Stucktacular – Rodney EC Player of the Week

by | Dec 14, 2009 | 22 comments

Congrats go out to Rodney Stuckey who was named Eastern Conference player of the week.

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Stuckey led the Pistons to a 3-0 week, averaging 27.0 points on .529 shooting from the field, 6.0 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals. On Dec. 12, Stuckey led the Pistons with a season-high 29 points and added seven assists, helping Detroit to its fifth straight victory, a 104-95 win over Golden State. On Dec. 9 at Philadelphia, Stuckey led all scorers with 27 points, including the game-winning field goal with 8.7 seconds remaining.  Via


  1. Harold

    So… where are the usual haters?

  2. The Fluidics

    plotting trades for T-Mac, Amare, and Kaman.

  3. junior

    i havent heard from steve lately? u still there or did the bandwagon run u over when u tried to hop on it? haters cant hate when we are winning. GO PISTONS

  4. sam i am

    like i’ve said b4, steve change his name to something else lmaoo

  5. KleenGee

    They can win against Houston.
    They don’t have an overwhelming frontcourt presence
    Ariza’s out
    Stuckey is playing great d, which he’ll need to do against Brooks, cause Brooks can also be aggressive driving to the basket.

    My only concern is that Houston is about to take a few games on the road, so they’re focused on gathering wins at home right now.
    Pistons are hungry for a road win after that last trip out west. Is Tayshaun going to play? Tayshaun vs Battier is going to be a sweet battle to watch

  6. KleenGee

    btw: Has anyone seen that Netflix has the 89 playoffs/finals? Gonna watch these for nostalgia (my wife has a bunch of holiday flix in the queue, so I have to sneak it into the queue)

  7. mannie32

    stuckey sure made all his haters eat crow

    • The Fan


  8. Bugs

    Congrats must go out to young Stuckey here. Something i have realized about him lately is that he seems to be getting a killer instinct (especially late in games). You look at Jordan, Bird, Kobe, Wade, LeBron and you can just see it in there eyes. We really don’t him to put up 27pts a night once Rip & Gordon settle back in but its good to know that he has it in him all the same.

  9. daddy

    sorry lebron having the killer instinct? i think when it comes down to it he settles for a jumper and misses. the otehrs you talked about know how to shot and actually hit game winners in the finals lebron has yet to win a finals game. the goat is jordon and will always be. we did give him hell though. gooo pistions and dumars

    • Bugs

      Hey i am very one eyed pistons fan but if you think LeBron hasn’t got that killer instinct then i think you have been standing way to close to Ron Artest my friend. Anyways i was just throwing up names to state that Stuckey seems to have gotten a killer instinct which is what you need in this league if you want to dominate like the best. A killer instinct mixed in with a little bit of arrogance (not too much) just enough so he keeps a level head and doesn’t think he is the next coming of MJ. I must admit with all the negative comments i have heard and read about Stuckey it was really wearing on me and i was starting to doubt him. I suppose when you look at this year and the schedule and injuries we have had then you have to give the young fella props cause a lot of guys would of just packed it in. The key word with Stuckey is ‘combo guard’ and as long as we don’t pigeon hole him as a PG then he will be just fine.

  10. HIME1

    Go! Pistons!

  11. Matt

    I love it. He’s been my favorite Piston since his rookie year. Then Ben came back haha. But current 3 and old 3 both tear the court up together I must say. Stuckey is only going to get better, but it may not be number wise. As long as he keeps leading us to victory he’ll be fine. He does have a killer instinct though. I think he really is a poor mans Wade.

  12. Armand

    Here we go again with combo guard / point guard bullshit and poor mans wade?
    If u dont like stuckey then ill work on finding out steves and other stuckey haters phone numbers and u can all go and have a orgy together
    he isnt MJ or lebron or a poor mans wade. He is a very good team player who continues to get better under coach Q just like billups got better with LB

    • The Fan

      Exactly, BLAST’EM 50

  13. Jake

    What wrong with stucky being a combo guard “which he is” so your telling me if i think stucky is a combo guard i am a stucky hater maybe u should think before you speak armand

    • Armand

      Sorry if I hurt ur feelings Jake. Well, not really. U can think all u want about stuckey, all im saying is that combo guard or point guard or small forward or whatever position he plays he is proving some people WRONG who said he would never get any better and he is doing that by leading this team to wins while we continue to have injuries. Both, his defence and skills of running the teams offence are improving from game to game which i think we should give coach Q some credit for some of the success rodney and some other players are having

  14. daddy

    got buck with stuck thats my moto he can be careless at times. but like i said new players, new role, new couch, and new plays they are still learning the system. errors are going to happen especially when ppl get hurt and new players transition into the line up. great job stuck i could careless about the numbers i still want a better job on def from everyone. keep teams under a 100 points and ill be siked. glad maxi gets to play more too

  15. junior

    steve? man where are you?

  16. The Duke

    stucktacular! i love it! my brother told me that on NBA2K10 they say Bynumite! nasty.

  17. Jake

    i agree that stuck is proving people wrong its just ppl think if we say one bad thing bout stuck we hate him


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