Knicks hand The Pistons their eight straight…..loss

by | Dec 29, 2009 | 55 comments

The Knicks handed the Pistons their eight straight loss Tuesday night at the Palace led by a season high 30 points from David Lee. The 104-87 to the Knicks now puts the Pistons 11-20 with just one game left this year.

Key Points:

  • Will Bynum sat this one out for Detroit, resting his sore ankles.
  • Rip, Tay and Ben took the floor and though he missed practice the day before with stomach flu like symptoms, Charlie Villanueva also played Tuesday night.
  • Rip doesn’t have it back just yet going 5-for-21 on the night for 16 points.
  • Ben Gordon led the Pistons with 17 points of the bench on 6-for-9 shooting.
  • This is the best thing that happened all of Tuesday alley opp from Ben Gordon to Chris Wilcox.
  • [flashvideo file= /]
Video courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Outrebounded 33-44.
  • The Pistons made the Knicks look like a playoff team.
  • Gallinari can shoot, the 7 footer was 4-for-9 from downtown, and when he made them, they were impressive.
  • Frustrating.
  • Did they forget how to play D?
  • This stopped being fun about 5 losses ago.
  • George Blaha and Special K giving you the low, low….really low down on the game.
  • [flashvideo file= /]
Video courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Audio from Coach Kuester after the loss.


Audio courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Someone was happy at the Palace….

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  • I’ll leave the rest to you in the comments, Santa clearly didn’t give me what I asked for and now I have endure all the T-Mac nonsense.  If you are a Pistons fan and you actually want him in a Pistons uniform after the Allen Iverson debacle …..then maybe you’re not a Pistons fan.   We can get cap space elsewhere if that’s why you’re after him.


  1. The Fan

    OUCH. EEEK. YIKES. CRIPES. DANG. SHOOT. 🙁 we need an inside man.

  2. asdf

    Get Darko back.

  3. Pablo

    I am in disbelief that we are this bad. After so many years of dominance I just expect them to snap out of it. Maybe we need a lottery pick to accelerate the rebuilding process.

  4. pistonsfan32

    My sister and I were at the game tonight and were talking to one of the media guys, and he was telling us to be ready for a big trade in the near future 🙁 Apparently, Dumars offered TP, Rip, and Maxi last week for T-Mac and the Rockets declined the offer. I DO NOT want Rip to leave. And why the heck would he offer all those players for T-Mac and his expiring contract.. like WTF kind of logic is that!!???
    He also said that Dumars is really looking to add a few star players next year, and he mentioned effing Lebron. Now I hope this guy is wrong because I would lose all fanhood with him on our team! I am scared now!!

    • shawn

      are u serious i wish they would have done that trade and we going after lebron wow not going to happen but cool that we still going to lol

  5. pistonsfan32

    oo and what’s up with 12 minutes for CV31.. I mean how much are we paying him again???

  6. Hlmk

    ahahaha Mike D’antonis face is priceless

  7. hugeSTONESfan

    whoa there nat,
    tmac is no AI
    hes actually a team player taht can put the ball in the hole
    we need that.

    who do they want to give up for him?
    or waht are the rumors?

    • hugeSTONESfan

      just read the above.

      TP AND RIP for oldass mcgrady??

      we need a big

      Go after boozer, kaman or even ronny turiaf (he showed his shit in the lakers game tonight)

  8. Amer ican Prince

    natalie i agree with your recap, and forget tmac we need another scorer? if joe dumars goes after tmac im going to say he is just going after any scorer on the market and not really putting thought in.

    And as for salary cap are you kidding me people? We just gave up chauncey Sheed Dyess and plenty more for cap, now you want to get rid of more people for more people who cant be effective unless they are the main focal point of an offense? geez now if ben gordon is involved in the trade for mcgrady then i’ll be ok. At least TMac has size and can pass, but im not giving up max tay and rip for a contract.

