Team Need4Sheed Podcast is Back

by | Nov 5, 2009 | 35 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff are back with their first Podcast of the season.ย  Did you miss their Top five lists, because I did.

We even have a new Sponsor for the program so make sure that you visit our new sponsor “Dwight Howard’s 17 Minute Chicken Shack”

Don’t forget please leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say and “get your flava with Villanueva.”

Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Breaking down the New Pistons

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  1. Brother Curlin

    Great to have these guys back.

  2. Dhrumil

    These guys are cool and all, but honestly, I’m really beginning to get mad. Did all you Detroiters FORGET HOW GOOD RIP AND TAY ACTUALLY ARE TO THE PISTONS? Comon now, these guys brought us a championship and made us arguably the face of the nba for the last decade. Rip is not going anywhere, I promise you guys that, Joe Dumars is a smart guy, he won’t send rip. Without Rip, theres no leadership, and no ball movement. Stuckey, Gordon, and especially Bynum, are all guys that want there own. Especially bynum, the guy puts up more shots than minutes he plays, we beat orlando with 8 assists, thats horrible. We NEEEEEEEEED Rip. Comon’ Detroit, wheres ya mind at?

  3. Dhrumil

    Lol they talked more about rhymes for players and Michael Curry’s mistakes than they did about the Pistons. Who cares what kinda suits MC wore last year? What does that have to do with anything? Lol. And its ridiculous that they dont appreciate what Rip and tay have done for us. Whatever all fans have different opinions.

    • Jeff Daum

      To Drumhil:

      Couple of points… I’m a huge Pistons fan, but lets make one thing clear… the Pistons were never close to being the face of the NBA. Should they have gotten more credit for their run, yes, but the teams that will be remembered, whether we like it or not are the Spurs and Lakers.

      As for Tay and Rip, yes they are good. Good enough to get something worth while back in a trade. As for the argument about Rip being too much of a leader in the locker room to trade because of his leadership… two things. One, I truly believe that Dumar’s biggest flaw is underestimating the value of leadership (ie: several coaches and the Chauncey trade). Also… again, I love Rip and he is a great asset to the team, but for what I have seen in the locker room, he doesn’t have the presence that Chauncey, Sheed or even Lindsey Hunter had. I will admit though, I am sure that post-game stuff in the locker room is not a fair assessment of those qualitites.

  4. Brother Curlin

    I have a question for you guys

    Do you agree with Detroit letting a young talent like Washington go?

    • Jeff Daum


      Depends who it is… as for Washington… yes. Unless we want to be the Atlanta Hawks of a couple years ago, if there is no room for him to contribute or develop, he needs to go.

  5. Ozzy Ken

    Hey guys,

    Great podcast. I’ve been a Pistons fan since learning what the 3 letters NBA stood for. I enjoyed the Dwight Howard chicken commercial haha!!

    There is a Need4Rip!!!!!

    Don’t let Rip go. Also, don’t let Tay go!

    I’m most excited about Charlie V getting adjusted and imminently exploding in the next couple of weeks or so.

    I’m most scared about the trade and seeing Rip or Tay go!

    Keep up the good work guys, from all the way in Sydney Australia.

    • zkranc

      I agree there is a Need4Rip!

    • Jeff Daum

      Thanks Ozzy,

      Nothing better then Australia love… unless of course it’s with a Wombat.

  6. adam

    nice podcast guys.
    Do you remember one of your podcasts just before the playoffs last year, where you were raving about how one could build a team around prince? just some nostalgia that is interesting to reflect on at this current time ๐Ÿ˜›

    Rumor: trade Prince for Kaman. Interesting.. Your thoughts and tribulations?

    Fears of mine, other than ben wallace breaking a hip (joking, i love you big man, your a beast), is consistency. On the most part our team reeks of inconsistency, from the renowned nature of maxiell to stuckey. Pretty much most aspects revolve around it, and will be a huge factor in the successes and failures of this team.
    & then the common fears of boards/PF and current/future trades not working out.

    I think it will be an amazingly exciting season, however there will be frequent frustrations. There is so much to look forward to, can’t wait to see what happens, and lets get to work.

    • Jeff Daum


      I honestly didn’t remember that comment about Tayshaun until you brought that up… way to make me look like an idiot. The crazy thing is, I can’t put my finger on what has changed since then… and I still like him a lot as a player, but there just seems to be something missing. He didn’t really lower his level of play too much, and I think a lot of his defensive bashing is unwarranted.

