Iverson not Happy on the Bench. That’s no Surprise.

by | Nov 3, 2009 | 17 comments

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Well this happened a lot sooner than I thought it would.  And AI fans complain that Pistons fans treated Iverson unfairly…see a pattern people?

Iverson made his debut for Memphis on Monday night returning to the court after a partial left hamstring tear, AI put up 11 points in 18 minutes in the Memphis’ 127-116 overtime loss.

“I had no problems (with the hamstring),” Iverson said afterward. “I had a problem with my butt from sitting on that bench so long. That’s the only thing I got a problem with. Yeah, I’ll be disappointed (if he’s a sub this season),” Iverson said. “I’m not a reserve basketball player. I’ve never been a reserve all my life and I’m not going to start looking at myself as a reserve. … To answer the question, ‘No, I’m not a bench player. I’m not a sixth man. Go look at my resume and that will show you I’m not a sixth man.” Via Fanhouse

Karma…AI, Karma.

I hate to post AI stuff anymore, but I love to say I told you so.
Hat Tip Detroit Bad Boys


  1. NYPistonsfan

    Besides Nat, did anyone else happen to catch A.I.’s Grizzlies debut against the Kings, me for one couldn’t wait! It was only a year ago, almost to the day, that the D acquired AI from Denver in exchange for C.Billups, A.McDyess and C.Samb, forever altering the 2004-2008 Dynasty team. Well, he came off the bench…supposedly temporary situation, and he didn’t play horribly, his stat line was almost good (11 pts on 5-9, 1 ast, 2 TO’s), although he only played 17 mins. He could make a contribution to this team playing 20 mins or so, but will he? He certainly didn’t for us! It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

  2. DK

    AI is one heck of a player no doubt about that, and also we know that last year he wasn’t used in the same way. MC definitely lost control of the team and the situation that dumars gave him. But to his defense iverson said that he didnt want to come off the bench so it should be no surprise that he is yappin after the first game. But im more interested in the rip/ gordon situation. how long is gordon willing to come of the bench and there is no doubt that hamilton is a selfish player. just look at the numbers of the first game he shot plenty more times. im just saying we still have two starting SG on the team and theres not enough minutes for everyone. just saying i could see rip on his way out too in a trade for hopefully bosh

  3. gMac

    What a contrast it is to look at our Ben Gorden. For a second I thought he was gonna be selfish (only a second :P), he’s been great so far accepting his role, play team ball AND taking over when we need him.

    I can understand AI’s ego problem just don’t get those AI fans around the world…. They are delusional !

  4. DK

    its not ben gordon who i am worried about its rip. can rip handle being second to ben gordon because ben is going to be come a fan favorite very quickly with his flashy play and three point shots( which are awesome). Its rip im worried about constantly trying to steal the spotlight. maybe not now or this month but eventually i think rip will be old news and how will he fair when he is told that. and some iverson fans are dillusional but i would say that most like me just love to watch him, hes a fighter he plays with a ton of heart. thats why i love em, but i can also except that his style does not fit in well with others and that because of that he will probably never win a championship. but he has been awesome to watch breaking ankles and everbody has to respect that

  5. mobius909

    so what does that make ben gordon, manu ginobili and the lot of em? you’re a selfish baby who will never win a championship due to an over-inflated ego. you’re not that good buddy. if you need to take more shots than the rest of the team combined just to stuff your stats, then you should go play in Europe, where they need shooting guards.

  6. Hlmk

    AI has to realize that hes old now, hes not on the cover of any NBA video games anymore, and he doesn’t live in Philadelphia. OJ Mayo is an upcoming star in the nba, and Iverson is at the tail-end of his career and he just has to know that Mayo is simply the better choice for the starting position, obviously he’ll never come to realize that because hes always had an ego

  7. NYPistonsfan

    “In a January 2007 game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets, Denver point guard Allen Iverson received two technical fouls and was ejected from the game in the fourth quarter. Iverson was quoted postgame about Javie, telling the press, “I thought I got fouled on that play, and I said I thought that he was calling the game personal, and he threw me out, his fuse is real short anyway, and I should have known that I couldn’t say anything anyway. It’s been something personal with me and him since I got in the league. This was just the perfect game for him to try and make me look bad.” Iverson was fined $25,000 for his remarks, as well as for “verbal abuse of a game official”. However, in 2009, disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy corroborated Iverson’s claim that Javie has a longstanding hatred for Iverson in his unpublished memoir.”, Wikipedia.

    “Bavetta was one of three referees for the Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals between Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers. Former referee Tim Donaghy has alleged that at least one of the referees working this game had subjective motives for wanting the Lakers to defeat the Kings, and made officiating calls to effectuate this outcome. The NBA has not permitted Bavetta to speak publicly regarding the incident, though The New York Times reported on June 12, 2008 that the FBI is investigating allegations that Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals had been manipulated to further the series to a seventh game.”, Wikipedia

    In excerpts released from Tim Donaghy’s unpublished memoir, he claims that the 2005 Pistons vs Spurs Finals, were intentionally stretched to a 7 game series, Javie & Bavetta both served as refs for that series.


    This has made me very sad, I hope it’s not true, otherwise we should have won at least another…

  8. Brother Curlin

    I read somewhere that we were going to see the old AI but i was really hoping it would be the NBA superstar of old and not the selfish teammate. He was a problem in PHI with Larry Brown and Denver made it to the Western Conference Finals when he left and Billups came in and showed those guys how to play as a team and I know none of us want to remember last season. He is only in Memphis to seel tickets but at his age and the history of problems is he really worth it. Because I see OJ and Rudy game taking a step back with him there

    • DK

      i agree memphis does not need him and i dont think anybody does except maybe charlotte or new jersey cuz that game was aweful last night. but remeber AI is a saint in philly because of what happened in 2000. but he is not what he once was. i have been a huge fan of him forever and i wish that he would have stuck to his word and retired instead of draggin on like this.

  9. Lori

    Hah hah Memphis. Your turn!!

  10. YzermanSteve

    hahaha, AI aint shizznit!! sit on the bench dumb azz and shut yo trap!!

  11. HIME1

    Iverson is done. no team will want this guy even for free. who cares anyway.


  12. Martin

    Allen Iverson needs to learn, that as any athlete gets older, they dont play 48 minutes/game. Every NBA Legend played off the bench the last couple years of his life. Michael Jordan probably played of the bench. Thats just how it works out in the NBA.

  13. The Fan

    So happy AI is gone and MC too. AI is worthless now.

  14. Jayvee bagalay

    i am stupid….but hamilton is the best

  15. phillie fan

    AI is an AH. hes the reason i stopped following the sixers.
    dr j was spelled class, ai is spelled the same ithout the cl.


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