The Pistons make it two in a row against The Wizards

by | Dec 6, 2009 | 32 comments

The Piston will gladly take the 94-98 grind out win against their former coach Flip Saunders and his Washington Wizards. Their two game winning streak isn’t something that’s going in the record books, but the battered and bruised Pistons need every win then can get.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons did a great job moving the ball, it was almost like the ghost of Larry Brown was in the building….three passes before they shoot.  The movement, from the bigs and the guards, made for easy shots all night long.
  • A fired up Charlie Villanueva, who still doesn’t seem like he’s used to the mask, scored 18 points on 8-19 shooting with 5 assists, 4 boards in 36 minutes.  His four point play gave the Pistons a boost right when they needed it.
  • Detroit did a better job with the turnovers, just 11 opposed to the 21 they had on Friday night.
  • Another good night in the paint for Detroit with 38 points down low.
  • Board war tied at 41.
  • Great night for Detroit’s bench who outscored the starters 55-44.
  • Earl Boykins always amazes me.  Guy can shoot and with his size I’m so surprised his shot doesn’t get blocked more.  He’s like a Micro Machine basketball player.
  • Need4Swede: Jonas is putting up double-doubles and making circus shots…check it out.
  • [flashvideo file= /]
  • Jerebko finished the game with 10 points, 11 boards, a steal and an assist in 38 minutes on the floor.  Plus a few more fans with every game he plays.  On another note, my SWEEEEEDE chant at games when he’s got the ball isn’t catching on just yet, can you please pass the word to whoever you know is going to the game or if you are yourself, please join me…people are looking at me like I think he’s Sheed.
  • Jason Maxiell’s playing time is odd to me, one night he’s out there a ton and tonight he plays just 9 minutes.
  • Out-blocked again…Pistons with just one block from Ben Wallace all night, while Washington bats the ball away 7 times.
  • I wonder if we can get a stat on how many of Rodney Stuckey’s shots get blocked.  I bet quite a few less than they used to.
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  • As for Stuckey’s game against Washington, he was great.  Hot early and, had he not been in early foul trouble, he would have led the Pistons by more than just 25 points.  Stuck went 9-for-18 with 2 assists, 4 boards a steal, 3 turnovers and some clutch shots down the wire when the Wizards were gaining ground.
  • Stucktaular Highlights via
  • [flashvideo file= /]
  • Ben Gordon played just 11 minutes scoring just 5.  He didn’t play in the second half, nursing his sore ankle on the bench.
  • Say thank you to Austin Daye, who didn’t play in the first half and came out shooting in the second to help the Pistons get on track after leading by just three at the half.  Cool hand Daye finished with 11 points, shooting 100% from the field with 2 boards in just 12 minutes of play.
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  • Auststanding Highlights:
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  • A bit of a slow night for Ben Wallace who didn’t score, but grabbed 8 boards with 5 assists.  Yes, five assists for our very own Defensive Machine.
  • Ok, I know we all were like ….seriously, Joe Dumars just signed Chucky Atkins?  I eat my words, Atkins is really making the most of his time back in Detroit.  Chucky scored 7 with 5 assists in 22 minutes.  He gave the Pistons some life, scoring his points early when they couldn’t hit a shot no matter how hard they tried.
  • Awful first few minutes of the game for both teams.
  • Gotta love holding Gilbert Arenas to just 8 points.
  • Highlights of the game via
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  • Mixed reaction by the crowd who really didn’t realize this was Flip Saunders’ return.
  • Nice passing from Kwame Brown who scored 4 with 2 assists and 5 boards.
  • What’s up with the Thrill, 3-for-12 shooting and he missed some key free throws that the Pistons really needed in the closing minute of the game. Bynum scored 16, but once again isn’t playing like we know he can.  I hope his ankle isn’t getting worse.
  • Funny story, I overhead some guy tell his friend he was at the game with, “Chucky Atkins must have been really hurt, I haven’t seen him play a lot for us since we won the Championship.” His friend answered, “me neither.”
  • Good win for Detroit, who play Allen Iverson in Philadelphia on Wednesday and Chauncey Billups on Thursday at the Palace.  That’s going to be something.
  • Don’t forget, Need4Sheed and viagogo are giving Pistons tickets away!