      I think this is something we’ll bring up in the next podcast because I am interested in what Bennie has to say. I think all in all, it shows how much better a player looks when his team is winning compared to losing.

      As for Kaman for Prince.. I don’t know Kaman’s contract, but I would take this in almost a heartbeat. Kaman is exactly the type of player we need, and although I think on an overall talent level Tayshaun is slightly better, Kaman is exactly the type of player we need… not to mention the crowd will fall in love with him right away.

    • adam

      aha, my purpose wasn’t in making you look foolish ๐Ÿ™‚ it simply shows the changing attitudes to players. Im pretty all pistons fans feel more or less the same about tay, feeling he is slipping. My thoughts go out to him with his injury, but he seems to be less of an impact player, his stats are somewhat decreasing, and seems to be less and less of a presence, ESPECIALLY offensively. Often fans need to be reminded of players greatness and what they have achieved. If any fans need to get pumped about prince, look up his spin move and dunk on lebron-simply awesome.
      I feel bad for tay, he is being replaced (temporarily) by someone very similar, and seemingly ‘just as?’ useful.

      I agree Kaman would be great. Im not sure how i would feel about having a balding player though aha (not discriminatory at all).
      Would we need anyone else with Big Ben ripping it up though? I am absolutely loving Ben and Jerebko. So much hustle!
      The consistency is staying relatively good ๐Ÿ™‚ surprising actually.
      CV31 has somewhat leveled out, becoming more efficient, and being a post player! Exactly what this team needs!
      Bynumite (sorry :P) seems consistent, putting up the stats. Gordon- favorite player, he can score anywhere and is a stats machine, clutch as they come.
      Stuckey- He manages to put up points, but at the detriment of the team. He finds it hard to distribute, and feels the needs to take it on himself, and as a result makes bad plays, often getting blocked. Don’t mean to hate on Stuckey, but i feel he can sort it out, just like CV31 has shown in past few games. He has the potential to be an all star (you didn’t say it, but i just did). If he has the dedicating, hustle and ability to suit the team he can be a machine. (see his 40 point game). He MAY need to diversify his shot as well, they seem to often be the same. But, who is to say he wont be an all star at some point in his career. Putting a ceiling on his potential is ignorant, especially in this year where he is now starting, ‘leading’ the team and developing and adapting much much more than previous seasons. Whilst probably won’t reach elite or all star status, hope and faith, often associated with pistons fans, is not ill placed as he will become and prove he is a great player.

      These next few games will be amazingly exciting, seeing how the team progresses and if we can keep up the good work we are going, especially against the bobcats-gerald wallace, and my vendetta against the wizards.

      sorry about the extensive rant.
      Natalie-assistant coach or head cheerleader?

  7. Tom

    Brother Curlin: They let Deron Washington go because the lack of talent…

    Great work guys, more about the front court issues and trade prospects next time!
    Loved the dish about Mcgrady, him for RIP might even work. They need a steady hand down there in Houston, something RIP truley can provide to them.

  8. HIME1


  9. pistonsfan32

    i am so sick of people saying that rip and tay need to go. i don’t understand how people think that the team can’t get back on the championship level with them still here. BOTH of them bring LEADERSHIP AND EXPERIENCE… which this team would clearly lack if they were traded.

    i still say get rid of SUCKEY… he is not that amazing.. he hogs the ball, is wayy to cocky, and not to mention that each time he drives into the lane.. there is a 99.9999% chance that his shot is going to get blocked.

    seriously…. just like bennie said, he will get NO better. Trade him and Maxiell for a good big.. i like Maxy and all but he is so inconsistent, which is why he doesn’t get any minutes. plus he takes way too long to gather himself under the basket… by the time he dunks.. the ball is out of his hands. it is so irritating.

    • Jeff Daum


      The biggest problem with keeping both of them is that it leaves way too much talent on their bench while there are gaping holes in the front court. I know letting one of them go would be difficult for fans that have bleed red and blue, but remember, that championship you speak of was five years ago now, and had WAY more talent around them. The era is over, and we need to make sure as a franchise not to fall in the downward spiral that has claimed those who tried to revive something that isn’t there anymore. (Cough, Chicago Bulls, Cough)

  10. Ben

    Espn said something bout clips trading Kaman for prince..

    • jojo

      That would be a good trade.

