Scorched by the Suns

by | Nov 22, 2009 | 60 comments

The Pistons are on their way back to Detroit after getting blown out by the Suns 91-117. Stellar play from Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire really set the tone for the Suns, but Detroit’s lack of pretty much anything after the half did the Pistons in.

Key Points:

  • That was not a fun road trip for Detroit who are now on their way home to face the Cavs on Wednesday… on a 5 game losing streak.
  • 13 in the first half for Charlie Villanueva and nothing in the second.  He was 5-for13 on the night with 8 boards and a blocked shot.
  • Nash is still doing his thing.
  • Just 3-for-11  for Gordon, 1-for-6 from downtown.
  • The Suns played well and took advantage of every opportunity the Pistons gave them. Can’t let anyone shoot 57% from the floor.
  • Yeah… was that bad coach Q.
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  • Great quote from Will Bynum, who scored 11 in 26 minutes with 4 assists 2 steals, 4 boards and three turnovers.  When asked in the locker room how the ankle was…

    “I don’t make any excuses for anything, if I’m out there on court playing then I’m 100%”

  • Looks like DaJuan Summers has pushed himself ahead of Austin Daye in the rotation.  Summers played well, knocking down threes as if they were nothing.  He went 5-for-11 for 13 points in 22 minutes on the floor.  He’s fast and he’s doing dirty work… I like.
  • Though the Pistons kept it close in the first half, you could see the gas running out.  Nothing much in the second, especially when Phoenix got blazing hot.
  • Longest winless road trip since going 0-5 from Feb. 24-March 2, 2003.
  • I know many Pistons fans were in Phoenix….sorry your only game of the year ended like that.  If you were there, by all means leave ’em in the comments and tell us how it was.
  • Sweeeeeeede!  His hustle every night is evident to us all.  Jerebko scored 9 with 6 boards, an assist and 2 blocked shots.

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  • Rodney Stuckey 4-for-15 on the night for 8 points, 5 assists, and 2 boards.
  • What’s up with Kwame Brown? DNP today and little play on the road trip altogether. It doesn’t help that Chris Wilcox shamed the Pistons by getting blocked by a pony-tailed dude.

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  • Comment away, go ahead get it out before the Pistons take on the Cavs Wednesday.


  1. Marcell

    I think Coach Q tossed in the towel at halftime. When do we play the Nets anyway? We need a win.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I think maybe Kuester gave them about 5 minutes after the half and then came Wilcox.

      LOL…the Nets, hell follow them by the Knicks and we are in business.

  2. KleenGee

    Thanks Marcell and Nat. I needed a laugh after that game.

  3. Tycoon

    They pretty much gave this game away as early as 3rd qtr. I know it was a tough 4-game road trip but I didnt expect to lose all of them.

  4. Tycoon

    Nets game is on 02/02/10 Devin Harris maybe back then so we cant assure winning that game.

  5. N1ck from Croatia

    If something doesn’t change soon (Prince return/Rip trade), we can cross any attempt to reach playoffs. And Stuckey is abysmal. And to think Joe D started rebuilding with that guy in mind as a leader. Epic fail in the start man.

  6. KleenGee

    gotta get this outa my head (my apologies in advance for the negative post)

    I don’t think that the boys have anymore roadtrips this tough, but I bet Coach Q learned some things. (he always seems so positive)
    Daye missed some of his defensive assignments, which led to a few buckets.
    Wilcox needs to wear super-grip gloves to catch a pass.
    The team must have not packed enough “5 hour energy drink”

    I hope d’antoni saw the Suns shooting into the Pistons basket at the end of the game

  7. Rod

    What is up with the playing time? Kwame didn’t play and Charlie V on played 20 something minutes. If CV31 isn’t in foul trouble he needs to be on the floor. I believe in Stuckey but he isn’t returning the faith lately. I think he needs to learn to set his teammates up when he drives to the lane instead of forcing tough shots that he doesn’t make. Can’t wait until Jerebko is playing back up to CV then we will be in business.

  8. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Now just look at Stuckey…
    How can we be loyal to a man who coach relies on, who hogs the ball, who can shoot over anyone on the 8th second of posession 3 times in a row, miss everything and keep shooting again?!
    Let’s take away 1 good game of Rodney when he was 12of20 in a game against Dallas that we’ve lost. Now look, he is the 1st option who shoots 73 of 204, this is 35.7% !!! And he took 23 3pointers already shooting 23% !!!
    Is that make sense for a leader of the team? And without solid frontcourt his shot selection is killing us.
    I mean, if you, guy, suck almost every game with your shots and shot selection, and you are a point guard, would you PLEASE stop taking these shots and make a pass instead?!

