Rocked in Houston

by | Dec 16, 2009 | 22 comments

Despite another good night for Rip Hamilton in only his second game back after his ankle injury, the Pistons couldn’t handle the hot Rockets. Rip led the Pistons with 21 points on 10-22 shooting in the 96-107 loss in Texas.

  • I would like to hear your thoughts on this one, it wasn’t pretty and Houston looked like they couldn’t miss. The thing that stands out at me most is the Pistons defense, or lack there of.
  • Highlights via
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  • Yes Rodney Stuckey had an off night, it happens. You can’t put this one on him.
  • At least Jonas always seems to put a smile on our faces.


  1. steve

    LOL thats all i have to say.

  2. george

    it was just the hot shooting of the rockets and we couldnt seem to be able to get a stop even when we went on a run

  3. Tom

    This game was pretty disjointed. The Piston guards couldn’t stop Aaron “mini-Chris Rock” Brooks, the bigs couldn’t contain Landry or Scola and someone forgot to scout for The Albino (Buddinger). He looks like the Herbie the Dentist from the Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer movie. Stuckey was forcing the action expecting calls he wasn’t getting, but he kept doing it. I was suprised to see they had 24 assists since it always seemed like a lot of one-on-one offense with 7 seconds left on the shot clock. These games happen but it is such a difference from how they have played during the win streak that it was a bit of a surprise.

  4. DEL

    Rip is feeling pain in his right harmstring. terrible news

  5. AC Unit

    “mini-Chris Rock” … that is pretty funny but im sure Brooks has got a lot of size on the comedian. This team plays hard, im liking it!

  6. Dhrumil

    I’d like to see rodney stuckey set up the offense when rip is out there instead of just jacking up dumb ass shots. All he does is try to draw contact and never gets it.

  7. Normal 2

    We’re still young and learning. Can’t win them all but Houston seemed like they couldn’t miss. They also shot over 30 free throws and seemed to get every “and 1”. Time to move on to the next game tonight. Let’s see how they respond.

  8. obiwan

    cant win em alll this aint football your bound to have a bad gaem or even week its basketball when a team is hot their hot….a good defense can never stop a hot offense…they got a chance to still take 2 of three okc is ok juist gotta put a hold to westvrook he’s there biggest threat because he get’s everybody involed even the crowd…durant will be durant…and you dont want green to go off cause he will..

  9. hi

    what happend to AROUND THE WAY? I really liked them

    • Natalie Sitto

      Haven’t gotten rid of Around the Way just been a bit busy lately. It will be back.

  10. Alan

    Free Throws stood out. Houston had ’round 17 in the first half, Detroit had 2. Stuckey couldn’t BUY a whistle from the men in stripes.

  11. chriiss

    all these stuckey naters need to stop being so ignorant…im sure he wasnt the only person out there missing shots. He was named eastern conference player of the week for a reason, and although i love bynum and rip, when those two have a bad game nobody ever says anything negative about them…your meant to be on tnis site coz u love detroit basketball, and that includes loving the players and seeing through and understanding any flaws they nave, coz even the greatest of players have them

  12. chriiss

    stuckey haters ** lol my bad for the typo’s

  13. daddy

    arron brooks is just too nice its really hard to stop someone small and quick. he is a true point guard who knows how to control the game. i really like the rockets they play hard especially when everyone counted them out of the playoff run. they will make it. it seems like no one cared about t mac coming back. i think its awesome that he finally got some time on his feet. i really think rip and a draft for tmac is going to happen.

    • Ben

      No one cared?? The whole crowd got up and cheered..

  14. KG

    One thing to say, if Will Bynum plays this game, Brooks doesn’t drop 20+ pts.

  15. Annie

    Scola walked all over us.
    This was the only Pistons game this season televised in Australia on free TV so I got to watch all of it.
    There were some great plays from us but Houston pounced and we never caught up.
    I did love Daye’s chase down and block/foul. If he hadn’t have done that the points would have just fed Houston’s ego too much.

  16. James (Australia)

    Quite simply, a bad game.
    No one really shot the ball well except for Rip before he pulled the hamstring. Couldn’t get any calls. Atkins did a good energy job, but took some bad threes. Jerebko and CV31 played ok, but the fast pace of the Rockets killed us.
    Rip is apparently ok, and could play tonight. Bynum is probable. Gordon is a maybe. Prince is out. I think Jerebko and Stuckey could have big games.

  17. Jake

    im really getting sick of these stucky suck ups where if some1 says 1 little thing about stuckey they jump all over them

  18. Tycoon

    Yeah lets get over this Stuckey blame. Houston deserved to win that one. Meanwhile, let’s hope the Pistons could hang-on to win one at New Orleans.

  19. Ryan Collins

    Natalie, you got the score wrong according to’s home page. I didn’t watch, so maybe they’re wrong…


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