A Bobcat Beating

by | Nov 12, 2009 | 35 comments

The Pistons did a little more than win Wednesday night at the Palace, they massacred the Bobcats 75-98 in one of the most exciting games at the Palace of Auburn Hills in a while. Not only did Will…thrill, Charlie Villanueva put up 30 points without even playing the fourth quarter.

Key Points:

  • Nothing was more Key than this Dunk that really started the Pistons on their way to the rout.  All I have to say quite frankly is WOW!  If you are a regular visitor of Need4Sheed you know how I feel about Mr. Bynum, but I’m seriously thinking of paying homage to him in my memorabilia area… Where is my Bynumite Bobblehead? Do you realize he dunked on Tyson Chandler too?!
Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons


  • Just because this one was out of hand doesn’t mean it wasn’t close in the first half.  The two teams exchanged leads 9 times.
  • First NBA points from DaJuan Summers, who scored 2 in 11 minutes.
  • 26 assists for the Pistons – much, much better than the eight they put up the other night.
  • Big Ben Wallace still acting like it’s 2004 with 9 boards, 3 steals and 3 blocks. I think he’s earned his measly pay check after 8 games.  I am really beginning to think Arnie Kandor has mythical powers.  Now all he needs to do is help Rip and Tay.
  • Board war may have been only won by a board, but for a team who I thought was going to have big troubles they are doing ok.
  • Something new we are starting as Pistons fans thanks to a great idea from The Fluidics (longtime team N4S member).  When Jonas Jerebko has the ball we scream SWEEEEEEEEDE! How great is that?
  • Jonas is also a fan favorite, we like hard work in the “D” so Jerebko fits right in.  Jonas scored this dunk and added a three on the next possession, finishing the game with 5 points. No I’m not changing the site’s name to Need4Swede, but it sounds good doesn’t it?
Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons
  • Surprisingly Ben Gordon didn’t lead the way for the Pistons thanks to Charlie V. When you score 22 for your team like Ben did and add 8 assists and a steal and you don’t lead the team….things are going right. Another stellar performance for Mr. Gordon.
  • Stuckey scored 16 on 6-for-10 shooting with 7 assists and just 2 turnovers. Great night for Stuckey, let’s stop worrying about his assists while we are winning, give him some credit; he had a team-high a +31 in the box score.
  • Can’t take anything away from Charlie Villanueva, who had his breakout game and career high as a Piston, scoring 30 points without playing a minute of the fourth quarter. He lit up the Palace in the third quarter like it was Times Square. @CV31 was showing us moves I didn’t think he had and having fun on the floor. The man was 13 for 17 from the floor, 2 for 4 from downtown adding 4 boards and a block. Convinced yet?
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  • Kwame Brown, yes Kwame, is still playing his heart out. He had a great and-one finishing with 3 points and 5 boards.
  • Hustle from Austin Day whose two points came on a nice Dunk.
  • John Kuester is a happy man today, it’ s nice to beat your mentor.
  • Clearly Children were harmed here by Jason Maxiell. Seriously, that looks like it hurts.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons
  • Nice job holding Gerald Wallace to only 12 points.
  • Defense! We really do have it, don’t we? Or do the Bobcats just have a tough time scoring?
  • I knew this season would be fun, but it’s turning out better than expected especially considering the absence of Rip and Tay.
  • First back to back wins for Detroit.
  • I have been asked so I will answer this question here to end my very exiting recollection of a very fun game at the Palace. What do you think of Ben and Charlie?
    I knew they both would be good, but they are both showing me more than I ever thought they would. I knew Ben was a pure shooter, but him carrying us while the Rip and Tay are out for the count…I never saw that coming. As for Charlie V, he’s working his way to fitting into “Detroit Basketball” very nicely.
  • Just a little FYI about the new layout here, the top rotating image with the Schedule Calendar, Intro Video and now the Will DUNK is click-able.  When you see the image you are interested in, click it and you will go to the post or video.
  • I’ll add a thanks to the Troops for all that they do for us.