  1. AzureAcerbus

    Man Both Will Bynum and Ben Gordon need to suck up there pride and Good will, and just sit out for like 2 games. Bynum hasn’t played well, in a long time. And Gordon just isnt himself. Don’t get me wrong im a huge fan of the both of them. Tho i just don’t want any of them to injure themselves further. Appreciate the gesture tho.

  2. Ryan Collins

    Austin Daye had a great offensive game, but I hope his teammates rag him appropriately for that rookie foul on the 3-point shooter with less than 2 seconds to go in the 3rd. That was just plain painful to watch. Amateur hour all the way…

    • Richie

      He is human.

  3. Seabass

    Hey Natalie they keep track of blocked shots attempts in the yahoo Box Score of games. I too noticed that his shot attempts dont get blocked as much as they used to

  4. Richie

    Blocked shots and steals are deceptive stats. Not all blocks are created equal, if you will. Most players who get lots of steals are overall poor defenders, and many of the best defenders alter shots rather than block them. Ben is one of the best players during my lifetime that I’ve seen in terms of knowing when to stuff it, where to hit it, and when to keep his feet planted. I just love watching him on the defensive end- it’s like a clinic for defence at multiple positions and in multiple situations.

  5. JJ33

    i wish Jerebko would be develop just like Dirk Nowitzki.. he just need to work on his shooting and post moves.

  6. Jon

    It’s rude to yell “Swede” at a player. It’s like yelling “Yank!” at any American player. It’s rude and immature.

    • Drew

      That’s something I did not know…You learn something new every day.

  7. BG7 & CV31- killin' it

    Great win for the Pistons again. Well needed play from both rookies on this outing too especially Daye when we were in a drought (5 of 25 shooting) he shot extremely well (5 of 5). I have to appreciate how Bynum and Gordon are making strides to play, but at the same token i’m wondering if they are hurting more than helping… Big Ben always plaing with so much heart out there! Charlie V did very well and the 4point play was ridiculous! LOL. IDC what people say about Stuckey he has been playing great he shot 50% from the field and is getting smarter with the ball for sure. The assists from the big guys start with the guards and the ball getting put in the right position to make another great pass (so it might not be Bynum or Stuckey’s assists but they set it up).

  8. Steve

    Jon i agree.. very rude and that will never catch on believe it or not people in detroit still have class… like if a jewish guy was shooting… JEEEEEEW!… get it?

  9. Marcell

    Natalie, here’s what you do. You need to get one of those silly hats with horns on it. Next time you yell out SWEEDE, they’ll know your not saying Sheed

  10. JM

    Steve…you are ridiculous, those are 2 entirely different scenarios. I find nothing wrong with saying Sweeede, and I’m of Norwegian decent, you my friend have taken your religious slur too far, but coming from you I can understand it. Nothing but childish nonsense and Anger.

    • Steve

      Hey Jim.. how are they different scenarios? if hitler didnt like sweades it would be the same thing.. same meaning.. i would get pissed if everytime i took a shot people deigoooo.. im actually 24 not a child.. you and armand sound real tuff being a computer screen tho.. just thought id let you know im very terrified.

  11. Armand

    Yeah, ive seen steve leave some very childish comments, but maybe thats just who he is, a kid.

    • The Fan


  12. Steve

    Hey Jim.. how are they different scenarios? if hitler didnt like sweades it would be the same thing.. same meaning.. i would get pissed if everytime i took a shot people deigoooo.. im actually 24 not a child.. you and armand sound real tuff being a computer screen tho.. just thought id let you know im very terrified. really truely am.

  13. HIME1

    go pistons!

