Deron Washington Waived by The Pistons

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Roster Now Stands At 14

“Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars announced today that the club has requested waivers on guard/forward Deron Washington.  He averaged 3.3 points, 0.6 rebounds and 6.4 minutes in seven preseason games.

Washington was drafted by Detroit with the 59th overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft.  He played on the Pistons’ summer league teams each of the last two years and averaged 14.8 points and 7.0 rebounds in 27 games for Hapoel Holon of the Greek League in 2008-09.” Via

The Pistons’ updated 2009-10 roster is a follows:

17           G      Chucky Atkins                       
38           C      Kwame Brown                       
12           G      Will Bynum                              
5             F      Austin Daye                           
7             G      Ben Gordon                             
32           G      Richard Hamilton       
33           F      Jonas Jerebko 
54           F      Jason Maxiell            
22           F      Tayshaun Prince   
3            G      Rodney Stuckey         
35           F      DaJuan Summers       
31        F/C      Charlie Villanueva       
6             C      Ben Wallace   
9          F/C      Chris Wilcox      


  1. Chad

    uh.. why?

  2. Ben Bloom

    Nooooooooooooooooooo! How could they do this? I hope he gets signed to another team because I really want to see him play.

  3. tray

    its not like he would have played anyways…

  4. Alex K

    This season so far is shaping up like a concerted effort by Joe D to get 20 wins. This roster makes me want to throw up. Chucky Atkins? Kwame Brown? Ben Wallace? Chris Wilcox? Ben Gordon as a HUUUGE free agent signing?

    I can’t believe how fast we have slipped from being championship contenders to a lottery team.. I just hope we get a high pick.

  5. DetroitFan4Lyfe

    This has to be an error.
    I say that we as Pistons fans, bloggers etc Protest!
    This is the worst move since Darko!
    We traded Affalo because we had him,
    Now we release him for Chucky Atkins!
    I have never questioned Dumars, until now!
    He was one of our best defenders, the most athletic,
    He was part of our future core!!
    I say we PROTEST!!!

  6. Tom

    I look at the roster and I just scratch my head about Chucky Atkins but I guess his a higher ceiling than Deron, which is sad. Deron could have been Detroit’s entry into the Dunk Contest, right? My feeling for the upcoming season is ‘ambivalent’. I read Bill Simmon’s NBA preview and he had line in their that went like this: “Some day you’ll have to explain this whole “Joe Dumars is a good GM” thing to me.” Based on the moves last season and this off-season, I will have to agree. I always get the feeling we are all waiting for Joe’s next big move to really show us something great, but it just doesn’t happen. We think we are watching a chess game and Joe will say, “Check mate – Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade for Hamilton, Maxiell, Kwame Brown, Chucky Atkins and spare parts” when I think it really is more like checkers with the last two kings chasing each other around the board for the last two years. I really want to believe, I do, but it just doesn’t feel like anything substatial right now. I will still watch every game I can and I will still go through all the emotional trauma when they lose to crappy teams who can outscore them or get their butts handed to them on national TV by the Lakers or Cavaliers, but in the end who knows where that will get me? I will also keep the knife and fork handy for my slice of humble pie when Joe does bring us Bosh or someone like that when he makes his big trade in the first 2 months of the year or for when they run off 56 wins and get the third seed in the East. Until then, I will remain hungry for something substatial.

  7. Matt

    wow, that was shocking. I’d like to know Joe’s reasons for doing this.

  8. Matt

    upon further thinking, maybe there were too many guards. That means no playing time at the 2 and at the 3 you also have a cast of rookies plus rip/stuckey who would be first in line behind prince. That means just no playing time to go around. hopefully he’ll make it on a team and get a bunch of playing time, I though he looked pretty good this preseason. at least develop into a good role player.

  9. sam i am

    i know we should have kept him but u guys make it seem like we made another chauncey type trade. sorry i agree with most peopl on this website but u guys r idiots for bein mad over such a thing. its not like he was starting or even getting solid minutwes

  10. Amer ican Prince

    yeah unfortunatley i think small ball is going to be a theme this year. I honest to god cannot believe Kuester didn’t watch the team last year.

