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If you are like most Pistons fans you have adopted a new face to root for. Since Jonas Jerebko has taken Tayshaun Prince’s spot in the starting lineup he’s been gaining followers with every rebound, steal, assist and dunk.

He’s quite a stir in his home country, being that he’s the first Swedish born player in the NBA and now he’s got a special place for himself in “The D.”

From Team Need4Sheed member BJ:

Hey Natalie,
During last night’s game one of – what I can only assume was – The Palace promotional workers started passing out viking helmets to the fans sitting in our row. Turns out, for every point Jerebko scored, another helmet was given. I accounted for point number 7 and, after a couple sitting next to us left, more fans were asked to move up a row and wear the helmets to finish off the 10 points he eventually earned. Good times, indeed.


And Jonas seems to enjoy it.

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Seems more people than I thought had the Need4Swede!

14 Responses to "Jerebko Row"
  1. Avatar Ronnie D. says:

    Ha ha ha, awesome. I think double J is here to stay.

  2. Avatar Darth_Icarus says:

    That’s sweet. As long as the guys at the Palace don’t start blowing that stupid viking horn like at the Metrodome for the football Vikings I’m all for the helmets!

  3. Avatar Vic De Zen says:

    Amazing. I want a viking helmet.

  4. Avatar NYPistonsFan says:

    I don’t understand how no one seems to care about the ongoing NBA Scandal(
    I’ve been following this site for many years now. Without the core of players that brought us to six ECFs, I’ll have to admit that I’ve been a little turned off by the Pistons lately…But, after reading dozens and dozens of articles about the Referee situation, I’m now turned off to the NBA in general and cannot even watch the NBA in the same way.

  5. Avatar Marcell says:

    I’d sure like to get my mitts on a pair of those Viking horns. Let’s see. I got a nice autograph picture of Primoz Brezec I could trade. It’s even an 8 X 10.

  6. Avatar Fariduddin says:

    i like this guy.. he plays full speed and does all the dirty work.. you gotta luv this guy! on another note… i’m really starting to believe that there is more that meets the eye w/ this Rip situation… i think Rip is being shopped around or Rip wants to be traded… if Rip is traded we better get a low post scoring weapon in return… but i hope im wrong and Rip comes back soon.. along w/ Tay. despite the losing going on — i am proud of the effort by the brused Pistons… much respect!!!!!!

  7. Avatar Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    NYPistonsFan, it’s not a new story for you, isn’t it? I saw some games and descisions, but if you win big, like, +20, nobody can take it away. Play big everytime)))
    I do think sport is monipulated time to time tho

  8. Avatar tt says:

    Need4swede? HILARIOUS! I can’t wait to get my own Nede4swede shirt!

  9. Avatar junior says:

    rip does not want to be traded he said he wants to retire a piston and nypistonsfan, this has been going on since b-ball gas started its npothing new u gotta just hope it dont effect your team too much and root for the best. GO PISTONS

  10. Avatar NYPistonsFan says:

    Rashit Flawless & Junior, thank you so much for your support. To tell you the truth, it does not have to be this way. We are going to change it all right now!!!

  11. Avatar Armand says:

    Jerebko has been a much needed surprise, but what i also think helps him a lot is that he got picked up by a team that has 2 very good coaches in Ben Wallace and coach Q as well as the will to want to improve which all of it combining together i think over some time it will result into a better and tougher swede

  12. Avatar Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    He’s adjusting well for 2nd round pick, he earned his time, plays good games, he is better almost every game! Next season he can become a mature 3-4 spot player with some range, I wish him the best, I’m very excited he is in our squad!

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