  14. Ronnie D.

    I believe this Steve guy is a DOUCHE. Me being Italian the correct spelling is dago. Not however you spelled it. Natalie can we do something here? Are there not mods on this site besides you?

  15. steve

    Sorry ronnie im not the expert of the spelling of racist terms.. you obviously are.. racist.

  16. Justin

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Ben Wallace is very underrated as a passer.

  17. steve

    your an insult to italians world wide.

    • The Fan


  18. steve

    Dont hate me because im not a homer.. this team will not make the playoffs.. dumars is a fool.. by the way your all homers if you forgot.. go celtics.

    • James

      Why do you bother coming on this site if you are just going to have a go at the creator of this website, other posters, the Detroit Pistons, and a legend of the NBA in Joe D?
      Your life must be pretty sad if you have nothing better to do than try and hurt others.
      Don’t spoil a great win by the Pistons with your petty remarks.
      Thanks for the write up Nat. Great as usual!!

  19. Steve DiLullo

    Looking at the stats:

    % Blocked for... Jump Shots / Close Shots / Total Shots / Clutch Time Shots

    Stuckey - 7% / 17% / 10% / 0%
    Bynum - 5% / 20% / 10% / 21%
    Gordon - 2% / 23% / 5% / 7%
    Villanueva - 1% / 9% / 3% / 8%

    Stuckey - 3% / 16% / 9% / 24%
    Bynum - 5% / 18% / 10% / 5%
    Gordon - 2% / 18% / 5% / 5%
    Hamilton - 3% / 16% / 5% / 6%
    Villanueva - 2% / 10% / 4% / 7%

    Some of the data has small sample sizes, especially for this year in clutch situations since we haven't been doing so hot, but you get a general feel for things.

    Personally, I find most interesting the difference between total % blocked and clutch time % blocked (the last 2 numbers listed for each player) because you can sort of see who's trying too hard to win the game on their own, in my opinion.

    In response to the earlier questions and comment in the post itself, Stuckey's averaging about the same blocks against overall than last year. His attempts during clutch time are down this year so that might explain the lack of blocks.

    All numbers are from

  20. KleenGee

    Arenas said that the Palace was too cold to get into a shooting groove.

  21. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Let him tell it to Austin Daye)))

  22. oracle

    i feel no shame in reminding steve that the best acquisition his team made was rasheed wallace, who admits he cannot jump anymore, and does nothing but shoot 3’s at a 30% clip. also… his tummy is impressive.

  23. Amer ican Prince

    in terms of jonas god i hope he doesn’t develop into dirk nowitzki. Jonas can play defense and isn’t soft like Dirk. In my opinion take out of the equation past accomplishments and right now I would put Jonas in the starting lineup over Tayshaun when he comes back.

    I liked the ball movement and glad they are utilizing the bigs more, hope that continues against teams with stronger defense and better big men. Those are the teams we need to use our passing more.

    This will be the week of 76ers Denver Detroit. All play each other this next few days, starting with Denver and 76ers. All teams changed dramatically after trades with each other

  24. junior

    as for anything steve says, who cares? i just ignore him ans all the stupid, and childish things he posts. i think we ALL need to do the same dont comment with him or to him. maybe he will go away maybe not but at least if we dont reply to him he wont feel the need to say something retarded back. good day. GO PISTONS

  25. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Yeah, he’s like “i told ya, i told ya!!!” the next game Daye miss a shot he’ll say Austin sucks, Joe D sucks, the current roster sucks and so on. Oh, I forgot the Draft picks in 2003, really. Did you? Well, he will help you to remember any time. Pathetic little boy, who think he’s too smart and others are just pathetic in comparision to his unreal greatness.
    He earned his ignore 100% over the months

  26. daddy

    not a great game but glad to pull out the W. i really dont care how many blocked shots teams have we know ben alters almost every shot near him. when ben is on the floor the shot % drops drastically so thats all i care about. big ben and daye coming through.



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