    And I agree with Ben Bloom, I kinda wanted to see Deron play a litte, but i think the economy is playing a part in how much teams want to spend, (not sure if his contract was guaranteed or not)This could also be a part of a trade but I really don’t think we are going to see one unless something spectacular falls in Joe’s lap. I guess we should keep our eyes on how well Toronto and Chris Bosh do. Can’t say he’s my first choice to come here but i would say in my mind it kind of fits with the situation. JOe D does have the habit of surprising though, so we’ll see what happens

  11. Normal 2

    yeah, it’s hard for me to understand too. From what i’m reading, it’s like we just let go of the next Labron James…hahaha. I kid, I kid

  12. Noa Daniely

    Greek League? Hapoel Holon is a team in Israel, in the Israeli league, not the Greek league.

  13. Chad

    “u guys r idiots”


  14. Chad


    “i know we should have kept him but u guys make it seem like we made another chauncey type trade. sorry i agree with most peopl on this website but u guys r idiots for bein mad over such a thing. its not like he was starting or even getting solid minutwes”


  15. Fearghoul

    keeping Chucky over Deron makes sense – Deron deserves playing time and he wouldn’t get it in Detroit. Chucky is just going to sit on the bench all season as the 14th man. Dumarss knows what he’s doing. He’s done this before, cutting rookies and keeping old veterans instead.

  16. Tom

    i think there is more to this then just his being waived…we are kinda deep at the guard spot with talent, and the possibility of a trade involving Rip is definitely apparent…maybe joe has his eyes on someone…

  17. junior

    ya but the reason we got rid of afflalo was because we had deron tot take his place and afflalo was getting solid minutes and will be a very good player. u guys watch n c what he does this year at denver when he is startinf sg nect to chauncey.

  18. mannie32

    confused, thought we’d definitely keep deron washington
    ah well
    still excited as hell over the upcoming season and the season opener in a few days

  19. George Blaha

    Deron was going to be the next Smush Parker! why Joe, why?????

  20. pistons fan

    im so not happy thhat he was waived….but i think the reason is that there will be a trade soon

  21. Fearghoul

    looks like Chucky is this season’s Lindsey Hunter. Yep, they pretty much had no choice but to cut Deron. This is a good move for both sides since Deron may be able to sign with another team and get playing time or gain more experience in Euro and the Pistons will benefit with additional veteran leadership to the guards.

  22. Tom

    I can’t really relate to all you who’s all down with Deron Washington, what has he really done?! I have not keept track on him, but have he participated in a regular season game? You know, one of them that counts, not summer leauge, D-leauge or anything like that. I believe it was a fair move, he wouldn’t have played a minute anyway.
    But hey, any predictions for how long Rip and Tayshuan will stay in this mess before beeing shipped away for, let’s say, Boozer or another solid inside presence?

  23. S.J.

    I Hope Joe don’t trade Rip or Tayshaun..

    As I said before.. Stuckey + Maxiell for a true explosive Point Guard or a Big Man like Al JEfferson or Biedriens. Any of those options will make us BETTER.

    Keep Rip and Tay man.. they are all we got.

  24. N1ck

    Why don’t you people get it finally…
    In NBA sometimes you have to make hard decisions and let go to gain something in the future…
    It’s a hard long term process. Personally i had much harder time letting go Aaron than Deron…
    The franchise rebuilding continues.
    I believe. And always will.

  25. pistons 4 life

    Wow! I can’t believe anyone even cares about this. So he jumped over some guy in college and got a sweet dunk. Do you actually think that people that could contribute would be waived? Joe, among others, watch these guys day in and day out in practices. If he don’t got it he don’t got it. He was almost the last pick in his draft. Stop freaking out!!

    I would like to think that there will be some kind of trade early this season, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. Personally I think Rip’s days are numbered, but that’s just me.

    Seriously, you don’t pay Ben Gordon starter $ to come off the bench. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that Joe will not hesitate to lie through his teeth about his personnel moves. Two words, Michael Curry!!!!

  26. Lori

    I can’t believe anyone cares about this either! it was obvious that he wasn’t going to play, and this leaves an empty space that could be filled by a more useful player. How many rookies do you need?
    I think that Tayshaun is the one who is going to be traded, if anyone, because his productivity just hasn’t been that good and he has an easier contract to work with. And I want Rip to stay!

  27. mike

    he was a good player i bet he wud have dunked on garnett but i understand were joe d cumin from he wants another championship and i think he mite get it.

