A Benified win against the Bucks

by | Dec 5, 2009 | 18 comments

Forget the fact that the battered and bruised Pistons really did need to get back on track, Friday nights’ game 96-105 win against the Bucks was just plain fun to watch.

Key Points:

  • Charlie Villanueva took the court, mask and all, but still looked a uncomfortable on the court.  CV31 finished with 9 points a steal and 2 boards.
  • Great defensive effort for the Pistons all night long.  Ben Wallace and Jason Maxiell really allowing Andrew Bogut to do nothing was great.  The guards holding Brandon Jennings in check, priceless.
  • Sloppy finish to the game is something you don’t like to see.  The Pistons let the Bucks get a little too close in the closing minutes.
  • The Pistons are lucky to have won this game, when you turn the ball over 20 times it usually spells disaster.
  • I’m going to have to make a Need4Swede highlight reel.  Jonas Jerebko has been unreal since he’s been inserted in the starting lineup.  He will do just about anything that he can on court for his team, including a pretty sweet behind the back pass to Ben Wallace for the jam.  JJ finished with 16 points, 7 boards, 3 assists and a blocked shot in 27 minutes on the floor.
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  • Did I mention he’s got his very own rabid fans too? He is also getting quite a hefty round of applause in the intro’s before the game.
  • Jason Maxiell a surprising 5 turnovers, but his defensive play almost made up for them.  He scored 6, with four boards and really did a number on Bogut who didn’t score till after the half.
  • Six Pistons in double figures.
  • Rodney Stuckey led Detroit with 19 points on 7-for-11 shooting with 9 assists, 6 boards and 4 turnovers.  Do you realize that since he’s moved to the two position he’s had a total of 21 assists and he’s looked more comfortable on court.  He’s still running the show at times, but he’s getting better looks now.
  • Kwame Brown doing some things I never thought he could.  Kwame with 4 points on 2-for-3 shooting, with 4 boards and 2 assists in 14 minutes.  Compliments aside, the two free throws he shot (and missed) had to be the ugliest I have seen in a while.
  • 46 boards to 30 for the Bucks.
  • Great way to end the half.  via NBA.com
  • [flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2009/12/04/0020900275_mil_det_play2.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
  • You may not have caught the little drama unless you were at the game, but when Rodney Stuckey got his tech in the fourth quarter it looked like things were going to get out of hand.  Rodney tried to take the ball away from Jennings after the ball was dead, and they went at it a bit.  Then coach Kue and Rodney had a few choice words to each other.  I wasn’t that close so I couldn’t hear, but I did see the look on Kuester’s face and he wasn’t happy with Rodney.  They spoke, and Rodney finished the game out.
  • Ben Gordon still looks a bit off, but he did look good Friday night with 16 points on 6-for-10 shooting in just 22 minutes off the bench.
  • I now have a firm belief that in Mr. Wallaces’ case it’s not about the Benjamins baby…Ben Wallace Highlights
  • [flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/images/dec_4_09_wallace.flv /]
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  • When Ben started dunking up a storm in the fourth, the Palace felt like 2004.  Another double-double for Ben Wallace with 11 points, 10 boards and 3 blocked shots….my word it’s just amazing.
  • A telling stat, 46 points in the paint for Detroit.
  • Rookie sensation Brandon Jennings was limited to 15 points, eight in the fourth on 6-for-20 shooting.
  • Chucky Atkins moves the ball so well when he’s out there.  He may not fill up the score sheet, but he gets the ball where it needs to be.   Atkins finished with 10 points and an assists.
  • Game Recap via NBA.com
  • [flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2009/12/04/0020900275_mil_det_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
  • I’m wondering if Will Bynum is still hurting, Will hasn’t looked himself for the last few games.   He finished with 12 points on 2-for-8 shooting with 4 turnovers.
  • The Pistons biggest lead was 17.
  • Other than the last couple minutes of this game…the Pistons looked right on track.
  • Sunday against the Wizards at home should be interesting.  Hoping they can make it two in a row.
  • Do you want Pistons tickets or what?


  1. The Duke

    I guess this is what I get for having a date last night. I missed the game and NBA Broadband is only playing the last 2 minutes of the game. I’m happy for our boys. Keep it up! Hey Nat, why does our first win vs. the Magic light up in red instead of blue in your record box?

    • Natalie Sitto

      Because I missed that one when I was adding the feature…thanks for letting me know.

  2. The Duke

    You know what’s crazy? By this time last year we had a better record than we do this year after 20 games but everybody was hatin’ on the red, white, and blue. This year, for the most part, our guys are getting alot of love. Even when you lose team basketball and defense just look so good.

  3. Damien W.

    *Whistles* I love it, Ben (Wallace) was loving it, and the Sweed’s HAD to be loving it. They say Tayshaun hopes to be back in about a week or so, but the way Jonas has been playing, you think he would want to. Hey, we NEED Tayshaun/Rip/Gordon back, but.. You know what, ignore what I was about to say…

    Ben Wallace Everybody! *Applauds* 5 Dunks.. 11 points, 12(?) rebounds, 3 blocks and a few assists? That’s some high quality numbers for a person who was thinking about retirement not to long ago.

    BTW: That little shake at the end of his dunk from Jonas “Sweedish Meatball” Jerebko had me laughing and giddy all at once.

  4. fityo

    Hey Natalie,
    Stuckey had 9 dimes.
    Thank you for blogging. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. Eric

    Love Jerebko, even more than Tayshaun. Joe D has to be very happy with what the future holds with this guy. He’s a hardnose hardworking player who plays great down low with some steady defense and can even step out to take the 3. Sheed who? This is the kind of guy we’ve been lacking for the last couple of years. They may not have the best record right now, but that will come. Honestly, I don’t care if they’re not the best team in the East, it’s already been a lot of fun to see the potential in this team and to watch the rookies grow. Wallace has been super solid. But when he’s not in the game…..you can really tell from a defensive standpoint.

    • Richie

      JJ is great but Tay > J. It will be very nice to have a solid backup at the 3 spot though.

  6. Adam B

    I love that shimmy at the end of the JJ assist by Ben!! All I want out of this team is to play with this kind of passion every night. I will take a team with PURE HEART over pure talent anyday of the week. This team is growing into something beautiful.

  7. KleenGee

    It’s amazing the change this year vs last year. Pure Heart! To limit guys like Bogut and Jennings means a lot.

    Hey Nat. I think you’re right about Bynum still being hurt. At the beginning of the game, I saw someone icing down an ankle (bynum?).

    btw. during commercials, I flipped to the celtics game and it looks like Sheed’s putting on the pounds. (or maybe he looks fatter in green).

    • Drew

      Sheed already is much heavier. One analyst says Sheed has one of the worst bodies in the NBA.

  8. KleenGee

    about Ben Wallace: notice how he doesn’t block the ball hollywood lebron style into the crowd. He’ll block the ball and then gain possession. And that shimmy was classic. he looks like a big kid after dunking (a really BIG kid)

    • Richie

      That’s the Bill Russel style.

  9. KleenGee

    I think Ben is influencing Jerebko and the other bigs. These guys are so lucky to have him. (at a discount!)

    Can’t wait to see how good the defense will be with Prince and Rip back on the court: Stuckey, Rip, Prince, Jerebko, and Wallace is such a strong line-up. Get well soon boys.

  10. Tycoon

    Time to get over sheed Nat… Bring Need4Swede!!!

  11. # 1 pistons fan


  12. Drew

    9 assists and 7 for 11 shooting. Go Stuckey!


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