  11. obiwan

    man i tell you these guys must have been sports 1130 rejects because i had to turn that stuff off.. because the first guy said he was excited to see stuckey cut loose!!!…first off stuckey has already been cut loose because he did not listen to anything chauncey probably taught him…. a pg is pass first shoot second and stuck does what he wants…when chauncey was here he was under control, kinda how chauncey was when coach brown was here….the guy is wild and can’t control a team, the right way…in reality stuckey is not a true pg he’s a shooting guard…..chauncey was the same way..jacking up shots turning over the ball..until he had hall of fame coach larry brown settle him down and show him the ropes… i would have been excited to see stuckey this year, if joe d had avery johnson as coach… i beleive that avery could have calmed stuck down and showed him the ropes….a point guard not only scores but sets his players up and stuckey does not pass the ball (e.i okc game ran right into traffic)…and stuckey need to finds his own idenity because he try’s to be, to much like d wade…..i see stucky as a strong pg like baron davis but he’s gotta get his shot right…in my opinion i think bynum has outplayed stuckey…the three guard rotation would best fit bynum,b.g and rip with charlie v at p.f and big ben at center…your second unit could go big with prince pushin the point (because he has in the past)…stuck at the two were he should be and let the rookies get out in run with daye and jonas as your fowards…its a toss up at center depending on who your playing

    • Jeff Daum

      Let me try this again, I know the last post that I said was to Obiwan was to someone else, but this one is to him/her for sure.

      In regards to the “Stuckey being let loose” remark… let me be very clear, and maybe I didn’t make it sound right on the podcast, I am not excited to see Stuckey necessarily burst onto the scene and become a star, but this year more then the last two is his best, and maybe only real opportunity to show his stuff. So my terminology of “letting lose” isn’t in regards to him playing his style play, but more towards the fact that there are no more hurdles on the depth chart. Although Bynum is showing some nice things so far.

      Also, I will say if you told me that Stuckey would get to the level of Chauncey or Baron Davis at any point in his career, then I would take his shakiness right now 100% of the time.

  12. Cindy

    Do you think that Charlie V will be a piston next year because I believe all the injuries made him slower and unable to be as athletic.

    • Jeff Daum


      Yes, Charlie V will be on the Pistons next year. He was given too big of a contract for it’s length to give him only one year to prove himself… especially with Joe’s knack at being stubborn.

  13. Geezer

    I do agree Dhrumil above … while the backcourt is supremely talented there is a lot of 1-on-1 basketball during stretches. trading rip for mcgrady would probably foster even more of that . Tay is one of those players that you just don’t see his worth until he’s gone. We harp on so much of the negative and I do feel that he has hit his ceiling..but the guy does give you 14 , 6, 5 and maybe 1 block per game . He may not be the defender he once was BUT he does make it tough on some guys .These two guys bring leadership to the table and they each have a very high basketball IQ which people don’t seem to value these days. With that said, financially and for the future of this franchise , I feel that a trade will happen involving at least one of the two. I don’t feel there is a trade out there that will upgrade this team at the present, but it may give us some flexibility to make some moves for the future and develop our young talent. There is a glaring need in the post but the ball has to be thrown in the post to be effective and without a true pg on the current roster, trading those two for a inside presence may not help us as much as we think. Unless we bring in superstar talent who will command the ball in the post .

  14. obiwan

    rip for a guy who hasen’t played in a year ok im glad your not a gm anywhere including fast food joints

  15. oracle

    Rip for Gortat/Pietrus. Orlando goes 11 deep, but no team runs more than 8-9 in the playoffs anyway. Their backcourt gets some depth (which they need with injury prone Nelson/Carter), their frontcourt is still rock solid with Lewis/Howard starters, and Bass/Anderson backups.

    We lose the logjam in the backcourt, BG gets to start, Pietrus can be a backup SG/SF, and Gortat is a long term solution at center. (He does have veto power over trades for this year, but he’d be starting for us, as opposed to getting <20 minutes off the bench for orlando)

  16. AzureAcerbus

    3 things im excited about.

    3) Your right, This is Stuckey’s make or break year. Stuckey needs to prove that hes our guy. I think he will come through tho. Everyone getting down on him recently cause he’s Putting up numbers like 15.7 ppg, 6.4 rebs, and 4 ast. Sure his Fg% hasnt been good, and his assist to turn over ratio, is too high. But both of those things should get better as the season, Progresses. Id also like every body to keep in mind, that Chauncy only avg 13 ppg, 4 rebs, and 5 ast. The season we won the championship. and He was 29 then. Stucks just 23 everyone really should just relax.

