The Clippers take one at The Palace

by | Nov 28, 2009 | 32 comments

The injuries are piling up along with the losses for The Detroit Pistons, who lost their seventh straight game to the Los Angeles Clippers 104-96.  Detroit kept it close until late in the fourh, with help from Jonas Jerebko and Ben Wallace, the rebounding machine.  Ultimately the story of the night for the Pistons was a lack of defense down low for Detroit, who allowed the Clippers to shoot 60% from the floor.

Key Points:

  • Career highs for the rookies Austin Daye and Jonas Jerebko, who each started in place of the Pistons injured starters Ben Gordon and Tayshuan Prince.  The first time two rookies started for the Pistons since Allan Houston and Lindsey Hunter.
  • We lost the broadcast feed of the game in the fourth quarter and had to watch the remainder of the game from the Palace Vision feed.  Our good friend Tim Bryant, who keeps us in the know about all FSN broadcasting changes, confirmed the cause of the problem. ” The cause of the technical problems during the 4th quarter of Friday’s Pistons telecast were due to an overheated circuit board in the production truck which forced the loss of transmission (and the truck had to be evacuated as a safety precaution). Our crew hustled as best they could to patch in the Palace Vision video for the final few minutes of the game” Glad nobody was hurt.
  • The Chris Kaman to Detroit rumors will once again gain some momentum after his performance last night at the Palace. Chris scored 26 on 11-for-13 shooting with 7 boards and a blocked shot. Want him more now Pistons fans? He’s not only a native of Michigan, but he’s currently leading all Centers in the NBA in scoring.
  • Jonas has a fan club! If you saw the broadcast you know what I’m talking about. Got to get a screen cap of the two Swedes cheering Jonas on all game. Maybe that was the reason for his career game.
  • Sweeeeeeeede led the Pistons with 22 points, 5 boards and an assist in 33 minutes of play. He’s got the hard work ethic that we like in Motown. He was on the bad end of a few foul calls, but he made the most of every minute he was out there.

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  • If one day you come to the site and it has changed over to Need4Swede…you’ll know why.
  • Injuries aside, this team is getting eaten alive when we play a team with quality front court players.
  • I thought maybe Joe Dumars was going to have a Black Friday sale of his own after that game.
  • Late fourth quarter bad decisions from the guards didn’t allow the Pistons to get it very close when they needed to.
  • Rodney Stuckey scored 21 points on 10-for-24 shooting with 7 assists and two turnovers. He’s doing what he can for the team while the lineup is depleted.
  • I still find it shocking that we are winning the board wars night in and night out, but we can’t pull out a win. The Pistons with 43 rebounds and the Clippers with 35.
  • Seriously, what the heck has Arnie Kandor done with Ben Wallace, and can he please do it with BG, RH and TP? Ben with 16 boards on the night adding 5 points, while playing 37 minutes. I thought he would be a nice addition when the Pistons got him for the veterans minimum, but really who could have expected this? I know plenty of Pistons fans were happy, but did you really think the 2003-2006 version of Ben Wallace was returning…Fro or not?

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  • Will Bynum, 4-for-17 shooting for 14 points. That’s two non Will like games for the Pistons new spark-plug.  He did add 9 assists and a steal, and we have to remember he’s a little banged up too.
  • Austin Day started the game strong for Detroit stroking jump shots like he was unfazed that he was starting his first NBA game. He finished with 13 points on 4-for-11 shooting, with 5 boards and an assist.
  • Calling Jason Maxiell!  Please stand up….please.
  • No blocked shots for Detroit, while Marcus Camby had 6 of his own for the Clippers.
  • Did anyone notice when Ben Wallace came out of the game all of our defense went with it?
  • 46 points in the paint for the Clippers. If that stat doesn’t tell you we need defense down low I don’t know what does.

