The Pistons vs. The Clippers

by | Nov 27, 2009 | 23 comments

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The 5-10 Pistons will face the 6-10 Los Angeles Clippers at The Palace to try to end their 6 game losing streak.  No Ben Gordon for the Pistons, who is listed as day to day, after his ankle sprain during the Cavaliers game on Wednesday.

My hope was to have Bynum start at point guard and move Stuckey over to the two spot, but it looks like Austin Daye will take Ben’s place in the starting lineup.   The Clippers won’t have Blake Griffin, the number one draft pick, on court because of injury.  They do have Chris Kaman, who is averaging 22 points per game this season.

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune into wwj 950 AM or follow the action on



  1. edt

    this piston team is pretty bad. but they aren’t even close to the worst team in the nba, the grizzlies for instance are 1 and 14. the clippers are a 6-11 team, while the pistons are a 5-11, and both teams played like their records indicate. Hard fought game that went to the better team. Still . . . . losing to the Clippers? It’s been a while.

  2. Next Pistons Coach

    No coach, no team. Simply as that. For those who understand basketball – best players were men who plays defense. Simply as that.

  3. Next Pistons Coach

    60 percent FG? Clippers? Kidding? No words, Cuester defensive guru? haha

  4. Next Pistons Coach

    Joe, open your eyes. Hire coach. Detroit Pistons is a defensive team, hire defensive coach. We can’t take 150-140 results, look at Ben, at Jonas…They were bright spots in this loss to Clippers. It’s a pity to look at them when other guys play separately… JOE DUMARS, open your eyes

  5. TJ

    Honestly, it’s not Kuester fault. Kuester is stuck with a bunch of offensive-minded players that don’t have the necessary skills defensively to really lock down on teams. It’s not that Kuester’s schemes are bad, it’s that the individual defenders are bad.

    Kuester can preach defense until he’s blue in the face, but it’s up to the players themselves to actually buy into the system. You could put Larry Brown in here and the team wouldn’t be any better off.

    • pistons 4 life

      I agree, this team just isn’t very good right now. And you’re right about Larry Brown. Look at what happened with him and the Knicks!!!!

  6. Dhrumil

    guys, pistons are missing there 3 best players dont forget that!

  7. Dhrumil

    imagine the nuggets missing chauncey melo and nene, they wouldnt be too good either

  8. Matt

    Yeah. Once we get healthy we will be a good .500 team. As bad as it sounds I hope we get a lottery pick. Our guys are still learning to play with each other and the next draft is supposed to be rich with Cs. I think after our team is healthy ,back, and have played together for a bit we should have a good base to build around. In 2 years expect us to be a top 5 team again.

    • pistons 4 life

      It would be awesome to get a real center in the draft. And the way it’s looking right now they might actually have a decent pick.

  9. TJ

    Also, the biggest thing everyone’s missing: we’re rebuilding. Three rookies were being heavily relied upon tonight. We’re not going to be good. You could hire Phil Jackson and he’d be lucky to get this team 40 wins. People who are yelling at Dumars or Kuester simply don’t understand basketball. We had an amazing run, but every team (and I mean every team) has to go through these valleys. We were ridiculously healthy from 2001 to 2008. What we’re experiencing is what a majority of the league goes through. I’d be upset if this was a team set up for a championship run but it’s not. It never was meant to. It’s a team full of young, talented players that have loads of potential they haven’t tapped yet. And hopefully with a high quality pick in the 2010 draft, we can add that franchise player we’ve been searching for (preferably a big man). You can’t really judge this team on wins and losses. Just the growth and development of our younger guys.

  10. Hlmk

    ouch, bad loss for you guys, quite a hole they dug themselves in at 5-11, bad injuries at the wrong time screw up a team pretty bad, hopefully rip tayshaun and gordon can come back soon (ben gordon especially soon because hes on my FB team lol)

  11. sam i am

    anyone who is gonna make excuses in losing to the clippers is just dumb. i dont give a fuck about who they r missing, we need wins and when u face a team that u could beat, then guess wat? WINNN.

    losing to the hawks on sunday will take the streak to 7, then we’ll c after that.

    • pistons 4 life

      Hey, just so you know, the Pistons aren’t really better than the Clippers at this point. Look at the records going in. Pistons 5-10, Clippers 6-10. And for the record, missing 3 of your best players in my opinion is a decent excuse.

  12. sam i am

    i just took a look at the standings in the east, and the wizards WITH injuries got a better record, and the lowly bobcats have a better record as well. PATHETIC UGHH!!

  13. Diogenes

    You cats don’t know diddly about rebuilding. Quit crying and enjoy the work in progress – or long for Walky Billups and the Get Sent crew – the Atlanta Braves of the NBA. Bandwagon mofos.

  14. obiwan

    until this team finds their idenity and find out who’s team this is, this team will continue to struggle..Stuckey has to realize this is his team he has the keys to the car and now is his time….i dont see that sense of urgency from stuckey… wheres that “im gonna put my team on my back style of basketball?…because lets be honest big men can dominate but it been guards through out the history of basketball who has lead their teams to championships….stuckey has to lead mentally and emotionally by talking to his team abd directing traffic

    • pistons 4 life

      Not to sound too negative here, but the reason we haven’t seen Stuckey do what you’re talking about is because I don’t think he’s capable of doing it. We’ve heard for years now from JD and Stuckey himself that now is his time, and he’s going to have a bigger role, and be more of a leader. And I don’t really see a difference at all. Believe me, I really hope that I’m wrong, but after a while you start wondering if he’s as good as everyone says he is or is going to be. I don’t see it.

  15. Hlmk

    you guys should fire kuester and hire byron scott, just sayin

    • pistons fan

      that would be awesome

  16. Jake

    wolves are 1-14 not grizzlies

  17. cilpsnation

    Wolves are that esay to defeat. 2-14 is the best..



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