  1. The Duke

    Last night was an explosive game! I just wonder how much more dangerous we are going to be when we get Rip and Tay back.. I think our team is a lot better than everybody else thinks we are. I honestly believe if we had a full roster we could very easily be undefeated. Part of me is glad they are out right now so that we get a chance to look at Jonas and Daye mostly. This season is going to be better than the last… even if we have the exact same record as last year. They look like a team. Great display by the D. Did anybody think it was great that the Wings and The Pistons did some great butt kicking?

  2. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I loved Stuckey’s play in the 1st half, he gave up his shooting efforts, took only 3 shots and made 2 of them, but made 5 assists and had an amaizingly good +/-, that;s the way Chauncey played, he took some shots when he knew he make them.

    CV was a beast. Nothing to add. He should be more active on the glass, be little more physical, but today he was off the charts with his shooting and post moves!

    Bynum. What the hell can you say about BY-NUM. He’s electric, when he steps on the court you know that he’ll make ’em play the right way! Bynum is BIG!

    Ben Gordon was huge as usual and now he deserves to be an all-star for sure!

  3. AdamBlakeRoth

    I got chills watching Maxiell cook up a nice infant sandwich there…beautiful. Soooo are we still talking about our backcourt gettting a little crowded? What is Rip going to add when he comes back? just wondering. I see more assists I guess…

  4. your friendly BullsBlogger

    Natalie, I’m coming to Need4Sheed more and more this season tracking the love for Ben Gordon. It’s not that big of a surprise given that he’s only 26. Any shooter can go cold for a game, but as guards go he’s one of the more dependable in the league. He’s getting to the line at a good rate and he’s extremely durable. Plus you see that lob in the .gif above? He actually was the best Bulls guard at doing that, and on the break he’s a very good playmaker. Won’t ever be a ‘pure’ PG, but his overall skills are better than what he was painted as in Chicago.

    Ugh, I feel like I’m gushing too much, which makes me more mad they let him walk. Dumars knows what he’s doing: gets under-appreciated players with a chip on their shoulder. All Gordon does is work on his game, he’s a shooting savant.

    • Richie

      Thanks for showing the love. If it makes you feel better, most of us feel/felt the same about Denver getting Chauncey.

  5. doran

    hahahah yeessss baby. Im calling it. were going on a 10 game winning streak minimum. lets go detroittt

    • junior

      u mean after the west t5rip? thats a whole lot of good teams i would like to think we win them all but you gotta b real. go pistons

  6. obiwan

    charliev is finnaly playin detroit basketball ball!!!…i think when he first got here he didnt understand detroit basketball..its hustling diving,driving,sliding its haard nosed in your face grind it out basketball…i think when ben left so did that heart,that wiling to win… i think ben has these young boys playing detroit basketball with a lil swag…it only gets better when rip and tay gets back i hope they get motivated to see this team is playing team basketball on offense and defense..i also hope rip will take that chip off his shoulders and play how we know rip can play…however for tayshaun this is his kinda team… he finnaly has some guys who can help him on d….guys like ben,kwame (yea kwame) maxzilla and jonas are playing detroit basketball…i think tay’s been missin that…and some of that fire left but its back, you see that grind it out team d…guys movin their legs on d rebounding thats detroit basketball i hpoe they do it all season

  7. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    We have a hard schedule next 7 games, especially a western trip (LAL, Portland back to back, then Utah, Phoenix back to back) and then Cleveland when we back home.
    RIP said he will be able to play vs LAL
    But still, guys now should think how can they play A-game against these teams and it’s definitely a test for our team. A HUGE test.
    Any predictions how many of these 7 games can we win?!

  8. FerFore

    BigBen can do a lot of things, among them, returned me to a daily check of Pistons results and highlights. This team will be a beast again. I can see a lot of motivation in bench. ¿do you remember Pistons 2003 bench?