  9. Diogenes

    I would way rather watch this crew get blown out than watch Walky Billups and the Self Entitlement Crew whine, walk, get T’s and live on the memories of 2004 – and lose. It’s refreshing to see guys dive on the floor again and play D. I’d like to note that it coincides with the return of the heart of this team. the Big Red 3, from Virginia Union University. We would have had Boston two years ago if we had Big Ben – and then we would have taken down the Lakers – again.

  10. Diogenes

    One more note – why is Joe D halfway off the set (cartoon montage on the right) like Curry was last year? What’s up Ms. Sitto? Is Joe on the hot seat? Should he be? This is unprecedented in this site’s history and the dog sniffed it out first. Wow! Is this how we’re rolling now? We get rid of Joe and I officially abandon the Pistons. Why? No longer Pistons. He is a great GM and Sporting News executive of the decade. (Say it ain’t so Natalie???)

    Move to Tulsa when you sell out boys. Tulssssaaaaa Basketballllllll????

    • Amer ican Prince

      i can’t speak for natalie but i think your reading a little too much into that in my opinion.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I just put him on the side because he overseas everything….he’s watching over us. Nothing to sniff here…Joe is my man.

  11. tbranch

    If Jonas can keep improving…


  12. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I like his play too

  13. jay

    I must admit that I was really hoping Rodney Stuckey would have come into his own by now but to be honest….I’m growing increasingly doubtful that it’s going to happen anytime soon. He sucks as a point guard!!!

  14. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    He is our Iverson 2, same sh*t, different play…

    • jay

      I call him “Stinky Stucky”. LOL!!!

      I think that Will Bynum needs to start and have Stuckey come off the bench… least until they trade him :-)

  15. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Интгь has the worst +/-, but I think if Kuester wants to make some changes, he better focus not on how to sub Kwame with Wilcox, but cut Daye a bit, give some time to Summers and first of all – bench stinky Stuck and make Bynum a starter, then count +/- of Stuckey.

  16. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I mean that Bynum has the worst +/-, sorry for abracadabra

  17. Drew

    Yep, let’s start 5’10” Will Bynum and 6’0″ Ben Gordon. That’ll work out well for us :(

    Anyway, Pistons fan here, living in Phoenix. I was at the game last night. Not as many Pistons fans showing their faces as I’m used to. I didn’t really expect a W for Detroit–who played an OT game the night before. It sucks that Phx had three days rest before this game. Of course, schedule makers!

    The game didn’t really feel like a blowout until the 4th actually. The Suns just slowly made gains in the lead up until through the 3rd quarter. In the 4th, the Suns started bombing threes (like they usually do) and Detroit’s younger guys didn’t know how to defend as well. This is why I haven’t like the Suns in a few years: guys camp out at the three line waiting for Nash to pass it, and the team plays little defense. Detroit was leading in the first quarter because it was playing a nice zone, and Jonas was at the top of it.

    I really liked the way Jonas played. Summers was having probably his best game. Daye did a little better than he has been. Max did okay. Charlie was doing great in the first half; didn’t see much of him in the second? I’m starting to think that having Rip and Tayshaun back will help Detroit a lot more than we think. Because, right now, the Pistons really only have 4 offensive options: Stuck, Bynum, Gordon, Villa. It’d be so much better to have two more options back…especially on a night where the three guards are all being held in check. I don’t know whether the Suns played good defense, or if Detroit was just that poor on offense last night.

    • jay

      I’m saying to start Will Bynum with Rip and have Stuckey and Gordon coming off the bench. We need some kinda punch coming off the bench and Stuckey isn’t it. Having Gordon come off the bench was the Pistons plan all along anyway. Of course he will get close to starter’s minutes.

  18. jay

    There will be a trade going down by the deadline for the Pistons this season. The question is………who and for whom? I don’t see them keeping this roster throughout the entire season. I actually see Maxiell as one of the top candidates to be traded. Tayshaun would be second. And my third option woule be Stuckey but Joe D would probably not do that becuase he has to “save face”. He’s been saying for the last couple of years that Stuckey is the new face of the franchise. If he traded him… would not look good on his GM record.

  19. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    But actually Stuckey should be traded in case of the results he’s showing. But then we have Bynum+Chucky as PG and this is unacceptable, so the nominees are…
    RIP with his big contract (because Tay has 1 year left only), Maxiell and maybe Tay.
    And please Joe, trade Wilcox the hell out of here, he could be good for 800.000 but not for 3.000.000

    • jay

      I can agree with that.