  9. KG

    Agreed Nat why the hell would we want TMAC…
    And giving up Rip tay and max for him is just plain garbage…
    No thank you on an aging Tmac who is past his prime thanks to injuries…
    It would just be Iverson 2 I GUARANTEE THAT!
    We REALLY do need a post presence tonights game was almost unbearable..
    The only bright spot for me was the play of wilcox he actually showed up tonight…

    • zkranc

      no he didn’t, he may have scored 7 pts, but 5 fouls and 3 TOs in 13 minutes, I’m not feelin that
      by the way Nat, love the Mike and Arnie toons, but Chucky could use some work

  10. James Ellis

    I think we should go after McGrady, because the Rocket’s are willing to take on contracts and we need to get rid of RIPS. I like the idea of a three way trade with Portland. I used the real trade machine and it said we could do a trade where teams finished like this.

    Portland – T. Prince
    Houston- Rip Hamilton, Jason M., 4 million contract from Portland (cant remember his name) and stuckey.

    Detroit- Andre Miller, T-Mac.

    We would get a true point and bunches of space for Boozer/

    • James Ellis

      I meant Bosh not Boozer

  11. Shawn D.

    I actually have to disagree with you about T-Mac. He is a completely and totally different player and person from AI. He would be willing to come off the bench, and in my opinion he is a much better player now than Iverson was last year. He’s also just an all around better person than AI is and he would have a positive impact in the locker room where AI had a negative impact. So i don’t think it would be harmful to our team if Joe wanted to do it for cap reasons.

    Though, personally I don’t necessarily see enough to gain as far as cap space goes from getting T-Mac, but if Joe see’s a good way to use the cap space then i would not be against it

    • junior

      are you kidding you dont see the cap space? tmac is gonna make 23 mill this year that will be off the books next year plus the contract that is traded away, so roughly 23 mill next year to sign some one. do the math before you rant

  12. Franz

    I do also love Kike d’Antoni’s face. Haha. He’s smiling like a little boy who just got his ice cream.

  13. JGrizzy

    IDK where Houston said anything bout takin on contracts, cuz that is real wrong. TMac is not comin to DET people, come on. Not too realistic and rational, plus Rip and Stuckey and Maxiell for Tmac and Miller? Are u kidding me right now? On top of that we lose Tay to Portland? I would have to strongly diagree with that trade we would def be losing out. T-Mac hasn’t proved anything to me, if Houston doesn’t think he can help their team what makes everyone think he will help ours? Be reasonable now, all of the sudden we lose games and everyone jumps on the irrational trade bandwagon. Also, not too sure about this, but idk that our cap space clearing up would work either after he’s gone next season.

  14. Armand

    We do need help or maybe just some time but the way things r going i guess i wouldnt be surprised if a big trade does go down soon
    who and what and when i guess only Joe Knows, or does he?!!!!!!

  15. N1ck from Croatia

    We need to get a trade but a big no to T-Mac in Detroit.

    And it’s not an easy task for Joe D to pull out a trade that will benefit us…

    Playoffs are illusion this year so let’s just work on the future…

  16. Normal 2

    The only Mac i want is a Big one….get it….:) I know..that was corny…but i have to have some type of humor amist this losing streak.

  17. The Fan

    Yeah sure T-Mac because what the Pistons need is another shooting guard. Where do you guys come up with this. We need an inside presence. Any trade that is done for someone not on the caliber of Amare Stoudemare would be retarded.

  18. gMac

    You people talk like we can just make a trade for a player and go to the ECF!

    We are trading for TMac so we can dump Rip’s huge contract. He is our ‘super star’ on the team. How pathetic is that!!! EVERYBODY wants TMac from the Rockets now. He’s contract is a huge commodity.

    I’m not dissing rip or jump off his bandwagon. But he took 21 shots, he thinks he’s the main man. How about give BG some more shots? We have no real go to guys on this team except maybe BG. Rip is your Mo Williams for the Leborn. The Pippen for MJ. Superstar he ain’t!