Highlights of the game via
[flashvideo file= /]

  • The Clippers’ last win against the Pistons was a 74-72 victory at Staples Center on Nov. 3, 2002.
  • I know we aren’t winning, but I am surprised that people are complaining about Kuester. Do you remember Michael Curry? I think he’s doing a heck of a job with his three best players out.
  • I thought Charlie Villanueva would have stepped up more with his team on the mend.  He finished the game with 11 points on 5-for-15 shooting with 5 boards.  We knew he was not a defensive player when he came here, but he’s got to score when we need him to.
  • Kwame Brown and Chris Wilcox need to do a lot more than they are doing, period.  DNP for Wilcox against the Clippers.
  • Since the last few minutes of the game were brought to us from the Palace Vision feed it was weird to see the ridiculous way the crowd acts on my TV screen at home.  I never could understand what happens to people when they have a camera pointed at them.  Is it time to make a total fool out of yourself for everyone to see, or do most people think it’s cool?  I get a similar feeling when they give away free pizza at the Palace, people cheer more for a slice of free pizza then they do for their team, I just don’t get it.
  • Sunday afternoon game against the hot Atlanta Hawks, spells disaster with none of the injured likely to return.


  1. Brian

    Overheated circuit boards in production trucks are a plague on society. 🙁

  2. The Fluidics

    Still a fun team to watch, except when FSD drops the ball.

  3. Mark

    Can you edit the 10-34 shooting on Rodney Stuckey. He shot 41%, not 26%. Thank you.

  4. Steve

    LOTTO LOTTO LOTTO… hopefully we can draft our dwayne wade.

    • Drew

      Naw, we’ll go for a Darko instead. J/k.

  5. Drew

    This is probably the Pistons first loss to a mediocre team. If you look at who the Pistons have lost to, all those teams are good and above .500–except the Raptors (whom I think are still a pretty good team). I don’t know whether to be encouraged by the above fact or not. Either way, eventually we’re going to start to need to beat a good team here and there. We can’t just sit around waiting for a soft portion of our schedule to arrive, because we might be throwing away any momentum going into those games: look at this LAC game. (For the record, I don’t think the Clippers are actually too bad; they have Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, and two quality centers starting.)

  6. Drew

    Call me crazy, but I think Detroit at home can beat Atlanta on Sunday. Atlanta’s starting lineup isn’t that scary: Bibby’s old and banged-up, Josh Smith disappears some games, Joe Johnson isn’t Kobe or anything. Atlanta’s bench, other than Crawford, isn’t overly impressive either. I’m thinking Detroit can steal this one on Sunday. Stuckey will have to play good D on Johnson; somebody will have to slow down Josh Smith.

    • Amer ican Prince

      Drew its funny i was just thinking of posting the exact same first line as you almost word for word. I think we can beat atlanta hawks if we play team ball though. Stuckey or whoever may feel like they need to score but Joe Johnson is a lot better scorer then stuckey josh smith is a lot better than jonas at this time. I think we will win it through our bigs. The guards will give us a good scoring load but if we dont look to involve the bigs, whether they are offensive threats or not then i will be hard to win. but overall im optimistic we will pull it out sunday

    • Drew

      Yes, but Stuckey plays good D. You never know if he just might shut down Johnson or not on a given night.

  7. JJ

    Who else thinks they should try to get T-Mac?

    • pistons 4 life

      Depends on who you have to give up? Even at that the guy has been injured a million times in the last 2 years. And at his age it’s not going to be easy to rebound from micro fracture surgery.

  8. fityo

    And I thought Rip was our starter…

  9. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    When is Rip coming back. It doesn’t take an ankle that long to heal, unless he has some serious ligament damage. Either trade em’ or suit em’.

    • pistons 4 life

      I thought his ankle was “severely injured”. Still, you wouldn’t think it would take this long. But if they are going to shop him around, you definately want him 100% healthy. Still, what good does bringing him back early do. You just increase the risk of further injury and for what? Maybe the 7 or 8 seed. Not worth it!!

  10. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Yep, T-Mac, why not?

  11. Colin

    Since the last few minutes of the game were brought to us from the Palace Vision feed it was weird to see the ridiculous way the crowd acts on my TV screen at home. I never could understand what happens to people when they have a camera pointed at them. Is it time to make a total fool out of yourself for everyone to see, or do most people think it’s cool? I get a similar feeling when they give away free pizza at the Palace, people cheer more for a slice of free pizza then they do for their team, I just don’t get it.

    Amen to that!!!