      I was one of those who liked Wilcox when he was with Seattle. I was hoping that we would’ve gotten him instead of Nazir Mohammed. He was the closest thing to Ben Wallace that we could get at the time. Now that he’s here….I’m like “what the heck happened?” He’s worse than Kuame Brown. With the way he’s been playing…..I don’t think anybody would want him.

  20. Amer ican Prince

    i have to say though despite all the bad things i could pick out i just want to applaude Kuester for using pretty much everyone. I’ve seen a little bit of everyone so far. I knew Dejuan Summers wouldn’t disappoint, I just had a gut feeling, hope he keeps it up. And I love that Kuester is trying a different rotation style then we are used to. Everyone gets a shot if you produce you stay you don’t come off the floor

    • jay

      I think that once Tay and Rip come back and Kuester is able to solidify his rotation(s), the Pistons will be a pretty good team. Not a championship team but a descent playoff team. I’m just glad that Tay and Rip got hurt at the beginning of the season. It’s giving the young players valuable playing time and experience. that can only make them better as a team in the long run.

  21. Drew

    Detroit just didn’t seem to be in the right mind-set last night. Didn’t seem like the team cared or that it expected to win. The players were just kinda fooling around during pre-game shootaround, and especially during halftime shootaround, when player after player was throwing up brinks. They just didn’t appear focused enough to compete in this game. I still had fun, I guess. My seats were really good.

    • Drew

      ^ I mean “throwing up bricks.”

  22. george

    is there neway we can relay a msg to coach q to let stuckey know he is the starting point guard of the detroit pistons. the last time i checked point guards are supposed to set their teammates up and then let the game come to them.
    stuckey is starting to get on my last nerve with his bs play

  23. george

    is there neway we can relay a msg to coach q to let stuckey know he is the starting point guard of the detroit pistons. the last time i checked point guards are supposed to set their teammates up and then look for their own shot and good shots i might add.
    stuckey is starting to get on my last nerve with his bs play

  24. The Fan

    I think coach Q hung it up in the second quarter. He had one guard out on the floor “Chucky Atkins”. One guard. That was the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed. Wilcox is horrible and should never play basketball for any team ever again. In the fourth… The Phoenix crowd started taunting Kwame by chanting his name. I know Kwame isn’t that great but I like him. I wish coach “Q” had put him in just so he could at least have an opportunity to shut them up…. But he didn’t. I’m disappointed that he pretty much gave that game to Phoenix in the second and then let them keep it.
    Phoenix is known for blowing huge leads but we didn’t have the right players out there to try and bring it back. LAME

  25. Drew

    Yes, the lineup at the end of the half was atrocious. I couldn’t believe it. I’m like “Who’s gonna be able to score?” The lineup was like Atkins, Summers, Maxiell…ah, I can’t remember it all. But, like I said, who can we rely on to score? Not one of our 4 scorers was out there. And we didn’t score in the last 4 minutes of the first half, which was where we fell behind significantly and lost the game. Go figure.

  26. Normal 2

    Okay, here is my take on all the people who either want Stucky to be traded or come off of the bench. Now first of all, I respect everyone’s opinion and I understand what an opinion is….it’s just an opinion. That’s cool. But here is my opinion on why I think stuck should stay in the starting line up.

    First of all we live in a fast food restaurant world. We don’t want to take the time to go home, defost the meat, mash it all together and cook it. It takes too long. We want to go to burger king and get that whopper which takes about 2 minuets to get. (sorry about the philosophy-izm..haha)

    But my point is, Stucky is only 23. He had two and a half different coaches in his short NBA Career (curry doesn’t count as a full coach, just a half). He had to learn two different systems and is now learning a third one in three years. Yes, I agree that at this point Will Bynum is a better offensive player at this point but he is not perfect either. He’s as much turnover prone as Stucky. I seen him countless time’s jump up to pass only to get it stolen. By no way am I comparing Stucky to Kobe Bryant or Chauncy Billups but when Kobe came into the league, he came off the bench. By his third year he was getting major minuets but he was taking terrible, selfish shots, just like Stucky is now. Can you imagine if the lakers traded him before he fully developed or kept him on the bench instead of letting him develop. Chauncy got traded 50 something games in his rookie season, then he got traded again, and again and again.. ect, until he got to Detroit and finally became fully developed as a point guard. Before he was just like stucky…a combo guard who took bad shots. My opinion is to let Stucky develop and if it doesn’t click in a couple years, then we can ship him out or bench him just like we did Amir and Darko. Hahaha. But I honestly believe it will click with Stucky sooner rather than later. Now that’s just my opinion.