    I’m perfectly fine with the way this season is going, I get to see everybody play. If we trade rip and tay, we can see even more of Daye and Summer. We have nothing to play for this season except for that high draft picks.

    I still watch every game, I still get pumped up for a W. I’m still a piston fan. I just think more rationally than most of you idiots who things a boozer or kaman can just turn this team around.

    • The Fan

      Calling people Idiots is no way to convey your point. Yes an expiring contract would be nice, but i think most people don’t want to watch a train wreck season like last year.

  19. gMac

    On top of that , it’s a good trade for Tmac because he will help us sell tickets no matter how bad we play. It’s a brilliant business decision!

    BTW, my screen name has nothign to do with Tmac more about apple.

  20. gMac

    I bet you if you check the attendance, this year is worse than last year.

    Even if it’s train wrech ( I doubt it), people still like to watch it! (think reality tv :P)

    Most people watch the game aren’t like you and I. Look at the all star voting, it’s ridiculous. I’m not saying it’s right. BUT more less-royal ‘fans’ will watch the game because we have a TMac.

  21. The Fluidics

    Why would anyone when want Tmac, when the Pistons biggest problem this year has been injuries, and he is a one man DL?

  22. gMac

    Because we have the big three back and we are still losing. ( one might argue , we are losing in a much worse fashion).

    A healthy team is useless if it can only make 8th in the playoff. Aim higher, look further.

    This season, we are going no where. We might as well, use it for high picks and move some guys for cap space.

  23. Marcell

    Say those rumors are true. Joe most likely wants to dump salary if that’s the case. He may have wrote this season off already. Has anyone seen Mrs. D at the games recently? You know, with her Pistons hat cheering from the side? Nope. Owners often hide when something is going down. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see any urgency on the floor last night to win. Everyone might be wondering who is going to get traded so why care about a game? All I know is they weren’t on the same page last night.

  24. Jesse

    “All the T-Mac nonsense”? “Maybe you’re not a Pistons fan”? Are you still so bitter about that “2nd round” comment from 8 years ago that you would pass on doing whats best for the future of the team? I would think a Pistons fan would understand that the sooner we get out from under Rip and Tay’s contract, hit rock bottom, get into the lottery and get some free agent help- the sooner we can contend. But if you would rather go on with this frastrating roster for a few more years, by all means go on being a real Pistons fan.
    I just don’t see anywhere else the Pistons can realisticly find anywhere near $23 mill in EC’s for 2010. The team is going nowhere this season. I repeat-Nowhere. Adding a Kaman or a Boozer doesn’t change that. In the 50 year history of the NBA 2 teams have won it all without a superstar (that’s about 4% of the time if your counting). It’s just not a realistic way to build towards a championship. You need a REAL SUPERSTAR to combat the LeBrons, Kobes and Howards of the league, acquiring T-Mac is the best AND fastest way to put us in position to do that.
    We have some nice pieces, but no leader, no real pg, no identity, no post game ect. So, let’s get real here: Stuckey, Gordon, C-Vill, Jerebko, Bynum, Daye- these are not players that lead you to a championship. However, if you add a Bosh or a Stoudemire too that and find a real pg to run this team, well then you really have something. Until that happens the Pistons will be treading in mediocrity, but hey what I do I know, apparently I’m not a Pistons fan.

    • P Money

      Jesse, I completely agree with you. The TMac thing is not a bad idea. We’ve got some nice pieces in place we need to build through free agency and hopefully pick up a nice draft pick. As much as I love Rip and Tay there time is done here.

  25. KAMAN

    KAMAN is the answer…. trade rip and tayshawn for KAMAN.. why the heck are we benching ben and cv when we pay them 16 mil a year combined…Kaman is from michigan too so he’ll fit well with the fans… jeez the answer is right there…

  26. KAMAN

    If yall saw David friggin lee drop 30 on us.. with relative ease… u would be beggin for that big man….