  9. Jon


  10. Diogenes

    Why did we sign Chris Wilcox? That dude is making mad jack for a cat who cleans up the garbage minutes. I see why he’s not doing anything else though. I thought I remembered him having some game back in Seattle?

  11. Fariduddin

    Great Game.. WOW! Will The Thrill!

  12. Adam B

    Sign Bynum to an extension RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! We can’t lose this kid.

  13. Greg

    why the hell didn’t Bynum’s dunk make NBA “dunk of the night”… biased bastards for not watching the pistons

  14. gMac

    I know Maxiell is trying to proof that he should be the 1st big men off the bench. But i’m really sick of his step back jumper. It’s about time he learn some proper post moves with that big body of his.

  15. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    With our small ball and Tay, RIP injured Maxzilla has all chances to be a starter now, but it’s Jerebko who plays 3 or 4 spot, even 5 at times. Maxiell won’t be that guy because of SWEEEEDE showing a lot of effort, i mean A LOT

  16. junior

    this is for greg, will might not of got dink of the night on yahoo sports BUT he did get number 4 and number 2 on sportscenter top 10 plays of the day!! that is a little better than yahoo sports if you ask me, SWEEEEEDE i love it. go pistons

  17. junior

    dunk* sorry

  18. Aaron

    Why is this blog still called need4sheed when he is on the hated Celtics. Sheed helped the Pistons win a title but was a bum and a malcontent his last few years, I say good riddance

  19. Rashit Flawless (Russia)


    Let’s look to the truth and we will be set by several questions:
    What can the team oppose LAL, for example?

    Let’s look on an example of highlights even:

    The first moment, CV’s D. He’s bumped there at will, he’s not so athletic to jump out and put bananas blocks all successively, therefore frequently simply raises a hand upwards and flies away back from each contact. Gordon passes the opponent in the paint and there Charlie who in 50 % of cases will receive a foul for such D. LAL can put Lamar at 4 and it gives them a heap of variants in attack, I will not be surprised, if Lamar spends time on this position most part as in a gamr against Hornets.

    The second moment: Ben Wallace accurately is not in time on pick’n’roll and Felton simply cuts defence, gets under the board and help is late. Daye was the helper there, instead of Ben Gordon, who guarded a pass to 3point line, and Daye’s help was late, Wallace simply defended badly in the moment.
    Considering what an extra-pass any player of LAL can give out, to me it is terrible. It will be a rain from 3point line from 1st five if it is required. We need to think up the weapon against all it and I such I do not see such yet

    Further the moment when Derrik Brown throws a pass to Flip. The help has failed, and it was clear to everyone that there will be a pass. Bynum it is too far from the player whom he guards, Gordon has not seen Will and has gone on 45 degrees to help, a pass to the open Murray against whom there should be Gordon cutting a pass, there should be an interception and a fast break. And as a result of Flip receives a ball, Gordon stuck, Bynum, understanding that he must go to Flip, starts running and Flip has half an hour to have a cup of tea and to think up how to throw. The D was too bad at times. Besides, LAL can use Artest, Fish, Lamar as a spot up shooters that they and do, playing from inside to outside

    Let’s recollect a game against Raptors. Continuous fouls in a paint on Bosh. We do not play well in a paint in general, on perimetre our guys still misunderstand each other.

    Let’s consider at once that Prince is not available, that Stuckey will guard Kobe. At once we delete him from productive players if it he guards Kobe, in attack he will show nothing, believe me. Considering that Kobe surpasses in height any of our backcourt players who can guard him, he will be to struggle a big amount of time near the paint to get the ball, raising the efficiency
    Anyway the problem with Artest and bigs, as we lack size on a position from 3 and up, will be a huge factor. Artest is 260pounds guy, Lamar and even Mbenga – any one can be productive against us
    Small ball against LAL is as it seems to me, bad gamble, than really variant.
    If RIP will play, it will be his 1st game after an injury, rotation will change, I hope Bynum’s mins won’t cut. Because the scheme of Kuester which he played against Bobcats when there were 3 smalls, as it seems to me, is a bad thing, we lack size, we lack damn size against ’em
    Brown will obviously receive more time, than, for example, last night.
    In other words, to run all over the place and outshoot LAL at presence of Artest there as 4th option…I mean, a team which has Artest as 4th option, in absence of Gasol, that is actually 5th, we will not outshoot them, thank God, Nelly is not our coach.

