at the moment and waiting for the right time to pounce. You just have to pounce before another team gets in before we do. I have already heard of other fans talking about the same things we are about obtaining West as i am sure are a lot of GMs.

  23. Adam B

    Bugs, I’ve wanted David West for the last three seasons. If we got him that would be a dream come true. Something I look at in addition to something making financial sense, is if it would make sense chemistry wise too. David West is a humble fella from what I see, and Joe loves that in a player. This is the best possible situation. Also — Don’t sleep on Andris Beidrins either. I think he’s a possibility too with his limited playing time in GS. I’m not a huge fan of him, but he’s someone else I could see coming to Detroit. Other possibilities: Sasha Vujacic, Peja, and Adam Morrison. Don’t ask me why these players stick out… doesn’t mean I like them, but Joe often sees things the fans do not in players. How would it make sense? Complimentary players to make up for salary deficits in trades.

    • Bugs

      Errrr Adam B, so David West it is…lock it in :O)

  24. justvzzz

    Hey thanks for keeping pistons coverage exciting to some degree when all you get is a mention here or there in the mainstream media. Welp, I don’t want to dwell on it cuz I have made plenty of mistakes or taken brazen risks that came back to bite me really hard in the ass, but damn It’s kinda gonna be funny that 2/3 G style all stars we passed on in the darko draft are gonna be on the same team. Funny thing is I have no doubt we’ll whopp there azz’z too.

    ANYHOW, I’m usually just a reader on this site, but I post because omg i’m dying for the mac version of that screen saver. I run boot camp, and honestly I sometimes just toss windows on while i’m not using the comp so that screen saver is up. PLZ PLZ there’s gotta be at least one piston fan among those genius’ at the apple store help bar.

    Man, had we not needed a big so bad, and aside fromt eh fact I was nearly balling when the d couzins move didn’t materialize(well not really), I wish we woulda traded down a nabbed bledsoe I just think he;s gonna be better than wall one day. anyhow peaCe



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