The Pistons vs. The Timberwolves

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Pistons 114 Timberwolves 122 (Box Score)

Defense…. We knew it was going to be a problem, and I know it’s the preaseon, but when you score 114 points that is usually an indication that you won the game.

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The 3-3 Pistons host their last preseason game a tonight at 7:30 PM at the Palace of Auburn Hills tonight against (YES) Bill Laimbeer and the 1-5 Minnesota Timberwolves.  Yes I know Bill’s not the head coach nor is he playing, but it’s nice to mention his name whenever I can.  Check out his return video interview at

The game isn’t on television, but you can listen to it from your radio on WWJ AM 950 or follow the gamecast over at

And if you cant do either…make sure you read a little on one of my favorites Antonio McDyess (Ice 4Dyess).

The season is right around the corner and PISTONS WEEK starts this Sunday at FSN!
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17 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Timberwolves"
  1. Avatar Tycoon says:

    They scored 114 and still lose. This is what happens when you dont focus on defense.

  2. Avatar sam i am says:

    its obvious that we can score in bunches, but we let the wolves without jefferson score 122 points. c’mon thats ridicilous. and btw some starters played starter minutes.

  3. Avatar dman says:

    wow, defense is going to be an on-going issue this year for sureee. after hearing everyone saying detroit’s defense is going to suck, i thought they were over doing it, but i see what they mean. better trade rip for some good defensive players

  4. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Unacceptable. I’m almost certain that Redd will score 30+ tomorrow against them.

  5. Avatar DEL says:

    wooooooow! i was watching that game, but i just could stick with it for a half. our defense was so terrible, that i just could’t look at it. Especially Wilcox and Maxiell did some really weird moves, and left constantly their men open….

  6. Avatar #1StuckeyFan says:

    No worries i think we can pick it up… y’all gotta realize that we are in a transition this season and players have to get used to each other and where they will be on the court, i mean its not really an excuse, but regardless they gotta work on the D and gettin back for sure. i went to the game last night and the energy just wasn’t there the whole 48 mins. Nice seein Stuckey and Charlie V doin there thing though out there!

    BTW- Nat, I can’t wait til you make some wallpapers for BG and CV31!!! And some action ones for the Rooks and also Wilcox and Big Ben too! Should turn out sweet for sure I always use em as my desktop wallpapers!

  7. Avatar Josh says:

    Message to coach Kuester: Your rotation yesterday failed…recognize it and fix it.

  8. Avatar HIME1 says:

    what if BG was changed to PG and him and Rip starting linup?lol just playin ,but I still cant wait for the season to start already. Go Pistons!

  9. Avatar The Fan says:

    Hey Nat. Did you see all the Isaiah and Magic drama.

    Can we get a toon of Magics Face XXXXXXXXXXXed out Por Favor?

  10. Avatar DetroitBasketball says:

    i believe rip is going to b traded with jason maxiell to the suns for amare stoudamire. It makes sense for both teams the suns obviously need to start rebuilding theyre old and by getting rip’s expiring contract they can go after an elite player in the off season while getting a solid player in jason maxiell instead of amare stoudamire leaving for nothing and that move would move the pistons into elite status in the east same as the rasheed wallace deal in our championship year…….wat do yall think?

  11. Avatar obiwan says:

    here we go pistons fans jumpin off all ready…mr.tycoon jumpin off here we go….wait till these boys start rollin cause when they start rollin im not lettin nobody on the band wagon…its the pre -season anything can happen anybody can win…i mean r boys went undefeated a perfect 4-0 and then you know the rest

  12. Avatar sam says:

    first off rip siged a contract extention for i think 3 or 4 years and it kicks in after this season so if they traded him they would have to wait at least 4 years for it to expire and sign a big name player and second why in the hell would the suns trade there best player when they are trying to build around him and resign him and EVEN if they did want to trade him they can get WAYYYYYYY more for him then rip who is getting old and jason maxiell even tho in our eyes hes good but he hasnt really done much to be a starter or a big name player

  13. Avatar Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    The fact is that if you look at any other team’s names – almost any team is better. Ben+CV doesn’t make sense as the men that can toss us into a championship run. But it’s all about the effort. Like we seen is this 2001 vid, any team can be successful is chemistry is there.

    No one will give us anything easy, but these guys have somehing to prove, if they will fight 48 mins a game – good things will come instantly.

  14. Avatar DetroitBasketball says:

    the only reason i said tht was because amare wants to leave and he’s not going to resign with the suns after this season so theyre goin to try and get sumthing for him

  15. Avatar Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    It’s not real, i think, to get Amar’e this mid-season for RIP+Maxiell…But, hell, I’d like to see him here in our roster! Stat-CV-Prince-Gordon-Stuckey smells like 120-140ppg)))

  16. Avatar immynimmy says:

    maybe its just me, but this team seems to be missing one MAJOR piece to the puzzle that puts them in the elite status…lets home JD can find it before the trade deadline

  17. Avatar Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    JD has no other choices… He needs to have some salary cap. SAS, LAL, Boston, Orlando are too strong for Detroit, we need a bit more of new elite blood here like Amar’e or CB4.
    RIP has the worst contract.

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