The Jazz curse continues – Pistons lose in OT

by | Nov 22, 2009 | 42 comments

Forget the fact that Detroit has now lost 4th straight, forget the fact that they haven’t beaten the Utah Jazz since 2005 or in Utah since Karl Malone was on court, what you should remember is this current Pistons squad gave us one heck of a game to watch.  They may have lost in OT 97-100, but they left their hearts on the court from tip to buzzer.

Key Points:

  • We thought the key to their success was going to be putting up points since the acquisitions of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva… We play D!
  • They play Defense, but let the Jazz get to the line 44 times.  Detroit just 25 attempts at the stripe.
  • Never liked Boozer, but it’s got to be rough to get booed by your own fans.
  • Nice outing by the rookie DaJuan Summers, who scored 5 points and assist and a really nice block.
  • Austin Day played just a minute twenty seven.
  • Wilcox still too much noting.
  • Another game another filling of the box score by Ben Gordon, who lead all scorers  with 25 points in 47 minutes of play.  Add 5 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals and I dare anyone say this man was overpaid with a fat contract.
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  • I am surprised every night at the Points in the paint stat.  You would think that since we don’t have Sheed or Dyess or a solid center that Detroit wouldn’t be able to score down low.  Our guards, plus CV31 had 44 down low.  Shame on you Rasheed Wallace for living outside the three point arc, Boston fans still think you’ll play in the paint (silly Celtic fans).
  • Fun to see Ben Wallace with so much passion again. Ben scored 8 with 9 boards.
  • Detroit looked sharp all the way through, sharing the ball, executing played and playing good D.  This was a tough loss, but when you watch this team play with the heart that they do, you still come away happy.  Thanks boys!
  • Sweeeeeeede with 4 points, 6 boards in 19 minutes.  If he can get a little better on the defensive end, he’s going to make Dumars look like a hero.
  • Rodney Stuckey scored 18 points, and Charlie Villanueva had 17 points.  Both played well, unfortunately we missed Charlie in OT after he fouled out.
  • You would think we had a chance last night, Utah dressed just 9 players and our old friend Memo wasn’t one of them.
  • Bynum continues his stellar crunch time play.  Will scored 16 points in 32 minutes with 2 assists, 6 boards and 4 turnovers. Bash me all you will but Will should be the starting point guard in my opinion.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think Stuckey is great, it just means I think Will plays the PG position better.

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  • Curse you AK47, your clutch shots won the game for your team.
  • We continue to win the board wars. Detroit is out-rebounding almost every team the play 40 to 34 in Utah.  Another reason why we are in just about every game.
  • Utah has a VERY big center Fesenko, who started in place of Memo.  This 300 pound plus player looks more like the kid down the block that wears shorts in the winter than he does an NBA player.
  • With the score tied at 90, Milsap had a chance to win it but missed his jumpshot to send it to OT.
  • Highlights of the game Via

[flashvideo file= /]

  • Rip and Tayshaun back on court doing light practice.  Still timetable when they will return.
  • They have to bounce back quickly to play the Suns tonight in Phoenix.  What a trip!


  1. JoannePistonFan

    Dammit, Utah, why did I allow myself to think we had a chance to win? Sigh… Great game though, and I agree that Bynumite the Thrill is making a strong case for being starting PG. I love Stuckey, I believe he’s developing into a great player, but he shows some poor judgment in key situations. Charlie V is making an impression, but damn does he pick up too many fouls. :-\

    • Natalie Sitto

      I’m hoping Charlie V will get the hang of playing D… at leas he has Ben to help.

    • Drew

      Yea, because it sure wasn’t Bynum that turned it over during a key moment in overtime. Oh, wait, it was. And Stuckey was the one that made a clutch basket close to the end of regulation. What game were you watching?

  2. Steve

    Piston fans! Welcome to the LOTTO!

  3. Jacob

    Nat you are so dumb and such a hypocrite! I remember in July when the Pistons signed Gordon for that huge contract you said he wasnt worth that much money and you almost refused tooning him! HYPOCRITE

    • Natalie Sitto

      I may have thought that initially (I wasn’t the only one) , but I pointed out my hastiness when I saw what he did for this team with Rip gone. I may be a hypocrite in your eyes, but I swallowed my words and apologized a long time ago.

  4. Jacob

    Right, because he didnt do that good in the Boston series? He has been worth every penny. I cant stand you haters I swear to god i cant stand em. Ill give you something to swallow instead of those words.

  5. 313Spectator

    @Jacob Hey Hey Hey Buddy! Bag the fuck up off of Nat, she’s a damn legend in Michigan! If you don’t like what she has to say get the fuck off her site! Scram you little peasant! Talk all that tough guy talk all you want, but I assure you that Nat is well known and has some respect from some people who don’t have a problem with searching chumps like you out and leaving you in the river to be fish food. (If you know what I mean). All in All, who knew Ben Gordon would turn out to be so good, it’s obvious he improved his game!

