A win over the Warriors makes it five straight for The Pistons

by | Dec 13, 2009 | 41 comments

The Pistons and their fans got a big surprise right before the tip of last night’s 95-104 victory over The Golden State Warriors. Richard Hamilton took the court after missing all but one game this season with a high ankle sprain.   The victory over the Warriors extends Detroit’s winning streak to five games and puts them at 11-12 for the season, just one win shy of getting back to 500 basketball.

Key Points:

  • After twenty one games without Mr. Hamilton, Pistons fans can thank Mrs. Hamilton for his return. In Rip’s post-game interview he credits his wife TJ for convincing him to get back on court.

“I talked to my wife and the one thing she told me pretty much was ‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Go out there and give it a try,'” said Hamilton, who played 37 minutes. “I hadn’t practiced, I hadn’t run or done any sprints but when I lay down for my nap I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to make up my mind right now and go ahead and play.'”

“I was just happy to be out there on the floor,” he said. “I didn’t care what anything felt like. I just felt joy, being able to play something that you love. … I knew I was going to be rusty. I knew from not playing, I was not going to have a rhythm, the timing’s going to be off and things like that. But I just felt if I can get out there and run and my wind is cool, I’ll figure it out.” via NBA.com

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  • Rip took his starting position last night for Detroit and didn’t disappoint. Hamilton scored 18 points on 6-for-15 shooting with 3 steals, 2 boards and an assist. Despite not playing in quite some time and at Rips’ admission, with no real conditioning or practicing, he played quite well. He even set a milestone as a Piston, surpassing the 10,000 point mark in red, blue and white. Good to have him back.
  • 22 turnovers for Detroit, really? I thought we were getting that number under control. Consider it a gift to win this one when the Warriors were making the best of the Pistons mishaps.
  • No Ben Gordon, no Will Bynum and still no Tayshaun Prince in this one, but they were all on the bench cheering on their team.
  • Jason Maxiell looked sharp last night doing the little things that make him what we know him to be. Jason scored 10, with 8 boards and a steal in 22 minutes. He’s almost the Maxi we know he can be, he’s just not quite there yet this season.
  • Chucky Atkins contributing big time for Detroit. You would really never know it unless you are watching these games, but Chucky is making key plays and helping the flow of the offense when he’s out there. Atkins with 9 points, 6 assists, 1 board and 3 turnovers in 33 minutes.
  • Rodney Stuckey with the hot hand, leading all scorers with a 29 point season high on 10-for-18 shooting, with 7 assists. He was making some tough baskets and getting to the stripe all night. I hate to bring it up on a big night for Stuck, but 7 turnovers! Got to do better there Rodney.

Rodney Stuckey Scores 29
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  • DaJuan Summers with .07 seconds on the court and another DNP for Chris Wilcox. I’m just stunned that my prediction about Chris has been so off, maybe it has to do with Ben Wallace tearing things up or maybe it’s just because Wilcox is underachieving.
  • Austin Daye with 11 minutes on court with 2 points and 2 boards. I will say this, the kid isn’t scared to take the big shot and thankfully he’s making them when he does.
  • Detroit looked like they were going to get this one out of the way early, but the Warriors and Monta Ellis didn’t cooperate. Golden State led by as much as 13 until the Pistons went on their run in the second and clawed their way back. This one was tied 6 times with 6 lead changes, and was quite enjoyable to watch.
  • Whether things are going for them or not, this team puts 100% effort on the floor every night. You have to love that from a fan’s perspective.
  • Jonas Jerebko with 6 points, 5 boards and 2 assists in 26 minutes. Gotta love JJ for doing whatever it takes on the offense or the defense. He’s had some tough defensive assignments and from the looks of it he’s getting better and better each game.
  • The no look pass from Chucky Atkins to Jonas Jerebko for the dunk.
  • [flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2009/12/12/0020900332_gsw_det_play3.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
  • I would have liked to see Bynum and Gordon play against the Warriors’ quick, no defense style of play.
  • Kuester: So this is what a coach can do! As we all try to forget the nightmare that was last season.
  • Ben Wallace with 9 boards, 2 points, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals in 27 minutes. I never thought it would be this great to hear that familiar gong again at the Palace.
  • Charlie Villanueva with a big game again for Detroit, 24 points in 33 minutes off the Pistons bench. The man was 1 board (9) away from a double-double, adding 2 steals and an assist, while going 6-for-6 from the line. Play of the night would have to be the the alley-oop from Chucky to CV31 for the jam. Will have to get that one on a highlight reel for you soon.

