The Pistons vs. The Blazers

by | Nov 18, 2009 | 12 comments

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The 5-6 Pistons are in Portland to take on the 8-4 Trail Blazers.  The Trail Blazers will  look to rebound from their first loss in seven games  tonight when they face Detroit who will try to avoid its first three game losing streak of the season.

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Tip is at 10:00 pm EST and will be televised on FOX Sports PLUS (that’s a programming change so take note). For the radio broadcast tune into 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action on

For those of you who missed the chat room, it’s back! You can again talk Pistons during the games.



  1. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Look at LMA (LaMarcus), he had a bad game мы Spurs, he had about 4 isolations against Bonner and all he couls do is to bump, nowhere to go, can’t pass it, turnaround shot. He was awfully dumb. Now you should limit his good shots because he makes a lot of shot attempts every night and this is the only thing he does. If he has a bad night, he spoils their ball movement. You can limit Roy to 40% shooting, it’s real for Stuck or Gordon, you can force Oden to miss in the paint, but the best thing is to guard LMA as hard as you can


    • Rashit Flawless (Russia)

      Roy will drive at will and we can’t totally swich him off, and now it’s time for CV31 to step up after a bad game to play on defensive end against Aldridge.
      Anyone who beleive he can do that?!

  2. DEL

    I also believe, that Aldridge will be the key today. if we can stop him, we will win

  3. sam i am

    i cant believe im bout to say this, but kwame yes kwame brown the one and only is gonna be key to defend greg oden and mainly try to keep him off the offinsive rebounds( idont think hes much of a threat scoring the ball tho)

  4. Tycoon

    Swede needs to put irritating defense on Roy, make him give up the ball and force to take bad shots.

  5. Tycoon

    unable to watch the game… whats with the lazy third quarter again? getting sick of it. is Gordon injured?

  6. 313 Spectator


  7. doran

    well heres my recap on the pistons. its the same old story and nothing new. The thing that kills me about fans is their lack of good memory. when we have a couple of good games everyone starts ranting on how we need to trade rip and tay. i don’t think you guys understand this, but they are the foundation of this team. when they are both healthy and ready to play, we will be really good. jonas jerebko should not be started. he is not skilled enough and lacks experience to be playing agasint kobe bryant and such. neither is austin daye. and if we do play them, thats not a bad thing, cause their gaining experience…..for the future, a thing most fans hate to look at. they want immediate results. another thing, ya rodney is solid and bynum, but we lack a true point guard. a point guard makes other players better. AKA billups, kidd, cp3, rajon rondo, steve nash, etc. those guys make the players around them better by leadership, defense, distribution and such. bynum and rodney are great players, but everytime they have possession it is like its the last second of the quarter and their are closeout player. PLAY AS A TEAM. I think bynum does a better job then stuckey of distributing but you still gotta play like a REAL pg. Now if we have jerebko, gordon, and bynum coming off the bench, our team will be realll solid. those guys are hustle players and all play like great sixth men. so as of right now. screw the trade talks, just hope they get healthy.

  8. obiwan

    i dont know why people r mad abouit this team…this is the best time to watch pistons basketball because they have no expectations we all no this is a rebuilding chapter no reason to get mad just go with the flow…thats what make this team fun to watch the whole mystery of the team u dont know what you gonna get night end night out….

  9. Bee

    Stuckey is a ball hog! He threw shots up that he knew he couldn’t hit. The guards must be tired. I blame Coach Kue for it in a way. He has to figure out a way to get rest for his guards at the right time. His rotation sucks. I love the rookies but he is playing too many of them out on the floor at the same time. He needs to play Chucky A. at the PG for moments when the other two guards need a rest. Charlie V. kills me sometimes with his passing. He just doesn’t pass when the double team comes. We need more of a drive and kick game at times since the guards can shoot so well.

    • Rashit Flawless (Russia)

      people, listen to this

      Kuester has a nice rotation, he starts with the best players available, backups them right, maybe some misunderstanding with the fans about Maxiell’s playing time, but coach’s trying to make this team work the right way.

      And Stuckey is not a kind of person who is a willing learner or a willing passer. He was a ball hog when he came to the league, he is at the same spot now, developing himself in another direction, his ego is telling him to shot when he’s open, because every game that he plays, as any other player in a team, he wants to win. And if you have no combinations, plays, that are fluently trained, if you don’t beleive in your teammates, if you are overconfident – you take the shot by yourself. It’s 14 on the clock and he didn’t see a good movement yet? He won’t make a movement happen, he just pulls up. He is a ball hog because he beleives to be a true leader by taking shots, because his ego tells him there’s no way to win with something different but his Wade-like ability.
      that was about his shot selection. now it’s about driving.
      That’s why we are so confident that Stuckey must be benched, Will Bynum must be a starter.
      Will is not a true PG that we need in our system, but he is a driving machine and when he drives, he always does it seeing a possibility to make a good pass to the open man, that’s why Pistons are clicking right when he’s on the floor.
      When Stuckey drives, he can junm into people, 2-3 men under the rim, trying to make a shot, not pass it.
      Kuester’s fault is that he’s trying to tell Stuckey how to play (because I don’t beleive that he didn’t try to) and Kuester did not succeed in his teaching yet.

  10. DEL

    we need sooooo much Rip and Tay back, no more Jerebko, no more Daye, they arent’ just good enough yet to compete at that level. in every game we can see some stupid turnovers, bad plays. Jerebko i really trying to fit in, but it is just impossible for him to play and be productive.
    I really think that this is the key now. we got great scorers, defense looks reaaaaaally good, but just give us Rip and Tay back!!

    but Rip is out for three weeks with a minor sprained ankle?? i can smell trade in the air.. i don’t know what is going on, and I don’t want him or Tay to go, because with them we will be a really good team, but maybe Joe D wants to surprise everyone with something big..


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