Detroit Pistons January 2010 Schedule Wallpaper

by | Jan 1, 2010 | 34 comments

New year, new wallpaper.

Download the Detroit Pistons January 2010 Schedule Wallpaper featuring Will Bynum.

January 2010 Detroit Pistons Schedule Wallpaper
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Download the Wallpapers here and throughout the month of January by clicking on the rotating image display at the top of the page below the menu bar.

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  1. Bugs

    I know Bynomite is your man and all Nat but i just have a really bad feeling that Joe might be shopping him at the moment. It would be just our luck at the moment to be stuck with a wallpaper with a traded player donning it. I mentioned on another blog today that maybe we should look at trading Rip for Jamison. The trade works with the ESPN trade machine but i think we would have to take some more salary off their hands to make them bite. Maybe more players or another team could get involved as well. Jamison/Mike James for Rip/Wilcox & Summers works too. I think this kind of trade could work for us and even out the roles more of players on the team. Any thoughts?

    Oh and i love the the new wallpaper…it cheered up my day. I challenge ALL pistons fans to stick by our team win or lose. Yeah it sucks that we are playing terrible at the moment but what makes it worse is when our fans start knocking the players or Joe or Q. This i believe is not the pistons way. There is a wise old saying that goes ‘if you look after the person to your left and the person to your right and then the one that prospers the most is the one in the middle’. This should message should go out to all us pistons fans and players to stay positive and stick together.

    I have vented my frustrations and feel better :O)

    • CH

      Always love your team!

  2. Wade

    Yea Will the Thrill is such a baller, hopefully he gets back on the court. Anyways

  3. Damien W.

    Wow, it’s Will! *Chuckles* Good paper, Nat.

    But really, I thought it was going to be on Jonas Jerebko, oh well.. maybe that’s next month?

  4. pistonsfan32

    im just happy it isnt rodney… thanks nat!!

    • Armand

      Yeah, cause everyone else in the pistons roster is playin better then stuck according to u uh, actually rodney and big ben and JJ are the only pistons that have been somewhat consistent so far this season

  5. pistonsfan32

    and i love the shadow!!

  6. Ronnie D.

    Anyway we could get a 1920×1080 size wallpaper?

  7. steve

    Fire dumars

    • Armand

      Shut up steve

  8. CV31

    I mean if ur not happy with the Pistons play, go on ESPN trade Machine and post it here and see which one is the most reasonable one is….

  9. sam i am

    mark my words, a trade is coming soon, real soon ( next week i think )

    • KaptainXulu64

      i believe but who do u think we are goin to get?

    • KaptainXulu64


  10. Bugs

    I think we will see a trade after we play Washington on the 12 January. I am thinking Prince/Kwame/Summers for Jamison & Mike James. I have just got a feeling or is that more hope!

  11. hi

    i don’t know why but its not showing the trade. Anyway the trade i made was a three team trade between pistons, lakers, and dallas. Dallas gets lamar odom, derek fisher, and richard hamilton. Lakers get Dirk Nowitzki, jason kidd, and tayshaun prince. the pistons get KOBE BRYANT.( this trade worked in trade machine.

  12. Armand

    @ hi
    Wake up man, u r dreaming

    • hi

      lol ya i know 🙂

  13. Jzack

    What happened here no more updates? Don’t give up now

  14. James (Australia)

    Haha good one guys. Question: why would the Wizards take Hamilton for Jamison…take on another guard and end up with a big hole up front. If you are going to try and figure out a trade, you have to think why BOTH teams would do it, not just the Pistons. Sure it would suit the Pistons I think, but not the Wizards. Teams don’t just give up players like that…give our players a couple of injury free weeks to prove themselves before coming up with ridiculous trade scenarios.

    I also highly doubt that Joe D is shopping Bynum for three reasons.
    1. He’s injured.
    2. Joe D has expressed a desire to retain Bynum
    3. Bynum isn’t worth much salary wise.

    • Bugs

      James (Australia), i am guessing you were referring to my suggestion of trading for Jamison. I am not stupid and do understand that for a trade to come off both teams usually get what they want out of it. I mentioned this because Washington are looking to shed salary plus blow up its roster which in cases like this the team looking to do so don’t always trade for position. If they trade us Jamison for Rip they might still trade Butler or Arenas as well which is what the rumors are.

      Also i mentioned that i had a bad feeling that Joe was shopping Bynum more so because Nat had created a new wallpaper with him on it and it would be just our luck that he was traded with kind of season that we are having. Maybe i should of inserted sarcasm in brackets just so there was no confusion that i was actually being sarcastic. Joe might of said that he wants to bring Bynum back but he might not be able to as Bynum could get some serious offers next year as he is a free agent. Joe might not be able to afford him if this happens so dealing him might not be a bad idea especially if we could get something back in return to bolster our front court issues. Bynum is making $825,497 this year while J Max is making $5,000,000, Kwame is making $4,000,000 and Wilcox is making $3,000,000. I value Bynum higher than all 3 so i am sure Joe will have to offer him at least what J Max is getting. Maybe a $15,000,000 contract over 3 years which i don’t know if we can afford. Then there is the reality that another team will offer him more which he will probably get and which is probably deserved!

  15. Ali Bazzi


    Soo we get lucky in the lottery… thyen if we get pick 1 we draft jonn wall!! then we trade stuckey and tay/rip for a big man!! this scenario can work!!!!

    look at the bulls in 2008. they were like 3 games out the playoffs and still got the first pick and they got the first pick and selected derrick rose!!

    c-kaman??camby?? these are just suggestions! i dont know if the numbers will work

    • James (Australia)

      Yeah, that Bulls drafting Rose was a bit flukish. Very rarely happens and is not worth tanking the season for. If it worked out that way then great. But averages tell us it is unlikely and not worth building towards.

  16. Diogenes

    I heard that the trade is done and will be announced tomorrow – Bynum and Prince for Detlef Schrempf and Manute Bol. A third team will obviously need to be involved for this to work but Danny Ainge is rumored to shopping KG and Pierce.

  17. rai_from_the_philippines

    @Diogenes – nice try at being funny..

  18. #1 pistons fan

    Hi……………IN >YOUR>>DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. #1 pistons fan

    hey i think we can try rip tay and CV for joe johnson and joe smith

    whos with me?????????? its gd

  20. James (Australia)

    I was thinking maybe Rip and Tay for Roy and Aldridge LOL

    • Armand

      U want some fries with that also James, LOL
      wouldnt that be nice

  21. JGrizzy

    Wow there are some dumb trade scenerios on this one guys… I can’t even begin to say why thye are dumb becuz i’m not gonna waste my breath LOL

  22. 313Balla

    yeah i heard the pistons are talking about pistons for boozer
    or rip for boozer before the deadline

  23. 313Balla

    Prince for boozer*



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