How Will became The Thrill

by | Nov 19, 2009 | 23 comments

I’m THRILLED that Will Bynum is getting the media attention and the recognition he deserves.  Pistons fans found out last season what a gem he was and now the word knew as soon as he did THIS.

The Pistons ran a great halftime special on The Thrill.   Will shares with us what he had to go though to achieve  his dream of being in the NBA.


On another note, Mr. Blaha has now adopted Bynumite… work is done. (Sorry Will)


  1. Ronnie D.

    Damn Dumars is packing on those lbs

  2. KleenGee

    Do you think Dumars would give thought to trading Stuckey? I would

    • The Fan

      Not likely. For all the hate that Stuckey gets. That guy can play ball and take the ball strong to the rim.

  3. Franz

    How can you not love Will. 🙂

    I don’t know about trading Stuckey.

  4. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    When you see a player that was underdog, underrated, undrafted, and now playing on a high level – it’s always fun to watch. He made so much job in a gym, he tried so hard and now everyone gives him a credit – he is dang good!
    You know, when KG won his ring, it was not about Celtics, it was about the hardest working man in NBA finally got what he deserved.
    I love stories like these and I am extramely happy that we have Will Bynum, not someone else.
    I knew he will be in NBA because I watched top-16 of the Eoroleague when our CSKA Moscow played against Bynum’s Maccabi, Will was great. He was, like, another level. And I thought “He gotta be in the NBA, why he isn’t there yet?!”
    And then Detoit Pistons witch I am a fan of since a looooong time, gets him and I knew he will play like that

  5. RIV

    Last season when we made that trade for Iverson I wrote that who needs him. Bynum is a poor man’s Iverson and could be good if given some playing time. Boy, was I ever wrong, Iverson is an older and poorer man’s Bynum who hogs the ball. Also, Iverson won’t make it as a Knick, if they pick him up.

  6. RIV

    Last season when we made that trade for Iverson I wrote that who needs him. Bynum is a poor man’s Iverson and could be good if given some playing time. Boy, was I ever wrong, Iverson is an older and poorer man’s Bynum who hogs the ball at this stage of his career. Also, Iverson won’t make it as a Knick, if they pick him up.

  7. pistonsfan32

    heyy guysss, yesterday november 19 marked the 5 year anniversary of this historic night at the palace

    AHHHHHh, the good old days 🙂

    p.s the comments for this video are really hating on detroit… jealous MO FOS

  8. Steve

    i highly doubt you were the first person to think of bynumite “just sayin”… and also when will blaha retire? his voice can make chalk bored and nails jealous… mike valenti agrees.. this team is crap. cant wait for the lotto pick next yr so dumars can draft a 7ft 130lb center.

    • Diogenes

      Blaha is boring? Blaha is a living legend my man, just like Ernie Harwell. Don’t like the Blah? Take a look at the man in the mirror – that’s your problem.

  9. Ronnie D.

    Hey Steve, sounds like your a fair-weather fan. Real ones stick with it thru thick and thin and always…ALWAYS believe. Your a chump

  10. Steve

    ronnie dont be sad that dumars is a JOKE.. this team wont see the finals again for another decade.. since the world is gonna end in 2012 NEVER again lol.. dumars rules man.. yeah walter sharpe wooo hoo austin daye! great picks of the new era! guy who as a eating disorder and a sleeping disorder.. cant wait to see who he drafts in the lotto lmao.

  11. obiwan

    lol steve i know we disagree on a lot but ya girl wasnt the first to come up with bynumite…i think this girl that called the radio station 1130 and called him bynumite lol you a fool…but you still a fair weather fan u cool though

  12. sam i am

    i have to admit something….last year some ppl said that bynum is better than stuckey, everytime i heard that i just cracked up. we’ll now i really believe that, will could really be our future PG. laugh all u want but personally i think will is better than stuckey.

    • KaptainXulu64

      I agree Stuckey’s shot selection is poor and makes charges when doing that pull up jumpshot and has bad vision when it comes to passing. You also can’t trust stuckey’s shots. Even though will can’t make as many three’s he has better form th

  13. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Steve is a hysterical woman, she has a pms now, don’t you guys bother her

  14. edt

    i was watching ‘sheed play for boston last nite. Man is he getting lazy or what? He sort of saunters down the court, hangs out at the 3 point line, and then hoists up the ball.

    I honestly thought he would be playing hard in boston because he was getting less minutes, but all ‘sheed seems to do is hoist up 3’s and get out of breath from walking up and down the court. He still plays good D though.

    • KleenGee

      edt: He had many games like that last year. you’d think for the money he’s getting that he’d show a little more effort.

      I read a quote from a few days ago that said he was glad that he was almost done with this sh*t. Though he was talking about the ref Crawford, he was also saying that he was glad he was close to retiring. That’s pretty sad

  15. AzureAcerbus

    “Will The Thril”l is still Bynum’s Nick name. But Bynumite is the adjective used to describe his play.



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