Will Bynum no Look Pass to Ausitn Daye for the Dunk

by | Nov 25, 2009 | 10 comments

The Pistons just lost a hard fought battle to Cleveland 98-88,  to take their losing streak to 6 in a row.  Not only did the Pistons lose the game, they lost Ben Gordon after he spained his ankle in the second quarter.

So not to ruin your Thanksgiving Holiday, I’ll give this little Dunk to you.

Happy Holiday!


  1. sam i am

    lets just hope its not as bad as rip’s injury

  2. Armand

    The pass was cool but shouldn’t the “Starting PG of the future” Bynum (hopes of a lot of people here) have a better game when u r so desperate for a win after your team just lost 5 in a row and then looses Gordon in second quarter
    Natt, maybe u should have posted his stats instead of his assist. (sorry Thrill i just expected more from u tonight brother)
    feel better “SOON” Gordon. U 2 Rip and Tay
    Need4GTR. (Gordon, Tayshaun, Rip)

  3. George Blaha

    Not to make excuses……OK i am, but Bynum is injured as well. I’ve always thought that they should have never went after Gordon but instead put Bynum as the point and make stucky the back-up or eventual starting 2 guard. But what do I know….I’m only GEORGE BLAHA!!!!….kidding, Blaha would punch me in the face if he ever saw me.

  4. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    WOW…i mean WOW
    Do you remember when we were past Sacramento? When we were past, say, Clippers? 5-10?
    Detroit Pistons 5-10?! I don’t beleive it.
    I don’t beleive we have to be thankful for a rookie-sloppy dunk!
    Now Cleveland can be thankful for Lebron’s hammer almost from a freethrow line, saying about dunks in this game. Or a pergect pass to Moon and a dunk. They have W after all.
    And we just taking it like that?!
    5-10 and we should be happy?
    Lou Williams said Phila won’t do like that, they will be better.
    I kno Washington will get better.
    And what about us?
    Stuckey’s taking another amaizing shot and misses, is that what I personaly have to watch every night?
    I used to adore Detroit Basketball few years ago because it was dang smart. I don’t think it’s about personalities, it’s about coaching and about system. It was fun to watch even if we and the opponents both scored 160-180 points. Now we have a lot of individual plays and no smart basketball at all. I never liked run’n’gun, never liked fast shots like Stuckey does, never liked lack of perimieter defense.
    Look, we allowed 8 threes made by Raptors and 47 trips to the line!
    8 threes to Magic + 35 free throw attempts
    9 threes + 34 free throws to Wizards
    7 threes to Dallas
    44 free throws to Utah
    11 threes to Phoenix
    Now 9 threes to Cleveland!
    No defense when it comes to 3point line, Pistons always late and give up too many open shots.
    But inside it seems like we’re good! NO WAY!!! We don’t allow points in the paint? No, we just foul on people instead! So we ALLOW to score inside, these 40+ freethrows for the opponents is the evidence!
    So How, When and Why we will get better?
    It’s for Kuester now, because our guys are trying and trying to do as much as they can. They do it their way we can hate, as I do hate Stuckey’s ways, but at least they give us an effort. But every NBA team gives an effort! It is not enough! You must play dang ball game if you want to be a good team, and you must do it pretty well!

  5. Adam B

    C’mon guys… teams rise and fall. I know it feels like we suck, but thats because we do. That doesn’t mean its going to be this way forever. This team is rebuilding, it happens. We were dominate for almost 10 years. Enjoy the ride…when we make it to the top again these times will be all worth it.

  6. Cindy

    Until the guards start sharing and passing the ball more to the open forwards they will not win some of these games.

  7. DEL

    hey guys, did you see the first game of this season? we were healthy, we were just GREAT! I really think that we would have 10-5 record instead of 5-10 now if we were 100% healthy. In first game there was a great ball movement, great rotation, and everything was in its place! It’s just a bad luck, that Little Ben twisted his ankle, and we have our 3 best guys injured!! this is sick, and it can really hurt our record, but i believe in this team, I believe in coach Q, and we just have to wait for everybody to be ready. we will win a lot, and a lot of tough game this year!

  8. oracle

    um. stuckey shot 50% and was the only reason we were in this game. bynum shot terribly when we needed him the most. so, rashit, why are you ragging on the guard who PERFORMED last night?

  9. kleengee

    sorry if this looks funny. first post ever from my phone. i wonder what the starting line will be for tomorrow. my guess is bynum at point and stuckey at sg. wow this team is really banged up. think dumars will sign iverson to a ten day? (prob. not allowed anyway)

  10. N1ck from Croatia

    Ok, our record would have beed better if there were no injuries, but not better than .500.
    So, everthing that could go bad has gone bad…

    Personally I don’t expect anything more from this season but to define the future Pistons. It’s not an easy process. And I expect the trade to happen, I think that’s much needed. Joe is waiting cause it’s not easy to trade players who have long contracts… And to benefit from those trades.

    I too much enjoyed the team’s awesome performance in the last few years. We have to realize that these are some other times, I’m afraid… Don’t give up Pistons fans, never give up, cause that’s not the Pistons way.

    Oh yes, I still hate Stuckey’s game and allways will. 😉


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