Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Losing struggles, Rodney Stuckey, Joe Dumars and More

by | Dec 23, 2009 | 16 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff are back with their pre-holiday podcast.

What are they talking about?

The struggles of the losing streak.
Do we give the team a pass?
More Stuckey talk:  PG vs. SG.
Your comments.
A little Joe D love.

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.


Team Need4Sheed Podcast #31- Losing struggles, Rodney Stuckey, Joe Dumars and More

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  1. Ben

    The Pistons are tired for sure, but as much as I like Austin Daye he does not seem to be getting agressive on offence. With his ability on the offensive end he has many mismatches being close to 7ft. He just seems to stand and wait for someone to pass him the ball. Maybe he is supposed to wait in the corner for the 3, but with his size and ability he could be posting his defender or using the pick and roll or pop. The Pistons offense seems to be standing around with no movement. I may be wrong but I have seen Austin on occasion take his defender to the hoop and score.

  2. steve

    Ben id have to say u are pretty much retarded.. all ur credibility flew away after u had admitted you LIKE austin daye??? austin daye is an embarrisment to the league, did u just say why doesnt he post? DUDE HE WEIGHTS 50 LBS WET! he couldnt post earl boykins let alone another sf/pf! take my advice quit lathering in the austin daye butter! itll get u no where just like ALL of dumars draft picks!… I cant wait to see what he screws up next year!… FIRE JOE D!

  3. Garlicky

    I think Stuckey is more comfortable playing as SG.. They need another PG though, Bynum is not getting the job done, inconsistent.

  4. rban

    Joe committed to Stuckey as a player… no where did Joe say Stuckey is going to be our pass first PG….

    Listen guys… Rodney right now is our only option out there… hes basically playing with offensive scrubs each night, Bynum and CV can score but there both limping notciably… who does Stuckey have to give it up to… Chucky? Big Ben? Rookies? Maxiell?

    The guy is playing like 40 mins a night. the defense is keying on him… hes guarding the opposing teams best guards…

    You guys have to ease up on him.. hes all we havbe with all the injuries….

    Rajon Rondo racks up tons of assists a night… but he has possibly 4 future hall of famers to pass the ball to…

    Im not saying Stuckey is god and doesnt have his issues with turnovers and intelligence with the ball, but you guys really have to cut him some slack…. he basically is the Detroit Pistons right now.

  5. Normal 2

    I understand where the podcast people are coming from when it comes to Stucky. But not only did Chauncy have Larry Brown, he also had a young Rip, A young Tayshaun, A young Ben Wallace, and a Young Rasheed Wallace. He had the coach and the players around him to sucessfully make that transition. Stucky has had three different coaches 800 different line ups and only not even a whole season as a full time starter if I’m correct. That is why i say just wait until he has the talent out their to go along with him, and then, if he is still doing this while he also has the talent, then you can rub him into the ground, but until then, i don’t think you can really judge if he is going to make that transition. That’s my take.

  6. edt

    nothing is gonna happen with this team until Ben Gordon, Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince get healthy.

    In January when we start Ben Wallace, Charlie V, Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, Rodney Stuckey and have Ben Gordon come off the bench to play with Willl Bynum and JJ, the pistons will be an entirely different team.

    It’s hard to be patient.

  7. Ronnie D.

    Now hear me out on this. I know its just BS but a trade of RIP and Tay for Baron Davis and Kaman. It works out finacially, I dont think LA is liking Davis and I really think he could flourish here. As for Kaman we could bring a hometown boy home. Just start Gordon at the 2 and have Stuckey come in as the first guard

    B. Davis
    B. Gordon
    J. Jerebko
    C. V.
    C. Kaman

    That is deadly with Stuckey and Wallace coming off the bench.

    • James (Australia)

      Sounds great, but why would the Clippers do that trade? What need do they have of two swingmen who will backup the rookies they are looking to the future for. That’s why Joe D is our GM, it’s not that easy. It takes hard work and risks.

  8. AzureAcerbus

    What Stuckey the worsed PG on the team? if your talking currently, Will Bynum is easily the WORSTED PG on the this team. Recently Bynum has just been, terrible. Did you see that ally oop pass to Wilcox last night? Probably the most inaccurate pass ive seen.

    As far as Stuckey Turning the ball over. You forget that half of Stuckey’s turnovers are Offensive fouls. Just a by product of him being so strong, and not having that many options on the floor. Teams realize that all they really need to do is clog the lane against the pistons. The pistons are a very predictable, currently. If you were to look at bynum’s stats. He turns if over a lot more by traveling, and incorrect passing.

    Stuckey’s assists and should actually go up dramatically once were healthy. Hell have more accurate and dangerous shooters back in Rip, Tay and Gordon. It will make our offense less predictable, so teams can’t just always be ready to take the charge. Because they floor will have better spacing, there will be better passing lanes available.

    So Just because Stuckey who’s been playing SG exclusively lately isn’t, getting googles of assists, on this depleted teams with out really any even good 3 point threats. Steve Nash would struggle to get 6 asts on this team.

    You have to weigh all the factors, to judge someone unbiased. If Stuckey’s Stats dont increase by a significant amount when the others return then be critical, (obviously not scoring, tho his percentage should increase a bit). Untill then just be happy hes giving us 20 a game.

  9. daddy

    normal 2 and azure are right its really hard to get dimes when there are no really offensive players. this team is built around d and sometimes they dont cut or roll properlly. i really wish they would do some pick and rolls with bynum and ben. it would really be a good combo but right now we are lacking movement. there are a lot of ppl that dont know who to play ball they think just because they do not have the basketball in their hard they can just sit there. take notes from ben by clearning lanes for easy layups for the guards. it will turn around just a rouch patch right now. keep up the good work and try and stay health guys. dont mind what ppl say stuck u get buck and we all know it, just try and flow a bit better. to’s do worry me but other that ur doing great.

  10. sam i am

    (this a reply to ronnie D)

    u know if this trade would happen, this team would be deadlyy. now u got a real PG who can still score in bunches, u got a powerful center that has decent D, and very good O. but i disagree on one thing which is starting gordon instead of stcukey, i think that move might lower rodney’s confidence, when u can easily start him and have gordon come off the bench which he has nor problem doing.

    but if we come back to reality, this trade wont happen.

  11. ali bazzi

    does anyone notice that austin daye is never aware of the shot clock and always we are caled for a 24 sec violation for him??!!

  12. steve

    ali.. because austin daye is a bust.. worst draft pick since darko!!!! guess who drafted both of those worthless players!.. everytime daye gets the ball he looks like old woman in a roller rink.

  13. James (Australia)

    Guys, cut Daye a bit of slack. He’s had his struggles in adjusting, but has shown so much potential! You are ridiculing Joe D for his drafting, but I don’t hear anyone complaining about his drafting some Swedish player in the 2nd round. Most experts in the NBA are saying the Pistons had an extremely good draft with three high upside players.
    Don’t bring up Darko as an example of a bad pick by Joe D. Everyone knows that anyone with the 2nd pick was going to take Darko. If LBJ hadn’t entered that draft, the Cavs would have had him. Denver offered a draft day trade of Carmelo for Darko. Everyone honestly thought Darko could be great. They didn’t know Darko didn’t have heart.

  14. Shawn

    I’m actually a pretty big Patriots fan, so I’m very used to not hearing about injuries. But even with that aside i don’t see why the team would need to give away injury information to fans if they don’t have to, i know its frustrating, but its not like it will speed their recovery.

  15. Raji

    Bennie and Jeff are a waste of time. They don’t offer anything credible.


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