Team Need4Sheed Podcast – West Coast Woes

by | Nov 23, 2009 | 37 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff talk about what went wrong out West.  Is it panic time or can Detroit dig themselves out of the whole with or without Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton.

Venting and more…

Don’t forget please leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast – West Coast Road Trip Woes

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  1. junior

    im not scared…. or sounding any alarms. were 14 games into a 82 game season, far from over. our schedule for the year will not be as hard as the last 6 games. with rip and tay we win portland and utah, also not as tired for the suns, but prob still lose that one. rebuilding with the pistons is NOT different. we have not rebuilt for 8 years. if you are a pistons fan you remember the mid to late 90s pistons? 10 year rebuilding process. but i dont think that it will take us that long. maybe 2 years. no respect on the fouls, my thought exactly. we need tay and rip, not time. not just 1 back both. then when they are back we need time to get them used to playing with everyone else. we will overtake mil, chicago and pacers. we are playing good fun basketball we are just a little bit over matched right now, once rip is back stuckey wont have to try and force so much stuff to score. NO KAMAAN i hate that guy. he may put up the points but man i dont like him. sam cassel is the alein look alike. lol. omg sam bernsteins son is so cross eyed me and my wife laugh so hard when that commercial comes on. didnt know he was blind though. still funny, dude wear some glasses. anyway liked the podcast keep up the good work. GO PISTONS

  2. AzureAcerbus

    Will Rip and Tay make the pistons better??? I don’t understand why this is a question.

    We only have 3 count em 3 good guards. 2 of which are playing 40 mins a night, and other 30 mins a night. 2 of those guards attack the rim, so they burn up A LOT more energy that guards that just shoot. We need Rip in there to help out with the minuets situation. So our guards can play closer to 30 mins a night. Right now were using a line up of stuckey, Bynum, and Gordon. Which is horribly flawed, cause teams just make sure they cover Gordon, then Clog the paint to keep Stuck and Bynum out. Once Rip comes back, Bynum and Stuck out of the floor for extended periods of time is a thing of the past. Rip will provide us to play small, with out really being all that small. Rip is 6′ 7” He can guards most 3s, with out all that much more difficulty than guarding 2’s. Having Rip out there will space the floor. Having Rip, Cvill, and BG, on the floor should leave AVENUES to the basket for either Stuck or bynum. and if the Avenus arn’t there we have a good shooter open some where. The many option will lead to higher assist totals for BOTH Stuck and Bynum. Tay will make this team better cause he simply gets more respect. People guard Tay, which leads to better floor spacing. teams are cheating off of Jerebko. Tay can also help this team tremendously, by going back to his silent assassin role. Let Rip and Bg be the volume score, the ones who get touches. While Bynum Stuckey, and Cvill Opportunistic scorers. Then tay SHOULD just completely let the offence come to him. When he forces the Offence, he does silly things and it screws things up. But he THRIVES when he just quietly racking up points, by hitting a few jumpers here and there. Pistons with these too players, will be a far more effective team, and efficient team.

    Pistons Win in Portland, And Blow out Utah, and Dallas, if we had both rip and Tay healthy.

    Lakers Game we just looked Tired. Same with the suns game. Who knows had we had reduced mins for Bg, and stuck. Those may have both looked very different.

    • Riv

      I am with on your comment about Rip and Tay completely. Too many people talk about a trade but fail to comment on the value these 2 players bring to the Pistons. Rip is a 6′-7″ guard and also a underrated defender. You are also correct about how Tay could be used, which plays to his strengths. When they return I believe that in a short period of time Q’s plan will fall in line. DaJuan Summers seems to be playing better in recent games. If he continues to improve, he could solve our backup small forward position. Also the bench is getting good minutes to show what they can do, but we still need more front court offense so they have to guard someone other than CV31.

  3. Dhrumil

    I think this guy Bennie has something against Rip or Tay or he smokes some good ass crack. HE THINKS THEY WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard!!!! He wants them gone so bad! They are OUR 2 BESTTTTT players, even Charlie V called them our top 2 players. That guys ridiculous. Idk what’s wrong with him.

  4. oracle

    Sound what alarms? My alarm bells are turned off except in the case of a fatal crash of the Roundball 2. If we come out of the season healthy, find a way to move either rip or tay next year, and use that MLE to sign a solid big man (solid, like… Camby. no more former busts) then it’s a successful year. if we go 50-34 and lose in the playoffs, good year. the team came together. if we go 34-50 and miss the playoffs, good year. the young guys showed more talent than Deron Washington already, and we got a lottery pick to help the rebuilding.

  5. Dhrumil

    LOL! Bennie says that he enjoys watching the pistons more now than he did back in the championship days lmfaooo! WE’RE LOSING NOW! No matter how good of a basketball game it is, a loss is never fun to watch. Whatever some people just don’t understand basketball. But we definetely need Rip and Tay back asap before its too late!