  28. Joshua

    Natalie, looks like you are gonna have to toon Chucky!

  29. James

    I don’t like having to let Washington go, but really, like Amir Johnson earlier, he’s athletic, but not that good. I think if he keeps working, then he has a potential to be a good role player on an NBA team some day providing energy off the bench.

    For this season, it was the right decision to keep Atkins. Not for trade bait though. We already have three rookies on the roster, and four others under 27, do we really need another rookie? Or do we need a veteran who can mentor Stuckey and Bynumite? Someone who can provide a bit of lockeroom leadership and help Coach Q in his rookie season.

    I say – Good decision Joe D, and good luck Deron!

  30. Amer ican Prince

    stop exagerating when people are sad about a trade. People cant be shocked or surprised to see a player go that they were interested in seeing after over a year of waiting just to see him traded? You say people are idiots but all your doing is reading too much into what people have put in their messages. If no one can get over this after a year (like Chauncey) then you can say they’re overeacting, but just because someone shows a little shock over this they are idiots?

  31. Chris

    no their not.
    n1ck said it perfectly, we have to make the hard decisions that will benefit us in the future, i love rip but were probably gonna trade him.

  32. Chris

    thats a good point

  33. sam i am

    sorry if i offended any of u but for me waiving a player that was gonna get garbage mintues only isnt a that big of a deal.

    anyways lets just talk about the season

  34. sam i am

    i think ur just overlooking a simple move

  35. sam i am

    i’d like to c rip go but if hes getting traded to someone like biedreins, then no thanks.

    i just hope that we dont regret us wanting rip traded. i remember people always wanted chauncey traded and look wat happened. DISATERIOUS SEASON

  36. sam i am

    last year i went to chauncey’s last game as a piston( my first ever game) . should i go again so rip gets traded? lmaoo

  37. altan

    ^ and for tayshaun please , tayshaun’s a joke .

    • James

      Sure let’s get rid of our most consistent and arguably our best player. He may not get 30 points a night, but he does things that aren’t reflected in the boxscore or highlight reel…Tay, you are a legend

  38. The Fluidics

    Deron’s pants fell off after a dunk during the warmup for the Atlanta game. It was all downhill from there…

  39. Craig

    I’m fairly certain we’re going to see a trade pulled off by December 25th for David Lee or Boozer. Chucky will be a part of that trade…

  40. junior

    if u dont know the situation PLEASE dont comment on it, first of all no he didnt play in a regular season game because he played OVERSEAS last year. before that he was in college , so i guess it would of been kind of hard for him to play in a regular season game or whatever you consider a important league. and by the way we dont want boozer.

  41. junior

    excactly aaron was by far better than deron, now we dont have either.

  42. junior

    ya he got waived also, but the difference is that noone expected him to be on the team. coach q and even joe said how much they thought of deron and how high is ceiling is, and how excited they were to finally get him over here from overseas and then they waive him? dont make any sense at all. something is gonna happen soon.

  43. junior

    u r a joke, what have u ever contributed to a nba team?, or a championship team of anything for that matter. please keep your stupid, ignorant comments to yourself.

  44. Amer ican Prince

    well for me personally I’m just bummed cause I was waiting to see him since he got drafted and I kept hearing what a freakish athlete he was and a good defender. I hate to admit this part of me but I really was hoping to see a little high flying action from him. I’m not saying he was the greatest player or anything but i really wanted to see what they meant when they said freakish athelete

  45. Amer ican Prince

    Flu haha that was funny

  46. rasheed

    why???deron washington is a good future player…

  47. Chris

    WHO CARES! He is a end of the bench scrub. To be honest I dont care who sits in street clothes this season whether its Chucky, Deron, or even a Horace Jenkins. I learned a while back potential means nothing (ala Amir Johnson, even though I liked the kid).

  48. steve

    you people are retarded.. expecially junior.. your a homer slappy and should have no opinon on this team all.. u are all close minded and if had the chance you would like to molest these players in their sleep.. this team blows dont expect greatness for another 14 yr drought. you people are the sickest homers ive ever seen.

    • junior

      first of all i think you are the retarded one. you cant even spell or put together a complete sentence. second, what the hell is a homer slappy? third, why would we trade all the quality players you mentioned for amare? we are trying to get better at defense not worse. amare has no d. sure we would score 120 a night but the other team would score 130. you my friend are the mentally challenged person here. if you dont like OUR pistons and have to RIP on them, please leave you are not a true fan.

