Pistons lose one in Chicago

by | Dec 2, 2009 | 49 comments

You can’t really expect a team to win a game when they score just 10 points in the entire first quarter. That’s what Detroit did at the United Center Wednesday night. Coming out more than cold, Detroit was down by 14 points after the first quarter, and though they got close a couple of times they never looked sharp in their 85-92 loss to The Bulls.

Key Points:

  • Watching the first quarter of basketball as a Pistons fan was similar to watching someone trip and fall. You wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, and it was a mess watching it unfold. Nothing really went right.
  • Though Ben Gordon did play, Kuester had to get him in early after the Pistons starting five couldn’t score at all.
  • Detroit shot 25% in the first quarter.
  • This is not a dig, but when Kwame Brown, Chris Wilcox and Austin Daye are playing well and nobody else is…that’s a problem.
  • Jason Maxiell was a spark in the third by getting the Pistons within three, but the Bulls promptly took off running. He finished with 6 points and 6 boards, playing just 15 minutes.
  • Need4Swede – Nice turn around glasser for Jonas who scored 7 points with 2 boards.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons
  • Rodney Stuckey put up 17 on 4-for-16 shooting with 4 assists and 4 turnovers. This wasn’t a great one for Rodney, in fact I wonder if he was trying to do too much to try to keep up with Derrick Rose. The positive is that he did get to the line eleven times.
  • 15 turnovers for Detroit on the night and it seemed like the bulk of them came in the fourth when they were trying to claw their way back.
  • Another game with zero blocked shots for Detroit while Chicago had 6.
  • Brad Miller really can throw a nice ally-oop to Derrick Rose.
  • Detroit got within 5 points with less than 20 seconds left.
  • They fought hard down the stretch, but you actually saw their shortcomings when they tried to pull it out. Missed opportunities, sloppy play and turnovers did them in.
  • Ben Gordon, on an injured ankle, faced his old team with a smattering of boos and cheers for the first time since leaving the Bulls and signing with the Pistons.  Ben led Detroit with 18 points on 6-for-16 shooing.  Sure he led Detroit, but you could just tell he wanted to do a lot more than he did against his old team.

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  • 36 points in the paint mostly thanks to some scrappy play from Chris Wilcox (9) and Kwame Brown (10).
  • Thank Austin Daye for scoring his 5 points right when Detroit needed them to make it a closer game before the half.
  • A non-Bynumite game for Will, who wasn’t the usual spark.  Will scored 10 points on 4-for-9 shooting with 7 assists.
  • 38% shooting on the night for Detroit.
  • As for the assist department, just 17 total for Detroit.
  • Big Ben, 7 boards, 2 steals and an assist.  He looked a bit tired in the Windy City.  I was trying to pay attention to boo’s for Ben, but I didn’t really pick many up.  Did they boo Wallace too?
  • I don’t care what kind of year Joakim Noah is having….he still bothers me.
  • No Charlie V, but the Pistons hope to have him back against the Bucks Friday.
  • First Half Mess Highlights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/bulls/2009/12/02/0020900264_det_chi_play3.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • If you watched that video and the game…you can sympathize  how Coach Kue felt.


  1. Need 4 who?

    Pistons? I’m sorry if you wanna call me a bad fan call me that but I’m just showing concern for my team. These guys need to seriously get it together if they wanna make the playoffs and fast. Yea the regular season is 82 games and there is a lot of basketball left but if were not pushing for a real playoff spot then whats the use of getting the 8th seed? we might as well go for the lottery and get a nice draft pick to compliment our team. Lets face it. We are not winning a championship with the team we have. We need an interior presence. And when I say interior presence I mean a BIG body. Look at all the height and weight of our bigs. You really think we have a chance winning a title with this team? They need to stop playing quit talking and step up. If anyone just watched the game how can you tell me that was fun to watch?!

    • The Fan

      No one thinks we are going to win a title this year! If you think that then you are delusional. That game was like watching paint dry though.

    • pistons 4 life

      They may be like watching paint dry but you know what, I can appreciate them playing all the way to the end. There was less than a minute left with no possible way of winning and they were trapping at half court. Their predecessors would have mailed it in with about 2 minutes to go. They can’t help that possibly their best four players are hurt but I love that they never quit.

  2. DEL

    stop crying and wait for our key players to come back. we won’t win games until we will be shorthanded

  3. steve

    I hope we miss the playoffs.. get a nice lotto pick to build the future on.. i love these losses just means were that much closer to competing next year.. stuckey gordon villanueva and the lotto pick could be sexy plus if we trade rip or somone for an expiring contract will be nice as well.. next yrs team will be much improved u watch… unless dumars is in the draft room..then you might see a 7’2 90lb muslim… fire dumars from drafting.

    • Armand

      Im not 7’2″ 90lb but im 6’3″ and 200lb and ready to kick some ignorant ass

    • pistons 4 life

      Can I pull that trigger personally? I would be all for this trade. Imagine him and CV playing side by side for a double post attack. I have no attachment to any of these players anymore. Whatever makes them better is what should be done!!!!