Charlie Villanueva with 24 Points off the Pistons Bench
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  • Give a ton of credit for these wins to the Pistons rebounding dominance, Detroit is second in the league at grabbing boards. The Pistons won Saturday’s war against the Warriors 39-25.
  • Add some more credit to Kuester who’s makeshift lineups and rotations are working.
  • Highlights of the Game via NBA.com
  • [flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2009/12/12/0020900332_gsw_det_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
  • Post Game Recap and Rip Hamilton interview via Pistons.com
  • [flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/teams/pistons/2009/12/13/GSRECAPFORWEB2m4v-1151639.flv /]
  • Next up a Tuesday night game in Houston against the Rockets.


  1. Greg

    I think Keith Langlois said on Pistons.com that Wilcox has actually improved a lot in practice much in part to Ben Wallace

  2. oracle

    in Stuckey’s defense, at least 2-3 of those turnovers were when he tried to lob it into the post, or tried a full court pass to a fast-breaking big. he’s got the right idea, and those TO numbers were more of an exception tonight.

  3. The Fan

    I love this team and I love our coach!

  4. Josh


    Is there any way for you to post the NEW opening anouncements with RIP in?!!!!

    • pistons4ever

      It wasnt broadcasted on TV so I dondt think there’s a chance.

    • Natalie Sitto

      If they don’t broadcast it I can’t get it, so no I can’t give you the intros with Rip unless they show then on Television and trust me the ones I take with my Camera just don’t do them justice.

  5. DEL

    great great great team. love to watch them play hard! Stuckey is almost excellent, but those turnovers yesterday were AWFUL. he sometimes tries too much, and forces really tough passes or shots for himself. I hope he just needs more time to adjust those flaws, and he can be one of the best

  6. Gogol

    I really think you harp on turnovers way too much, Natalie. This isn’t the Chauncey Billiups-Larry Brown offense. We’re not going to have 3 turnovers in a game again. These turnovers come from trying to get high-percentage shots. When they work, and we get those high-percentage shots, the efficency pf those shots more then makes up for the turnovers when they don’t work. That’s why we can win comfortably with 20+ turnovers. The old Pistons teams wouldn’t be able to do that nearly as well. Turnovers just aren’t as important a stat to this piston team.

    • Sable

      Actually Gogol, this is the Larry Brown offense, but it is true that Billups is probably one of the big reasons why our turnovers were down before. He turned himself into a true point guard, getting us good shots throughout. He was also a three point shooter and his forays to the basket were more crafty probing than the explosive attacks of Bynum and Stuckey.

      At any rate, turnovers are still a huge deal. If Bynum and Stuckey get stripped when they are driving to the basket, it leads to fast breaks for the other team which entirely nullifies our team defense.

    • Natalie Sitto

      While I see your point about turnovers I can’t say that they don’t really matter. Turnovers cost games and we have to cut down on them. I’m not expecting 3 turnovers a game but to have over 20 on a team that plays no defense whatsoever is disturbing. As for winning games comfortably….we have only done that once this season so I will have to argue that point.

  7. Loop

    Proud of our team!!

  8. oracle

    Sable, the problem with what you just said is that Stuckey rarely gets stripped when driving to the basket. he gets such a quick first step that he’s almost always past the on ball defender, who can do nothing but let him go to the rim, or foul him.

    i was at the game, and stuckey’s TO’s were turnovers when he tried to feed the post or the fast break, but his big men weren’t ready, or the pass was just a little too long.

    stuckey doesn’t do the bynum TO of picking up his dribble too early then getting swarmed by big men and ultimately handing it directly to the other team. his turnovers came from trying to get teammates involved, not trying to get his own shot

  9. KleenGee

    Coach Q’s positive attitude has been a big catalyst for this team’s turnaround. The guys needed that boost this year, and it feels like the sky’s the limit. Can’t wait to play full strength versus the celts, lakers, and the other big money teams; that’s when everyone’s going to notice Detroit basketball. (I really can’t wait till the Pistons replay the Suns at full strength and kick their *sses).

    • Drew

      Me too. But why the Suns, may I ask?

  10. junior

    anyone hear that billups said our team will be dangerous in the playoffs? thats right he knows and we should too!! GO PISTONS

  11. fariduddin

    Rip did a stand up job! very proud of this team… win or lose. with the effort & fight I see in this team… im proud and good!


    I dont know about anyone else but im happy with what i see so far specialy with all the injuries we are dealin with. We probably wont see all the players that we have now after the all star break but what i like so far is that our coachin staff is doing a great job of getting the most out of our guys and has them believing in each other on both ends of the court which i think is the only way to win in this league which is probably why we have been better then we should be so lets just sit and enjoy our team play hard every night and give it a 110% ruther then complain about stuckey and rip and bynum and c vill and kwame and everyone else. Obviously our GM knows what he is doing as far as finding the right team players to bring to the team and looks like he finally has a good coach in charge which helps more then some may think. 70% of the players and coaches are knew so they obviously will make some mistakes but if if u ask me everyone is doing a damn good job. Like the coach says ITS A WORK IN PROGRESS


    New instead of knew. Sorry

  14. pistonsfan32

    lol Rip is a funny guy… from pistons.com

    “It was very hard,” he said Sunday, when the rest of his body finally ached more than his ankle. “Sitting on the bench, sitting on the sideline watching the guys play every night, giving it their all, you’re like, OK, I’ve just got to get it right. Five games go by and then you start to get a little anxious. Ten games go by, now you’re worried. Fifteen games, now you’re paranoid. Twenty games, you’re about to pull your hair out. So it was like a crazy feeling, man.

