Hornets over the Pistons

by | Dec 17, 2009 | 17 comments

The Pistons took every advantage of  the Hornets play in the first half, leading by as much as 16 points and 10 going in to the half.  But New Orleans tightened up their play and  slowly put Detroit away.  It may have looked like it was going to go down to the wire, but the Hornets took control in the closing minutes of the fourth giving Detroit no chance to make up ground in the  87-95 loss.

Key Points:

  • Rip Hamilton, bothered by his hamstring dressed, but sat out this one.
  • No Ben Gordon, or Tayshaun, but Will Bynum came back to contribute.
  • Detroit took advantage of the Hornets sloppy play in the first half by converting on 14 New Orleans turnover for 24 points.
  • It was the third quarter of doom for Detroit who saw their lead dissaper to just three points at the close of the third.
  • David West may be the best NBA player that goes unnoticed by fans. He could not be stopped and lead all scorers with 32 points.
  • Rodney Stuckey led the Pistons with 26 points on 11-for-26 shooting, 5 assists and 2 steals.

Rodney Stuckey
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  • Jonas Jerebko is everywhere all the time and his hustle is being rewarded with easy buckets and dunks.  Jonas had 6 points, 2 assists and 3 boards in 27 minutes.
  • Austin Daye made some big buckets in the first half, knocking down consecutive three pointers like it was nothing.  Most impressive near half court make in the closing seconds of the third quarter went in but was just a millisecond too late.  Austin finished with 9 points, 3 boards and a steal in 25 minutes.
  • Chris Wilcox sighting, 11 minutes with 3 boards and 2 points.
  • Hard loss to take when you are up by 16 at one point and Chris Paul has just 2 points at the half.
  • Board war lost, 41 to 35.
  • Charlie Villanueva has been playing lights out, I’m pretty sure he likes the mask more than he will admit.  Our sixth man scored 18 points with 8 boards, 2 assists and a steal.

Charlie Villanueva
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Have you noticed that we get some quality ally-oops almost regularly now?
  • A DNP for Kwame Brown, and DaJuan Summers.
  • Jason Maxiell with just 15 minutes, 3 points and 4 boards.  I’m still quite baffled with the step back he’s taken this season.
  • Tough loss and a hard back-to-back, but the Pistons only have one day to bounce back with a game in OKC on Friday.
  • Do you realize that Ben Wallace is right back up there as one of the league leading rebounders averaging 10 per game.  Ben scored 6 with 3 steals, and 7 boards in 36 minutes in the loss.
  • Despite his ankle still bothering him, Will Bynum got back on court for Detroit and started dishing the ball immediately.  He was part of the surge in the first half that put the Pistons ahead.  Will finished with 9 assists, 4 points, 2 steals and 4 turns in 23 minutes.  Good to have him back.

Will Bynum
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Notice Will’s shoe and ankle in the picture?  That doesnt’ look like that suppors a sore ankle.
  • Chucky Atkins started the Pistons off when they couldn’t hit a shot.  Atkins finished with 13 points, 2 assists and 2 boards in 28 mintues.  On a side note, the tattoo on Chucky’s right bicep looks a lot like Vern Troyer…what’s up with that?
  • There were 8 lead changes and 9 ties in this one.
  • The points in the paint stat is still impressive, 44 for Detroit.
  • Highlights of the Game via NBA.com
  • [flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/hornets/2009/12/16/0020900365_det_noh_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
  • The Pistons hope to bounce back with a needed road win in Oklahoma City on Friday.


  1. Normal 2

    I agree with the Maxiell quote. I can’t understand it either. I was watching it on the league pass and the Hornets announcers couldn’t understand it either. No one understands it. He’s already at a dissadvantage cause he’s 6’7 but when your known for hustle and energy and that is the sole part of your game and your not brining it at all, then something is up. Maybe he thinks he can relax cause JJ is doing all the hustling and bringing all the energy.

  2. steve

    This teams play was pathetic last night, tayshaun is obviously a pansy he said a 2 weeks ago he would be back in a week i still see his lanky ass sitting on the bench looking dumber than austin daye in a supermarket.. ben gordon doesnt want to be here either u can tell by his facial expressions and the lack of urge to want to play.. he will be traded and dumars will draft a 100lb 7 footer from a click clack tribe in africa.. in dumars we trust! enjoy another 14 yr title drought.. you cant win in this league without a superstar.

