Could 2010 be like 2001?

by | Oct 19, 2009 | 37 comments

Could the current configuration of  this Pistons team be a stepping stone to future championships (EFC’s and the NBA)  like in 2001?  Well we do have Chucky Atkins and Ben Wallace back so who knows.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/2001_Pistons.flv /]

Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

On another note, those may be the best highlights I have ever seen from Jon Barry, someone needs to let him know.


  1. adam

    Quite possibly, in the sense that we are setting up for something better. Especially if we retain enough cap space. But i feel we will do better than 2001. Looking at the Eastern conference, i feel it is realistic to place them 8th seed. If they find a rotation and players perform, then who knows. It could be the breakout year for a couple of players, and could even surprise the most die-hard fans of D. No doubt they have a lot to work on, but I feel they will do alright this season.
    It will be an interesting season of basketball.

  2. mark

    i think we surpise a lot of teams in the nba

  3. nypistonsfan

    Adam: We went to 6 straight ECFs, 2 Finals, & got 1 ‘Ship’ and even our last run (really painful season) concluded after we decided to ‘lay down’ after only one hard fought half…Do you really think that we’re setting ourselves up for something better???

  4. nypistonsfan

    Natalie, I have been a true fan of your site for many years now. You’ve done a great job baby! But you have to admit, Sheed with the “C’s” is gonna B historic…Crazy NBA year, Absolute Disparity!

  5. Amer ican Prince

    imagine Jon Barry and Sheed dancing together hahah

  6. tdust

    special days………i like how the guy says “and now ‘hold on’ from Kansas.”

  7. Fariduddin

    i luv u Nat! that brought back memories. i was loyal as hell even during those times…

  8. adam

    in the sense that we are bettering ourselves from our current standpoint/last season. Not saying we will do better than all our successes. I don’t think it’s fair to say we laid down in the playoffs. Granted that we got dominated, but we were totally out of our league. And MOST other teams in the nba, if put in the same spot still would have lost.
    And yea, I do feel we will do better than what we are currently achieving. Joe D is too resilient to let his team fall through the cracks.

  9. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks…it is going to be weird. I will be totally cheering for McDyess all heart and deserves a Championship.

  10. rai

    it said, starting PF and C… so you should not wonder why Maxiell’s name was not on that list

  11. obiwan

    i think that 2001 team had alot of sassy vets that had alot to prove… they had to really prove that they were more than cast offs… alot of those guys corliss,jon barry,clifford robinson,chuck atkins and ben wallace wanted to prove to the league that they could play…. you put the vets plus some hard working rookies together, then i can see how they might be similar…. but rip,tay and ben has to go cause they already proved enough…. its time for these guys to just be commited role players on championship teams…u gotta let these new guys get a chance to play… its a shame maxy will get screwed this year because, they brought back ben wallace… how can maxy ever take it to the next level if this guy is riding the pine,,,i think joe d needs to completely rebuild that means starting over with new players all on the roster…. every great franchise goes through so why not us

  12. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I just read what these people from espn told about us. 7of 10 think that we’re outta playofs this year. 2of10 placed us at No8. 1 placed us 6th in Eastern.
    Let’s enjoy our underdogs role. Lets’s prove they wrong!

  13. disgruntled fan

    This current roster isn’t a sign of things to come. This team is garbage. McDyess was the glue that held everything together. Rip is the one they should’ve got rid of Afflalo is younger, healthier, hungrier, and more skilled. But that is water under the bridge. They defitnitely will not be in the playoffs.

  14. Sebastian

    Afflalo “hungrier,and more skilled”? Let me have some of what u been smokin’.

  15. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Everyone in this league can ball. So does Affalo. But if you’re facing C’s or LAL, or whoever among the top teams – you better give the ball to RIP to knock a shot over his D, but not Affalo. And if you need to make a result here and now, you need people like RIP. Affalo is a name in future, maybe. Maybe not. Who knows.
    What for RIP, if he don’t go for expiring contract – we’re in trouble. He’s my fave guy, but his contract is an awful burden now

  16. pistonsfan101

    Shock moving to Oklahoma??? They are leaving Detroit!?!!!