    • Natalie Sitto

      313…Thanks for having my Back..

      As for Jacob, I dont take kindly to threats, to me or anyone else here.

  6. Jacob

    Spectator, I dont know if your trying to get nats phone number or if you just like being a brown noser. She is not a legend, and if you wanna fuck with me ill leave you my number.

    • Jake

      lol im pretty sure he doesnt want u to “fuck” him

  7. 313Spectator

    @Jacob, I will not entertain your nonsense on this nationally respected website. Whatever jealousy you have towards Nat, you take it up with the man in the mirror. This site is strictly about DETROIT BASKETBALL, if you can’t stay within the guidelines then beat it buddy!!! Call it whatever you want, if you feel that way, leave ya email address and I will gladly take you up on your offer outside of this website and the internet and we will see who is still yapping and who is napping. Secondly, you are a male, picking on Nat, thats so gay. Lastly, dude get a life, it’s the world wide web, there is an infinite number of websites out there, and you chose to come here! WHY?? If she’s so much of a hypocrite and so much of a hater!!?? Simple, because you have NO LIFE and YOUR A LOSER! Your mother should have swallowed you!! Figure it out bum! No beat it, because I’m sure that your mom wants to use the internet, or you have to clean up that tiny space in her basment that you call your sancturary! Sucka!

    Now back to the regulary schedule program! Bynum should start, Summers should get Wilcox and Maxiels minutes, Stucky should be forced to tack 10-15 shots a game maximum, Charlie V should be limited to 3-5 3’s a game, Jerebricko needs more touches, Austin Daye should be on the floor with Bynum and Summers more. Rip & Tayshaun have become expendable, and Ben Wallace is playing great!!

  8. Jake

    Hey Nat, i tottaly agree with you, Bynum plays the PG position so much better than stuckey, and he should be the starter, but idk if kue will do that.

    btw im not the same Jacob lol

  9. Mark

    I think Bynum is better off the bench. Stuckey has improved his overall defense, rebounding this season. He still has to work on running the offense better, shot-selection, and his mid-range jumper. But he is only 23, and I’d hate to give up on him.

    I know there are times when Bynum comes out on the floor, and the offense looks much better. But there are also times when he resorts to alot of one-on-one. He is the better player than Stuckey, but he is also more experienced. I believe Bynum will already be 27 come January. He has played at the college level, international, and now the NBA. Give Stuckey some time.

  10. Steve

    Funny stuff from all of you..

  11. rban

    I love me some Bynum… but right now the only thing he’s better at is the drive and dish, when Stuckey is on the court the ball movement is actually quite abit better. And our defense would be shot starting Bynum… You want BG starting on the opping teams 2guard?

    Stuckey has proven around the league he can guard the 1,2,3 with sucess and hes only getting better. He has way more upside with his age.

    I love Bynum, but there sno way you take away Stuckeys starting gig when hes leading the lg in rebounding for guards, and doing alot of big things, sure he alot of room to grow but we have to let him have the reigns to develop… we can’t stunt his confidence by putting him on the bench.

  12. mannie32

    Some corrections, we lost 100-97 not 100-99
    oh and the fans aren’t booing boozer lol… they’re saying Boooooooooz (similar to Sheeeeeeeeeeed)

    • Natalie Sitto

      Thanks for pointing out my typo Mannie. Pretty sure they BOOO him, Special K and Shep made mention of it on the broadcast.

  13. AzureAcerbus

    Im not going to bash anyone, if they believe that Bynum should start. But This is the ONE game this season where, Bynum starting shouldn’t be an option.

    That just isn’t the conclusion you should draw from this game. Bynum really didn’t play all that well, last night. And he probably screwed us up by tuning it over about 4 times in the 4th.

    On, any other game this season, i completely understand why someone would want to start bynum. But This is the one game where i thought Stuckey clearly out played Bynum. Even in terms of being a point guard.

  14. Jake

    Ok i see what ur saying, bu when hamilton gets back hr will be starting so gordon wouldnt have to guard the 2

  15. Jake

    actually i think they were booing boozer

  16. rban

    To me you have to wait till Rip gets back and give Stuckey his chance to play along side him again and Tay hopefully, like the original plan. Some where along the line a trade will be needed, and as much as i love them all, Rips is the most expendable. We just have to pray its for a very good big man.

  17. Jake

    I agree we need another big man, but who would we bench?

  18. rban

    I dont realy know who should be… my guess is Bynums minutes will be cut down to like 15-20.. the rookies could be benched and rip will see alot of minutes at the 3 spot.