    • junior

      also if he dont work out as a pg in a few years rip is gonna be old(if we still have him) and stuckey would be great at sg or backup sg/pg maybe even play at sf. he does have a loty of talent and puts up good numbers

    • Natalie Sitto

      Don’t get me wrong I think Stuckey is great but some of the things he does he’s been doing since he was a rookie. It doesn’t usually take a coach to wrong a mistake if you know it’s not working move on. I do get your point though Normal.

  27. Armand

    @Normal 2. And my opinion is your opinions twin brother

  28. N1ck from Croatia

    We started bad from start trading the man we had to start rebuilding around. A leader.
    If Chauncey got as many chances early in his career he would eat this Stuckey-D-Wade wannabe for dinner. The main problem is that the dude isn’t even trying to develop to a real playmaker. He keeps on rushing to the hoop trying to be the best scorer. And that is sad… His statistics is abysmal and he keeps and keeps trying… We have enough scorers on this team…

    I’m sick and tired of this Keith Langlois-like trying to put roses around everything… Take a look at our record guys. This is reality. And with this “PG” our below-average future is sealed.

    • Drew

      Actually, he doesn’t have that many scorers around him right now: Gordon, Charlie, and Will are the ONLY other ones…until Rip and Tay get back. Yeah, I’m looking at Stuckey’s stats: and I’m seeing a +/- of -6 to Will Bynum’s -19. And I know exactly why Stuckey’s is much lower, being that I was at the game last night: Detroit was much stronger on defense with a zone and fairly level-headed on offense when Stuckey was in. Things felt so much worse when the backups (including Bynum) were in.
      And Gordon’s and his poor shooting nights are the result of the all the other players not being man enough to put up a shot with the shot clock running down. Dudes would just pass it around or wait until they found Gordon’s or Stuckey’s hands with 4 seconds or less on the shot clock, resulting in forced shots and hurting both Gordon’s and Stuckey’s precious FG percentage that you guys seem to hyper-analyze so much. We DON’T have enough scoring options at the moment. I counted twice where Big Ben got the ball at the top of the key, Suns left him wide open, and Ben would just hold the ball nervously until the clock ran down some more and a guard would come his way to bail him now. Now, I would rather see Big Ben take a wide-open free-throw length jumper than for him to wait and pass it to Gordon or Stuckey for an off-balance shot as the clock expires.

    • Drew

      Dude, unless you’re watching the game on TV or in person (or if you’re at least following play-by-play via or, you haven’t earned the right to judge and analyze (and talk crap about) players based on a couple statistics. It’s a team game. If you wanna know more about why so-and-so had a bad shooting night or why so-and-so made so many turnovers, ask one of us on here who watched and observed before making YOUR judgments and tossing players to the curb.

  29. shinkazenokizzu

    to spend 90 million dollars on free agent contracts for what seems to be a missed playoff year sure is troublesome. i suppose no team can stay relevant forever, but it was a nice run.

  30. AC Unit

    The Pistons are not healthy, we have $21,000,000 invested in two guys who aren’t even playing. It is never a good sign when Chris Wilcox is logging 20 minutes in a game. What happened to Max’s minutes? The NBA has got very diverse since winning the hardware in 2004. I see the direction that Joe Dumars is going, just after 6 straight conference finals with NO injuries really, its come full circle. It’s not a good forecast for the first half of this season after what we have witnessed so far. It’s not up to Detroit standards, but could be overachieving if we get 20 (or more) wins by the All-Star break. :( Lets go Pistons!!

  31. KleenGee

    Normal 2: Curry only counts as half of a coach. That’s really funny.

    Stuckey is going to get better. He already has great size for his position, and he can drive to the basket.

    I think Stuckey has more trade value than Rip or Tay.
    Stuckey can be replaced by Bynum
    The team needs a center that can handle a pass and defend.

    just trying to logically fill in the gaps.

    And yes, I’d rather watch this team then last year’s whiners.

  32. The Fan

    Stuckeeez Tha Man!!! Sez Tha Fan!!!

