Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Trades, Tayshaun, the Front Court and More

by | Nov 16, 2009 | 26 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff are back with their Second Podcast of the season. Did you miss their Top five lists, because I did. Along with the Top Five Front Court Players, we have Tayshaun talk, trade talk, Kaman talk an the Need4Swede.

The boys also answered some of your questions and comments you left for them last week. Best of all we have a few new unbelievable sponsors!

Don’t forget please leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Top Five Front Court Players

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  1. Lori

    What’s wrong with waiting to see what the team looks like when they are all healthy before trying to adjust it? It looks like the chemistry is just starting to get good as all the new guys are figuring each other and Detroit basketball out. A repeat of last year would be ridiculously awful.

  2. The Fluidics

    Yeah, I’m in no real hurry to see a trade.

  3. sam i am

    well great podcast guys. but as for the kaman trade i have been yelling since we got dumped in the playoffs last year, we should trade for kaman, trade for kaman, trade for kaman, i knew this guy was good but he’s just has some injuries over the years that might have slowed him down, he’s a michigan state guy, and i belive the clippers would’ve traded him when they drafted blake griffin since they had a log jam with the big guys. joe D. i still believe in u no matter wat, but u shoulda went hard for kaman. good night and god bless

  4. TDP

    @ sam i am:

    Actually, Kaman is a Central Michigan guy. Chippewhaaat?! Woot.

    • sam i am

      hes a michigan native, i just got things mixed up lol sorry

  5. Diogenes

    J-Max has lost his confidence and Ben Wallace is making him look old.

    Daye needs to get more minutes – played better than SWEEDE against Dallas.

    We need to trade for a big before the deadline – I think we can be the 5th seed with one more piece. (Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, Miami, Detroit) – I also think we can take Miami in the first round with a little luck.

  6. Bennie

    I just see that these guys are going to need a little help if they are going to be a great team. Its difficult to watch a game like Sunday at Dallas and see these guys work so hard but fall short because they have pieces missing on the roster- Fluidics, if you don’t want to see a trade, do you believe the team is ready as constructed?

  7. sTig

    Kaman is not a good player…

  8. # 1 pistons fan


  9. # 1 pistons fan


    • Steve

      Wow.. how much longer do you think wallace will last? hes 36.. and maxiell is way overrated.. caman would be a great corner stone and hes a michigan native.. take off the homer goggles please.

  10. Steve

    Stig.. yeah 20 and 10 a night sucks.. i forgot.. ur right caman sucks.

    • Steve

      isnt it a little fruity to be a dude & judgeing on what dudes look like? id say.. YES.

  11. Steve

    yeah right! this is by far the ugliest dude in the WHOLE NBA LMAO!!!

  12. Cbat

    T-Mac is by far the ugliest

  13. AzureAcerbus

    Firstly, Bosh isnt bad looking, His hair is Awesome. Im going to throw out Andre Karilinko for the ugliest dude in the nba.

    Secondly I pretty much agreed that we need to get another big. Tho i don’t get when people say trading Rip is a possibility. Look that the minutes, our guards are playing right now. Gordon and Stuck are avg 40 mins a game, And Bynum, has to be getting the most burn of ANY back up PG in the league. I Don’t want the pistons to become one of those teams that just runs there players in to the ground. Especially, with Bynum and Stuck, Driving to the basket like that repeatedly takes its toll. We dont have a 4th guard like Arron, or even Washington. to replace Rip, If we were planning on Trading Rip we wouldn’t we wouldn’t have gotten rid of afflao who is a nice back up.

    Tay is the one who needs to go, look at our last draft. We got Talented players at his position, setting us up for his trade. Obviously Daye, Jerbebko and Summers havent shown enough to say we don’t need tay. bu mind it Keep inf we use the 4 guard line up. quite a few of those mins will be used playing small.

    Now you all liked that Kaman idea, I love it too. He young, hes athletic, hes a post big. Hes from here. But With Kaman playing the way he is, theres just no way Clippers would trade him….Unless, they make a stupid move, which they are inclined to do.. This trade was something i was Screaming for LAST YEAR, or over the summer. Clipers would have almost been forced to Trade Kaman, last summer before. Stupid Memphis bailed them out. With Quinten Richardson, and Absorbed 8 mill of Randolph contract. Tho know i have to believe that they want Kaman and Griffen going forward.

    Tho You brought up the Dirk Nowinski idea. And Wow, just wow, thats original. I would LOVE to get Dirk. Having Dirk and Cvill, along side each other in the front court would Be JUST AMAZING. Bennie Ripped on having too shooting big men, but here is why that is an amazing idea for our team.

    If Dirk and CVill, are stating together at our power positions. It will draw others teams bigs out of the lane, They would be FORCED To respect the shooting ability of both those guys. Now Once the lane is clear. Stuckey and Bynum would just …Destroy the rest of the opposing def fence. It would leave almost zero helpside D, Stuck and Bynum would be able to focus on only there defender. Seemingly no Guard can stay in front of bynum, and no guard Besides Barron Davis, is stronger than Stuck. If other teams bigs are relctant to come out and respect Dirk or Cvill. We’ll just snipe them out of the game.

    One last thing, if say a team some how on one possession plays really amazing D, and some how clogs the lane and addresses our Big Shooters. Well dont for get that both Dirk and Charlie V can put it on the floor, and go to a post, or a runner in CVills case. Theres SO many option with having Versital big men.

    Dirk – Wallace
    Cvill – Jerbko,
    Daye – Summers
    Rip – Gordon
    Stuck – Bynum

    • Richie

      Yeah, that Dirk Idea is a great concept on paper, when every good shot automatically falls and defense doesn’t matter. There are two sides to the game though, and I hate how soft Dirk plays and how whiney he is.

  14. Boian

    Ugly NBA players:

    Sheldon Williams
    Stephen Jackson (scary ugly)
    Marco Jaric (ironic)

    thats all I got!

  15. JohhnyB

    By far the ugliest player in the NBA is Oleksy Pecherov on the Wolves. Maybe kendrick perkins too, and anderson varejoke.

  16. adam

    Since we are talking about trades..
    antanio daniels, quentin richardson?

    I of course would love stoudemire, or bosh. It would be amazing! But its also how i was joe johnson, Gerald wallace and josh smith in detroit. God that team would rape.. And yes kaman is a good player. And the nba is just discovering this, and as a result D probably won’t get him.

    Even though i don’t like talking about trades, i thought daniels or richardson would be interesting to ponder.
    Whilst a trade probably will occur at some point, our team is just starting to work. As said and stated by everyone, baby eater and wilcox need to grow with the rest of the team, and if the rookies can assert themselves we will be quite an epic team. Or we could pick up AI again and wallace could knock him out into retirement, that would be good tv.

  17. Richie

    Why the hell are we talking about trades?! We haven’t been able to evaluate our team when it’s full and healthy yet!

  18. Darlene

    Hey guys – great to hear you again. Your #1 Fan in PA still thinks you are the best! Benny – so agree about Will. He is the greatest. Exciting to watch and brings awesome energy to the floor. We were blessed to meet him when they played in DC and he is awesome. As humble as can be but committed to the core. Mr. BYNOMITE—is making this year exciting! Take care guys!


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