    • Jesse

      Kaman is only the answer if the question is “what piece can Dumars aquire to ensure that the Piston get into the playoffs, only to get demolished in 5 games?” You have to look beyond this season. Also, you can’t trade Rip AND Tay for Kaman, the salaries have to match. The Clips wouldn’t want Rip for the next four years anyways, they already have four 2 guards, and Eric Gordon is their off guard of the future.

  27. Amer ican Prince

    ive seen kaman play, he’s more a stat stuffer than an actually great defender

  28. pistonsfan101

    Yeah.. David Lee is a FA next year.. so WHY NOT sign him?

  29. JGrizzy

    David Lee won’t be had for the little money we can offer him, which at this point is only Mid-Level Exception…

  30. P Money

    This team needs a shakeup….How can this team loose to the Knicks???

    • Drew


  31. edt

    jesse there is more to basketball than “pieces” more to basketball than “superstars”.

    so for instance allen iverson is a superstar. so is lebron james. and dirk nowitzki and steve nash. But you know what they all have in common? NO championship. It looks like a good bet steve nash, allen iverson, and dirk will all end their careers without a ring.

    So you are suggesting we lose on purpose this year so we can win next year. But a superstar doesn’t promise a win, just look at the list I made above.

    There is one thing thought that will promise a loss. And that is a team that learns how to give up. Learns how to phone it in. Learns how to lose gracefully.

    Just look at the detroit lions. The main reason they haven’t won in decades is an ingrained culture of losing. Barry Sanders quite the lions not because he was too old or hurt, but because the lions practiced a culture of losing. You can have ever superstar on the planet on your team but if you have a culture of losing you have zero chance.

    The team this year is much better off getting to the playoffs and losing in the 1st round than missing it entirely. Because once you learn how to lose, it takes decades for a team to unlearn that bad habit.

    Look at how bad it was for the team to lose all those games last year.

    Once a team loses confidence in it’s ability to win, you have crushed that team. Young ball players have to think they are cartoon characters, with super powers, that no matter what they can win. Basically they have to be like Dwight Howard. Even if you are Jason Maxiell, you have to think like a winner.

    I think the main reason that kwame brown is so bad is that when Michael Jordan coached him, he crushed that youngster’s spirit. You have to let them be a bit foolish, let them think they are the best in the world.

    I love the rookies on our team this year because that’s the spirit they have. They think they can win, an 8 game losing streak and they aren’t giving up, they still think that they can win it all.

    So let’s hope they can make the playoffs.

    But holy cow do they look awful right now! Man, they look turrible.

    • Jesse

      I think it’s pretty short-sighted to suggest that a year or two losing ruins every player forever, and honestly if a player is that weak-willed, I don’t want them. What will help our young guys more- rotting on the bench behind vets, or playing big minutes and finding their game? Look, Pierce lost on Boston for years, that really destroyed his psyche, didn’t it? What about Garnett on Minny? Is CP3’s career ruined because the Hornets have been awful lately? I didn’t think so.

      I also don’t see the evidence that making the playoffs is better for us- we made the playoffs last year- did we get any momentum from that? Your just repeating cliches that don’t really apply. OKC was pathetic over the past few seasons- it doesn’t seem to be hurting them now does it? In fact they have a roster that 28 other teams would swap for in a heartbeat ….. And this is not the Lions- that is 50 years of bad ownership- completely different situation, completely different sport. Not a good example.

      Look at every other contending team over the last few seasons, they have a superstar that THEY DRAFTED- Kobe in LA, LeBron in Cleveland, Howard in Orlando, Pierce/Rondo in Boston, Duncan in SA, Wade in Miami… Face it, this league IS about superstars AND pieces. You just have to get the right star and put the right pieces around him. Teams go as far as their stars take them, but the organization has to put that star in a position to win…

      And don’t give me any “the Pistons won without a star” junk- the league is totally different now. They’ve changed the rules to favor perimeter stars, and East was incredibly weak then- we usually only had to seriously worry one other Eastern team at a time during that run.