    Quit hating and just let the season roll on. Lower your expectations of this year. Has anyone noticed that all of our guards game has gone down over the road trip. Some might attribute that to the road. However, I think its fair to say that the opposing teams know we have not outside threat. So they shut us down. Stuckey, Bynum, and Gordon are all fun to watch. And this team has been 100x more enjoyable than last year. It takes time to rebuild so give it time.
    Fast Food Society… Well put Normal2

    • The Fan

      correction… “inside threat”

  33. junior

    everyone needs to stop whining and let the game develop and let the team develop. we are a young team now. not a veteran one. we will make mistakes, but we will learn from them. we might have a bad year or two….. but we have great building blocks in place add 1 or 2 more frontcourt stars and we will be right back at the top. everyone chill and let it ride, enjoy wacthing a pistons team that gives it everythimg they got every night. we havent seen that in a while. lets enjoy it and root for our team to get some wins. our whole schedule for the season is NOT going to be like the last 5 games. we will get the wins and make the playoffs. until then. . . . . GO PISTONS

  34. sam i am

    man im so sick stuckey driving in and not kicking it out to an open man and jump up into 3 big man and think he’ll score. is he just selfish or doesn’t know how to pass.

    • Drew

      If Gordon or Charlie are not open then he has no one to pass it to anyway.

  35. chris

    ‘drew’ and ‘normal’ said it how it is, everybody needs to calm down and stop looking so deeply into a bunch of stats

  36. Rai

    Rumors has it that the Hornets are trading everyone except for CP3. so I tried this trade and it worked. imho, it looks good on paper but I wouldn’t have an idea how this would turn out in actual games.

    PG – Stuckey
    SG – Gordon
    C – Ben Wallace
    SF – Charlie V
    PF – David West

    Will Bynum
    Austin Daye
    Mo Peterson
    Chucky Atkins

    Jonas Jerebko
    Dajuan Summers
    James Posey
    Darius Songalia

    Kwame Brown

  37. junior

    NAT i still cannot read the replies to the comments. they are behind to original and i cant get them to come up so i can read them. am i the only person having this problem?

    • Tycoon

      I have the same problem and Im using IE7. Im guessing other browsers display it properly.

      • Natalie Sitto

        I have to check into if for both you and Junior…Can anyone email me a screen cap?

    • Natalie Sitto

      Junior…what browser are you using and can you send sent me a screen cap?

  38. junior

    the* not to

  39. KleenGee

    OK. I’m gonna chill and see how things develop. Go Pistons!

    P.S. the replies show in Firefox, but not IE8

  40. N1ck from Croatia

    Cool. Everything’s cool. Stuckey’s a great potential, we’re young, we’ll get better soon… We’re playing good, beeing so close in every game… Now let’s just keep on repeating this… It’ll come true…

    • pistons 4 life

      Close like last night. OK?

  41. pistons 4 life

    Ok, I said I would give this team a little while before I judged them, and I think I’ve seen enough. They suck, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. There offense is horrible, and their defense isn’t that much better most games. I agree with others that I enjoy watching the current roster lose games more than the crap that we had to watch last year. But this team just isn’t that good. How much of it is a lack of Tay and Rip remains to be seen, but I don’t think they’re going to get that much better. I’ve had my doubts about Rodney since about two years ago, but I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I guess it was just wishful thinking. I’ll just say it, this guy is NEVER going to be anything but a wana be superstar. Joe pumped this kids head up so big over the years that we all believed it, but personally I’m tired of watching him constantly miss shots and get blocked in the lane every time he tries a lay up. He’s just not that good and he’s never going to be. They’ve tried to force him to be something he’s not, a point guard. If Joe can’t get anyone else good to come to Detroit this summer this team is going to be in the dumps for a while.

  42. Armand

    So what if they lost to 5 of the toughest teams in the west, we didnt expect to win all of them did we?! Yeah i wish we would have taken at least one or two but maybe and maybe this helps our team and coaches on making better decisions in the future. All i know is that they played 5 tough games in like 5 nights during first month of the season under a new coach and I thought they played pretty hard the first 4. Obviously we all know that 2 of our most important players of this team are hurt and not playin. Or maybe we dont since every other comment is how bad we are and how the season is over and how Stuckey aint shit and how Kwame is soft and y Max aint playin etc etc etc
    I know it hurts to watch them during most 2nd and 3rd quarters but most of these games they have made it pretty interesting and enjoyable to watch so please my brothers and sisters i said please try to be a little easier on all the pessimistic comments and say a couple prayers so that we get our chiefs Tay and Rippster back soon and see how that works out for Stuck when he actualy has some decent team players back and they all play a few games together so everyone learns a bit and hope that 2010 brings some good gellin between our guys and a better economy so we can afford to go see them light up other teams come spring time



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