    • KG

      And I agree with him to a point this season so far has been more entertaining than the past three combined. The team looks hungry and are putting in a hell of an effort with a short handed team. Wins and losses aren’t everything sometimes and in a rebuilding time that holds true. If your gunna hold this team to wins and losses on how you judge them then get out your not a true Pistons fan. Back to my reasons that this team is far more entertaining to watch vs. the Pistons of old (not talking about the championship year). In years past this team would have folded in these games that we’ve played, example the Lakers and Portland games. But with this team they’ve shown that their plenty hungry for success and have fought back from huge deficits, where as the old team might as well have gotten on the plane already. Now Rip and Tay coming back. With those two we win at Portland and Utah maybe. Lakers and Suns still beat us however. I agree with Bennie to a point that with those two back we’re not just gunna magically start winning again. we’re still a trade or big signing away from being contenders. It’s going to be interesting to see the improvement of this team over the course of the season. Go Pistons!

  6. THOR

    Wzup B & J,

    U know some of the mindsets down here in Atlanta smells like a Toilet. So far down here, its all about self and what can you do for me without getting anything in return!
    Damn that!

    But anyway, let time have its perfect work with Our Stones. The biggest thing I see is that Our Stones got hit in the mouth with Mack Truck and still kept coming regardless of who they played. Also, being that they played against some of the NBA’s hardest hitters and up-and-coming teams, in which this will leaves the Pistons film room full of material to work with and get even better. We cant do anything, but get better playing against teams that are way better then us early in the season and we also get to see which players will do while in the fire and who needs to go. So I’ll let time have its perfect work J & B.

  7. Bennie

    Oh so many things to say… first of all Rip and Tay were two of my favorite pistons, but team over player loyalty anyday! They are good players but when you look at the future of the team and what is being built before our eyes, do you really see them as part of the big picture or do you see them as the bait you can use to get what the team needs to contend for years to come? I am not sayig they would not make the team better, I am just asking how much better? Are they now a playoff team? or a will they get bounced out the first round like last year?
    This team is not more exciting to watch than the Champion ship team, but they are a hell of alot more fun to watch than the 2005,2006,2007, and for sure the 2008 season piston. Why? Because they play hard every night. I tell you what is frustrating to watch Dhrumil, at team win 50 + games every year and fade like Kobe in the 4th inthe playoffs.
    I will take Tay and Rip if Joe D is not going to bring someone else in, but I know they will not be enough to secure this team as one of the elite for the next 5 yrs. To be honest with you guys, Rip and Tay are the only players that we could sell to get anything back at this point.

  8. # 1 pistons fan

    thts 5 losses in a row comon guys u can do better ur not losing by alot!!!! tay rip when will u come back?????

  9. The Fan

    I think whats most important is that we don’t get into all this B.S. trade talk and who should be starting and not starting business. Let the coaches and GM’s make those decisions. What our team needs is unconditional love. Thats the true Piston fan way. We are watching our team grow and learn together. All the negative talk that gets put out there flows back to the players and affects them. Right now look at the positives and chalk the negatives off to being a completely new team for the most part that is playing with heart and soul like they want to win. Lets not beat them down. Lets build their spirits!

  10. Darlene

    I agree “The Fan” – these guys do need and deserve some love. This year’s team is fun to watch. I love how they never give up, come out playing hard and have a true desire to give their best every game. Sure wins are nice, but what we see developing in this team right before our eyes is awesome. It is the foundation of a Championship Team. I’ll let the coaches – coach, allow Joe D to handle the trades and I’m gonna do my part, by being a die-hard fan no matter what. Give me a team of hungry guys who are willing to hit the court every night and give their very best – and I’ll be cheering and supporting them and enjoying the ride with them! Go Pistons!!!!

  11. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    I agree with you Benny. Tay and rip have to go! TIME TO PANIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. AC Unit

    It pains me to say it … however aren’t we 5-9? Iky!!! … Good podcast! Tay and Rip could bring in another superstar, as long as they aren’t damaged goods :-\!


  13. sam i am

    no disrespect to whoever says its time to panic, but if u say that than ur an idiot, sorry.

    this team is just starting to gel, but unfortunatley they have had one of the toughest schedule so far. its a long season, i do hope we trade rip cuz it doenst seem like he wants to be here. i hope we get tay back sooner than later, summers has been playing real nice, chris wilcox needs to sit his ass on the bench even if the coach calls his number cuz i honestly would like to have kwame on the court than wilcox, he just frustrates me soooo bad.

    if we get a W against the cavs tomorrow, that will be beyond awesome.

  14. AC Unit

    And very well said AzureAcerbus … I agree that Rip and Tay could even out this teams minutes and bring it EACH night. Lets get back to .500 ASAP!

  15. Alex

    this is want the Pistons need to do trade rip for raja bell and ronny turiaf
    RELEASE kwame brown drop his fuking ass get a legit center maybe like chris kaman

    this is wat u get

    1. stuckey
    2. bell
    3. prince
    4. charlie v
    5. kaman
    put gordon on the bench cuz that makes the team deeper

    • sam i am

      ya that aint a realy good line-up, and how would u get kaman. u cant just say “oh lets get kaman cuz i think he’s good” ???