      So, Kwame is bad because Jordan yelled at him? Give me a break, he no good because he’s got no skills. Should we just chalk up every draft bust to being mishandled? Is that why Drew Gooden didn’t pan out? Stro Swift? Eddie Curry? Tskitishvili? I could go on and on.

      Lets pretend you’re right. We get into the playoffs, get destroyed in 5 games, earn the 15th pick in the draft- then what? We are right back to where we are right now. Same roster, same bad contracts, same holes. How do we get better then?

  32. dex

    First off, T-Mac isn’t like A.I. T-Mac doesn’t mind passing and is a team player and doesn’t have a inflated image of himself. And i would rather have T Mac than Ben Gordon, both play bad defensively but at least T Mac has size. But i don’t see it happenning and the only way it would is if they trade Maxiel, Brown and Tay or Rip or Gordon. However, they need to start looking for a true point guard. The Pistons should do something, the only thing i like about the current team is Jerebko and Big Ben, anything else can go.

  33. JoeDip

    Since when is Gallinari a 7-footer?

  34. edt

    well lets look at the drafts 2009 clippers, blake griffin, 2008, bulls, d rose, 2007 greg oden blazers, 2006 rapters, 2005 bucks bogut, 2004, magic dwight howard, 2003 cleveland cavs lebron james, 2002 yao ming rockets, 2001 wizards kwame brown, 2000 nets kenyon martin, 1999 bulls, elton brand, 1998 clippers michael olowokandi 1997 spurs tim duncan.

    So we have to go all the way back to 1997 to find a player that made the championships for a team.

    Lebron might make it for whoever he plays for. But the fact that cleveland drafted him has nothing to do with him wanting to stay in akron his home town.

    And remember obviously kobe was not a first pick, he was 13th, dont fool yourself, the reason boston won was because of an organization of winners, not a single player, boston won because they had a constellation of good players, and kevin garnet was just one of them.

    btw dont anticipate me on “the pistons won without a star”. Just between you and me . .. the pistons won vs miami because wade was hurt. It does nothing in my opinion to diminish the win, just saying, that nothing has changed between 2004 and now. Wade was awesome back then, he’s awesome now, and if he had been healthy in 2004 the pistons wouldnt have won the title. But that’s part of the game.

    I would be happy with a 13th round draft pick if we get another Kobe Bryant.

    The only first round pick who brought his him to a championship was Tim Duncan.

    I know you love your 1st round picks. And you love dwight howard. I do too. But you know who else was a 1st round pick that played for orlando? The shaq of course.

    And in 1985, 1st pick was hakeem olajuwon, 2nd pick was sam bowie, 3rd pick was michael jordan, 4th pick was sam perkins 5th was charles barkley 6th was melvin turpin.

    I’m just saying that 9 times out of 10, you do not win the NBA championship with a 1st round draft pick. That’s the exception rather than the rule. You win the NBA championship with your 3rd pick or your 13th pick or in the case of rajon rondo, your 21st pick.

    I do agree that it is critical for detroit to obtain a superstar.

    • Jesse

      When did I say anything about the number one overall pick? I wrote paragraphs and you comeback arguing against a point I never attempted to make. I’m certainly not banking on 3.6% chance or whatever it is of winning the lottery, I just want to get in: Amare #9, Butler #10, Carmelo #3, Bosh #4, Wade #5, Harris #5, Williams #3, Paul #4, Bynum #10, Noah #9, Roy #5, Lopez #10, Evans #4- Most of these guys are difference makers- and by the way, I’m not saying the lottery is not the savior, but it’s a big part of the equation, along with FA signings and trades.

