The Pistons vs. The Thunder – 2009-2010 Home Opener

by | Oct 30, 2009 | 28 comments

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Straight off their opening night win in Memphis, The Detroit Pistons take the court tonight at The  Palace to take on the Oklahoma Thunder in their first home game of the season.

Forget the fact that Kevin Durant will be in town, Pistons fans have other things to worry about, the 2009-2010 Palace introductions.  We don’t know what they will have in store for us, but you can bet the crowd will go crazy as soon as the lights are dimmed and the fire begins to pulse.

I’m pretty sure they will be a lot different from the 2008-2009 season intros.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/2008-09_intros2.flv /]

And I’ll bet that Ben Wallace will have a hero’s welcome.

We also don’t know if Mason will be announcing Ben Goooorrrrrrdon (Ba Ba Ben is already reserved for Wallace) during the intos with Rip being questionable after his ankle sprain that occured late in the game on Wednesday night in Memphis.

“That’s the crazy part about it,” Hamilton said. “I think I’ve had three (ankle sprains) my whole life. So I know when I do it, twist my ankle, I know it’s pretty bad.”
After the game, Detroit’s medical officials opted to keep Hamilton’s right ankle taped up in hopes of compressing the swelling.
“I’ve been locked up all night since it happened,” Hamilton said. “We haven’t really taken the tape off to get a good look at it. We’ll see.”
If Hamilton can’t play, the most likely replacement in the starting lineup would be Ben Gordon, who scored 22 points in his Pistons debut Wednesday. Via MLive

Tip off is at 8:00 PM with the festivities starting on FS Detroit at 7:30 with the pre-game show.  If you can’t catch the game on television, tune in on the radio at 9.71 The Ticket or follow the game at

I’ll be in the building for my 10th consecutive home opener for the Pistons (yes I count, and I missed 1998 because of the flu).  You may even get a few game Tweets from me inside the building, so make sure you follow me on Twitter.

The rest I will leave to you in the comments.

*Side note to all, I know there isn’t a Leave a Comment link, the Trophy is supposed to be a click-able link to get there but I’m having technical difficulties.  In the meantime if you want to leave a comment, click the post link title and scroll down to leave one.  Thanks for your patience.



  1. Mark

    If Hamilton doesn’t play, I’ll be nervous for this one. OKC Thunder have too much length, and it might cause match-up problems for us. I wonder if Austin Daye will get some time.

  2. Serbiaz Piston

    I hope Rip can play against OKC… It should be a good game!

    Hey Natalie, are you going to upload the intros video to the website(like always),cause there are people like me who unfortunately are not able to see it… 🙁

  3. Piston4Life

    Opening Night Intros will be crazy! Unveiling the William Davidson memorial on the court…MrD!

  4. jasper

    Hi nat! love the new need4sheed look. anybody got links of online streaming for the game?

  5. Dhrumil

    The pistons looked great in the opener. Although we only beat Memphis. Memphis has alot of talent and are a good team on paper. The defense looked great. Charlie V got off to a slow start because of early foul trouble. The other 2 U-Conn guys showed up and played great. Let’s hope Rip can play tonight and if he can’t then Tayshaun and Stuck will have to -step up. I predict the pistons will go 47-35. DEEEEEEETROITTT BASKETBALLLL!!!! ITS TIME TO GO TO WORK DETROITT!!!!!!

  6. DieHardPistonsFan


  7. Diogenes

    NBA League Pass Broadband has a free preview right now so you can watch the Pistons game live or you can stream the archive. They usually start with the pregame so the intros should be included. Still wish Stuckey would’ve given the big red three back to where it belongs. Oh well.

  8. gMac

    How come the new guys have slightly bigger and LONGER cartoon faces? 😀 (Willcox, Daye and Summer).
    I had to use process of elimination to figure out the Big Ben face.. lol

  9. mark

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DetroitBasketball

    I FUCKING love the detroit pistons

  11. The Duke

    I’m personally excited about tonight! For the past 2 years Need4Sheed has been my main source for Detroit Information. Natalie I must say… the new site looks amazing! I am finishing up my degree here and am going to start sports writing and this website has really encouraged me! I’m finally going to be able to watch Pistons games. Before I could only watch it on National Television, but considering Detroit is getting no love I had to get broad band. I liked what I saw Wednesday. Plenty of minutes for Rip and Gordon both. Plenty of points as well. I’m wearing my Rasheed Wallace home jersey. I made a few additions to it though. I put a X through the 3 on the front and back with green and black duck tape. Instead of it saying #36 it says #6! So technically I’m wearing my re-made Ben Wallace home jersey. Like many of you said “Let’s go to work!” and don’t forget “DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!”