    • Eric

      Kamen would be a perfect fit. With the rookies the pistons have in Jerebko and Daye, Prince has no place on the Pistons anymore. We do need a big presence who can actually score. I’m also not sold on Charlie V. His offense comes in spurts and there is absolutely no D with him.

  4. danny

    fire joe from drafting? seriously he got maxy, will the thrill, rodney, sweede, and prince. the only mistake was darko and he can be really good. the thing is it is up to the person to progress joe can not help that. im sure not playing made him unmotivated to get better. as for people saying they hope we dont make the playoffs please just watch another team play then. i cant stand when ppl want to take the season to get a lottery pick. look at this years draft it was really weak. i want to see a team fight all day everyday. you can build a championship team when you tell your players to just pack it up. thank god your not involved in basketball. your probably a nets fan as well.

    • steve

      Danny maxiell isnt that great undersized energy guy… they could have had brandon bass or ronnie turiaf with that pick.. WILL BYNUM WAS NEVER DRAFTED YOU MORON… Rodney was ok.. Prince was ok late.. lol the swede? he sucks.. how about passing dejaun blair for summers?!.. or trading budinger for cash.. and DAAAAARKO instead of melo wade or bosh… LOL YOU HAVE NO ROOM CALLING ANYONE A NETS FAN WHEN YOU THINK DUMARS DRAFTED WILL BYNUM LMAO LMAO LMAO!!! DANNY PISTONS FAN SINCE NOVEMBER 2009 hahahaha.. your like 13

  5. steve

    Also how about rodney white!!!!!!!!!!!! dumars is the man dude for sure he rules that draft board!

  6. AC Unit

    This was only the 3rd Pistons game I have televised were I live. I thought both teams performed a clunker. A full Detroit squad would clean up Chicago! Needless to say, it doesn’t matter who on the roster at this point, we HAVE to get healthy. The lights are dimming on a postseason unless we can stay pace in December. GO PISTONS!

    • Eric

      There is no way the Pistons are not making the playoffs. When Rip gets back and the team gets healthy they’ll be ahead of New Jersey, New York, Philly, Indiana, Chicago and possibly Milwaukee and Toronto. Remember, the season is still early and Kuester is still playing with line-ups. Also, this team is young and is still learning to play together and with all of the injuries happening, its been hard to get good chemistry going. Once that happens, look out. With the way these rookies are playing right now at this level, just imagine what will happen the next few years. With Stuckey, Gordon, Daye, Jerebko, Charlie V, and even Bynum in it for the long haul, this is gonna be a solid team for quite awhile.

  7. steve

    Danny lets not forget mateen cleaves.. o wait you werent born yet.

  8. danny

    steve it happens you cant predict how players will transition darko was way worse than the cleaves issue. a seond pick and the 14th pick is different. so if dumars picks the worst drafts then why do you want us to miss the playoff it doesnt make sense to me. o wait im 8 years old so not much does right?

    • pistons 4 life

      Dude, what are you trying to say. I didn’t know broken English was a language. Use complete sentences and you’ll make a little more sense.

  9. Damien W.

    Even though we lost, you HAVE to give props to Jonas for his hustle.. even though it looked out of our hands, ‘rebko gave us hope. Yeah for hustle!

  10. The Duke

    Danny and Steve.. we are on the same team… Dumars has made some terrible moves this is true, but he has also made some amazing moves… without Dumars DEEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL wouldn’t be as we know it today. I like the hustle and I can’t wait until we get our full roster back.

  11. obiwan

    people tend to forget that joe d drafted memo..n e body wanna address the memo draft pick lol at the haters

  12. Dhrumil

    You guys think Rip and Tay are purposely doing this? So that Joe D can see how bad the team is without them? I mean, Ben Gordon had an ankle sprain and returned within 3 games, rip’s been out over a month with the same problem? Somethings fishy. Rip and Tay both don’t want to get traded, they are just doing this to prove to joe d that the team is nothing without them, and i think they are damn right.

  13. danny

    thank you duke i know we are on the same team i just can stand it when ppl wanna pack up the season cause we lost a few games. our best players are hurt no shit we will lose a few to some of the best teams in the west, let alone on the road. its just a point i was trying to make it will turn around.

  14. danny

    im just saying with joe’s job your bound to mess a couple up here and there. i think he has brought in way more talent anyone else would have. yeah everyone drafts a bust here and there. lets not forget he built a championship team out of nothing without one hall of famer on it. name 1 team that in the last 10 years that has won a championship without a hall of famer on it.

  15. steve

    Chauncey billups Rip And Ben Wallace are all HOF canidates.. Joe has messed more picks up than made right i dont trust joe d in the draft room.. austin daye is a horrid pick.. he has bust written all over him.. im not packing up anything im all about development and high draft picks for next yr.. i hope tay and rip get traded.. start from scratch all over again.. this team is dead.

  16. Dhrumil

    Danny, you don’t think that Chauncey Billups is a future hall of famer? Lol, are you serious?

  17. Dhrumil

    Rasheed Wallace is a Future H.O.F. for sure. With all that he’s accomplished in this league.

