Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Injuries, Losses, the new Masked Man and More

by | Dec 2, 2009 | 9 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff talk at length about everything Detroit Pistons.  They talk Charlie Villanueva’s nose, Coach Kue, Ben Wallace, the losses, the win, injuries,  and all things Swedish.  They would also like to know, just like you do, where exactly is Rip Hamilton and why isn’t he sitting on the bench next to Tayshaun Prince.

Like always they answer your questions, and this week they added something new, a Pistons Player of the Week.

This week Team Need4Sheed also has a couple of new sponsors, one of them is truly BYNUMITE!

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast #28- Injuries, Losses, the new Masked Man and More

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  1. Josh

    Bynomiiiite…..Bennies lost it!!!…funny

  2. ric

    i’ve been wondering where rip is….. rip is nowhere to be found…….is there a such thing as a disclosure that players signs not to discuss they are in the trade market? and they have options they don’t have to be in the sideline during the games? also, is there any players in the past that had a similar situation and later on got traded?

  3. steve

    I bet rip gets traded.. i cant wait.

  4. danny

    First thing Bennie, I would like to see you play a game of basketball before you start to voice your opinion. Ben Wallace is amazing and will be for most likely another year. Remember Jordon won his last ring at 36 so as long as you take care of yourself you will be fine throughout the year. Coach Kue is doing a fantastic job I like the switch up with the staters. Quit talking about the record we are like 15 games in and we had one of the hardest road trips I’ve ever seen. The Lake show, Trailblazers, Utah, Dallas and Phoenix in about over a week? Seriously all playoff teams in the WEST. Then over to the travel city (clevland). I feel we have one of the best back courts in the nba offensive and defensive you will see. Plus we are making the playoffs. I bet your the type of person that gives up at the half and just quits, it isn’t even the end of the first quarter for the game. Nat you need to get new people to do pod cast.

  5. oracle

    on ankle sprains… i recently rolled my ankle after landing on a teammates foot. the doctor said it was a the “anterior talow ligament” and it is the most commonly sprained ligament in the body. i was told (and learned throughout the next month) that it was nearly impossible to stretch my foot, much less cut/jump off of it. now it’s a couple months past, but i can definitely see why rip wants to take his time. ligaments (i’m told) take longer to heal than muscles because they don’t receive as much oxygen/blood.

  6. Bennie

    Well after taking insults from you I will clarify my arguement. First I played highscool and College basketball, so I can play a little bit.
    Yes Jordan won a championship when he was older but he played for a championship caliber team that was never at any point 6-11 to start the season. Ben Wallance is older and he is being asked to do alot and this could ware im down eventually. The record is important because the team has lost 11 out of 17 games. There is no other way to look at it. Yea they played good teams out west but they lost. That means that they may not be a good as the good teams which further reinforces the record. We will see about the playoffs, your guess is as good as mine. I think the backcourt is really good for Detroit and that is why I am in favor of moving a bigman to this team that has a post presence. No I dont give up at the half, but I will call what I see at the moment and I see a team that has many strengnths but is not that good right now. maybe its due to injuries, new team, but 6-11 is what it is. Its not like they have not played hard, just struggled to close games, another characteristic of 6-11 teams.

  7. alex

    hey thx for the response and i think rip is going to be traded he is never going to fit with these pistons because he played with billups so long he is used to that billups type of guard and had his best seasons with billups

  8. danny

    it really doesnt matter if jordon started off at 6-11 he was 36 played defense and offense at the highest caliber. im certain that ben wallace knows what he can do and how long he can last. Jordan was asked to do more and was older and he still did it. Im just saying that he can be done and it is being done. thanks big ben. i would like to see some teams lose their top scorer and another team leader and win against those teams. this is a whole new team its going to take time to mess. im not trying to knock on you bennie im just saying that it has been done and it still can be done. dont put this team down its not even a fourth through the season.

    • Bennie

      Well. I see what your saying… it can be done, but only a few do it and they are usually on contending teams. We are talking about Jordan, one of the greatest players to play the game, and as much I love Big Ben, he aint no Jordan. I think you misunderstand me Danny, I picked Ben as my Player of the week and I continue to root for his success. Hell we need him, but I cannot truly expect Ben to carry this front court at 35. I have seen Big Ben run out of gas when he was younger in playoff series against the Miami Heat and Cleveland. I’m a realist and I think this team is not very good as constructed. Even if Rip and Tay were healthy and Ben Gordon had not been out out with the sprain. Im enjoying this Piston team, but that is only because I see them as they are… flawed. They are rebuilding and that is okay they been a good franchise for a very long time. I only ask that Joe D does what is neccessary to put this team in position to contend again. I was a fan before the Till and Maroon and I seen this team rebuild for the third time in my life, im not putting them down but I am calling it as I see it while watching every moment. But I see where your coming from


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