    2) Villenueva, im really excited for him to get it going. Sure hes been shaky, so far. Tho i mean you need to give it some time for us to develop chemistry . Villenueva can do so many things, Run the floor, dribble, post, Shoot. And thats what i like about him. I think he can turn in to a really good Pf, and already even tho his Offence hasnt clicked, hes shown some signs of getting to be a better defender. The Charge in took in crunch time of the Orlando game, hes blocking more shots, and starting to rebound pretty well.

    What’s all this Hate about the Stretch 4’s? Look at the teams that get to the finals, they all have 4;s who can shoot. Pau, Rashard, Kg, Illgalkus, Duncan. Thats why Sheed and Dyess had so many suitors last summer cause they are bigs that can stretch defenses. Look at the 4 the bruiser 4’s out there. Boozer, David west, you said Tyson but hes a Center. All These guys are CONSTANTLY INJURED. I really dont get detroit’s Love with Tyson, He sucks. Playing with the best true pg in the league. Cp3 he only avg like 8 ppg last season. and 6 rebs. Did you know, That Kwame had a higher ppg and rpg, in the play offs last Season, He also only played half the time of Tyson.

    1) The 4 Guards. Thats right, im looking forward to seeing our Guards unite to create something truly unique. I really do feel that it can work, ive worked out the mins, if rip plays just 12 mins at the 3 spot. And Stuck gets 6. Stuck, Rip, and Bg can all get there 30. Bynums really good, tho more realistically hes only going to get about 24 mins. But thats pretty damn good for a back up pg. I really think it can be worked out, I expect all our guards avg over 15 ppg this year.

    Things im worried about.

    1) The Front Court, Besides for Ben, Kwame, Cvill, we don’t have much. Wilcox was surprisingly terrible in the toronto game. And Jason hasnt played well since we started paying him 5 MILL per season. I know you all are probably in love with Jason, and ill admit i was too about 2 years ago. Tho Jason has regressed in to a truly terrible player. Hes a black hole on the court, when ever he touches the ball, he holds in for so long, while the shot clock is running down. WE Keep posting Jason, even tho hes worse at posting than when we drafted him. I dont like 16 foot 180 hookshots. His defense is poor, hes so short people can shoot right over him, hes not 6’8 hes more like 6’6. Look at him next to Stuck hes like only an Inch taller.

    Unless Wilcox can somehow become the old Wilcox, (we could use him, he use to light up the pistons every time) I think we need to start playing A lot of Jerbko and Daye more at the Pf spot. Its not there natural spot but better to give pt to the young than just be content with crap.

  17. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    That’s good trade, really) I like Marcin Gortat, he could be a strong player if he gets an amount of minutes as a starting center and pietrus is a good defensive player who can play 2and3

    But look, this McGrady trade is about to have huge cap space in the summer. If this trade gonna happen, it’s no surprise for T-Mac that Joe D is not counting on him, so T-Mac will prove all season long that he worth something to get a job again after this season. I kno that it’s like a sign that we’re rebuilding, but look – everyone want to look how T-Mac will play after all stuff happened to him. He’s in GIL-like situation, this trade will draw even more attention to the Pistons, it’s not bad.

    What about the staff, T-Mac will provide scoring in the 2nd unit, or we gonna play with BG coming off the bench – it depends on how T-Mac’s doing, I mean, you never know how good or bad he is, that’s why Rockets can trade him easily. I think, that RIP is a solid veteran, I love this guy plays, but…
    It’s clear now that Detroit is missing a MAJOR piece, I agree with that. Can we get it this season and make it fit? I guess no. This is why all the trade talks are still here – everyone feels like it’s all not bad, not bad because it’s full of talent and possibilities but everyone knows that we need another something to really look complete.
    And if it’s someone, say, T-Mac, it’s not about whoever he is, it’s about a little downgrade now for the brighter future we need. Because we’re not NY or TWolves, we’re not lost in this league even with these guys in this team now. We’re fresh out of re-building and tests showed that re-building is not complete yet. So, Joe D has to pick one: he goes with a trade to make something happen now (trade someone to fill spot with a quality man, no matter what his contract is) or he goes with a trade to have a cap space. The pressure is on him now, I think it’s clear that there’s no variant to just sit and look what’s gonna happen with this team as it is now.