  18. ben

    i say we get ed davis if he comes out!! as long as he puts weight on then that be good

    • pistons 4 life


  19. Hlmk

    i dont think any chicago fans would boo ben wallace, he was on the Suns before he went to the Pistons (he was on the suns during the offseason) before that he was on the Cavs, then he was on the Bulls, so I ont think any chicago fans really care that he went to detroit again

  20. A Rock

    austin daye was awful last night.

  21. The Fluidics

    I see the GM’s are out in full force today…

  22. junior

    drhumil, rip and gordons ankle sprains were not the same, rip sprained his ligaments in his ankle, gordon did not. there is a huge difference between a sprain and a ligament sprain. tay has a ruptured disc, and noone has said otherwise (like iversons back issue) nobody is doubting the injuries they are just hurt. they will get healthy and we will be better.

  23. gMac

    I’m with steve. We have nothing to play for this season. So play all the young guns we got see who’s worth keeping, tank the season for a good pick. Let rip and tay heal and trade them for money.

    Do you want to be mediocre for many years or suck for a year and leap forward quickly?

  24. gMac

    I don’t care what amazing move you can make. If you draft Darko over Melo, Dwade and Bosh, you just can’t draft in my book.

    Think about all the idiots he signed… Maurice Evans, Nazr Mohammed , Javus Hayes, Flip Murray…

    I’m not just saying this from hinge sight. Is it really that hard to pick a decent guy from that group of 4?

  25. AC Unit

    Ol Rasheed is looking a little thick in bean town!

  26. The Duke

    Yeah CB, Rip, and Big Ben are Hall of Fame bound. The question is where they before they came to the D? Nope. So yes he did build a ship out of a canoe.

  27. Hlmk

    BTW the Pistons play against Allen Iverson and the 76’ers on December 9th

  28. Tycoon

    We badly need to win vs bucks and wizards to get us going. And yes, please bring Kaman.

  29. danny

    actually i stand corrected i do think ben wallace will be in the hall of fame. as for sheed thats a long shot you can tell the difference between him and tim dunan. sheed has more talent but doesnt play with heart and thats something big to get into the hof. as for billups i think he is the smartest point in the nba but i do not think he will get into the hof.

  30. danny

    rip is not getting into the hall of fame sorry to say he is an excellent player but he will not even be considered to the hof.

  31. danny

    and what i meant with the hof is first ballot hof’ers like kobe, tim, kg, and so fourth so maybe i should of added that in with my comment. i think it will take ben 2 times

  32. The Duke

    I was agreeing with you Danny. They could be hall of fame players, but IF they are nobody knew they would be until after they came to Detroit. Joe sees potential in people nobody else sees it in. I’m with you man.

  33. The Duke

    Let’s not forget everybody else gave up on McDyess and Joe brought him in. Like I said he has done some great things and some stupid things, but you show me one GM who hasn’t.

  34. terry

    Some of you’s just sounds ridiculous bashing Joe D. Who took this team from one of the worst to first? People always trash him for the Darko pick like they can see the future. I got news for yas, over half of the league would have made that pick, as a matter of fact Denver would of picked him. Darko the youngest ever drafted was playing pro ball over seas at 16 and had a ton of potential. The draft is always a gamble(Greg Oden), that’s why teams take chances on guys like Ricky Rubio, Branden Jennings, and yes Darko Millicic. I mean i’m sure the fact we had just signed a star power forward, and drafted a small forward that shut down all stars like oh Tracy Mcgrady on the way to winning a championship didn’t factor in at all with Dumars trying to draft a true center or anything. ANYWAY i’ll just say I like the guts of this young team, and I can’t wait to see them healthy and at full strength. I think they are going to surprise a lot of people, again.

  35. edt

    joe dumars made the single worst decision in the nba, taking darko in the single strongest NBA draft class of all time. that was horrible.

    on the other hand, michael jordan made the worst draft of 2001, when he picked kwame brown out of high school.

    then phil jackson picked kwame brown, another huge mistake, his hands are like bricks.

    BUT, when detroit got kwame brown it was actually a good trade, because joe got kwame for a 2 year deal worth $8 million.

    AI was another terrible trade by joe, we now know that AI is a prima donna ball hog who refuses to play on the 2nd team. His me-first attitude is the kind of thing that can destroy entire teams.

    then there was the terrible trade the suns made a couple years ago giving up shawn marion, now shaq played his heart out, but the suns under steve nash have to run, and shaq can’t run.

    I could go on all day, my point is that every manager has made bad trades, and every manager has made good trades, and at the end of the day all that matters is . . . how many rings did you get? Joe Dumars seems to be capable of getting one championship every decade or so. I’m fine with that. I accept that we aren’t the lakers, who under phil jackson win it all around 1/3 of the time.

    The pistons will rise again under joe dumars, I’m convinced it will happen again. In the meantime, though I do want to see detroit make the playoffs. I know, we could get a draft pick, but you know what? You can have the best draft pick in the world, but if your team has a tradition of losing, nothing matters.

  36. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    True, just look at the Clippers – they have everyone to play, every position is a star, Davis, Camby, Kaman, Thornton, Gordon, now the 1st draft pick and so on. But they have an awful losing tradition and they are stuck with it

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