Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Pistons First Quarter Grades

by | Dec 10, 2009 | 14 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff  get down to the nitty gritty of what the Pistons have accomplished at this point in the season.

The First Quarter Grades are in.

I also added a poll in the left sidebar of the site for your Pistons Player of the week.  It will be reset each week and Bennie and Jeff will discuss your pick as well as theirs.

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast #29- Pistons First Quarter Grades

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  1. DEL

    pretty decent grades. I agree with most of them. But I would give Ben Gordon a worse mark, because I really knew that he would be a great player in Pistons, and he is just doing what he is supposed to do. He is a superstar

  2. Raphael Dion

    u guys are way off on Stuckey! when will people realize that yes even though he starts at the pg position that he is NOT a PG nor is he expected to be! our coach Kuester realizes that & so does Dumars as he just mentioned in a recent interview! Stuckey has already been playing alot of sg/sf this year as we have played alot of small ball! everyone should know by now that Stuckey is a D.Wade type of combo guard… & he ALWAYS will be… thats his game! he can play the 1 decently but he is really a 2! other than that Stuck HAS been pretty consistent… the only thing that hes been inconsistent with is his shooting percentage even tho’ his jumper has improved vastly… but we should be happy that hes atleast driving the rack & getting to the line often! also he doesnt turn the ball over alot at all! he only averages about 2.5 to’s a game which is pretty low when u compare him to other pg’s & players of his caliber!

    im sure u were being sarcastic when u said 8 points & 9 turnovers BUT he has only had ONE game this season where he scored below double digits… & only ONE game where he had over 4 turnovers!

    do your homework!

    other than that I thought most of your grades were good other thans Atkins & Maxiell

    since Max came into the starting 5 hes played very well after a slow start… & giving Atkins a high grade was laughable… just because nobody expected him to play at all & hes allowing Stuckey to play the sg position a little more shouldnt warrant him that high of a grade… Stuck has been able to play off the ball alot with Bynum & Gordan in the game with him anyway… so I wouldnt grant that much of Stucks’ recent success to Atkins… so I would say that hes only playing average anyway despite getting some quality minutes

    good grade for Keuster! hes done a great job despite our losses & even in them our guys havent given up! & I love that he has the guts to mix up our lineup & start a rookie over our big off season signing… & I like that like he doesnt hesitate to bench or even dramatically limit Villanueva’s minutes if hes not playing enough D! plus alot of coaches wouldnt have gave an overseas rookie a chance nor “washed up” vets like ben wallace or chucky atkins as much as a chance

    alot of coaches seem to be “player pleasers” & play certain players a lot of undeserved minutes even if there not playing up to par… well thats not the case with this coach & I love that!

  3. Bennie

    I agree with your opinion about Raphael Dion about Coach Q- I like that people who deserve minutes are getting them and those who are not doing so well are getting minutes cut. This makes the team better in the long run. and Stuckey has been impressive, when every ones health we gotta figue out this log jam at the two guard positions. Good problem to have though

  4. rban

    Yeah have to agree, Stuckey way off.

    He comes into the season playing with rookies in the line up that hes neve rplayed with, ppl in and out of the line up, whole new team. Hes putting up 18 5 and 5, and hes always guarding the other teams best 2guard and hes doing a more then solid job of it. You have to give him love for that, defense is everything in Detroit.

    He struggles at times with shot selection but i attribute thatt o not knwoing what you have and forcing up shots due to injuries. Hes feeling the teasm and now and beginning to flourish, and its not because of switching to the 2 guard, its because hes maturing. He runs the pick and roll hell of a alot better now, hes learning his teamates and finding them, when Rip and Tayshaun come back he’ll be alot the more solid. To be Rodney gets a B+ no A strcitly because he struggled forcing shots up early and only shoots 41%.

    In Stuck we Trust guys!

  5. rban

    Bynum has no shot at earning the starting spot, hes to small, Stuckey can guard the 1,2 and 3 and do it fairly well.

  6. mannie32

    ARE U KIDDING ME???????
    stuckey a C-?? Haha okay, you’re clearly on crack. Stuckey is in the Pistons top 4 in points, rebounds and assists. Can he get better? Yea sure, but C-? Wow, you’re crazy.

  7. mannie32

    wow, also surprised with all the hate on joe d

    yea we could have had other ppl, but we went to 6 straight conf finals, 2 finals and won one title… unless ur the spurs, any other franchise would be jealous!

    trading chauncey hurt, but was needed unless u really thought we were a shoe in to win with that group.. now we have an exciting group and are maybe one big man and a couple years of building chemistry away from being a great team!

  8. CAD

    Stuckey a C-… Really? First of all, Stuckey has been wayyyy more consistent than last year. Second, he has had to play multiple positions, and has had to guard the opposing teams best perimeter player on a nightly basis.
    Third, at times he carries the whole team offensively. To me it looks like he has improved in almost every facet of his game. Fourth, why do some people (Jeff) think Bynum is a better player than Stuckey? Bynum is a 5’11 PG who can’t pass a basketball to save his life. He’s not a great ball handler, and he’s a terrible on ball defender. I love how hard he plays, but pleasssse get off his damn jock strap. He is overrated by u and and Bennie (u can throw George Blaha in that categorie as well). Rodney has been the best player on the team this year. Stop hating on Stuck Stuck, and use ur brain the next time u make these grades.
    Reply back if you dare.

  9. Sleepy Crayfish

    These guys are so impatient and unrealistic. Mostly kneejerk reactions for grades.

  10. daddy

    you have to throw the average out? that doesnt make sense yeah he doesnt have good games sometimes thats why they average it out to see what he does most of the time. you have to understand that stuck isnt going to get as much dimes when his scorers are out of the game. stuckey isnt a true point guard and there are few in this league that are. he is playing for a new coach with new plays and a whole new team. yeah running that all is going to be hard and ppl are going to get lost.

    kwame is doing good he will have time to learn its up to him to take advantage of this and learn from big ben. i think everyone is still trying to climb their way to the starting line up.

    why wouldnt i know you? you went to springtime a lot and we talked. just thought id say hi. how is everything in houston? still skating?

    CV is disappointing me a bit he is lacking rebounds casue he sits on the 3 point line and he doesnt drive or post up at all. if ben, stuck, and bynum all drive to the bucket he needs to cut to get the easy point. sometimes he just lags behind and camps out.

    chris wilcox im not going into that since he is not playing i hope we gets some playing time. we spent money on him and id like to see what he has got.

    ben is amazing and like i said he has it left in the tank to finish the year. he is a man of determination and im sure he will see to it that he ends his career on the most positive not.

    i understand how you were grading but i do not agree with the marks that certain ppl were given. ps i really like jonas he has my style of play. just play the game and give it your all no matter what the score or time is.

  11. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Guys you are crazy. You suck with some of these marks, how much games did you see? One? Two?

  12. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Guys, after this podcast i give you c-, “you seem to be out of place, ok? you’re far too inconsistent” talkin’ bout this team. You’re like felt from the moon yesterday

  13. The Fan


  14. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    The podcast was to long, but the grades were just right. Especially with Dumars.


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