  17. junior

    i hope you mean more skilled than deron washington the guy who took his place, rip is way better. this is coming from someone who has watched afflalo since he was in college.

  18. junior

    not enough of a fan base to keep them here. now we might be 6 championship drive for a few more years. lol

  19. fan

    wait, aren’t they going to change the address back to Three Championship Drive?

  20. King Flint

    That video is a joke. That 2001 team was a bunch of scrubs (excluding BEN & Corliss). This years roster is obviously better. Try comparing it more to the 2003 team. It’s just one BIG piece(sheed)away from being a serious contender, they already have the deep bench. They just need another BIG who can defend & score! CV31 can’t be the only focal point in the paint.

  21. Baudaboos

    Natalie, as I recall, wasn’t Ben Wallace on the team during it’s final “teal” season, in 00-01? Do you think you could dig up any photos of Big Ben sporting one of those beauties?

  22. King Flint

    I want someone to find me a better 4 guard rotation in the NBA than the Pistons. Key word is “4”. Hamilton, Gordon, Stuckey, Bynum, is about is good as it gets. Sure there are better starting combo’s around the league, but not any teams as a whole at the Guard position. The Pistons are stacked! Jury is still out on Washington, and if he comes around the Pistons will be overstocked. We really need help at the 4&5 spot!!!!!

  23. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I hate to hear something like “we need a man at the 4” because of Maxiell, who needs this season as the possibility “it’s now or never”. But instead of using this pre-season as a trampoline to elevate his minutes, to give us hope that he’s probably near the starting 5, he’s just wasting his time.

    If he’s a baby eater, why he can’t eat BigBen?! New team, new coach, new rotation – go show yourself! Fill that 4 spot! I don’t beleive that Jason is just another D.Ham now…

  24. Joshua Blue

    is anyone else worried about the amount of shots stuckey is taking?


    I don’t know but I still think that there are some trades that are going to be made by mid-season

  26. Dante

    Well if it was 2001 then I would be 12 again and im not too such how good that would be

    But I could get to fist pump along with JB again!

  27. N1ck

    Why is Stuckey still trying to become D Wade? We need you to make some quality plays in 2010! Get over yourself and start playing Detroit Basketball.

  28. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I don’t beleive he will do it that way. He will never become a pass-first guy.

  29. JACO

    Lol.. Forgot about that Jon Berry three against Washington…. BYE BYE!! For some reason I was way bummed when we traded Barry….

    Almost forgot about this team, and most definetly forgot about Cliff Robinson! Shame he couldn’t be on the 04 team..

  30. AC

    This Piston team will be better than anticipated. Last year showed promise but turned into a train wreck. A good start before we go on that west coast trip is crucial! A slow start and Natalie, you better make a few new Toons! This year’s back-court is 2nd to none in the league. Size is an issue however. Being another transition year though, a good stand in the playoffs or a 1st round ‘upset’ will show a REALLY bright future. GO D!

  31. AC

    Oh… and this began the post-teal area, thank goodness 🙂

  32. AC


  33. J Dre

    Jerry Stackhouse was, and is still, far from a scrub. In his prime he was one of the best scoring wings in the league. Saying Big Nasty was a better player than Stack is just ridiculous.

  34. J Dre

    I agree with you that Detroit’s is probably the best rotation, with each of those four able to put up 20+ on any given night, but for the sake of discussion: how about Portland?

    With the newly acquired Andre Miller running the point, and last year’s starter Steve Blake backing him up, they’ve got some play makers. Add in the amazingly talented Brandon Roy, along with Rudy Fernandez, and they could give the Piston’s backcourt a run for its money. Also, if Bayless develops into the scoring threat I feel he can be, it could give them the edge.

    Only time can tell, I suppose. Should be a fun season.

  35. Raph

    those were good times! I loved JB! & that song was great… *tear* lol


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