  18. obiwan

    im done tmac gorat…wtf…wtf…what has these guys done tmac hasnt played in a second round playoff game yet…i mean his team goes deep in the playoffs but this guy is always hurt why would joe d pull a deal like that…your better off maybe trading rip/tay either one would do (tay) fidy cent and fatzilla maxiell who is undersize and lets get amar’e stoudamire this guy is a inside player who can slash he’s a big body and he needs to be playing in the east with all the competition (bosh,shaq,garnett,howard) this is all the pistons need, a big who can go inside and score and play d….until we notice that stuckey is a ok pg and not a great pg then we can move on but if you dont we will be stuck wit stuckey…..

  19. Jeff Daum

    Obiwan and Rashitt,

    Here’s my take. I’m not really into TMac because I don’t want to give up that much talent in order to bank on the uncertainty of the Free Agent fiasco that will be coming this next summer. Yes there are a lot of talented players to become FAs, however, 80% of the teams have cleared a ton of cap space for that. I would rather get a player or two that we know will be around past this year…

    As for Gorat, I don’t know what he has done to warrant one of our top players in Rip or Tay. We need more then him and P-Man if giving up a package with Tay or Rip. Maybe a 3 for two that would include Maxiell and us getting 3 players.

    Screw it… Joe, just go get Kaman.

  20. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Kaman is a beast, makin double-doubles all the time AND HE IS NOT A HOLE IN A D)))
    I see Joe D thinkin about a test to the newcomers “what is a defense and what would you do if…” He, probably, gave it to Villanueva first and CV took something between c- and d+ for it)))
    We need something like an electric collar to the “best defenders” of our team. If someone did something wrong, punish him with a charge, let him run and react faster, damn it!

    And Stuckey should get a charge everytime he shoots right away without even makin a pass and misses. Learn this guy how painful can be his style of game to the team.


      First let me say I knowthe Pistons like the back of my hand. We have new parts but we are still running good.

      Ben Wallace
      I am seeing what I expected from Ben. You guys say how long can he keep this up but you forget Ben stays in great shape. He is 35 he is not oldman river. Those other teams did not know how to use him. He is best at center even though he is not the tallest. Thats the positon he shines in. With age numbers go down and stamina is not as good. If coach Q. keeps him under 30 min. a game he should continue his 10 rebounds a game average.

      Charlie V.
      I think he can be an All Star this year. Yes I said it. He was allways a problem when we faced him and now he will get more minutes. His points keep going up and up. He is adjusting.

      Ben Gordan
      At first people said he and rip couldnt play together then in the first real game together they blew the other team out in Memphis. The next day I hear people saying he is the new Vinnie Johnson. Then they lose a few without Rip and Tay and people are back to saying they cant work together.

      Give it a chance. They were great in the one game they played together. Plus they looked good together. Rip and AI never looked good together. You could tell even in the games they won that it was not right. BG is not AI. AI refuse to go along with the system and had bad numbers as a starter and worse off the bench. BG gives 20 plus nomatter what.

      Coach Q.
      I like him so far. Look what they are doing without Tay and Rip. We havent been blown out by anyone. With Rip and Tay gone we should been blown out by the Raptors and Magic, we actually took 1 from the Magic with Rip and Tay gone.

      I expected more out of D. Summers and C. wilcox. J. Max should move up in rotation. I love the 3 guard rotation with CV and Big Ben with Rip, Gordan, and Stuckey. I love Bynum. I love Tay 2.0 aka Daye and JJ.

      We look much better this year we did last year. They never clicked last year even in the wins they looked bad

      I expect 50 plus this year.

  21. Alex

    Hey, love the podcast. Loved the commercial too, very funny!
    Im liking the pistons this year, and having big ben back is sooo good.
    I thought chandler sounded good for the D, but CV is doing well.
    Is there anybody that the pistons might be chasing after or during this season?
    I live in victoria, australia so i dont hear anything about the pistons, but need4sheed keeps me in touch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Sebastian

    You guys are great. Keep up. First of all I think this is going to be a very intersting season this can be a turn on season. Ragarding of who should go I think the better option is to let Richard go away. I think we have better players to substitute Rip than Tay. I live in Argentina and I dont get the pistons games so to having a podcast about the Pistons is great. Thanks

  23. TC

    Welcome back!!!!


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