      The poor drafting Dumars did between ’03 and ’08 is a big reason why the Pistons are in the state that they in now. He passed on some good players that could have prolonged the title run, but instead he goes guys who are “versatile”, undersized unknowns, guys who are “tough” (Walter Sharpe tough), or some guy who will never see burn because we 3 vets at his position already. Everyone keeps talking about David Lee, well guess what, we could have taken him, but instead we got Maxiell. Oops! If anyone cares, this is supposed to be a deep pg draft- which happens to be our biggest need, but knowing Dumars, he’ll probably take some 6’9″ combo forward from Belly Flop University.

      The reason I preemptively, mentioned the Pistons in ’04 is because about half of Pistons fans are opposed to getting stars simply because the planet aligned for us that one season and we took advantage . I just wanted to kill the topic before it became an issue, I’m not trying to accuse you of anything personally, but I just really get sick of those fans.

      And yes, I would be happy too if we could land another Kobe at #13, who wouldn’t? But expecting to landing an all-time great at #13 is much more foolish than expecting the number #1 overall to pan out, but that wasn’t even my point in the first place.

      I’m done with this though, I’m not even sure if your reading my posts. You really haven’t debated me on any of the points I’ve tried to make. And just so you know the #1, #3, #13, #21-they are all first round picks- I’m not sure why you would say you don’t win championships with a first round pick, are you supposed to try win it all with second round picks, or D-Leaguers?

      AND TOO ALL THE “WE DON’T WANT T-MAC POSTERS”: Nobody wants him because we want another scorer, or because they expect him to stay healthy, or lead us to the playoffs- I don’t even care if he even ever suits up for us- WE WANT HIS EXPIRING DEAL. Plain and simple. I would take the devil on this team if he had a $23 mill expiring deal. It’s called 2010 people, heard of it? I really can’t believe that point has to be explained… Sheesh!

  35. The Fluidics

    Saying that the Rip/ Tay/ Gordon are back so the Pistons should win immediately is absurd. The Pistons are, right now at New Year, about two months behind the rest of the league in chemistry. Right now they are pretty much thrown together because these guys still haven’t played much together other than pre-season. On top of that, Charlie is still hurt, as well as Bynum, and the other guys are still easing their way back to playing an everyday rotation. Shake-up? Only 6 players came back from last season, it’s been shook up. Everyone seems to want instant results, but it just doesn’t work like that. Not every team is Boston 2008. Just aske the 05 Lakers, or every Knicks team of the last 10 years. Sometimes, it just takes time.

  36. Rai

    tmac trade could work. he may be on the downside of his career, but hey, so was ben wallace. Detroit and Tmac may be a perfect fit. why not?

  37. Ryan

    Gallinari is 6’9, if he’s 7 foot the league is in trouble because that dude is going to be good… at 6’9.

  38. KleenGee

    T-Mac nonsense…Go Nat!

    +The Fluidics

    Patience folks.

  39. terry

    Why are the names I see people calling for all injury proned? Do you guys really want to see more injured players on this team? Kamen? T-mac?? When is the last time either one of those guys played a full season? Boozer? He would be great…. if he didn’t want 80 million, and i’m expecting him to come up hurt right around playoff time too. I was praying to the basketball gods last off season for David Lee, a young up and comer averaging a double double, that would have been the shizzle! Now? That aint going to happen. We Won’t be able to afford him (unless Joe can work his magic on a sign and trade), and the Knicks WILL resign him, they’re a bad organization, but they’re not gonna let thier best player just bounce. If only we could land Bosh….. I just hope the rest of the league doesn’t realize Rip is on the decline, and he can go in a package to bring home some one major next season. Keep hope alive.

  40. terry

    One thing Iverson and Mcgrady has in common………… ARTHRITIS!

  41. HIME1

    Pistons rule!

  42. The Fan

    T-MAC IS NOT COMING TO DETROIT. So everyone get over it.


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