A little Will Bynum to get you through your day

by | Nov 9, 2009 | 19 comments

What better way to get you though a day when the Pistons don’t play? A  little  BYNUMITE brighten your day.

Great video look at my favorite point guard Will Bynum.


  1. Carey

    Ok great pickup! My question is can we sign him after this year?

  2. Diogenes

    Time to move Stuck to the two and bring him off of the bench, trade Rip, and start Will – he is our point guard of the future. Chris Kaman would be a nice add.

  3. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Joe D said it all. Nothing to add. Bynum is a man

    Let me tell about European Basketball: there are many basketball schools such as Yougoslavian (Serbia&Montenegro), Lithuanian derty style of play and so on. We don’t have so much athletes in europe, but we have a system Popovic’s using. Great team basketball skills. And many players who doesn’t get to the NBA right away and then gone to Europe, they are all conrtibuting well now, much better than when they were just fresh out of college or HS.

    Look at Bynum who is great now, look at Krstic I saw played for Dynamo Moscow in my country, Delfino for Khimki in Russia too, Jennings who is a man after italian Lottomatica. Yes, there are players who don’t give a f#@k about anything playing in europe such as Pargo who picked up the ball and that was it’s final destination, Pargo ust played for fun. But obviously high IQ players as Parker (both Tony and Anthony), Pietrus, Kirilenko and others – they can do many things on the court, know how to play D. It could be a good way to american players to go and develop their skills in europe when they are young

  4. Josh

    Dangit Natalie you just made my day! My favorite Point guard too. MFWB and the MF stands for Mother F#$@%!@!!!!!!

  5. obiwan

    does n e one besides me feel kinda still mad about trading chauncey…i mean this guy is killin in denver its like he blew up even more when he left detroit….it makes me feel kinda um whats the word…… stupid….. so i know joe d feels the smae way…chauncey is like reborn diva… no more little fish in a big pond…this guy is big time…got the beard goin.. got this lil swag like, “i told you joe d i told you detroit, i told you i still had it you, should have traded tayshaun type deal”….i think denver got us on that deal yea we got cap space (yadi yada) but chauncey got that team playin on whole new level….its as if we broke up with a good girl (billups) who was a little fat and not the best looking… to go with the wild and crazy girl(iverson) all the guys like…. little did we know that wild and crazy girl(iverson) was the worst thing to happpen to us…now we look over at our ex(billups) and she done lost some weight got a new swag and now she look good (or hot)… and is now with a guy you know your better than (denver) but you cant do anything…i admit i thought the deal was a good deal yes i admit i was wrong ladies and gentleman…loosing chauncey will now go done as the thee worst tade in detroit history period….denver is now us we should be denver… they have all r freakin players!!!….melo,billups…affolo….and what did we get…darko..iverson…wilcox?…ahhhhhh think about

  6. Steve

    This team still sucks.. obiwon your reading too much into your infatuation with billups.. kinda scary talkin bout his facial hair sounds kinda like.. never mind dont want to get u too excited plus your a star wars fan lol go figure…. bottom line.. this team is a lotto pick team.. i wish them a bad record to get a solid pick next yr in the draft to continue re building.. dwight howard, melo, bosh, wade, lebron, paul.. all lotto picks.. we need one of those type players here!

  7. obiwan

    lol star war fan..oh ok steve…all i said was we got hosed again and denver got the better end of the deal…billups has shown us that he had a lot gas left in the tank…actually i just chose the the name obiwan like obie trice the rapper sorry you dont live in detroit so you probably havent heard of hime…and who do yuo want in the lotter pick thats descent…matter fact name some players because the draft last year was ugly like your jokes…all i said was joe d simply traded the wrong guy its true there were 4 guys that were on the block (sheed,tay,rip and billups) and joe d struck out….because the team sucked last year and now you got two player rip and tay that has no trade value

  8. Dhrumil

    Anyone think Joe might trade stuckey??