  12. adam

    im putting on my rip jersey, in the hopes of him being ok for tonight 🙂 we could really do with him tonight. lets hope the boys step up. It will be a good w if we get it. Love what u do nat-true piston fan

  13. Th3 Answ3r

    Meh, the introduction wasn’t that big =\. I miss the 04-05 intro’s; those were great.

    Rips not playing for all you that are still wondering.

  14. Drew

    Is anyone else trying to listen from I’ve tried on three different computers (and I’ve tried tuning into either Detroit or Oklahoma City) and I still can’t hear anything. This sucks! Help!?

  15. VJ

    Those were the worst Pistons intros I’ve ever seen. Mason has to come harder than that

  16. adam

    the jersey did nothing. but detroit is balling! playing well thus far! If we pick up rebounds, we will be pretty sweet.

  17. Sleepy Crayfish

    Nevermind the broken link. The site looks beautiful. Great work, Nat!

  18. Amber

    If the Pistons lose this game, you can blame it on me. I was watching it with bad luck people. I am sorry.

    -Please, please, please, please trade Charlie. I gave him all preseason and 2 regular season games to impress me. He absolutely sucks. Not a good shot, not good defense…he just gets on my nerves at this point. No one guards him either, you know why? He doesn’t need to be guarded!!

    Kevin Durant–another individual I can’t stand. Throwing a temper tantrum and throwing your items in the pool because someone beats you at a video game? Grow up.

    Ben Wallace–very impressive. He could beat this team by himself. Perhaps he should play by himself!

    I miss Rip. Rip is my favorite, Rip got Tay going 1st game, and their energy together was amazing. I think with Rip this game would have been a bit different.

    Otherwise, we’re letting Oklahoma play at the tempo they want to play at, rather than taking control of the game.

    Hopefully we can pull this one out.

  19. The Duke

    Impressive play by Gordon and Wallace. Everyone else… not at all. It was evident that we missed Rip.

  20. pistons fan

    pistons lose!!!!! so angry pistons played horrible.but i was impressed by the play of big ben other than that horrible play by the pistons

  21. The Fluidics

    I’m not too thrilled with Kue’s bench play tonight, no Jonas, no Wilcox, and no Chucky on a day that they were short handed. The guys simply looked tired in the second half, tired players make bad choices, lot’s of 1 on 1. Still early though, and I’ve seen this team look very good as well, it’ll be a while before they get settled in. Have full confidence.

  22. Lori

    I agree. Charlie isn’t who I hoped he’d be. He looks like he practiced shooting the ball non-stop, but nothing else. He STINKS at defense. For all those people who want to trade Rip, look at tonights game! We needed him badly. Ben Wallace was great!! I’m so glad he’s back. We need two of him.

    • Richie

      Chiiiill! It’s childish and impatient to complain about a player based on a couple of games. Charlie’s going to fit in just fine. Every time Keuster talks he says the team’s a work in progress and he’s right. Charlie is going to get better and better, especially defensively. He’s very young and has a lot of room for growth. Just relax before you start complaining.

  23. Serbiaz Piston

    Everybodu talking about CV. And what about Stuckey? Our PG had 21 points BUT on 4 from 15 shooting with just 2 assits. Wtf, 2 assists? Come on, even Big Ben had 3 of them!

    • Drew

      Did you watch the game? One, he wasn’t playing PG the whole time. Two, the way the offense runs, the players make two or three passes before anybody even thinks of a shot; Rodney usually makes that first one, so this would explain why his assist totals might be low. He also didn’t have Rip to pass to coming off screens. He did have a really impressive assist to Prince in transition in the first half, btw.

  24. Serbiaz Piston

    Yeah,right… We’ll see that in couple of days when Rip comes back…


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