  19. Jake

    yeah the rookies, but i mean if we get a good big man, either big ben or cv31 are gonna be pushed out of the starting 5

  20. rban

    yeah if we got a could big i could definetly see CV being that instant offense guy off the bench, hes made for that… and he’d still get fairly big minutes, close to 30 id say. Which i pretty much what hes getting now.

  21. rban


  22. Jake

    Yeah i would say cv31 too cause idk if big ben would play so good off the bench

  23. MC Welk

    Jazz fan here, gotta say this is one of the more concise recaps I’ve ever read. Thanks! As for the booing (or Boozing), it’s 50/50. I will say that when I wear my Boozer (Duke) jersey I get heckled by some knucklehead every time. By the way, Pistons are fun. Can they be my bigamy team? Kuester has really impressed me.

  24. Jeremy

    Bynum is great, but I definitely think Stuckey gets the start at PG. Not sure why you’re saying that after last night’s game in particular…

    Stuckey – 18 points on 18 shots, 2 rebounds, 5 steals, and 6 assists to 4 turnovers
    Bynum – 16 point on 11 shots, 6 rebounds, no steals, and 2 assists to 4 turnovers

    So why start Bynum at PG? Honestly, those are pretty even box scores. Bynum was a better scorer this game, but is that what we want from our starting PG?

    And let’s not forget +/-. Stuckey played almost 46 minutes, and had a +4, the team high. That means the team was -7 in the 7 minutes it played without him.

    At a little under 33 minutes, Bynum tied for the team’s worst +/- at -7 (behind Jonas Jerebko at -8.) In the twenty minutes he was off the court, the Pistons were +4. See where I’m going with this?

    Remember, the point guard position is about running a team, and Stuckey generally seems to be better at this. And let’s not forget defense…

    I also think it’s fair to say Bynum is probably currently closer to his ceiling that Stuckey is.

  25. rban

    I concur.

  26. Jake

    really lol

  27. obiwan

    yea nat u did say ben gordon didnt deserve that loot u cant back down your points

    • Natalie Sitto

      Like I said earlier…I admitted I was wrong and said I was wrong in this very blog. I am actually very happy I was. I back up everything I say and when I’m wrong I admit it, I’m not here for childish games I’m just a fan like everyone else here.

  28. Jake

    She said she swollowe her words leave her alone

  29. Jake

    swallowed lol

    • James

      Why? He showed us last year in that stretch where he put up 40 points in one game what an amazing talent he is, what’s not to say that when Rip and Tay are back, and everything settles down he can’t get into a nice rhythym and develop to a top ten point guard in the current NBA?

  30. oracle

    this is ridiculous. it’s exactly what they say about backup quarterbacks. they’re the most popular player on the team, until they have to start and everyone realizes why they’re backups. let Bynum be the bench dynamo he is. he’s too old to have much potential, and he doesn’t have the size to compete against big guards like D.Will (who wrecked him in this game) going small really hurt us. we had stuckey (6-5) on Kirilenko and Bynum on D-Will. that’s a bad matchup, no wonder those 2 dominated the clutch

  31. James

    Nat, you’re a legend! You may’ve been wrong about BG (with evidence), but who hasn’t made a bad call before? At least you are an awesome person who is prepared to say you were wrong…better than most people 🙂

    Bynum shouldn’t start, need his awesome bench player. Stuckey isn’t Billups, but with time could easily become a top 10 point guard in this league.
    Great D.


  32. Jake

    HA top ten thats Funny

  33. terry

    the officials took that game from the pistons toward the end of regulation, sure the jazz helped by hitting some big shots but still that was some terrible officiating to foul a player out for playing great defense. Will Bynum is great, I wonder how long we have him under contract I think we signed him to like a 2 year deal last year didn’t we? I’d hate to see him sign somewhere else, but he definitely isn’t ready to start over Stuck for one major reason a point guard is supposed to pass the ball. Are they supposed to create for themselves sometimes? Sure, but within the confines of the offense and what is available. Bynum is a shoot 1rst pass second player, and if you look at the last 2 or 3 plays of the OT last night it sealed the pistons fate; Bynum goes to the hole never once looked to pass, drew the foul, good. Next play, Bynum goes to the hole never once looked to pass, doesn’t notice a wide open Ben Gorden, doesn’t get the foul call, turns the ball over, critical. Next piston possession, time out and i’m sure Q told Will to pass the ball to Gorden as they were down 3, totally throws will off and he passes the ball to Ben (who happens to be right next to him) three feet behind the arc out of position forcing Ben into heaving the ball out of sync over a defender, instead of penetrating drawing attention and kicking it out like he should have the play before, which is exactly what Ben told him as they walked away, but he’ll learn. It’s weird to say this but the injuries to Rip and Tay have helped solidify this team I think it will really pay off toward the second half of the season.

    • Tycoon

      im not sure if this is a typo error but you mispelled BG’s name twice. Its Gordon not Gorden.


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