  9. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    No, absolytely no chance)

  10. Serbiaz Piston

    No way,Joe D is tooooo obsessed with him…

  11. Armand

    Nooo, remember when he said no one is safe but stuckey after our last efc trip (last trip for a while). Obiwan u took the words right out of my mouth. We all knew Billups was a good player but we never realized how much we would suck without him.
    Allthough I think the reason why he is havin such succes at his hometown might have something to do with havin guys like Melo, K Mart, Nene, Birdman etc all guys that wanna win. Damn I just thought of something.
    If we (not we but Joe D) had drafted Melo insted of Darko, at the end of this year I dont think we would have been able to count the number of championships in one hand
    Darko (he was so bad that Im embaraced to tell people what country I came from). Opps i think i just gave that up

  12. Carey

    Guys please get over Billups. He will play great early but fade come the playoff.

  13. edt

    i remember when billups bounced the ball off of kobe’s back. Damn.

    I seriously think he is playing a lot better now in Denver. He was getting stale in Detroit, sorry but if he had stayed in motown he wouldn’t have been playing at the level he is right now.

    How about people that want rashid back? He’s not the same man he used to be. I can’t say how many times I got tired of watching him pull up to the 3 point line and let it fly. Someone as big and smart as him should be near the basket. I think he’ll be doing a lot better with less minutes so he can keep his intensity up.

    There is only one guy that I’m really sore we had to get rid of and that’s antonio mcdyess. What heart.

    He’s the only player that didn’t improve for being traded, because he was only playing at 110% intensity. Both billups and rashid got better because they were getting stale, they weren’t playing hard every night, sometimes it was just a paycheck.

    But McDyess, I sure wish we had him. I would have loved to see ben wallace, antonio mcdyess, charlie v, ben gordon and stuckey as our starting 5.

    We know why he left, he wants to get a championship before his body gives out. But that’s not gonna happen with the spurs, they are too old and he’s gonna finish his career in texas.

  14. JJ

    Will Bynum! My man from Georgia Tech!

    GT seems to produce a lot of diamonds in the rough.

    Anthony Morrow and Will Bynum have been great after going undrafted. Even Chris Bosh and Javaris Crittenton were underrated coming outta college.

  15. obiwan

    yea your right they werent playing hard thats why they got to to the eastern conference championship every year….i think it was a mix of staleness but a lack of joe d not bringing in a trade and a free agent to re energize the team…detroit should have done what boston did this year bring in new players!!!and joe d didnt do that…..mo evans…jarvis hayes come on who are they theo ratlifff….i tihink honestly joe d got trigger happy when he saw that there was a lack of energy at the palace the first game…i think if he had stayed put until the all star break ithink he would have known who he really could trade…..yes the iverson trade created a buzz around detroit but only for so long just a dumb move on joe d’s part….for what denver gave up for camby and what new orleans gave up for chandler theres no reason joe shouldnt been in that trade mix…

  16. edt

    obi, I think you have to remember how competitive joe d is, and the thing is he was NOT happy getting to the conference finals, the only thing that would make him happy would be a championship. And I dont care who you think the old pistons were they were not just “missing a piece” that told team was never gonna get past both boston and lebraun.

    Yes, trading for allen iverson and dropping chauncy in retrospect was a mistake. But I dont think anyone realized just how big of an ego and how spoiled AI was, or how good Chauncy is. That’s something we only learned after the trade, so I’m not gonna fault him for that.

    If you look at all the sports teams in the D, hockey, baseball, football, basketball, there are two that are well managed overall, hockey and basketball. Anytime you want to criticize Joe D remember the lions and tigers.

    I thought when I saw the current roster at the beginning of the year, that this would be a disaster, but I think that though we will be rebuilding for the next few years, this will be a fun and exciting team to watch.

  17. Steve

    Obi i def live 3 miles out of detroit and i def know who obie trice is.. a washed up rapper eminem tried to make famous but flopped after his 2nd album great career he had!

  18. junior

    how many albums did you have steve? he made enough of those 2 albims to retire. i wish i had 2 albums out.

  19. Annie

    I like Will the Thrill because if I wear my big white platform boots we are the same height.



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