  3. The Fan

    I’m pretty I heard that Maxiell went on a trip all summer which would lead me to believe he didn’t work on his game in the off season. I could be wrong but thats what I heard. However that was a bummer of a game. I started watching it in the second half and was excited we were up and then we crumbled. Sometimes I think they win when I don’t watch! hahaha. Oh and b.t.w.
    Steve you’re loser! NO NEED 4 STEEVE!

  4. zollie

    steve, grow up.
    ben gordon rarely shows his emotions, he’s a pro. think roger federer.

    really disappointed about maxiell’s play as of late. where are the putbacks and alley oop jams?

  5. DEL

    I really would like someone else in Maxiell’s place… I hope we will start with Ben Wallace and Kwame Brown. this really looks great.

  6. The Fans Mom

    There is a Need4Steve in my bedroom..

  7. DonKaypizzNunchh

    Stevearino loves juicey weeno

  8. KleenGee

    even my friend, who’s a celtics fan, said he always thought that Maxiell showed potential. but now he’s wondering what happened to Maxiell.

    Coach Q had Kwame and Wallace starting when the season began, so he may get back to that eventually. hope it’s sooner than later.

  9. James (Australia)

    This loss was easily the hardest loss to take this season because the Pistons, contrary to what they’ve shown so much this season in spite of their injuries, didn’t play that 2nd half. This one really hurts. Would they have won with Hamilton, Gordon, and Prince? definitely. But this young team needs to learn and have time for some “growing pains.”
    Trust me the players are hurting as well. CV31 tweeted that he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking about how they blew it.
    Steve, I don’t know why you come onto this website to spam the site with your trash. Prince wants to play and is trying to help out as much as possible, but back injuries are so unpredictable, even he doesn’t know when it will be ready. Gordon has shown already that he wants to help the team. Let’s not bring racism into this either; your petty comments regarding Dumars’ draft picks, are just that, petty.
    Let me finish by saying this. You said that you can’t win a title without a superstar. How exactly do you go about getting a “superstar”? Not a lot of stars want to go to Detroit, and it is extremely hard to trade for stars. According to your theory, the Cavs should have won a couple of titles by now. But they haven’t. Superstars are not the be all end all. You need to build a complete package which is what Joe D is doing.
    Thanks Nat!

  10. Tycoon

    I’m expecting coach Q will replace Maxiell on the starting lineup very soon.
    Btw, steve is gay who doesn’t know anything about basketball.

  11. Buffalo Bill

    Steve has 1/2 in peg.

  12. daddy

    I dont know how anyone takes steve seriously. I could imagine he is a 12 year old kid who doesnt know anything about the game itself. In Dumars I trust, thats right he is the one that brought us the title. Did you forget that? Your probably a Clevland fan and think lebron is going to win this year cause of all the hype. Basketball is and always will be a team sport and you have to have all the peices, Dumars will bring that. It takes some time fool.

  13. Steve

    Ur all homers.. you make me laugh.. go celtics and lakers!

  14. Ronnie D.

    Ben Wallace is a SELLLLL-OUTTTTTTT

  15. Dhrumil

    I don’t care what anyone says, Rodney Stuckey puts up wayyyyyyyy tooo many horrible shots. All he does is try to draw contact and never gets it. He missed atleast 7 shots down the stretch in the last 3 minutes. You guys all need to hop off his nuts.

  16. peppersprayedem

    suckey is not a good pg he is a turn over machine. steve has dunlap

  17. terry

    Step away from the ledge. Yeah this was a tough loss, but there’s still plenty of basket ball left to play. When you have a new coach, a new system, a totally revamped roster. oh yeah and a slew of injuries to your key players your going to have some growing pains. Some losses are good for a team in the long run, and I think this is one of those losses, tough to swallow and revealing what can happen if you let up even a little in this league. Dhrumil, you might as well tell the nba to hop off Stuckey’s nuts too cause he just got eastern player of the week. He’s a good young versatile point guard, he just had a bad 2nd half. He’s played a total of 2 seasons in the nba so cut him a little slack. actually Steve if you go off the trend, you need at least 2 superstars to win a championship, but Dumars already proved you can also win with a deep, tough, defense playing blue collar TEAM. I think I prefer that. Ronnie, I think you might have your Wallaces mixed up, it’s Rasheed Wallace that’s the sell out. At least Ben got like 50, 60 million to leave when he saw his role getting reduced, rather than taking what was it, something like 3 million so they could get a reduced role in hopes of getting a easy championship. Yeah, go Celtics…..


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