Three in a Row – Pistons take down The Sixers

by | Dec 9, 2009 | 22 comments

Thanks to a clutch basket at the end of the game from Rodney Stuckey the  Pistons beat their former teammate Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers 90-86.

Rodney played great all night and poured in 27 points to lead all scorers.

  • Rodney Stuckey Post Game Interview

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons.
  • Solid play from Kwame Brown and Chucky Atkins.
  • 12 turnovers – it’s getting better.
  • 11 points for LIEverson on 3-for-10 shooting.   I said before the game that if he got more than 12 I would be disappointed.
  • The Need4Sweed indeed…. Jonas with 17 second half points.
  • Rodney Stuckey and Jonas Jerebko highlights.

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons.
  • No Ben Gordon, who sat out nursing his ankle.
  • Will Bynum seems to have sprained his other ankle playing just 18 minutes in the win.
  • What do we have to do to get Rodney more time at the 2 when everyone is healthy?
  • I’m leaving the rest of the recap to you, Need4Sheed has been bitten by the flu bug, so please feel free to fill in where I left off.
  • Highlights of the Game

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  1. oracle

    enough with this “Stuckey is a 2” crap. whatever position he’s defending, he’s handling the ball, leading the team, and making plays on EVERY posession. if you call that a 2, fine, but he’s playing point on this team. rather than saying “play stuckey at the two” how about we just try to get more guys who make him comfortable out there? he’s comfortable with chucky, who can dribble into the halfcourt and hand it off, but figure out who between rip/bg fits best, because stuckey is handling the point guard duties no matter what position you say he’s playing

  2. mannie32

    stuuuuckey + jerebko = big win
    stuckey has been super solid as of late

  3. craig

    I need that Stuckey crossover video or animated gif of him making a fool out of A.I. That made my night!

  4. Steve

    oracle thats called a combo guard, stuckey is not a PG he is playing his natural position right now and he is shining.. i hope they dont try to make him a pg still after the way hes playing.

  5. Dhrumil

    Will Bynum doesn’t look the same as he did in the beggining of the season. Either teams are figuring out how to guard him, or he’s still hurt.

  6. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    If the playoffs started today, the Pistons would be the 8th seed. If you ask me, they could finish the season as a 5th or 6th seed.

  7. Josh

    Will is obviously still hurt. Has anybody asked the question why when Rip hurts his ankle, he gets to sit out for weeks, and when Ben Gordon hurt his ankle he gets to sit out for at least a week, but when Will hurts his ankle HE plays, every game, he plays. How can it heal if he’s constantly on it? Yet he’s out there every game still giving his all. Mad respect Mr. Bynum.

    • TJ

      Tests showed that Rip’s ankle injury was worse than feared, having serious ligament damage. That’s why he’s been taking so long to get back, it wasn’t just a sprain.

  8. obiwan


  9. obiwan

    every ankle is different josh

  10. obiwan

    no they be 9th

  11. obiwan

    like i said a couple weeks ago, when the pistons were on that losing streak… i said stuckey would have to start leading this team, and in the last three games thats exactly what he has been doing…. i think tonight is a big night for this club stuckey is gonna want the ball because he wants to go at his old mentor and jonas gets another shot to prove he is a good defender matching up against melo… i thnk this team has a shot because they play there best at home… i hope the crowd is pumped…..hey i think we should name stuckey,bynum and gordon the giant killers cause these guys just punish the big men every night takin it to the rim

  12. DEL

    nice win, even without our 3 most payed players we can win games!! that was not a great game by our guys, but we managed to win it 🙂 we got a lot of pottential, just give us our best players back!!

  13. # 1 pistons fan



  14. kleengee

    hope you feel better soon Nat. No need to make a write-up for tonight’s game if you’re not feelin well.

  15. kleengee

    Mr Dumars says that specific positions are a thing of the past. So i’m dropping the Stuckey point or shooting guard argument. go JJ33

  16. daddy

    nice nice nice we are getting into the groove ppl seem to know what is required to win, and thats all that matters. what kinda worries me is when everyone gets healthy. who will be picking up the mins and who will be left out. i have a feeling that a trade is in the line to get a big man. need to get a post player and someone to give big ben some rest. good luck with the nugs guys.

  17. obiwan

    yea it will be a trade depending on how rip and tay come back from there injurys…its like buying a car you know a mustang is a good car but if its been in the shop for a minute your going to wait and see if the car still works….dont expect teams to jump on rip and tay for a trade until they show potential that their injuries arent going to prevent them from helping their team

  18. daddy

    i seriuosly think rip is the first to go. we do have a lot of guards so im thinking a power foward is in the mix. sorry cv his time will be cut and so will maxy. hope big ben is teaching kwame everything he knows it seems like he is picking it up and stepping his d up. im just glad we play hard all the time and never just pack it in. thats a sign of a team and shows how we have always played ball.

  19. EffJay

    Really just goes to show how much of a cancer guys like Sheed and AI were on our team last year. Replace those two with high energy guys like Big Ben, JJ, BG, CV, and you have a completely different ball game. The difference between our team’s effort last year and this year is like night and day. So glad to see this.

  20. rban

    I dont think it really has to do with him playing the 2, tonight he actually had most of his success at the 1, punning the pick and roll and taking it to the hoop. I think hes turning the corner abit right now, hes learned to not always pick up his driblle if theres no pass, which makes him alot more un predictable around screens and so on.

    Stuckey is a combo guard he can play the 1 or the 2 and guard the other teams best guard, and hes only going to get better.

    I wouldnt trade Stuckey for Rondo. And if you would, you let ESPN furl your mind.


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