  16. Alex

    plz respond in the next podcast if u think thats a good idea

  17. junior

    i dont think it is a good idea at all.

  18. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    The idea is that we have a kind of shitty situation here and we need our leaders back asap.
    Because of:
    Let’s look at the table and on chances to appear in PlayOffs.
    Let’s begin with that we are the WORST in a division, behind Indiana, Chicago, Clevelend and Milwaukee.
    14 games are played and we did not have even on 50 % with result 5w-9L. Thanks to schedule makers. But still, we are 5-9.
    We are on 11th place in the conf, worse than us are: Charlotte, Washington, New York and New Jersey.
    So, look at this situation from a position of a team struggles for 8th place.
    What do we have from the top-teams:
    The first places will be divided between Boston, Clevelend, Orlando it is clear.
    5 spots in the playoffs remaining
    Atlanta, Miami, Chicago will battle for them.
    Whether these teams will fall into deep losing streaks – i don’t know. It is not assured, therefore we will assume that 2 from them in an any way will be in the Playoffs.
    3 spots remaining
    These 3 spots will belong to someone from those who is up there like Atl, Mia or Chi + Indiana, Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington, Charlottes or Detroit.
    What are the chances for Atlanta, Miami or Chicago will fail? And whether will fail Indiana or Charlotte with Captain Jack, or Phila, or Toronto with Bargnani who is a beast now in addition to Bosh, or Milwaukee which advance now in a division, they are ahead of Clevelend on the 1st place without Bogut and Redd just came out after being injured, or Washington which prepare for a pursuit for 8th place?
    And here are we with 5 games losing streak and Clevelend ahead. Without RIP and Tay.
    WE NEED SOMETHING TO HAPPEN or we are on the lottery list…I don’t want to see the team missing playoffs

  19. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Now the team MUST win against Atlanta and Chicago, because they are our rivals, we just can’t afford these losses

  20. shab

    Greg Oden is the ugliest!!!!

    • Rashit Flawless (Russia)

      Yep) He is))) Actually, I always thought that he is James’ much older brother, something between 40 and 50 yers old)))

  21. Armand

    We saw what happened when billups got traded
    and now we see what will happen if we trade hamilton

  22. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    If we trade him for expiring contract just before the deadline, it will be ok. If there are no chances for us to get to the playoffs and we are below 50% right before the deadline – it’s time to do it.

  23. N1ck from Croatia

    @ Rashit Flawless

    Some very nice comments and I couldn’t agree more.

  24. # 1 pistons fan


  25. # 1 pistons fan


  26. Steve

    Ladys and gentleman! welcome to the 2010 NBA Draft LOTTERY!….DRUM ROLLS PLEASE.. PISTONS SELECT WITH THE 6TH PICK IN THE DRAFT….7’1 110LB CENTER THAT HAS NARCOLEPSY! woooooo hoooooooooooo!!!! austin DAYE is riding the PINE! great pick that was.. amazing how 2 players in the 2nd round are more ready to play in the pros then mr starvation himself!.. Dumars is a worthless drafter.. this team will not get better unless we have a new nba czar controlling our draft pics.. let dumars do free agents and let someone else pick!.. D-A-Y-E = B-U-S-T!

  27. Steve

    OH BTW.. trade the whole team except bynum & ben gordon.. they are all worthless.

  28. Dhrumil

    Armand, your 100 percent right. We saw what happened when chauncey got traded. We dont wnat the same to happen if we trade rip, we will be like bobcats, all you fake ass detroit fans are fuckin jokes. “omg omgg the pistons are funner to watch now” STFU with that bullshit, there losing, if it makes it fun to watch ur home team lose than your a fckin loser!!!!!!!!!!

    • sam i am

      they never said it was fun losing, but the team is more exciting.

  29. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    respect Nat, please. You can’t show so much of your sh*t in front of a woman and you don’t have to put here all your explicit content.
    I hate the way Steve’s reacting, but one thing is for sure – Joe did a poor job picking some of the guys we had and have now
    The team is facing a crossroads, now the office should decide which tactics are better: to try to leave this team as it is and find some inner strenght to improve or to find the way how to get read of the worst contracts to make an immediate impact through trade or to make trade for an expiring contract

  30. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Hey, people! Imagine that: Shaq is out for 6 games now, and still there’s no info about what shoulder is injured or any info about when he comes back!
    He has 21 billion contract that expires this summer
    We need a big man NOW
    So…this is crazy, I know, but hey, I’m just wondering if it could workout)))

  31. # 1 pistons fan

    thts it man we should keep on losing get a gd draft pick like we always do and then next year is ours we got a gd team but there ALL injured and now gorden!!! srry guys no luck i belive!!!!!!


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