  49. steve

    both d wash and afflalo sucks.. deal with it.. ill say it right now tayshaun rip and 2nd round draft pick for amare stoudemire..


    solid line up

  50. Deon

    looking at the roster they may have had no option, they had to many guys to begin with and washignton style is more on the line of a scrappy player. they already have Jason Maxiell and that jeberko(wow i spelled that 1 wrong) and i’m sure it’s a mega trade involve where they have to ship one of the guard out, so we need C. Atkins

  51. pistons fan

    this trade would never go down suns wont have salary you twat think before u say.. rip and maxiell for stoudemire only possible

  52. Mike

    Some of you are hilarious thinking Deron was going to be the next great 2 guard for Detroit. Did any of you watch him in college? He was a good college player but not a great player. He is a extremely gifted athlete but has a thug mentality and a low basketball IQ. I could not stand him at V Tech. All of you are saying he was suppose to replace Afflalo but why would we want a shooting guard coming off the bench who has an atrocious jump shot. Sure he shot well in pre season but thats a small sample size, if you look at his shooting percentages over the course of time it is not that impressive.

  53. steve

    11 yr old talking tuff on the internet.. your pistons suck hahahaha

  54. steve


  55. bball4224

    shut up your ignorant

  56. bball4224

    i can’t believe how many people are flippin out over someone who would have never played

  57. bball4224

    yup, they’re idiots!

  58. steve

    tayshaun is a joke.. lol u made junior cry into his blankie

  59. Brother Curlin

    I’m thinking the samething

  60. bball4224

    that’s funny u don’t know the situation either

  61. bball4224

    i think that’d be a good trade, we might as well also send them Kwame though because we’d have like 5 ppl that could play center, n maybe we could get Stephen Jackson? (i’m not a fan of him but he definantly doesn’t want to be with GS anymore)

  62. Amer ican Prince

    actually I’m curious did you see him play when he was over there?

  63. bball4224

    Tay may not be a big stat guy but believe me a lot of teams would like to have him on their team

  64. bball4224

    that’s a weak line up

  65. bball4224

    shoot yourself in the face

  66. Amer ican Prince

    mmmmmmmmmm Homer’s *drools*

  67. bball4224

    how was he talkin tough? ur a moron

  68. Amer ican Prince

    I want to watch the Boston vs Cleveland game. But not sure if I should cheer for sheed even though I hate Boston or if I should cheer against them. I still love Sheed but I can’t cheer for a team with Kendrick Perkins. I like Cleveland more but I dont think I can cheer for Cleveland. I want to root for someone cause the only other way to make it interesting would be to gamble, and I don’t really want to do that

  69. JASON MAXIELL's Wedding Pix!!

    Hey everyone. I know this has nothing to do with the post but it has to do with a Piston nontheless. Jason Maxiell got married in August and here are some fabolous pictures posted on this website (

    Here is the direct link

    And a very touching story as well.

    “Detroit Pistons baller Jason Maxiell (26) married his longtime fiance Brandi Duncan in Dallas back in August. Brandi battled Ovarian cancer two years ago and won with Jason by her side. He shaved his own head bald when she had to be bald herself because of the chemo. Definitely a fab love story for the two.”

  70. junior

    hey nat, sorry about all the negativity towards steve. but he is a joke as a fan. i wanted to come on here and leave a comment about how great i think the new look is. i love the hardwood floor. also how you put sheed lightly in the background. ty for putting up with dumb bloggers.

  71. steve

    lol why dont u wash her car when you get out of class today junior

  72. junior

    class? class? u are a fucking moron how old are you? for your info im 29 years old and a lifetime piston fan, in fact if you wanna meet me ill be at the nov.8 pistons vs. sixers game. i would love to meet you!!! maybe in the parking lot? or are you gonna be at home doing dishes for your mom and taking out the garbage for your dad… if you even know who he is. please leave this site noone wants to hear your stupid ideas.

  73. melvin

    give chance for deron washigton! i want that energetic kid to step up while rip was badly caused by an injury. thanx

  74. makkin

    Was ma fav player man…not happy..athletic as hell, looks like ima be takin more interest in the hornets this year lol! but na ma man b-g gunna step up go tha pistons!!!!!


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