  15. pistonsfan32

    hey guys go over to NBA.com and vote for the top defensive play of the decade….. two of which include the pistons D. GO VOTE GO VOTE!!! Winner is announced on All Star weekend.

    It is between Tay’s block and Ben’s block on Shaq. AHHhhhh GOoD MEMORIES 🙂

    • sam i am

      ben is leading that vote right now, but i really thnik that tay should win it

  16. sam i am

    i really think that pistons, if they keep playing w/ heart, can really grab the 5th or at least the 6th spot. we r only a a game outta the 5th spot with miami getting embarrassed at home to the grizzlies today.

    • James (Australia)

      I think 4th is definitely within reach for this team if we continue to improve. The East is not as strong this year and I think, of the teams ahead of us, we can easily overtake Milwaukee, and Miami & Cleveland have not looked great so far.
      Great win, but now the test comes to see how much we have improved with this tough road trip coming up. Houston will be hard, but not impossible. New Orleans is definitely winnable, but on a back to back will take some effort. And let’s get revenge on OKC!
      Apparently BG7 and Bynumite could return against Houston which would be huge!

    • sam i am

      lets be real, 4th placy is just asking way too much. we wont pass either atlanta or the cavs. i’ll be amazed and so happy if we get that fifth spot, thats all im asking for lol

  17. KleenGee

    Funny how we’re all thinking playoffs, and the anal-ysts all though/think lottery.

    i should’ve been more clear. I hated how in the blowout in Phoenix, the Suns kept putting up the 3ball even though the win was in the bag for them. Instead of wasting the clock, they ran up the score, which we all know is lame.

    • Drew

      I was there and I hated it too. It was because DET did a good job limiting the Suns’ threes until the Pistons’ second- and third-stringers were in the game. Threes are the Suns’ game; that’s almost all they can do and why they won’t go far in the playoffs. That’s why I live in Phoenix but like the Pistons: can’t stand all the players who camp out waiting to shoot threes. Freakin’ Channing Frye, the center, does it too. I’d rather a team attack the basket for layups or jumpshots: that’s basketball. I can’t wait till the next matchup against Phoenix too; DET will need to play a little smash-mouth, and the Suns will crumble.

  18. The Duke

    Another hard fought game. I love it. It would have been easy to get discouraged being down 13, but they continued to fight. I will take heart over skill anyday.

  19. obiwan


    • Rashit Flawless (Russia)

      Yeah man, that’s how it is. Bandwagon jumpers all around)

  20. obiwan


  21. James (Australia)

    Maybe I am getting ahead of myself by saying 4th, but I have not been impressed by Cleveland at all this year and I think we can get better when our injured players get back. Can’t really see us getting ahead of Atlanta though unless they fade again.
    Obiwan, can you fix your shift key? If you want people to understand what you are saying, then all caps is not the way to go! lol

  22. rai_from_the_philippines

    nice win! everybody’s playing with heart and passion. It’s like we have a full roster of Antonio McDyess’s. Wish he was still with detroit.


    GO PISTONS!!!!

  23. daddy

    alt is really good yes they dont have a dominate big man but they run hard and each player has the ability to create for another player. i think we will be in the 5th or 6th seed. 1.bos 2. orl 3. cavs 4. atl 5 us or mai depending if wade cares enough to play. the turn overs do concern me rather high but they were trying to run which they did well. that will happen in those games. but all in all im hyped for our team. im with obiwan welcome back bandwagon jumpers a few times ago you were talking shit.

    • The Fan

      I think we could take 5 place. We have beaten Orlando and ATL this year so who knows.

  24. The Duke

    Obiwan you still have yet to tell me how I am a bandwagon fan.

  25. oracle

    Congrats to hot rod for being the Eastern Conference player of the week!

  26. mannie32

    stuckey is eastern conference player of the week
    again… a C-?? haha obviously the nba disagrees

  27. hi

    Why isn’t there around the way anymore, i really liked it and i miss it.

  28. James (Australia)

    Good work 50 cent!
    Had a read of Keith Langlois’ True Blue Pistons post, and it sounds like Gordon will play verse Houston, Bynum is questionable, but very close, and Prince amy return within a week. Things are looking up!

  29. oracle

    also, a stroke of luck! ariza was suspended for one game, which happens to be the houston/detroit game! woohoo!

  30. junior

    nice suspension! 6 in a row? i think so. GO PISTONS



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