    Damn, I wish Pistons win this!) I wait for this game. It will be a huge test for our team, that indicates how are we doing

    • Richie

      That was a painfully obnoxious post. You took a single high light play that and you micromanaged it by inserting a comepletely different team into it and explained in annoying detail how that play would go differently against a different team. Who the hell cares? You don’t play the same way against every team. The Pistons are doign incredibly well right now by keeping their heads above water without 2 starters and all you can do put them under a microscope and compare them to the reigning champions? Get real.

    • Diogenes

      We need some sort of Twitter like character limit. I automatically skipped this post because it was way too long – it was a book, a journal – whatever. I would bore myself with my own stuff if it was so long winded. “Brevity is the sole of wit” – cut it down please.

    • Diogenes

      I don’t mean Natalie’s post – she rocks – I mean the comment to her post which is crazy long and just crazy.

  20. Nate

    Natalie…..I know this is a Pistons site, but I also know that you can’t stand Anderson Verajoke as much as me and most of the non-cavalier fans……if you could please post the video of him getting dunked on by Wade, that would be perfect! Wade did one hell of a vicious dunk on him that sent him flying to the floor. All the world was right at that moment seeing his flopping hair fly to the floor. Go Pistons!

    • Chris

      yeah i just watched D-Wades dunk too, it was insane, and the fact that it sent varajeo on his ass made it that much sweeter. Pistons back at .500 lets keep it up!

    • edt

      nate did u see how varejao tried to trip dwyane wade, a deliberate attempt to injure him, and then after that didn’t work (wade went to the stripe), varejao then walked right up to wade and began taunting him, making as if he were going to fight him, now we have all seen how great of an actor varejao is. Is there a better flopper in the league? I think not. so we know that he wasn’t really mad at wade, this was a blatent attempt to get wade in a fist fight with varejao, so that both varejao & wade would be thrown out of the game.

      It’s dirty tactics like that, which make us hate him soooooo much.

  21. Richie

    Gordon’s pass on that alley-oop was gorgeous. I was thinking the other night, that in some ways Ben Gordon plesently reminds me of Chauncey. Not that they play exactly the same way (I’ve never seen anyone play as smoothly as Billups), but that he shoots a high percentage three ball, makes clutch plays, commits to defense and plays unselfishly. It’s such an impressive change compared to A.I. and he and Charlie so young that it’s easy to get excited about where the Pistons can be in a couple years. As for this year, I think they’re doing a great job without Rip or Tay, and when they come back, I beleive the Pistons will simply torch second units. We don’t have the best starting 5 anymore, but I think we have the best backip gaurds in the NBA. Bynum and Gordon could easily be starters and we have them coming off the bench. It’s exciting to think of what this team can do when it’s healthy.

    • zkranc

      yeah he just doesn’t handle the ball that much

  22. JZack

    Nat, you forgot to update the W-L record it still says 3-4.

    Got Rodney Stuckey autograph yesterday at Meijer, Canton. Cool guy! Will the Thrill is next. 🙂 DEEETROIT Basketball!!!

  23. Diogenes

    If Lebron is willing to give up 23 then Stuck needs to give up the Big Red 3 – that number needs to be on the back of the living legend – Ben Wallace – one more time before we hang it from the rafters. Give it up Stuck – like Spike Lee says – “Do the right thing”!

  24. Armand

    U right diogenes

  25. AC Unit

    WILL THE THRILL! He is getting a lot of love around the league, even had two of those highlights on SC’s Top 10 🙂 I love this backcourt!



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