  12. Immynimmy

    I’m just constantly waiting for the infamous Joe Dumars blockbuster trade. we all know its coming, i mean right? he has to realize we need help down low

    • pistons 4 life

      Pretty sure he knew that as soon as he signed Gordon and CV. I’m just a lowly fan and I could see it already back then. With all the guards and small forwards on this team you’d think he could pick up a quality “scoring” center to go alongside CV.

  13. J.G

    WHy JOE … cant u trade for a big … why… havnt u seen enough…

  14. Spam

    I forger why i bought league pass now

  15. Ronnie D.

    People are complaining about Kuester? I really think he’s doing a hell of a job. I mean he’s got three key player down, what did you expect was going to happen?

  16. Marshall

    Haha, Palace Vision was a little strange to see last night from my home TV set. I think that people are cheering harder for their pizza because it has an affect – cheering loudly might score you a slice of pizza, but it probably won’t help CV hit that 3.

    We’re just in a funk right now. I’m willing to blame it on injuries. We have to get creative with who we’re putting in the game. I certainly didn’t expect the starting 5 we had last night to happen, especially this early in the season. Jonas continues to impress and Big Ben looks young again. I’m confident that half way into next month, I’ll have forgotten this streak ever happened.

  17. obiwan

    1.Pistons fans are boring theres no energy in the building i went to the game last wensday against the cavs i though i was at the club people dressed up in street clothes then in piston fans dont get it.

    2.Does n e one believe the hype that rip is hurt i dont i havent seen the guy to be honest i think he’s about to get traded and is refusing to play.

    3.Bynum is the future just not starting i think he’s a good player but i think when he gets traped when driving he has no jump shot to bail him out.

    4.Stuckey need some bigs to get better to help him out when he drives.

    5.Where is the sense of urgency

  18. Rai

    Add more muscle and hustle, and more post moves, jonas may be the post scorer we were needing all along. NO ONE NEEDS TO BE TRADED… yet…

  19. TJ

    On the issue of being hurt: Rip has a severe high ankle sprain. They typically take 4-6 weeks to heal properly. Combined with his need for cutting and constant movement, and you can see why he’d be out for such a long time.

    As for Dumars making a big trade, I don’t see it. We don’t have the pieces, and teams rarely trade big for small. Villanueva has been a good pick-up, though a tad inconsistent (no where near Sheed level, Thank God). But if you want a high quality center, you’ve gotta go draft one. No other way, really.

  20. edt

    is that it? is the secret plan to deliberately lose so we can draft a big?

    the 2003 draft had lebron james, carmelo anthony, dwayne wade , chris bosh and darko.

    You don’t pick the big. You just pick the best guy. Or the 2nd best guy. Or the third best guy. Or the 4th best guy. in the 2008 draft derrick rose got picked 1st, then beasley, oj mayo, westbrook, love, 7 foot tall brook lopez didn’t get picked until 10th where he plays for the 0 and 16 nets.

    Anyway, my opinion on bigs is you have to be tricky. Pau Gasol at the lakers , in that amazing swindle from the grizzlies, so is lamar odom, in another great con job from miami, boston got kevin garnett from the timberwolves in the same way.

    ok sure you can sometimes draft a joakim noah like chicago did but that’s actually more difficult to do than to trade for your big with a great swindle.

  21. AzureAcerbus

    Need4Sweed I like it. has that same Rhyme, as the old one. And makes more since seeing as Rasheed is a Celtic.

    Also Jerebko is just a FUN player to watch. He’s plays Hard. He plays good D ( Kobe was really the only match up, he couldn’t Handel. Even Lebron needed a screen to get past him). Hes Annoying to the other Teams. He has an intriguing Offensive game, Having the ability to shoot Threes, Handle the ball, Drive to the basket. And Seems to have a post move or 2.

    Also The Crowd loves him. Did you Hear the Audience when he made that Sweeper? It was crazy loud. Hes the new Walter Herman. Tho i still Miss Walter.

  22. sam i am

    if any one is complaining bout coach Q, then thier just stupid. i think hes doin a real nice job with the youngs. and he seems to be getting along with the vets

  23. Click Here

    Looking forward to 2010-2011 season. *sigh* 🙁

  24. cilpsnation

    yeah! same here and i hope there’s no more technical problem, i feel bad about that *sigh* 🙁



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